Best Bully Sticks

10 Best Bully Sticks in 2022

Bully sticks are nothing like they sound. They are not sticks we use to punish dogs, but rather a tasty treat that satisfies their natural instinct to chew. Bully sticks are high in protein, made of beef and help maintain strong muscles and clean teeth. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, tastes and smells to satisfy your dog’s craving and improve its health.

Bully sticks resemble beef jerky and can come in dried, raw or cooked form. As they can smell, getting the odor-free option could be a better choice. We’ll take a look at what there is on the market, and then give you some tips and pointers on buying bully sticks.

These are a great option for treats because they are easily digestible, unlike some other chew toys and chew bones. Some chew bones can splinter easily and injure your dog, but with bully sticks your dog’s saliva is able to soften the beef and won’t cause internal injuries.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “These are great for your dogs’ teeth. Always watch your dog when you give them a new bone to make sure they do not choke.”

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1. Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks

If your pet has tried rawhide chew treats, this is a great 100% natural alternative. It’s also natural and supports dental health. They come in different sizes so remember to look for the right size for your pooch. Nature Gnaws bully sticks are made from 100% all natural grass-fed free-range beef.

Why not give your dog the best? Another assurance from this brand is there are no additives, hormones, or chemicals added. Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, also prevent against plaque buildup and tartar. There is a nice thickness to these bully sticks with minimum odor.

Dogs seem unable to resist the taste! The entire pack of pizzle sticks comes in a nice thickness with no thin strays. That sounds like a good deal to me!

2. Pawstruck Bully Stick Variety Pack

Pawstruck Bully Stick Variety Pack

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Who doesn’t like variety? For some reason having more choices makes us feel like we’re getting a good deal. In this case, it is true. This pack is made up of 7 different bully sticks for dogs. Another enticing point is all the bully sticks from Pawstruck are made with no artificial ingredients, hormones or chemicals. As if that wasn’t enough of a guarantee, the brand adheres to FDA, USDA and 3rd party USA standards. Before you skip on ahead to the next one on the list, Pawstruck also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Of course, we can’t leave dental care out of the mix, let your dog chew on these treats and he might have a brighter smile than you!

The different shapes and sizes of these pizzle sticks will definitely give your pup cleaner teeth than the straight versions. The Pawstruck bully sticks will get in those hard to reach places and rid your dog of halitosis and other dental conditions.

3. BestBullySticks Odor-Free Angus Bully Sticks

BestBullySticks Odor-Free Angus Bully Sticks

Bully sticks don’t only give your dog excellent teeth, but they also contain other nutrients vital to your dog’s health. Make sure any bully stick you buy is free of any hormones and other harmful chemicals like this brand is. Giving your dog these pizzle sticks is like giving them an Angus beef steak.

Made from 100% Angus beef sourced from grass fed free range cows, the appealing beef taste and smell are authentic. These sticks are thinner and easier to chew, so they are suited to almost any kind of dog. Coming in packs of 12 or 24, they are odor-free treats to keep your dog satisfied.

Some consumers may look at the thinness as a disadvantage. However, one stick is a good amount of protein for your dog, as too much protein can lead to digestive issues.

4. Sancho & Lola’s Gourmet Beef Bully Sticks

Sancho & Lola’s Gourmet Beef Bully Sticks

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Gourmet? Your dog gets better treats than you do! Made from 100% beef with no artificial fillers, these gourmet pizzle sticks will keep your dog busy without you worrying about their safety. All packaging meets a minimum guaranteed weight to ensure consistency.

The sticks typically range from 0.75-1.1oz. Chew bones can be an issue due to splintering and rawhide can cause congestion in your dog’s intestines. Bully sticks are 100% digestible and safe. Feel free to leave your dog with a stick to keep him occupied when you leave the house to run some errands.

This brand offers a money-back guarantee, in case your dog is not a fan of the treats or they don’t agree with his stomach. Each bag is a guaranteed weight, to ensure quality.

