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7 Best Dog Foods for Beagles in 2021

The Beagle belongs to the group of breeds referred to as scent hounds, and they strongly resemble another breed – the Fox Hound – which is slightly larger. They are known to work as detection dogs at airports and at international borders, due to their extremely well-developed sense of smell, and they also make great hunters and excellent family dogs.

The Beagle is independent and strong-willed, and while they are a relatively healthy dog breed, they still require quality nutrition, and if you haven’t done so already – it is about time you start looking for the best dog food for Beagles. Here are seven of the top adult dog and puppy food brands; all which are suitable for the energetic and outgoing Beagle.

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1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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For a dog breed like the Beagle that easily gains weight – this nutritious and grain free dry dog food is perfect thanks to its components added to promote a lean and muscular body. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Food is possibly the best Beagle dog food, and it is packed with protein and fat from real meat, fiber for digestion, delicious veggies and legumes like kale and spinach, and it has salmon oil and flaxseed with natural Omega-3.

Not only will your Beagle feel great when fed this Wellness CORE weight management kibble, but he or she will also look great! Fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat, and for a short-haired dog like the Beagle – it can make all the difference.

+ Rich in high-quality protein
+ 100% free from grains and fillers
+ With kale, broccoli, parsley, and spinach
+ For a leaner body mass and toned muscles
+ Lower risk of weight gain
+ Healthy fat from Omega fatty acids

Why We Like It – Dog food for Beagles needs to be healthy and nutritious, but it also needs to have certain benefits that suit the breed. Keep your pup at a healthy weight with this Wellness CORE muscle toning grain-free small breed dog food and enjoy all the good that comes with natural fibers and fatty acids.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food

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Choose between Chicken & Brown Rice, Fish & Brown Rice and Lamb & Brown Rice, and get the perfect food for your Beagle. Since Beagles are prone to some skin allergies and food-related allergies, this kibble offers the ideal opportunity to skip a certain meat meal product if it would be what causes your pup’s allergies.

The Blue Life Protection Formula dry dog food contains wholesome grains, vegetables and a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and you also get Blue Buffalo’s unique LifeSource Bits! These contain a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants, and they promote a healthy oxidative balance and a strong and resistant immune system.

+ Three unique flavor options
+ Ideal for Beagles with allergies
+ With nutritious LifeSource Bits
+ Natural source of Omega-3 from fish oil

Why We Like It – The LifeSource Bits used by Blue Buffalo are hard to compete with due to their richness in vitamins and minerals, and the chance to choose between three meat varieties makes this a good dog food for Beagles with allergies. This Blue Life Protection Formula dog food is available in a puppy food form, also.

3. Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient

Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient

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If your Beagle has a sensitive stomach, this delicious good-natured grain free dry dog food could be the ideal Beagle diet. There is only one animal protein source used in this limited ingredient recipe – salmon which is known to be a mild meat-type perfect for dogs with dietary health issues.

The kibble is free from sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, and soy, which instead leaves room for nutritious ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals. Another benefit is that this food for adult beagles is gluten-free, meaning that young and adult dogs with gluten intolerance can happily eat it without negative consequences.

If you are looking for the absolute best dog food for yout Beagle that suffers from allergies or food sensitivities, this product is one you want to consider.

+ Limited ingredient formula
+ Grain- and gluten-free
+ With protein and fat from real salmon
+ No wheat, corn, soy or sweet potatoes
+ Ideal for Beagles’ diet

Why We Like It – The lack of grains, wheat and gluten makes this the perfect dog food for Beagles with sensitive stomachs, or where a food allergy is either suspected or where one has been diagnosed by a veterinarian.

4. Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

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Real beef protein gives this kibble a rich and irresistible flavor, which not even the fussiest Beagle will be able to resist! This dry food for Beagles contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 to promote healthy skin and coat, and it has been enhanced with probiotics and a mix of superfoods.

You find both vitamin E and selenium in this premium beef and rice formula, which will promote your pup’s heart health, kidneys eyes and more. A stronger immune system is always desirable, and your Beagle will enjoy all the benefits of a top-quality product that places itself among the best dog food options for the breed.

+ Real beef listed as first ingredient
+ Added probiotics and superfoods
+ Selenium and nutritious vitamin E
+ Promotes a strong immune system

Why We Like It – If you are not quite ready to take your Beagle off grains – this is the product to turn to. They use only quality grains to balance out the high protein content, and your dog will love the natural flavor!

5. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

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Blue Buffalo is a leading brand when it comes to high-quality dog food, and this is their grain free dry dog food option for those who prefer to skip grains for their Beagles. You can get it with beef, chicken or lamb, depending on what you think your furry friend will like best, and the protein content is just right for a dog as active and energetic as the Beagle.

The grain-free aspect also makes it gluten free, and there are no fillers like corn or wheat listed – only high-quality items packed with nutrition! The LifeSource Bits are found in this grain-free kibble too, just like in all the other Blue Buffalo products, and they give your dog a real health boost with every bite!

+ No grains, fillers or preservatives
+ Lamb, beef or chicken meal
+ Unique blend of antioxidants to aid your dog’s nutritional requirements
+ Easy for the canine body to digest

Why We Like It – Some Beagles are sensitive to Gluten, but with this kibble you won’t have to worry! It is one of the best hunting dog food brands, and this dry food contains all the nutrients your pup needs while being completely grain- and gluten free. Try other recipes from this fantastic brand, such as the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain recipe.

6. Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food

A trusted brand like Eukanuba never disappoints! They give you the best dog food for Beagle mixes, purebred Beagles and other breeds, and the price is slightly more affordable than some of the other brands.

This Eukanuba product also offers 3D DentaDefense technology to reduce existing tartar, and to prevent new build-ups. This is a dream come true for Beagle owners, as some Beagles are prone to dental problems and poor oral health issues.

The kibble is suitable for Beagles a year old or older, and it has all the daily nutrition your pooch needs to thrive. Wave goodbye to pointless fillers, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and say hello to quality ingredients and premium nutrients.

+ 3D DentaDefense technology
+ Reduces tartar with up to 46%
+ Complete daily nutrition
+ Long-lasting feeling of fullness

Why We Like It – One thing that is great about Eukanuba is how easily you can find it in pet stores and online all over the world! This pet food offers quality nutrition for dogs like the Beagle, and without complicating things with unnecessary ingredients that do little- to nothing for a dog’s health. Just a recipe that caters to your Beagle dog’s nutritional needs. Eukanuba also offers a medium breed puppy food version.

7. WholeHearted Grain Free All Life Stages

WholeHearted All Life Stages Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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If your budget is a little tight but you still feel you want to invest in good dry food for your Beagle – check out this affordable product! It is one of the best dog foods on the market in its price class, and it has a real duck as its first ingredient!

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce signs of skin allergies while also promoting a healthy and shiny coat, and the carefully selected canine probiotics are there to ensure an improved metabolism and functional metabolism. This WholeHearted grain-free dry dog food contains antioxidants, minerals, quality vegetables, and other nutrients, and it is made without grains.

A grain-free dry dog food like this does not usually come at such an affordable price, and it is the ultimate option for those wanting to save a few dollars without compromising on quality.

+ Fresh duck listed first
+ Made with natural and wholesome ingredients
+ No harmful preservatives or artificial colors
+ Affordable without compromising the quality
+ Quality, healthy fat from Omega fatty acids

Why We Like It – This is a newer brand of dog food that your Beagle is likely to love. This natural grain free dry dog food contains has everything many of the more established brands have, and more! No grains or gluten, and no artificial colors or flavors. Your Beagle will love it!

Dog Food for Beagles Buyers Guide

While the Beagle is considered a healthy dog breed, it is susceptible to various health issues and tends to gain weight easily, which could quickly become a problem. Excess weight gain puts unnecessary stress on bones and joints, which unfortunately could lead to pain and discomfort especially as the dog grows older.

By getting the best wet or dry small breed dry dog food for Beagles, you will be lowering the risk of your pooch packing on pounds, and potentially also prolonging their lives. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is a dog you can take with you on adventures.

Beagles are ideal for the outdoors, and by choosing one of the most nutritious small to medium breed recipe dog food – you’ll be giving your Beagle a chance to thrive. For Beagles food is important, as it will determine how energized they’ll be, and how long they will get to stay with us. What is the best dog food for Beagles? This is what you need to consider before you decide.

Weight Gain and Weight Management

The best way for you to help your Beagle stay at a healthy weight is by providing them with the best weight loss dog food for Beagles. This does not necessarily mean a diet dog food, but it is more a question of picking a high-quality kibble or canned dog food, as these are lower in sugar and other weight gain traps.

