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About Natural Balance

Natural Balance Dog Food is made by Natural Balance – founded by a man named Dick Van Patten in 1989. For Dick Van Patten dog food was always something he was passionate about; as he felt our four-legged friends should be fed a diet appropriate for their dietary needs, rather than the cheap dog food you would find at the grocery store or supermarket.

The idea, however, came to life after he made a guest appearance on the John Davidson’s Show; where he met the house band’s drummer who was very passionate about dog rescue and canine wellbeing. Eventually, after further conversation with a veterinarian, Natural Balance came to be.

Natural Balance dog food reviews will often point out how it is a company that believes in their own product, and that promises to use only high-quality ingredients. They work with a team of veterinarians and vet techs to optimize each recipe and work constantly with the canine’s best in mind.

Their Natural Balance Limited Ingredient formula was one of the first on the market; opening the door for many other companies to follow their lead with mild food formulas for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies.

Where is Natural Balance dog food made? The headquarters of Natural Balance Foods is currently located in Burbank, Los Angeles (California), and their products are produced in the United States.

It is not just about dog nutrition for Natural Balance and their employees, and the company has also partnered with the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind – supporting the training and upbringing of working dogs (guide dogs) in the United States and internationally.

About Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance dog food ratings are high, which comes as no surprise considering their quality ingredients and their dedication to exclude any artificial color, flavor or preservatives, along with fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. They offer an interesting variety of high-protein diets, limited ingredient formulas, and even vegetarian dog food – to have something to offer every family with furry family members.

L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets

With a single protein source; such as duck, bison or salmon, these natural balance pet foods are ideal for dogs with digestive issues, sensitive stomachs, and food-related allergies. It uses meat from only one type of animal so that you can easily leave out any meat you think your pup might struggle to digest, and a limited ingredient formula will also be easier for a sensitive GI tract to handle overall.

The ingredient list of this Natural Balance limited ingredient dog food is shorter than on the brand’s other products, to avoid putting too much stress on your dog’s stomach and digestive system, and it is a top contender in many Natural Balance LID dog food reviews.

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Original Ultra

By supporting brain function and cardiac health, this Natures Balance dog food sets your dog up for a longer and healthier life! It also contains calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin for stronger bones, joints, and teeth; making declining oral health less of an issue for your furry friend, and it is a Natures Balance dog food your dog is going to love the taste of. You will even find this product line mentioned in Natural Balance cat food reviews, as Nature’s Balance dog food is also available for felines.


Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Food

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A vegetarian and meatless diet is usually not recommended for carnivores and omnivores (there is some debate regarding which of the two a dog would be considered as), but there are cases where a dog may not be able to consume animal protein due to severe allergies. For these dogs – this Natural Balance food could offer a functional solution to the problem. The formula is designed to contain the same nutrients as a meat-based Van Patten dog food; thanks to a carefully calculated content of vegetables, fruits, and wholesome grains.

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Fat Dogs

Natural Balance Fat Dogs food

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Yes, this is what the company itself calls this product line; and – as you may have guessed – it is dedicated to products for canine weight loss and weight control. Staying at a healthy weight is crucial for a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing, and for their general quality of life. Low in calories and with a protein blend that reduces hunger – this high-fiber diet keeps your fur buddy feeling full longer, without the additional energy content that might cause weight gain.

A diet alone might not do the trick, and it is important to combine this light Natural Balance pet food with exercise, but the diet food itself takes you and your dog a big step towards your health goal.

Delectable Delights

Natural Balance Delectable Delights Wet Dog Food Duck

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A Natural Balance dog food review that does not mention these delicious wet food formulas – does it exist? Probably not. It comes in small containers to prevent the food from going bad before consumed, and it can be used as an irresistible food topping or on its own for dogs that prefer (or that can only eat) wet food. This dog food is made with natural ingredients and is just as nutritious as Natural Balance Duck & Potato and other kibble varieties, only softer!



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This is another product line from Nature Balance that is suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is not limited ingredient (yet may occasionally show up in some Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food reviews), but instead more focused on adding ingredients that aid with digestion and with the metabolism. Prebiotics help promotes overall gut health, healthy muscles, firm stools and more so that your dog can feel happier while you won’t struggle as much picking up number twos on your walks.

The reason why this dog food only gets 3/5 stars has nothing to do with the ingredients themselves, as there are no bad or harmful ingredients in these recipes, but instead, the somewhat lowered NaturalBalance rating comes due to the amounts of each ingredient. In many of the flavor varieties, the first ingredient listed is a potato. Potato is a highly digestible carbohydrate, but it does not have much nutritional value for our canine friends.

The next item in the duck variety is duck meal, which on the other hand is great, as duck meal contains about 300% more protein than fresh duck meat. Fresh duck meat comes third but contains so much water weight that it would probably end up a lot further down when drained.

This natural blend dog food is a very good option for dogs all sizes but could be made better if it had a higher content of protein instead of – in this case – potato and other vegetable ingredients. As it is now, it contains more carbohydrates than protein, which lowers the overall rating.

Natural Balance Dog Food Recall History

Looking at the Natural Balance dog food recall history, we can, unfortunately, see two documented recalls – once in 2010 and then again in 2012. The Sweet Potato and Chicken dry dog food were voluntarily recalled in 2010, due to the suspicion of possible contamination with Salmonella.

The second case involved 13 dog food varieties in several states in the United States; again, with suspicion of the Salmonella bacteria, but no reports of dogs having fallen ill were filed, and none of the tested bags tested positive for the bacteria. The company seemed to have applied the “better safe than sorry” principle and have not had any registered recalls since.

For those who are interested in knowing about Natural Balance dog food recall 2016 or Natural Balance dog food recall 2018 – you can relax, as they have not had any mishaps or recalls (voluntary or ordered) at all since 2012.

Which Dogs Can Eat About Natural Balance Dog Food?

Is Natural Balance a good dog food for all dogs? Probably not, but there is no dog food that works for every dog. As the meat content is somewhat low in these otherwise high-quality Nature Balance dog kibble and wet food, it would most likely work best for dogs that for some reason need a lower-protein diet.

It is a much better alternative than any grocery store brand, but the majority of dogs would ideally need more protein than what this brand seems to be offering.

List of Best About Natural Balance Dog Foods

Looking at Nature Balance dog food reviews online, most of the company’s products seem to be receiving the same or a very similar rate, meaning the quality of their products is consistent. Here are a few options for which products from the product line to try first but remember you might have to try a few different ones before you find the one your dog likes the best.

1. Natural Balance LID Natural Dry Dog Food

2. Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diets Lamb & Brown Rice

3. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Lamb Canned

4. Natural Balance Duck & Turkey Roll

5. Natural Balance Fish & Potato Small Breed

Natural Balance Fish & Potato Small Breed

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About Natural Balance Discount Coupons & Promo Deals offers 30% off and free shipping when you purchase a Natural Balance Van Patton dog food (restrictions apply), but other than that you are best off signing up for newsletters from your favorite online retailers; to keep track of any discounts and good deals, as these may change on a daily basis, and depending on where in the country or in the world you are located.


Is Natural Balance dog food good enough to feed our furry friends? Yes, it is, but there are also better alternatives available. While Natural Balance uses natural and wholesome ingredients, they do seem to cheat a little by making it seem better than it actually is.

The meat content is surprisingly low (especially considering that some of the total protein content comes from plants like the potato plant) for dog food with such good ingredients, and it is not a suitable product for those dogs that need to cut back on carbohydrates. It is an average dog food which seems a little pricey considering what you get for the money spent.

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