blue wilderness dog food reviews

Blue Wilderness Dog Food Reviews

When wanting to pick the best dog food for your furry friends, you’re likely to come across Blue Buffalo dog foods. Blue Buffalo is a well-known dog food company that has been in the business since 2003. One of their most popular products is their Blue Wilderness dog food line, which is designed to be high in protein.

If you’re considering Blue Wilderness dog food for your dogs, you’ll want to read on and learn about the history, ingredients, as well as any concerns you may need to consider, including recalls and pricing. By the end, you’ll be able to have a full understanding of Blue Buffalo and a complete Blue Wilderness dog food review.

About Blue Buffalo

about blue buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a dog food brand that’s designed to give puppies and adult dogs the healthiest dog food possible. They create dog foods that have real meat as the primary ingredient and come packed with fatty acids, healthy carbohydrates, and other wonderful nutritional needs. Their dog food has no corn, wheat, or soy and is the quality dog food that many pet lovers look for.

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In fact, Blue Buffalo is so confident that they offer the best dog food on the market that they have a “True Blue Test” where you can compare your dog’s current food to Blue Buffalo dog food. Blue Buffalo was the fourth-best-selling dog food brand in 2021, so it’s safe to say they are popular in the dog food market.

One of the many wonderful ingredients that make Blue Buffalo stand out from other pet food brands is their LifeSource Bits, which are small bits mixed into the dry food to give your pet the nutrients and antioxidants they need. No other brand offers this impressive kibble!

Blue Buffalo offers a wide range of product lines that can follow your dog from puppyhood to their senior years. They even offer foods for specific health concerns, as well as foods that are veterinary-grade. They pride themselves on offering foods with no artificial flavors and no artificial preservatives, which is true for all of their lines.

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Blue Buffalo History

blue buffalo history
Photo by Charlotte Freeman on Unsplash

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2003 when the Bishop family vowed to feed their family dog the best dog food possible. Their love for their furry family member turned into a full-blown pet food brand that offers grain-free food for every stage of your pet’s life.

Through the search to create the perfect dog food for their dog, Blue, the Bishops found that most dog foods in America included poor ingredients like a variety of grains such as wheat and corn. Many foods were full of fillers and did not give pets the nutrition they needed.

From there, the family worked with pet nutritionists to create foods that help pets keep a healthy weight and consume the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need for a healthy life. Thus, the Blue Buffalo recipe was born!

Since then, Blue Buffalo has become a household name in dog foods. They now have a wide variety of pet foods for both dogs and cats, spanning multiple lines that meet different needs, including Blue Wilderness, Blue Wilderness, and Blue Life Protection. Also, while their dry dog food is most known, they also offer many wet dog food options as well.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Costs

blue buffalo dog food costs
Image by Pixabay on Pexels

Due to the higher-level ingredients in Blue Buffalo dog food, the price can be higher than lower quality dry dog food. However, the pricing is competitive when it comes to high-quality dog food brands.

Bags of dry dog food come in a variety of sizes and can be anywhere from $11 to $50, based on product line and amount of food. Blue Buffalo wet food can be purchased in packs or in individual cans. Again, the cost will vary based on the product line as well as the size of the can and the number of packages. However, on average, you can expect to pay between $1.80 and $58 per package.

While this may seem high compared to some other brands, make sure you are comparing prices with similar quality of ingredients. While you may be able to get cheaper dog food, what is letting you save money? Having better quality natural ingredients is worth the cost. When you compare Blue Buffalo’s prices to other natural, high-quality brands, the price is very competitive.

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Blue Buffalo Ingredient Quality

blue buffalo ingredient quality
Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

When it comes to a dog food review, you have to look at the ingredients. Blue Buffalo’s most significant selling point is the quality of its ingredients.

Real Meat

Real meat is always the first ingredient in their foods, providing higher amounts of animal protein than other brands. Depending on the recipe, you’ll find deboned chicken, beef, or fish as the number one ingredient.

Giving real meat the spotlight in food allows your dogs to be eating food that’s much closer to what they would eat if they were in the wild, giving them a higher level of nutrition than other kibbles on the market.

Grain-Free Difference

In addition, they offer a variety of grain-free foods for pets on grain-free diets. If your dog has a sensitive digestive system or any food allergies, finding food that is grain-free is a great choice for them. Having no corn, wheat, or soy in their foods is wonderful, especially if your dog needs a gluten-free diet or something similar.

Many grain-free foods feature pea protein, pea fiber, and pea starch. These ingredients help fill in where corn, wheat, or brown rice may be in other foods. These pea ingredients help act as more protein as well as carbohydrates and binding agents in the food while avoiding additives that are less desirable.

