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10 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods in 2021

Most dogs go wild with excitement at the hour of breakfast and dinner, and some even seem to know when it is time to be fed. While many dogs will settle with just about anything in terms of food, it is important to make an educated choice for our furry friends, to make sure they get the nutrition they need to thrive.

An option that has gained popularity in recent years is dehydrated pet food, where ingredients have gone through the process of being freeze-dried. This helps the ingredients keep their nutrients in a revolutionary way, while also lasting longer and being easier to store and transport.

There are many dehydrated dog food brands available today, and knowledge and self-education go a long way towards finding the best dehydrated raw dog food for the furry members of your family.

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1. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Ranch raised beef, free-range chicken and cage-free turkey are the three flavor options available when it comes to this high-quality dehydrated dog food. The Honest Kitchen is made with natural, human-grade ingredients – all from accountable sources (as further stressed in Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews) – and it is free from GMO, by-products, preservatives and artificial colors, and it is possibly the best-dehydrated dog food currently on the market. Not only does it taste delicious, but it is also a 100% balanced meal for both puppies and adults.

+ Three flavor options
+ With organic whole grain
+ Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
+ Made in the United States

Why We Like It – Dehydrated dog food reviews often praise this organic dog food product, which is not surprising considering its excellent quality; with ingredients that are considered fit for human consumption, and nutrition that is suitable for dogs all ages.

2. Spot Farms Human Grade Dog Food, Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Spot Farms Human Grade Dog Food, Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Whether your pup prefers beef, chicken, duck, pork or turkey – the Spot Farms dehydrated food for dogs has an option that surely fits! It is made with real meat with no meat meal products, and it can be fed as a complete meal or used as a nutritious raw dehydrated dog food topping – depending on your needs and those of your dogs.

The meat used is free of antibiotics; with chicken raised in North Carolina, beef from Wyoming, Indiana raised duck and pork from traceable U.S sources. Getting the best dehydrated raw dog food for your dog sets him or her up for a longer and healthier life, and Spot Farms Dehydrated dog food reviews show that users of this product are seeing the desired outcome after having used it – a happier and healthier dog!

+ Only real meat
+ Balanced nutrition
+ Prepare with water
+ Packed with natural flavor

Why We Like It – Not all dogs are the same, and this dehydrated meat dog food offers a solution that fits every dog! It is also a great option for dogs with food allergies since you can pick a meat source over another without having to change the brand. Spot farms dehydrated dog food holds its promises, and just like any Spot Farms Dehydrated Dog Food review will tell you – it aids in keeping your pooch healthy for many more years to come.

3. Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix for Dogs

Dr. Harvey Raw Vibrance Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix for Dogs

Adding hot water to this holistic dehydrated raw dog food turns it into a delicious meal for dogs all sizes! Dr. Harvey Raw Vibrance Dog Food is packed with fresh whole foods, contains no animal by-products or other low-quality meat sources, it is non-GMO certified and made in New Jersey. It is among the best-dehydrated dog food products you can provide to your dog, thanks to an ingredient list containing items like eggshell membranes, mushrooms, raw goat’s milk, and the known “miracle supplement” green lipped mussel.

It is also a 100% grain free dehydrated dog food with a total of 9 different dehydrated veggies, 2 fruits full of antioxidants, two types of seeds to give your dog energy, bone meal, and several other superfoods.

+ Fully grain-free
+ With green lipped mussels
+ Non-GMO certified
+ Beneficial food option for senior dogs

Why We Like It – You rarely see dog food products with these many health boosting ingredients, and this dehydrated food for dogs stands out for containing Green Lipped Mussels – a super food full of fatty acids like EPA and DHA (Omega-3).

4. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Base Mix Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Base Mix Dog Food

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This dehydrated raw dog food is basically a base mix – where you add your own protein to make it complete. Dehydrated dog foods usually made to include protein already, but the company behind this product wanted to make something that would give dog owners a chance to customize it more.

Choose the veggie, nut and seed mix, or go with the fruit and veggie variety! Both are grain free, and ideal for dogs with food sensitivities or special preferences, as you have the power to choose a protein source over another. With The Honest Kitchen, all ingredients are human grade and processed in FDA approved facilities and it comes two size varieties.

+ Grain-free and natural
+ Mix with any quality protein
+ With added vitamins and minerals
+ Made in FDA approved facilities

Why We Like It – If you are hesitant regarding dehydrated dog foods, and not sure it is right for you and your dog, then you might want to start out with this base mix! The benefit is that you can mix it with any meat source, and with as big a quantity as your dog needs and make the mix 100% customized.

5. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Stella’s Super Dinner

Stella & Chewy Freeze-Dried Raw Stellas Super Dinner

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These delicious dinner patties are grain- and gluten free, and they have animal protein from one single source. Your pup will love a plate of these for breakfast and dinner, and better yet – it will keep him or she energized all day long! It is organic dehydrated dog food made with 95% grass-fed beef, bone, organs, vegetables, and fruit, and it has no added grains, fillers, antibiotics, artificial preservatives or hormones.