You recognize a high-quality food by the items listed on the ingredient list. Real meat should be listed on top, with no low-quality animal by-products, corn, wheat or other fillers. Instead, look for named meat meal products, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

You should only use a diet Beagle food if your Beagle is already overweight or if he or she has struggled with obesity in the past, as many diet dog foods are not as balanced as they preferably should be. A quality kibble or wet dog food is a better option, as these – when fed correctly – don’t usually cause Beagles to gain weight.

If the dog would still be packing on pounds you can try reducing the quantity, and if that doesn’t work you talk to your vet to see if a diet beagle dog food would be the way to go for weight management.

Teeth & Oral Health

The best dog food brands can also help reduce and prevent tartar build-up and plaque and give your dog a fresher breath at the same time. Oral health issues are a problem for many smaller dog breeds, and it is not unusual for a smaller dog to have teeth removed due to unattended dental matters.

For good oral health, you should pick a small breed recipe or kibble for smaller dog breeds, as the kibble size has been adapted to fit a smaller mouth and to gently clean the teeth with every bite.

This does not work as a substitute for brushing the dog’s teeth or for having their pearly whites checked by a vet every so often, but it is a great compliment when trying to look after your Beagle’s sensitive mouth. Set up an oral care routine from that the dog is young and use a quality diet as a step towards a healthy dog mouth!

Skin Allergy Prevention

Skin allergies in the breed are not unheard of, and if your pup is one of the unlucky ones that tend to experience itchy skin, bald spots, dandruff, redness or hair loss, then perhaps what you need is the best smaller breed dog food for Beagles with allergies! Look for a limited ingredient recipe, as these have been formulated to suit puppy and adult dogs with sensitive stomachs, or with known allergies.

You will notice that a limited ingredient formula dry dog food has fewer ingredients – with the purpose of exposing your dog to fewer food items that could cause allergies, and they are generally also free from chicken meal, which is a known irritant for some dogs.

If you already know what it is that your dog is allergic to, the choice is even simpler! Just pick a product without whatever it is your dog reacts to because there is such a huge selection of smaller breed dog food products today that you are almost guaranteed to find one.

Otherwise, experiment and try one product after another, preferably after having consulted with your veterinarian, as they are ultimately the ones who can tell you what is best for a dog with allergies.

What do Beagle dogs eat?

Beagles, just like all other dog breeds, need a healthy and balanced diet. A Beagle’s diet should be comprised of a good amount of high-quality protein, fiber, natural ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. So skip the commercial dog food brands and look for a premium product instead.

Beagle dogs eat what is in front of them, which can lead to health issues such as weight gain. Opting for canned dog food is a good way to keep tabs on calories, and keep portions optimal. When switching from dry to wet dog food, ensure the migration is slow and sensitive to your Beagle’s stomach.

What is the best food for Beagle puppies?

Almost all brands mentioned in this article also sell a medium breed puppy food version of their dog food – made to meet the needs of a growing Beagle. Taste of The Wild’s puppy food is a popular choice among new Beagle owners, and we do believe it is also a great product.

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Dry Puppy Food

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Taste of The Wild’s grain-free high prairie dry puppy food is popular for a few reasons. The first being that this dry puppy food recipe is grain-free. If you fancy trying your Beagle breed puppy out on Taste of The Wilds High Prairie Beagle puppy food, we recommend opting for a smaller pack, to begin with. You can always start by using the kibble as a dog treat, and see how your Beagle takes to it.

The Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream recipe dry dog food is a popular favorite among Beagle owners. However, Taste of The Wild’s formula list is extensive. Take a look at all the formulas and recipes, and pick a few you think your Beagle puppy will like.

How much to feed your Beagle per day?

This depends on the dog food brand you are feeding, and on your dog’s weight (provided it is not overweight). The product you choose will usually have a feeding guide printed on the back or on the side, so have a look at it and decide how much to feed your Beagle based on the instructions.


Shopping for dog food can be both interesting and fun when you know what you are looking for, and it does not have to be difficult to find the best puppy food for Beagle puppies or the best dry dog food for adult Beagles. Take your time with the process, read up on the brand you are considering and – most importantly – be patient.

All dogs are different, and not all Beagles do well on the same foods. You might have to try a few products before you find the one that works for you and your pup, but once you do – it will all be worth it.

Expert Tip

Never change your Beagle’s food from one day to another, as this can cause diarrhea and stomach pain, and instead start off with only a little and gradually increase the percentage of new pet food added to the old one, until the switch is complete. Using the new recipe as a dog treat is also a great way of building up a tolerance.

Did you Know

The stubborn, independent and lovable Beagle is surprisingly the 5th most popular dog breed in the United States.

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