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No By-Products

Next, Blue Buffalo foods include high-quality meals: chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, and dehydrated alfalfa meal, to name a few. You’ll never find chicken by-product meals in their foods because they are of lower quality compared to chicken meal. This is even more important with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line because it’s heavy on meat.

This is incredibly important for the chicken recipe because chicken by-products can include pieces of chickens like bones, chicken fat, or other pieces that aren’t high quality for nutrition. Chicken meal instead is made of chicken meat itself, giving your dog much better nutrition than chicken by-products.

Quality Additives

Other additives in their foods include alfalfa nutrient concentrate, barley grass, tapioca starch, and folic acid. These additives help fill in the gaps to give your dog their full nutritional needs. These additives all come from natural sources, which is a huge bonus for your dogs.

Blue Buffalo also includes a great variety of fruits and vegetables in their dry dog foods. Some of the most common ones are blueberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, and cranberries. These ingredients offer many benefits, including fatty acids, healthy carbs, and fiber, among many others.

Mixing these with meats, brown rice, flaxseed, fish oil, and either chicken broth or vegetable juice gives a wonderful and well-rounded recipe. These ingredients help bring the food together, letting your dog have an appealing eating experience.

What’s Not in Blue Buffalo Food

However, what’s not in Blue Buffalo food is just as important. You will find no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives in any Blue Buffalo recipes. In addition, they include no chicken by-product meals, which allows for better nutrition for your pets. Knowing that your pet is getting natural ingredients and only the best pieces of chicken in their food can help you feel confident about Blue Buffalo.

Extra Boosts

Their LifeSource Bits offer pets an impressive antioxidant mix that helps support their immune system. Plus, they cook these bits using a cold-form process, which lets them keep more of their nutrients. You can find LifeSource Bits in Blue Buffalo dry foods.

The high-quality ingredients in Blue Buffalo dog food offer your dog unbelievable advantages. Real meat offers high protein that helps your dog maintain lean muscle mass. The fatty acids in flaxseed help your dog keep a shiny and soft coat. The complex carbohydrates in brown rice help give your dog energy that will stick around for any activity they want to do.

The ingredient list is one of the elements that makes Blue Buffalo one of the best foods on the market for dogs of all ages and for any nutritional need. You can feel confident that your dog is experiencing only the best natural flavor and nutrients possible when they’re eating Blue Buffalo dog food.

Top Blue Buffalo Product Lines

top blue buffalo product lines

Blue Buffalo offers many product lines based on your pet’s personal needs: Blue Basics, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Blue Buffalo Life Protection, Blue True Solutions, and Blue Freedom. Depending on your dog’s diet and age, there’s a product line for them!

Blue Buffalo offers lines of food specific for senior dogs, puppies, various breed sizes, and specific health conditions. They also offer most of their lines in dry food as well as canned dog food.

Blue Basics

Blue Basics

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The Blue Basics line is a line of foods with limited ingredients. If you have an adult dog or puppy with food sensitivities, this line of foods would be a perfect fit for them. Depending on your dog’s needs, the Blue Basics line offers a chicken free recipe as well as a grain-free recipe. These foods offer easily digested carbohydrates and fatty acids that will give your sensitive dogs the nutrition they need.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

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The Blue Buffalo Wilderness line is a line of high-protein dog food that is designed to be heavy on meat while also providing a well-rounded diet, including whole grains and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

This line offers many different meat options and is available in both adult foods and puppy food. This is one of their most popular lines and includes foods such as the Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Beef.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Buffalo Life Protection

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The Blue Buffalo Life Protection line offers high-quality ingredients that are meant to give all dogs their complete nutrition. There are a wide variety of meat options, including deboned chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon. Each recipe then includes a whole grain such as brown rice or oatmeal to help give your dog the complex carbs they need for sustained energy.

From there, they mix in antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that help your dog’s immune system. No matter your dog’s stage of life, the Blue Buffalo Life Protection line has a recipe for them.

Blue True Solutions

Blue True Solutions

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Blue True Solutions offers support for specific health needs. If your dog needs extra digestive help, support for their joints, or even help to maintain a healthy weight, there’s an option for them in this line.

As with the other lines, the foods in this line offer real meat and high-quality, healthy ingredients for your dog. From there, specific ingredients are added to help the problem area the food focuses on so your dog can get the extra benefits they need!

Blue Freedom

Blue Freedom

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Blue Freedom is a line of grain-free dog food. If you have a dog who needs gluten-free food, check out this line. Blue Freedom includes ingredients like pea protein to help make sure the grain-free recipe still has the needed protein. These recipes include a variety of different meats and vegetables that help give your dog a well-rounded grain-free diet.