You can choose between 11 different flavor varieties from Stella & Chewy, and your dogs will get the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy for many years to come.

+ Supports healthy digestion
+ 11 different flavor varieties
+ For a vibrant skin and coat
+ Suitable for all life stages

Why We Like It – This is the ideal product for pet owners that like to offer variety to their dogs at dinner time! It comes in many more flavor varieties than most other similar products, and it is one of the best air dried dog food products you can find online.

6. Only Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade Stew Dehydrated Dog Food

Only Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade Stew Dehydrated Dog Food

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On the hunt for the best-air-dried dog food? Have a look at this! It is a nutritious stew that looks, smells and tastes homemade (just ask your dog!); full of deboned turkey, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, and delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. The fruit and vegetables are non-GMO and high-quality, and you can rest assured that you are feeding your pooch food fit for a champion. You have the choice of fish, poultry and red meat, and you can either allow your dog to pick a favorite or change it up whenever it is time to purchase a new package.

+ With premium fruits and vegetables
+ Holistic formula with minimal processing
+ Every batch is tested for quality
+ Boosts bone and joint health

Why We Like It – Only Natural Pet is rich in protein and great for maintaining healthy bones and pain-free joints, which makes it a good option for adult and senior dogs.

7. Sojos Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Natural Raw & Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food

Sojos Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Natural Raw & Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food

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The first ingredient in this dehydrated raw food is real meat carefully inspected by the USDA, it is gluten-free and free from grains, and has no unnecessary fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Sojos contains a nutritious mix of air-dried cranberries, papaya, celery, pumpkin, kelp and more, which has the potential to improve skin and coat quality, boost the immune system, help enhance cardiac health and aid in preventing weak and aching bones and joints. With this easy raw dehydrated dog food, your fur buddy will have a fresh and delicious meal ready within a matter of minutes.

+ Boosts the immune system
+ USDA inspected and approved
+ With cranberries, celery, pumpkin and more
+ Takes only minutes to prepare

Why We Like It – A chunky and delicious meal for any adult dog that does not require refrigeration! Great mix of berries, fruit and vegetables, to help your dog’s immune system protect them from illness and disease.

8. Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Human Grade Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Formula

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Human Grade Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Formula

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Give your favorite fur friend the chance to dine on irresistibly tasty air-dried dog food, and choose between *Chicken & Oats,” “Beef & Sweet Potato,” “Turkey & Sweet Potato” and “Lamp & Sweet Potato,” knowing that every flavor variety has real raw meat as its first ingredient.

This product makes a great dehydrated puppy food or a food option for adult dogs, and it is non-GMO and grain-free to ensure that your pooch only gets the absolute best. It is one of the most respected dehydrated raw dog food brands on the market, and it comes at an affordable price that suits most budgets.

+ Free from fillers and by-products
+ Low glycemic and GMO-free
+ Customizable food texture
+ Great tasting dog food for picky eaters
+ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why We Like It – Quality dog food shouldn’t have to be expensive, because all dogs deserve the best raw dog food that there is. Only Natural Pet offers top quality at a reasonable price and comes in several flavor varieties.

9. Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Holistic Grain-Free Air-Dried Dry Dog Food

Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Holistic Grain-Free Air-Dried Dry Dog Food

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The gentle process of air-drying has given us something to talk about! Only one meat source – free-range grass-fed beef – makes this product an excellent option for dogs with sensitive stomachs; especially since the animals were raised on New Zealand without growth hormones and with no added antibiotics.

You can also get the chicken or the lamb & cod variety if those are protein sources your pup is more willing to accept. Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Dog Food is what many dog owners have been waiting for, in terms of quality ingredients and nutritional value, and it has that rich flavor dogs simply can’t resist.

+ Beef, chicken or lamb & cod
+ No grains or fillers
+ With real meat and organs
+ Great for sensitive stomachs

Why We Like It – Many dog owners struggle with finding the best raw dog food for pups with sensitive stomachs, and Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Holistic Grain-Free Air-Dried Dry Dog Food has been specifically developed to not only go gentle on a sensitive gut – but also help improve the metabolism and the dog’s digestion.

10. “I and love and you”, Stir & Boom Dehydrated Dog Food”

and love and you, Stir & Boom -Dehydrated Dog Food-Packaging May Vary - Formerly In the Raw

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Forget grains and fillers with this and love and you raw dog food product! When it comes to dog food dehydrated products last longer, as they don’t expire the way fresh food does, yet it has all (and often more) nutrients a traditional dry or wet dog food would.