5. Jack & Pup Premium Grade Odor Free Thick Bully Sticks

Jack & Pup Premium Grade Odor Free Thick Bully Sticks

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Each of these premium grade bully sticks is handpicked and inspected to ensure quality and consistency. 100% digestible and safe with no artificial preservers or additives, this is a low in fat and protein-rich treat for your beloved pup. Jack&Pup have a multi-step production process that locks in the natural beef flavor and slow drying process to reduce moisture, and therefore reducing odor.

These hand-sorted, thick bully sticks enhance your dog’s overall oral care by removing tartar, plaque and strengthens gums. All of Jack&Pups bully sticks are manufactured and processed in a USDA certified and inspected the facility for guaranteed safety.

Since each stick is sorted and handpicked, they are of a certain thickness and last a good few hours to a few days depending on the size of your dog.

6. Cadet Gourmet Bully Sticks

Cadet Gourmet Bully Sticks

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Give your dog the best, as we always say. These bully sticks can serve as an anti-anxiety pill or curb your pup’s urge to chew on the corners of towels, shoes, or furniture. All sticks are made from grass-fed free-range cattle with no fillers or preservatives. Basically, you are feeding your dog a delicious treat with added health benefits.

Though they look smaller and thinner than other brands, these pizzle sticks are suited for more powerful chewers. The resealable zipper helps keep the initial odor in the bag, but the sticks are essentially odor free when your dog is enjoying it.

Look at this product as if it is 12 hours of peace packed into a resealable bag guaranteed to keep your dog busy without the added worry of safety

7. Pawstruck Braided Bully Sticks

Pawstruck Braided Bully Sticks

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If you’ve tried the Pawstruck variety pack we suggested above, chances are your dog might like a certain design more than the rest. Here is a pack of only braided bully sticks. Sourced from the highest quality ingredients, this is a three stick odorless braid your dog will love.

You get what you pay for and these sticks are slightly on the expensive side, but if you order in bulk, Pawstruck is more than happy to accommodate you at a lower price per stick. Don’t worry about making such a big commitment, because they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

This is a brand that stands behind their product and its consumers. With the guarantee and the willingness to accommodate larger orders, Pawstruck is a great option.

8. ValueBull All Natural Jumbo Bullies

ValueBull All Natural Jumbo Bullies

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So in demand, this item is constantly sold out on Amazon. Valuebull manufactures bully sticks in different sizes and thickness, perfect for you to choose from. They are 100% made with natural beef or buffalo with no additives. We all know lean meat is good for protein and fully digestible as well.

The chewing involved in ingesting bully sticks will strengthen your dog’s jaw as well as enhance overall oral hygiene. Bully sticks are low in fat, but one per day is the recommended amount. The protein can dry out your dog’s mouth so also make sure you have plenty of water in your pet’s bowl.

Most pizzle sticks are made from 100% beef. Valuebull has provided the extra option of buffalo sticks in case your dog needs a change. Either one you choose will be 100% all natural.

9. Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Sticks

Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Sticks

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These sticks are fit for the toughest of chewers. Though tough, they are highly digestible for all dogs. As an odor-free, all natural and safe alternative to rawhide, this treat is rich in flavor with no artificial preservatives. Responsibly sourced from free-range grass-fed beef, you can be sure that is the only ingredient used in making these tasty snacks.

No need to worry about digestion, protein is highly digestible and these sticks will also clean your dog’s teeth to boot! Throw your dog a treat that is packed with delicious flavors you won’t need to smell!

Barkworthies chews are sourced from around the word with nutrient-rich ingredients that satisfy your dog’s cravings while maintaining their health.

10. GigaBite FDA & USDA Certified Free Range Gullet Sticks

GigaBite FDA & USDA Certified Free Range Gullet Sticks

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Since Gigabyte complies with FDA and USDA standards, you can be sure they hold themselves accountable for all the ingredients involved. These pizzle sticks are high in protein and are completely free of hormones, chemicals, and fillers. One special trait these sticks have is they are hypoallergenic.

