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10 Best Foods for Maltese Dogs in 2022

By getting the best dog food for Maltese dogs, you will help your furry friend build up his or her immune system to prevent illnesses and unnecessary injuries. It is a small dog breed that needs quality protein sources to help keep their skin and coat in top condition, and to give them the daily energy they need to thrive.

There are a few things to think about when looking for dog food for Malteses, such as protein content and added vitamins, and this is a list of some of the best wet and dry dog foods for small dogs such as the Maltese.

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1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

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This Blue Buffalo small breed kibble is packed with real chicken, which helps small dogs maintain lean muscle and stay at a healthy weight, the kibble bits are small enough for a Maltese to chew, and there are no fillers or grains which are known to cause stomach upset in some smaller dogs.

The Maltese is also a breed with a long and luxurious coat, and the vitamin and mineral mix found in the LifeSource bits will aid in providing the coat with nutrition, and to prevent miscoloring and tear stains. Only quality meat is used in the production of this adult dry dog food, with no meat by-products or artificial flavors, making it one of the best grain-free small breed quality dog foods available.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is one of the top kibble brands in the world, and this small breed adult dog food was made with a unique mix of nutrients designed to help your small fur friend grow strong and healthy.

2. Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Small Breed

Kirkland Signature Nature Domain Small Breed

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Finding the right small breed adult dog food does not have to be rocket science, and Kirkland offers a quality option that won’t cost you a week worth of salary. It contains fresh salmon and salmon meal – packed with omega-3 and omega-6, both essential for a Maltese’s diet and for their skin and coat, and enough protein and fiber to strengthen bones and balance the digestive system.

For Maltese dogs that suffer from skin sensitivities or food allergies, this could potentially be a good solution thanks to the many antioxidants and fatty acids, and it has added probiotics for further digestion aid.

The composition of ingredients like psyllium seed husk, dried chicory root, and real salmon makes this a very gentle dog food, also for Maltese dogs with stomach problems.

3. WholeHearted Grain Free Small-Breed

A newer star in the dog food sky is WholeHearted – an affordable grain-free food for small- and toy breeds, and that is packed with delicious chicken (listed first), peas and other veggies and legumes. It holds as high of a standard as many of it’s better-known competitors, such as Earthborn Holistic and Merrick Lil Plates Grain-free, but you pay less because WholeHearted understands that every dog deserves good and complete nutrition.

It contains phosphorus and calcium to strengthen your small pup’s bones and teeth and to combat dental issues which can be very common in breeds like the Maltese, and it is an affordable compromise when wanting to feed your fur friend better food.

The way this kibble sees to a small dog’s needs is unique, and it has been created to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar – promoting an overall better oral health.

4. Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish Small Breed

Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish Small Breed

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The fiber blend you find in this small breed adult dog food is uniquely adapted to small fur friends, to give them everything they need to grow, develop and thrive. It is one of many grain-free recipes, but what stands out about this product is the high fish content, which makes it rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.

These fatty acids are essential for a small dog with long hair, like the Maltese, as it helps improve both skin and coat health. Small breed dogs of all ages can eat this kibble, including puppies, and the delicious flavor greatly aids in implementing a smoother Maltese feeding process.

This small breed natural dog food is full of healthy fatty acids and protein, which will have your Maltese looking silky, smooth and gorgeous.

5. Nulo Puppy Food Grain-Free Dry Food

Nulo Puppy Food Grain-Free Dry Food

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Here you have the option of getting the Nutro ultra-small breed puppy kibble with salmon or turkey, depending on your fur friend’s preferences, and it is grain-free with no corn, soy, wheat or other fillers. This kibble also DHA fatty acids, known to aid with proper eye- and brain development in puppies, and it also features patented PC30 probiotics for enhanced digestion, metabolism, and immune system.

80% of the protein comes from animal sources, and the small-breed kibble has just the right amount of calcium and phosphorous to promote a healthy growth rate. It is so important to get a puppy started off right, and the best thing you can do for your Maltese’s health is to provide them with a quality recipe dry dog food.

