I and Love and You Dog Food

“I and Love and You” Dog Food Review

The charming name of the company is eye-catching and surprisingly accurate because they are 100% focused on providing dogs with the nutrition they deserve – packed with nutrition and love.

Their philosophy is that all dogs should have the opportunity to eat healthy dog food, and they make this possible by offering affordable dog food products that do not compromise on quality.

“I and Love and You” Dog Food Brand Full Review

The company first started its production in Boulder, Colorado, in a small factory with small-scale production. The people behind I and Love and You wanted something better for their own dogs, and they quickly discovered that other dog owners all over the world were also interested in feeding their pups a healthier and more nutritious diet.

It was in 2010 that the then small company first produced its raw and healthy dog food, and its popularity has since grown into an established dog food brand! It remains independently owned and with the same philosophy, only now they are catering to a much bigger clientele worldwide.

About “I and Love and You” Dog Food

While I and Love and You originally produced only raw dog food products, they now have a full line of both dry dog foods, wet foods and raw dog food options. This makes it a great brand for all types of dogs and dog owners, as there is something for everyone. There are no fillers or grains in any of the I and Love and You dog food products, as the company understands that neither of these is likely to do much for your dog’s health.

A real meat product is always the main ingredient, and you can choose between a variety of meats depending on your dog’s preferences and nutritional requirements. Real meat is then followed by a meat meal product, which is a protein-rich ingredient used in quality dog foods.

Each product contains a unique blend of antioxidants, minerals, other vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics, to keep your dog healthy throughout all its life stages. It is a dog food that contains no fillers like soy, wheat or corn, and no artificial color, flavor or preservatives.

The flavor-packed into each kibble instead comes from natural ingredients, to give your pooch a chance to enjoy real food with just the right amount of nutrients. These are the dog food product lines offered by I and Love and You:

+ Naked Essentials
+ Nude Food
+ Lovingly Simple
+ Baked and Saucy
+ Top That
+ Stir and Boom
+ Ily Swag
+ Puppy

The variety offered is one of the things that makes I and Love and You dog food such a popular brand both in the United States and in other select countries, as it makes it easy to find food to suit the individual needs of your dog.

“I and Love and You” Dog Food Recall History

There is one documented recall for the I and Love and You dog food brand, and it was filed in 2015. The brand chose to voluntarily recall 1,299 cases of its product Cow-Boom!

Strips Beef Gullet, after it became known that the product might have gotten contaminated with Salmonella. No dogs were reported to have fallen ill, and it is likely to have been a safety precaution taken by a responsible dog food company.

No recalls have been filed before or after this incident, but here it is also important to remember that I and Love and You is a relatively new brand, so it is unwise to compare their recall history with the recall history of a more established brand.

Which Dogs Can Eat “I and Love and You” Dog Food?

I and Love and You dog food stands out thanks to the great selection and variety, and they have something for every dog. There is dog food made for puppies, as puppies need a very specific amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium and more, and they give you the option to continue with dog food for adult dogs once they reach the appropriate age. I and Love and You also have dog food tailored for the needs of senior dogs, with added chondroitin and glucosamine.

List of Best “I and Love and You” Dog Foods

1. “I and love and you” Baked & Saucy Baked Dog Kibble

I and love and you Baked & Saucy Baked Dog Kibble

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2. “I and love and you” Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food

I and love and you Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food

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3. “I and love and you” Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food

I and love and you Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food

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4. I and love and you” Grain Free Canned Stew Dog Food

I and love and you Grain Free Canned Stew Dog Food

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5. “I and love and you” Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient

I and love and you Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient

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“I and Love and You” Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

You can sign up for a newsletter on the I and Love and You website, to get the latest updates, but also suggestions for where you can find the latest discount coupons and promo deals.

This will make sure you never miss a discount! You can also check websites like Chewy, which will usually give you a discount when you sign up for a monthly plan. Finding good prices is easy when you are willing to do your research before making your purchase.


I and Love and You is a high-quality dog food brand that produces a variety of products for dogs all ages, sizes, and breeds. It is made with natural ingredients that are similar to what a dog’s ancestors would have eaten, and it is suitable also for dogs with sensitive stomachs. When you buy I and Love and You dog food, you know you are giving your pooch the best food that there is, without having to pay an unreasonably high price.

The company’s philosophy revolves around making good dog food available for everyone so that all dogs can have access to quality dog food. It is easily available, regardless of where you live, and has a taste that appeals even to the pickiest of eaters!

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