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Pet Plate Review (2022)



The best care for your fur baby starts with nutrition. What that may mean may be different from a lot of dogs and people. For some, the best meals come in kibble form but a lot of pet parents are now are opting for freshly made meals catered to their beloved furry companions.

Much like a meal plan service that you would pay for, a fresh dog food subscription service is much alike. You go through all the necessary steps to pick what you like and for certain meal plan services, you can also input your personal goals and body conditions.

Pet Plate is a dog food delivery service that will deliver your dog’s meals right to your door. Not only do they deliver, but they also create the recipes themselves. All the ingredients are human-grade and each recipe is catered to your pet’s individual needs. Let’s take a closer look at their brand history.

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About the Brand

Pet Plate was started similarly to many other subscription dog food delivery services – except that they were also featured on Shark Tank in their early days. The owner and founder, Renaldo Webb, worked as a dog food company consultant and was deeply disturbed by what he saw.

There are things that go into your dog’s kibble and wet food recipe you wouldn’t believe. Not only are the ingredients substandard, but the processes are below par as well. In order for the founder to ensure that his beloved dog Winston will always get the best nutrition, he started Pet Plate.

Working hand in hand with veterinary nutritionist Dr. Renee Streeter, Webb moved into a commercial kitchen to begin the early steps of producing what we now know as Pet Plate dog food.

Webb says he learned a lot during these initial days not only about pet food, but also about the importance of fresh food for dogs and other health and nutrition knowledge. As the sign-up list grew longer for Pet Plate, Webb, in turn, moved out of his commercial kitchen space and into a professional cooking facility that made human food!

You read that right! Pet Plate pet food is healthy and high quality enough to be manufactured in a human food-grade facility. Whether you have a dog suffering from ailments, a picky eater, or one that has personal fitness goals, Pet Plate is ready to ship their food from their facilities to loving dog homes all over the country. The best part about Pet Plate isn’t the convenience of the pet food delivery service, but the food itself.

Each recipe formulated by Renaldo Webb and Dr. Streeter is highly palatable and balanced. This guarantees your dog gets all the necessary nutrition in every single bite.

How It Works

Pet Plate doesn’t require you to fill out a long list of criteria and information, instead, everything is completed after three simple steps. After that, your dog can enjoy a two-week meal plan packed with all the healthy ingredients he needs. Questions you need to answer include your dog’s weight, age and preferences. After you have filled out the information, the system takes all your answers into consideration and devises a meal plan fit for your dog.

You can choose to feed your dog 100% with Pet Plate, or you can get just enough of their formula as a food topper. You can do this by choosing the full plan or the topper plan. Once you have taken your pick of the meal and set up your account, you will receive a confirmation email.

To give you further peace of mind, when your order has shipped, the system will send out a subsequent email to notify you of how long it will take.

Everything arrives frozen, in carefully packaged containers sitting in a fully lined box with dry ice to keep the dog food fresh. After the initial order, your dog’s food will be shipped out to you consistently according to the schedule that you select. If you will be away or if you need to pause or skip shipments, you can do so on their website through your account at any time.

The absolute best part about Pet Plate is its guarantee. If your dog isn’t loving his new meal plan and jumping for more, Pet Plate will refund your money 100% no questions asked.

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As said, Pet Plate uses high-quality human-grade ingredients in their dog food. Depending on which recipe you opt for, the ingredients are a little different. However, you can be sure that everything they use and put into the recipe is formulated to give your dog the best nutrition and will meet AAFCO standards for dogs of all life stages.

Health Benefits

Also depending on the recipe and what your dog’s meal plan looks like, there are is a variety of benefits that fresh food for dogs can provide. The dog food delivery service guarantees that your food is cooked and shipped within days to give your pooch the best. For the chicken recipe, your dog can experience healthier digestion, more energy, a healthier coat and even helps with allergy sensitivities.

The beef option guarantees more protein and energy and for your dog to lick the plate clean every time to reduce waste (that’s not to say the other recipes aren’t as tasty). Turkey is also known to be healthy poultry and reduces sensitivities as well while helping with digestion. The lamb recipe will increase meal-time excitement and give all the benefits of the other recipes.

Having freshly cooked dog food from a trusted facility that’s not mass-produced ensures that you limit the number of fillers and artificial ingredients in the recipe. The company will be able to monitor what goes into your dog’s meals more closely and deliver higher quality products.