This I and Love and You dog food is rich in beef, chicken, turkey or lamb, depending on which flavor you (or your dog) prefers, and it is made with natural high-quality products free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. There is also no by-products, corn, soy, wheat or rice, and the total protein content is 22% thanks to the first ingredient listen being met.

+ High nutritional value
+ No wheat, soy or rice
+ Ginger, flaxseed and kelp
+ 22% high-quality protein

Why We Like It – Fix up a warm, soft and chunky meal every day for your furry friend, by adding hot water to this protein-rich and grain-free air dry dog food.

Dehydrated Dog Food Buyers Guide

If you want to give your dog a new and healthy addiction dehydrated dog food is the way to go! The process allows for more nutrients to be conserved than when making traditional kibble and wet foods, and it has plenty of other benefits that make it hard to switch to anything else once having tried dehydrated dog food.

But the question on many dog owners’ minds remain – what is dehydrated dog food, and is dehydrated dog food good for our four-legged friends? The short answer is yes, provided you choose to feed a high-quality product.

Dehydrated raw dog food reviews can give good hints regarding which products are worth considering, but it is also up to you as an individual dog owner to consider your dog’s specific needs. Is your dog sensitive to some meat products? Do they struggle with an upset stomach or skin rashes? If so, it is crucial to find a dog food developed to help improve your pup’s quality of life, and the first step is to decide whether dehydrated dog food is the right option for you. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of feeding dehydrated food.

Highly Nutritious

The process used when making canned dog food (wet food) and kibble inevitably destroys some of the original nutrients, and it breaks down the ingredients and leaves them less nutritious than they originally were. This is why many dog owners prefer to feed a raw diet, but this also has its downside due to it being difficult to store and time-consuming to prepare.

A dehydrated diet is an ultimate compromise as it has almost the same nutrients as a fresh raw diet would, meaning a lot more than dry and wet dog food, but the process eliminates bacteria that might be an issue when feeding raw.

Everyone wants to make sure their dogs get the nutrients they deserve, but few are aware of how preparation can alter the nutrients in a certain ingredient. You can take kibble, canned food and a dehydrated raw food product that all contain a specific ingredient, and despite the ingredient being the exact same – the nutritional value remaining after processing is likely to be significantly higher in the dehydrated food product.


This is mostly an issue for small dogs that don’t finish their dry- or canned food fast enough, as it might expire and go bad – costing you as owner money you might not be willing (or able) to spend. For those who have been reading raw dog food reviews, this comes as no surprise, but dehydrated products are known to last a lot longer due to the complex processing.

This is why you need to add hot water to the products before you can serve them to your dog; to turn it back into a portion of soft and mushy dog food, and the benefit is that you can keep it stored for much longer than you could a traditional dog food product.

Easy Storage & Transport

One thing that stops many from wanting to feed a raw diet to their dog is that it is slightly more complicated to store and transport. Raw dog food needs to be kept refrigerated or frozen; which means you need space in your kitchen, and you cannot travel far with it unless you carry it in a cooler. Dehydrated dog food resolves this issue, as it does not require refrigeration or to be kept cool. Instead, it can be stored just like a regular kibble, while still providing the dog with almost the same nutrients that a raw diet would.

Dog food, once dehydrated, will also take up a lot less space than it did when raw, and it only goes back to its original form once hot water has been added. This makes dehydrated dog food ideal for dog families that travel frequently with their pups, families that lack additional space in their fridge and those who simply don’t have the time to prepare fresh food every day.

Best dehydrated food for a puppy?

The ‘The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food’ is a high-quality dog food formulated to suit both puppies and adult dogs, and it can be fed as a stand-alone meal or as a food topping throughout the dog’s life. Want to go grain-free? Try these grain-free puppy foods.

Best dehydrated dog food for a senior dog?

Once a dog gets older, they need special care to stay strong and healthy for as long as possible. The ‘Only Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade Stew Dehydrated Dog Food’ contains nutrients to boost bone and joint health so that your pup will get to remain pain-free even as they age.

Can all dogs eat dehydrated dog food?

All dogs are different, and while some foods work for some dogs, it might not work for others. What you need to know is that dehydrated dog food is an excellent option thanks to its high nutritional value, but it is up to you – as the owner – to determine whether it is working for your dog. Always consult a veterinarian if unsure.


Dehydrated dog food is the ultimate compromise for those who want to upgrade from kibble and wet food, but who aren’t quite ready for the commitment that comes with feeding raw. This dog food is cheap, easy and it is something your dog will love, as a dehydrated meal is usually packed with irresistible flavor. Do your dog a favor and feed him or her something that will be beneficial for both body and mind, while also giving a dehydrated diet the chance it deserves.

Expert Tip

When switching to new dog food, always do the switch gradually to avoid causing stomach upset.

Did you Know

When dehydrated food, it keeps its original texture, taste, and color (after adding water to rehydrate); similar to what happens when freezing food.

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