One other thing to be aware of is this product is more of a gullet stick and should be treated more like a treat, rather than a chewing stick. They come in a wide variety of sizes but most of them are larger in diameter to give your dog a sufficient dose of protein every day.

These sticks last longer than the average gullet stick. No worries about splintering or crumbling like other brands sometimes do. This chewy treat is much like beef jerky, and shouldn’t be fed constantly to your dog

Bully Sticks Buying Guide

Odor can be an off-putting trait about the bully stick (pizzle stick). If it is processed well and dried for longer, the moisture will evaporate. The less moisture, the less odor a bully stick will have. Since bully sticks aren’t just for chewing, they need to be digestible and safe. Dogs usually like sticks with a bit more moisture, because that is where the flavor lies.

Most people will suggest you buy bully sticks made with beef sourced from either the US, Canada or South America because the inspection and manufacturing standards are higher.

What to look for when buying bully sticks?

All Natural

Bully sticks are mostly made from beef, so look for ones that are free range and grass fed. Cattle that have been injected with growth hormones will do your dog no favors. As dog parents, it’s better to deal with potential odors than to buy bully sticks with chemicals to reduce odor or preserve their freshness. All brands will label their products well, so look for ones that are 100% natural with no chemicals, additives, preservatives, hormones or fillers.

The Beef

The best bully sticks out there are made from 100% free-range grass-fed beef. We’ve made sure to search for all natural choices above to help you in your quest for the best bully stick. Unfortunately, the country in which the cattle are sourced is directly correlated to the quality. USA, Brazil, and Canada offer USDA inspected beef, while cattle that come from China and India can pose more of a risk.


As you would have seen, bully sticks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness. Your dog has a say in which bully sticks you buy. A variety pack can help determine if your dog enjoys chewing on a braid, ring, knot or simply the traditional sticks. The size of your dog should also reflect the size of your stick. If your dog is a heavy chewer but is small in stature, a slightly larger stick wouldn’t hurt either.

What are Bully Sticks?

Let’s take a look at how bully sticks are processed so you can make an informed decision. Bully sticks are first sourced from cattle and then processed in a refrigerated facility. There are different ways to make bully sticks; some can be sun-dried, or smoked, or cooked in an oven. Sun-dried bully sticks tend to not last as long, smoked ones can give extra flavor, and oven cooked ones are the most recommended and removes the most moisture, therefore also reducing the odor.

Used as a tasty treat for your dog, while maintaining dental health, this is a great and healthy alternative to rawhide. Bully sticks can store well if you pop them in the freezer once your dog is finished with it for the day. You can always whip them back out the next day or even in a few days and they will remain fresh.

Can My Dog Have Bully Sticks?

Most dogs are able to have bully sticks unless they have serious digestive issues. These sticks are healthy treats and offer a variety of health benefits while relieving anxiety and keeping your dog busy. They are a safe option as they are highly digestible and have no risk of getting lodged in your dog’s throat.

Are Bully Sticks Safe for My Dog?

The short answer is yes. Bully sticks are safe and tasty treats that don’t contain any extra additives with only one single ingredient –meat.


Bully sticks are marketed as a safe treatment that is an asset to your dog’s health. For those of us with expert chewers, they serve as chew toys or chew bones as well. They double as a tasty healthy snack and a dog version of a stress ball. Before you click ‘order’, take into consideration all our suggestions above to aid you in making the best decision for your pooch. Who says tasty treats are always bad for you?

Expert Tip

You can bake the bully sticks in the oven to dry them out even more and reduce the smell and they will be virtually odorless.

Did You Know

Pizzle is an old English word for ‘penis’. So if you make the connection, pizzle sticks are made from bull penises. If you can get past this little fun fact, they are excellent sources of protein for your dog.

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