authority dog food reviews

Authority Dog Food Reviews

Choosing the right dog food can be incredibly difficult. We want to give our puppies the best pet food to make sure their health and nutrition are taken care of. Dog owners sometimes take it for granted that these dog foods are ultimately the primary source of nutrition. So if our intention is a healthy immune system, energy needs to be provided for, and all around great nutrition, we’ve got to consider what’s in the dog food contributing to those factors, right? Right!

Our Authority dog food reviews are designed to let dog owners know all the details to make an informed decision. At first glance, Authority dog foods look to be affordable and have a good balance of nutrition. The additives that we don’t like such as BHA or BHT and things like by-products or artificial colors are not there. Now, you will find that the Authority dog food brand does use corn. That’s a filler that we aren’t fond of because it just doesn’t provide a lot of nutrition.

Outside of that, we think you will find this dog food to have a lot of great qualities. Check out this complete Authority dog food review for more details!

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About Authority Dog Food

about authority dog food

Authority dog food is sold by PetSmart. It is a PetSmart brand. If you’ve ever heard of Simply Nourish, this is also under the PetSmart umbrella. Most dog foods will proudly share their backstory and history that led to the creation of their delightful food.

However, when you have a private label brand like this, that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s sometimes quite difficult to find a lot of information, particularly about their history. What happens is you have to wait for the industry to dig deep about the brand and then share details that we need about the pet food and the brand.

Authority dog food has several different options out there to choose from. On top of dog food, they also have cat food some treats, and jerky options. You can also find wet dog food if that is your preference for the brand. You will find they have a lot of different flavor options and line options so you can choose the Authority brand dog food that you feel best meets the needs of your pup.

The brand is located in the US. PetSmart does list the brand as being veterinarian recommended. They note that the diet and compilation of the food is based on the best nutrition and science backed diets for your dog.

Whether you have senior dogs, puppies, or something in between, their formulas can be relied on by pet owners to be affordable and overall supportive of health needs and relevant vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Authority Dog Food History

authority dog food history
Photo by Paul Trienekens on Unsplash

The historical information is where this brand gets most challenging. Since they are a branch of PetSmart, it’s easy to get caught up in the store’s history and not really know much of anything about Authority dog food in the process.

What we do know is that their dry dog food was first produced in 1995. The brand was founded then and has been featured every since. That’s nearly 30 years of history at this point. The brand isn’t heavily advertised or known outside the realm of PetSmart so you just don’t see as much detail out there.

They have an extensive history in the dog food market and overall their food appears to be a decent and reliable option. They don’t really have any negative history, which is pretty remarkable considering they have been in business for as many years as they have. There is one recall, which we will talk about later.

PetSmart has been serving pets for a lot of years. The company itself was established in 1986 and they’ve continuously built their brands with your pet in mind. Now, PetSmart serves nearly 1500 locations throughout the United States so Authority dog food is readily available.

The history is not loaded with turmoil or questionable decisions so that really says a little something to us about the quality and reliability of the brand.

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Where is Authority Dog Food Made?

where is authority dog food made
Image by 日理万机 白猫 from Pixabay

This brand markets its dog food as being made in the USA. We don’t really know the exact locations but they have several facilities and plants throughout the US for the brand. You will find the packages labeled as “made in the USA” as well. Of course, since they have multiple facilities, it’s much harder to determine where each flavor or brand is made.

We know that PetSmart is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but we also know they have facilities all over the US. While the food is manufactured stateside, the ingredients in the food are listed as being globally sourced.

This means they seek out the various items in the dog food and do import some. It likely depends on suppliers, costs, and quality that are determined for understanding the best option to source everything from.

We do know that while PetSmart is the official owner of the brand, the processing company is known as Simmons Foods. They are tasked with the projects. Simmons Foods has several locations throughout the USA and Canada.

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Authority Dog Food Cost

authority dog food cost

What you will find is that Authority dog food reviews reveal the company is quite focused on affordability. They want your food to be reliable but they also don’t want to break the bank for you to buy Authority.

PetSmart is the exclusive retailer for this dog food. They have competitors out there because there are tons of dog food brands but they ultimately get to set the price for their food without worry from the outside world. You will find that the prices are mid-range prices.

They aren’t the cheapest dog food but they aren’t expensive either. Instead, they fall into the middle range area, which makes them comparable to a ton of other options out there as far as cost is concerned. Their wet dog food averages about $2 for each canned dog food.

Their dry dog food ranges from about $15 to $50. These prices vary based on the size of bag you choose but some of the formulas range just a bit as far as prices go too. PetSmart does offer a 5% coupon if you sign up for auto ship. There’s no annual fee for that service so you can just enjoy the service and the discount. It’s probably well worth it to never have to worry about remembering to get your dog food.

