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About Nulo

Who makes Nulo dog food? The owner and founder of Nulo Dog Food – Michael – took the first steps towards his new business when he couldn’t find someone reliable to look after his dog, Max. There were dog sitters available, but he simply couldn’t find that one person he would trust to care for his most faithful and four-legged friend.

Due to this, he decided to quit his job and open up his own doggie daycare, and it was there that he became aware of a growing issue. A surprising number of the dogs he watched were overweight, so Michael decided to look at the reasons for this. At first, he thought it might be lack of exercise, but after having had the dogs with him for a while where they were provided with plenty of exercises and outdoor fun – he realized it had to be something else.

Another alarming trend was the number of diabetic dogs that came to stay with him, and it was a combination of excess weight and health issues that turned his attention to dog food. He discovered that most grocery store dog food brands were full of unnecessary fillers and empty calories – causing disease and obesity in dogs – and he decided to do something about it.

Michael created Nulo, and with the help of veterinarians and leading animal nutritionists, he could start producing a product that was primarily based on animal protein content, low-glycemic and packed with flavor and nutrients. His dog Max loved it, and it is now a dog food brand that provides healthy dog food to dogs all over the world.

About Nulo Dog Food

Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

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All Nulo food products are made with premium products and have no rice, soy, wheat, tapioca, white potato, corn or gluten in any of the recipes. They also specialize in producing grain-free dog food, as this is believed to be closer to what a canine would have eaten in the wild. The first 3-4 ingredients are always protein from named and reliable animal sources, and the products are carefully designed to provide stable energy while keeping the glycemic content low.

This makes Nulo good dog foods for fur friends with diabetes and other similar medical conditions; especially because each product is also low in carbohydrates. By using the purest dog food ingredients, your dog gets full with less – potentially saving you money as each bag will last longer.

A patented GanedenBC probiotic promotes digestive health and helps your dog’s metabolism work properly, and it also aids in boosting the immune system. Dogs with sensitive digestive tracts have special nutritional needs, and Nulo has a solution for that too! There is Nulo Grain Free dog food with limited ingredients, which is a product line with only one protein source and with mild complementary Nulo dog food ingredients.

Nulo freestyle dog food, on the other hand, offers an excellent alternative to regular dry, wet and frozen foods; with freeze-dried nutrition that will boost your pup’s overall health. Nulo freestyle can be used as a delicious and highly irresistible food topping or on its own as a healthy and complete meal, and it is given a high score in Nulo freestyle dog food reviews completed by highly respected individuals and organizations. The brand offers Nulo Freestyle puppy food, Nulo senior dog food, and other premium formula dog foods, and below are a few examples of their products:

+ Nulo FreeStyle Adult Small Breed
+ Nulo FreeStyle Adult Lamb and Chickpeas
+ Nulo FreeStyle Senior Trout and Sweet Potato
+ Nulo FreeStyle Adult Turkey and Sweet Potato
+ Nulo FreeStyle Puppy Turkey and Sweet Potato
+ Nulo FreeStyle Adult Salmon and Peas
+ Nulo FreeStyle Puppy Salmon and Peas
+ Nulo FreeStyle Adult Trim Cod and Lentils

It is not just dogs that love Nulo adult dog food, but it is also a highly recommended dog food in various Nulo dog food reviews (including Nulo puppy food reviews). The company prides itself with making the best dog food for dog and cat families, and so far, they seem to have done a great job living up to their promises.

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Nulo Dog Food Recall History

There is no Nulo dog food recalls to this day, and when it comes to Nulo Dog Food Adviser and their reputable website has only good things to say. A Nulo dog food recall would indicate a potential issue with their kibble lines, and the fact that there aren’t any speaks highly of the brand.

They have promised since the start to always focus on delivering quality Nulo pet products and to be one of the biggest super premium dog food brands with ingredients and manufacturing processes that you can trust, and their efforts seem to be paying off. A recall, however, can be issued at any time and it is important to Nulo freestyle dog food reviews for updates.

Which Dogs Can Eat Nulo Dog Food?

Any dog can eat Nulo, thanks to it being one of several all meat dog food brands, where there is an option available for every need. There is salmon dry dog food, cod freestyle recipes, foods with turkey fiber content, dog food with salmon and other fish types and much more, so it would be near impossible to fail in finding a presentation that works for your dog. A recent Nulo dog food review also stated that their recipes are ideal for dogs with diabetes and health issues where a low-carb diet is needed.