Fresh dog food also means less processing and fewer preservatives. What your dog will be eating and licking the plate clean of is 100% safe and healthy.

Pet Plate with fresh food


There are 4 different flavors of dog food offered by Pet Plate. Let’s take a closer look at each one to help you choose.

Barkin’ Beef – The barkin’ beef recipe is made with real beef with a side of sweet potatoes, beef liver, carrots, apples green peas, pumpkin and a whole ton of other vitamins and minerals. The beef recipe has the highest fat content out of all the other ones but healthy fats can lead to healthy skin and coats. As many vets and pet professionals often say, your dog’s health should be reflected on the outside. Apples are a great source of sugar and vitamins, which is also what makes this particular recipe unique.

Tail Waggin’ Turkey – Other than the turkey and turkey liver, you can see carbs in the form of brown rice on the recipe as well. It also has the same fruits and vegetables offered by the beef recipe and the turkey is actually the recipe with the highest level of protein. You can be sure that the protein you are getting is real turkey and none of the filler stuff.

Chompin’ Chicken – The chicken recipe from Pet Plate is actually its most popular. Deriving its main protein content from ground chicken and chicken liver, your dog will get impressive levels of protein and fats. The chicken meal and topper plan are the most popular because the ingredients are great for growing and underweight pups. There are a lot of other ingredients involved that help with joint and eye issues as well as fiber and essential fish oils to help with skin and coat development.

Lip Lickin’ Lamb – The lamb recipe at Pet Plate offers the lowest protein content, this is a good choice for overweight dogs. The sweet potatoes as the second ingredient are also appealing because sweet potatoes are high in fiber to help with digestion. No matter what recipe you choose, your dog will have a new found love for his meals.


We’ve spoken about all the good things about Pet Plate but many might be wondering just how much it all costs. While we don’t suggest sacrificing the quality of the food for the price, we understand that the price tag is still a consideration for many people. As you can understand, the price of your subscription meals can and will vary depending on the quantity (full meals or topper plans), size, breed and eating habits of your dog.

If your dog ranges from less than 5 pounds to about 30, the price increase between the plans is a mere 5 dollars. However, once your dog passes that threshold, the price increase becomes more significant. Unfortunately for subscription services, each plan is different and tailored for each individual dog. This is why it’s difficult to give concrete reviews on the price of these products.

However, we can give you an average. Meals can be as little as $3 a day for toy breeds and all the way up to $19 for giant breeds. One thing to keep in mind is that the length of your subscription plan can alter the price as well. What we can say is that Pet Plate is among the most affordable if not the most affordable of all pet food subscription services.


While there may not be coupons readily available yet for this company, we have managed to get a great coupon to get 50% off your first order. Try it out below!

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Fresh dog food is the better, healthier option for your fur baby.

Pet Plate Dog is a service that delivers fresh dog food made with real ingredients and no preservatives.

It's loaded with USDA grade meat, fruits, veggies for a complete and balanced meal.



Although fresh dog food can have a tougher time guaranteeing freshness, since they are freshly made, there doesn’t leave much room for recalls. As of now, there are no records of recalls from Pet Plate.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I store the food properly?

Since it’s fresh, the food needs to be properly stored. It arrives at your doorstep in careful plastic packaging in fully-lined boxes with dry ice. When serving, you can defrost them by leaving them out or microwaving. When not in use, you should freeze the food in the freezer. Once you have defrosted a package, it should be stored in the fridge and consumed within a week.

Are the ingredients organic?

Pet Plate food is partly organic and sourced from USDA approved farms.

Should I get the topper plan and what is it?

Unlike some other pet meal subscriptions, Pet Plate offers topper plans. This means the amount of food you get is less, but it’s also cheaper. It also gives pet parents and their loveable pets the option of variety. Mix it in for additional nutrition and it works well with picky eaters. The topper plans usually come in a set of 10 containers and the frequency of delivery can be adjusted from your account.

What are the benefits of Pet Plate?

The facilities in which the meals are manufactured are good enough for human food, which gives pawrents peace of mind when it comes to the quality. Not only that, but each meal is tailored for your pup’s needs and his unique habits. If your pooch doesn’t lick his plate clean and beg for more after each meal, Pet Plate will give you your money back no questions asked.


Good care for your fur baby starts from the meals you feed him. Subscription services are much newer to the market than mass-produced kibble and wet meal brands, but they are quickly gaining traction and recognition for being a better and healthier alternative.

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