This Nutro Wholesome Essentials puppy food has everything you can ask to find in foods for Maltese puppies, and the high protein content and fatty acids contribute to a healthy physical and mental development.

6. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

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The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a delicious small breed chicken, brown rice and vegetable kibble, made with quality ingredients from known sources. It has the exact right balance of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants packed into the small LifeSource bits, something that adds both nutrition and flavor.

When feeding your Maltese a life protection formula like this, you get high-quality proteins and grains that contain fiber and antioxidants which are ideal for healthy growth and development. You get a combination of brown rice, blueberries, flaxseed, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and cranberries – a combination of nutrients you won’t find in many other dog food products.

If your Maltese prefers a diet with grains, then this Life Protection brown rice recipe will meet all your expectations and more! Fatty acids for a healthy coat, and no fillers or artificial flavors.

7. Whole Earth Farms Turkey Stew Can

Whole Earth Farms Turkey Stew Can

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For those little pups that aren’t too fond of dry kibble, perhaps this mushy and delicious wet dog food could be a game-changer? This sweet potato recipe is made with natural ingredients that are very gentle on sensitive doggy stomachs, and it has added vitamins and minerals to properly provide a complete healthy diet.

All ingredients in this grain-free dry food are human grade and natural, with no unnecessary fillers like corn or soy, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You can use it as a meal on its own, which could be highly beneficial for a senior Maltese or a dog with dental issues, or you can use it as a topper to make a dry food meal more appealing for a picky eater.

For dogs that struggle to chew or that aren’t too fond of dry dog food, this is a healthy option packed with nutrition.

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8. Zignature Duck Formula Dry Dog Food

Zignature Duck Formula Dry Dog Food

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Does deboned turkey sound like something your Maltese would like? This is the best dog food for Maltese dogs that are sensitive to certain foods and ingredients, as it is made with a limited ingredient recipe, where the list of ingredients is short and easy to read.

There is no chicken or dairy used to make this dry dog food for Maltese dogs – perfect for dogs with chicken allergies – and instead, your pooch will be able to enjoy delicious duck meat that promotes lean muscle and a long-lasting feeling of fullness. This kibble is also free from soy, wheat, animal by-products and more, and each piece is small enough for a Maltese to chew.

If your Maltese has a chicken allergy, this kibble could be a good option, thanks to being free from both chicken and dairy.

9. Wellness CORE Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness CORE Original Turkey & Chicken

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Wellness Core Grain-free is natural dry dog food made without any artificial additives, and it has deboned chicken and turkey as its main ingredients. This adult dry dog food is great for picky eaters, thanks to its superior taste, and it is one of the few adult dog foods that is apt for dogs all sizes, but where the kibble size is still small enough for adult Malteses and other small breeds to chew.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 from fish and flaxseed will make a significant difference to your Maltese’s coat, and it has no meat by-products, soy, grains, wheat, tapioca or other fillers, to make sure your pooch only gets the absolute best.

The best food for Maltese dogs aren’t necessarily small breed dog foods, but it could also be a quality kibble like Wellness complete health boost! The Wellness Core/Wellness complete kibble is a natural dry mix of essential nutrients, packed into a kibble size that is easy for any dog to chew.

10. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Weight Control Formula

It is very easy for small breeds to gain weight, often due to lack of exercise and stimulants, and this is a veterinary recommended dog food to help your pooch stay healthy and fit. The kibble size is small and apt for tiny jaws, and the composition of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and added vitamins and minerals provides a small dog with just enough energy to keep up with human family members and larger dogs, without causing dangerous weight gain and obesity.

It is important to follow the feeding guide provided on the kibble bag for ultimate results and to combine it with plenty of exercises and physical activity. This is also a complete health small breed food that suits those lazy pups that would rather spend the day on the couch than out and about.

If your dog struggles to keep weight off or if you have a pup that is very overweight, a kibble like this could help thanks to the wholesome essentials small dogs need.