For Nulo dog food Amazon is a great place to obtain it, as it is available to most people in the United States, regardless of where you live. You also get the food delivered to your door, so that the access to quality dog food never has to depend on your geographic location.

When shopping for Nulo dog food PETCO is also a good option, as Petco stores are available across North America and online. The accessibility of the brand makes it even more suitable for dogs all sizes, ages, and breeds, and the price is rather affordable too when compared to similar products.

Nulo freestyle puppy food is a great option for a new furry family member, and it helps build a foundation for a long and healthy life (see Nulo puppy food reviews). You then have the option to switch to a Nu dog food for adult dogs, and later to the brand’s senior recipes. It seems like they have thought of all dogs and dog owners, making the brand suitable (and recommended) for dogs all sizes and breeds.

Best Nulo Dog Food

1. Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

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81% protein and grain-free – this is a quality dog food for adult dogs! You can choose between lamb, turkey, and salmon, and Nulo has completely ruled out eggs and chicken protein, as these are known to cause allergies in some dogs. The kibble is made in the United States and promotes lean muscles and a healthy coat so that your dog can look great on the outside and feel great on the inside.

2. Nulo Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Nulo Small Breed Dry Dog Food

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There is a total of 84% protein in this delicious recipe for small dogs; where the kibble size has been adapted to better suit small and often sensitive jaws. Good kibble size also lessens the risk of choking and may also motivate a fussy eater to want to eat with more enthusiasm. Miscanthus grass and L-carnitine helps promote a healthy weight, which is ideal for small dogs that are often prone to weight gain, and you get a high-quality and grain-free product full of tasty salmon, red lentils and much more.

3. Nulo Freestyle Limited Ingredient

Nulo Freestyle Limited Ingredient

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This limited ingredient salmon formula is made to suit both puppies and adults so that you don’t have to change kibble as your young dog grows. Constant food changes can cause further stomach problems and a product like this is hugely beneficial for dogs with digestive issues reoccurring stomach pain and diarrhea. Its protein comes from only one animal source and has been slightly reduced in quantity, to go easier on a sensitive GI tract, and it is a perfectly balanced meal for any dog whose gut needs a little extra care and protection.

4. Nulo Grain Free Senior Dog Food

Nulo Grain Free Senior Dog Food

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Glucosamine and chondroitin help make this yummy recipe ideal for aging dogs, as the natural production of these two will generally slow down with age. The kibble is just as crunchy, nutritious and delicious as the other food products offered by Nulo, but small adjustments have been made to protect bones and joints from insetting arthritis, pain, and discomfort. With a product like this, your senior dog becomes a lot more likely to live a long and pain-free life, so that you can continue enjoying your favorite activities together.

5. Nulo Adult Weight Management Dog Food

Nulo Adult Weight Management Dog Food

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Help your dog keep off excess weight by starting them on this natural weight control diet. It contains less fat than the other product lines, without affecting the nutritional content or the delicious flavor, and it is a diet dog food your dog will be begging you for!

The protein levels are good enough to give your dieting pup energy to last a whole day, something that is crucial for physical activities to keep those extra pounds off, and it comes at a similar price as all the other Nulo dog food products.

Nulo Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

You will usually find discounts at Chewy, where you can start a dog food subscription (and have food shipped to you automatically as often as you choose), and many online Nulo retailers offer free shipping on larger orders. The best way to find out about discounts and promo deals is by signing up for newsletters from your favorite websites and pet stores, and by having a look yourself whenever the supply is starting to run a little low.


Nulo dog food; both their adult, puppy and senior varieties, is a high-quality dog food that scores way above average in Nulo Pet Food reviews It is a way for dog owners all over the planet to feed their dogs the kind of food and nutrition they deserve (and need), without it costing them a whole week’s salary. All recipes are 100% free from grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, and there are no animal by-products (a known low-quality protein source) used.

Another benefit is the wide selection that is offered so that you can choose freely with your dog’s wellbeing in mind. There are options suitable for dogs with uncurable conditions like diabetes, for dogs needing to lose weight, for those poor pups that suffer from food allergies and much more – Nulo has something for every dog!

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