Alternatives Dog Foods to Blue Buffalo

If you like the benefits of Blue Buffalo but want to know what other high-quality dog food brands are on the market, here are some other options to check out.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild

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Taste of the Wild is another popular dog food brand that is known for high-quality ingredients and well-rounded nutrition. They are a newer brand but focus on grain-free recipes and giving pets food that is closer to what they would eat in the wild. Taste of the Wild is similar in price compared to Blue Buffalo as well, making it a solid alternative when it comes to dry food or wet food.

Specifically, Taste of the Wild is most like the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line. Both lines focus on giving your dog the highest amount of meat and protein possible in dry food. This is really important if you have an active dog who needs a lot of energy.

Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish

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Rachael Ray Nutrish has become a very popular line of pet food and is one of Blue Buffalo’s biggest competitions. Many of their ingredients are similar to Blue Buffalo, including their use of real meat as top ingredients.

However, there are some ingredients in Nutrish that Blue Buffalo leaves out, including corn and soybean meal. Nutrish is a little cheaper than Blue Buffalo, though, so you must weigh the pros and cons of the ingredient differences to the price.

This brand is most like the Blue Basics line. They both boast limited ingredients compared to other dog food brands, which can be incredibly important if your dog has a sensitive system.

Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals

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Another alternative to Blue Buffalo is Diamond Naturals. This line of dog food comes from a well-known dog food brand that is also known for providing high-quality ingredients for pets. Their foods have grains in them but are corn, wheat, and soy-free. Their foods are slightly cheaper by the pound than Blue Buffalo dog food, but they come in mainly large bags, which is something to consider.

This brand is most like the Blue Buffalo Life Protection line. Both focus on providing only the highest quality of ingredients possible and avoiding corn, wheat, and soy. This allows for dogs who need a gluten-free diet to have options.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalls

blue buffalo dog food recalls
Images from Unsplash

When considering a dog food brand, it’s important to know if there are any current recalls or past recalls that you should be concerned about. Blue Buffalo has had to issue a number of recalls since 2007, so let’s look at some of the most impactful ones concerning dog food.


In 2017, Blue Buffalo had three recalls, with two in February. One for certain cans of their Homestyle Recipe dog food due to possible metal contamination and the other for some wet dog food cups due to possible packaging issues. The third recall was in March for a specific batch of their Blue Wilderness wet food, due to a high level of beef thyroid hormone.


In May of 2016, Blue Buffalo recalled certain batches of their sweet potato dog food due to a potential mold issue caused by moisture in the packaging.


In October of 2010, Blue Buffalo issued a voluntary recall on a few of their products because of an error made by one of their ingredient manufacturers. There was potential cross-contamination from an earlier processing of Vitamin D by the supplier.


In April of 2007, Blue Buffalo was part of a much larger recall through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA found melamine in rice protein that was used in Blue Buffalo dog food as well as other foods. The rice protein had been processed by American Nutrition Inc., and Blue Buffalo stated they were unaware of the additive in their foods.

2019 FDA Warning

While not a recall, it’s worth mentioning that the FDA listed Blue Buffalo as one of 16 pet food brands in America that may be linked to heart disease in both dogs and cats. There was no recall issued because the FDA isn’t fully confident in the link but said that most of the foods were grain-free and that they would continue researching the possible connection

2017 Lawsuit

It’s also important to address the rumors that there are incredibly high levels of lead in Blue Buffalo dog food. There was a lawsuit against the brand in 2017 for this reason; however, it was thrown out in 2018. There is no substantial evidence to back the claim of high lead levels in any of Blue Buffalo foods.


Blue Buffalo prides itself in providing only the highest quality foods for dogs and cats. Their slogan, “Love Them Like Family. Feed Them Like Family,” truly encompasses all the brand stands for and why they exist. What started out as an act of love for their family pet is now one of the most popular brands of pet food in the country.

If you’re looking for incredibly high-quality food for your dog, look no further than Blue Buffalo. Specifically, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line of foods is wonderful if you have a dog who needs a lot of protein to keep up with its active lifestyle.

Regardless of your dog’s nutrition needs, though, you can feel good about feeding them Blue Buffalo. With real meat, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, and whole grains like brown rice, their dog food offers well-rounded nutrition for the smallest puppies, to adult dogs, all the way to senior dogs.

We hope this dog food review has helped you make a decision on which Blue Buffalo dog food is best for your furry friend! We’re confident that you can’t go wrong, whichever you choose!

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