Dog Food for Maltese Buyers Guide

When you shop for dog food for a specific breed, the first thing you will want to do is to have a look at the breed characteristics. In the case of a Maltese, these are active small breed dogs with a long and silky coat, so you need a kibble or wet food that will help them look their best, and to stay energized throughout the day.

The key to finding the right product is to look for your Maltese’s dog food with this in mind, and it will quickly have you realize that it isn’t the brand that matters; it doesn’t matter if you opt for well-known products like Wellness Core Grain-free Small Breed, Orijen senior, Merrick’s Lil Plates or anything else, as all dogs are different, and what matters is your fur friend and his or her needs.

This is a quick buyer’s guide to help you pick out quality dog food, and to aid you in learning to separate a premium product from a low-quality commercial brand. Let’s have a look at what a dog food ideal for a Maltese looks like:


Most dogs need protein to be the main ingredient in their food, and that is not something you will get if you buy your kibble or wet food off the shelf at your local grocery store. Very few grocery stores carry quality brands, and you can quickly tell by looking through the ingredients.

A low-quality kibble – the ones you will want to stay away from – will often have corn as one of the top ingredients, or some other filler that does little or nothing for your dog. This won’t do, so make sure you find a kibble with a named meat product as the first ingredient.

Next, have a look at the second ingredient! Meat can be deceiving when finding as the first ingredient, as many meat types (such as chicken) have very high water content. This means that once drained – very little will remain, possibly no longer qualifying it as the number one ingredient.

Check to see if there is a meat meal, such as lamb meal or chicken meal, listed second, as this is a protein-rich ingredient (with 300% more protein than fresh meat once drained of its water content).

Fatty Acids

If you are not too familiar with dog food ingredients, then fatty acids may seem a little odd to you. However, if you have Maltese or another long-haired dog, it is absolutely essential. Fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are often found in fish, flaxseed and more, and they help keep your four-legged friend’s coat looking smooth, soft and shiny.

While we love our Maltese dogs no matter what – it is always nice to see them with that long and silky coat you see in dog breed books! Fatty acids are also beneficial for the skin, and especially if your pooch has skin allergies.

Another great thing about fatty acids is the benefits they have for mental development! A Maltese puppy should eat food with DHA fatty acids, as these are known to promote healthy brain development in young dogs!


Another component to look for in dog food for Maltese dogs is fiber! All dog foods contain fiber to some extent, but a low-quality brand is unlikely to have the right amount, nor the right kind. Your Maltese needs fiber for a variety of reasons; it helps keep their digestion work properly, with firm stools and no stomach irritation, and it is also a great additive to keep a furry friend feeling full for longer. Quality fiber sources are essential when it comes to weight control.

If your Maltese has diabetes, the fiber becomes even more important! A dog diet that is rich in fiber will promote less blood sugar fluctuations, which in turn makes it easier to manage the dog’s illness and for him or her to live a normal life.

What is the best dog food for my Maltese?

All dogs are different, even if they belong to a certain breed, and you might have to test out a few products before you find the perfect one. This review suggests a few quality dog food products that are likely to work well for your small fur friend and his or her stomach.

Can my Maltese eat a large breed grain-free dog food?

Dog food made for large breeds is unlikely to directly harm your Maltese, but there is always a risk of there being an imbalance in nutrients, as small dogs and large dogs have different nutritional needs. A large breed dog food might also have very large kibble pieces that are hard for a Maltese to chew.


Looking for the best dog food for a Maltese can be fun, and especially when you know what you are looking for, and what you are better off avoiding! Look for natural quality ingredients with a named meat product listed first – if possible, followed by a quality meat meal, and avoid dog foods with fillers (like corn and soy) and artificial additives. Your Maltese loves you, so return that love by providing a healthy dog food that will help your dog live a long and healthy life.

Expert Tip

Don’t let the packaging of a product fool you, as many low-quality brands use marketing tricks to have you believe their food is better than it is. Rely on the ingredient list, not the packaging.

Did You Know

The desired (and most common) coat color of a Maltese is white, and the fact that they don’t shed has them considered a hypoallergenic breed.

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