How many times have you had to run to the store late at night because you remembered you needed food? This makes Authority dog food convenient too if that’s something that appeals to you. You can do it with canned food or dry dog foods. It applies to all pet food products.

Authority Dog Food Reviews Ingredients

authority dog food reviews ingredients
Photo by Enzo Muñoz from Pexels

Now, let’s dig down into those ingredients. This is the telling factor of any brand of pet food.

We mentioned earlier that the brand does use corn gluten meal in their products. This is a filler. For dogs with sensitive stomachs, it could potentially be a problem. It’s definitely something to watch out for. However, even though the corn gluten meal is there, they don’t have harmful fillers or preservatives. So it’s a bit of a trade off. Corn gluten meal is not our favorite ingredient but there are far worse things than corn gluten meal that could have been added.

Do a bit of research on corn gluten meal if needed. What you will find is that it adds to the food and fills in gaps but it’s not really serving a purpose. It’s not necessarily BAD for your dog but it’s really not doing any GOOD either and that’s where it becomes questionable from a brand that claims to have their recipes backed by veterinarians and scientific research.

We will point out that the brand does have some food designed for specific life stages as well. This includes puppy food as well as senior dog food and then every stage in between. They also have a limited ingredient option for those sensitive stomachs out there.

The Good Things

So here are the good things we want to take note of on the ingredients. The first is the use of real meat as their first ingredient. This is always a winning check box for us. This means that the Authority chicken flavor has real chicken before anything else. Then it has a chicken meal to add to it. Chicken meal, or any real meat meal, is ok. You just want to be sure you don’t see things like “meat meals” instead of actual meat listed with the term meal, like the chicken meal.

They also use chicken fat to add some additional flavoring. The chicken fat is designed to just make the food tastier for your canine friend. Chicken recipes are designed for joint health. The next thing that you see in most of these options is brown rice. They do have grain-free options too but brown rice is totally ok.

In dry dog food or wet food, brown rice adds to balanced nutrition. It’s a wholesome grain so it’s much better than white rice or brewers rice. it’s also easy for your dog to digest. When you look at the guaranteed analysis, you find protein and fiber focuses, which are good points to turn to.

On top of those details, things like vitamin e supplement, zinc sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, selenite, calcium iodate, niacin, vitamin a supplement, potassium, riboflavin supplement, and other vitamins and minerals are clear factors in the ingredients.

Finally, you will notice that there are no artificial colors or preservatives that are added. They have an added Ora Shield system so the kibble is crunchy kibble on the outside and perfectly and juicy on the inside to support your dog’s dental health with ingredients to decrease tartar build up.

The Not So Good

From there, we take a look at the elements that aren’t amazing. We already touched on corn gluten meal, which is not a great choice in our eyes. We also want to point out the use of dried plain beet pulp. Dried beet pulp is a bit controversial. It’s not necessarily bad but again it’s not really doing anything overly great aside from contributing to fiber perhaps.

In the not-so-good, we want to point out the additions of sodium, vegetable oil, canola oil, and similar things. These are used to create the kibble but there are better choices. Canola oil is better than vegetables but that’s not always the choice in all these foods. It would be better to seek out an oil rich in omega fatty acids.

Despite the not-so-good, we still feel as though Authority dog food made efforts to create balanced food with an overall reliable approach.

Authority Dog Food Top Product Lines

authority dog food top product lines

Alright, now that we have a basic understanding of Authority as a whole, let’s look more into specific dog food reviews from their brand. They have several different options across the board to choose from. Each of their lines has several different flavors in it as well so that’s what we’re going to focus on.

Here are some of their top picks.

Authority Adult Dog Food

Authority Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

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Ok, so the most popular option from the Authority dog food reviews is their dry dog foods. This particular option is Authority dry dog food for adults but they do have choices for all life stages too so keep that in mind.

Here are the flavors for this particular choice.

  • Authority chicken and rice dry dog food
  • Authority Lamb and rice
  • Beef and rice
  • Chicken and pea

The chicken options are the most popular choices from the entire Authority brand. The chicken and formula is a good grain free choice if you don’t want the chicken rice formula in dry food. They also have grain free in the limited ingredient and sensitive stomachs lines in the dry food varieties.

These are basically the Authority everyday health variety with deboned chicken or real animal protein paired with complete and balanced nutrition. This dry food is similar to many other pet food brands and better than many as well.

Authority Grain Free / Authority Sensitive Stomach

Authority Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Salmon and Rice Dry Dog Food

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Next up is one of the specialty formulas from Authority. Rather than focusing on a rice formula that contains rice gluten, they focus more on complete and balanced nutrition that supports pets who just don’t do well with a rice formula.

This is designed with natural flavor and fewer overall ingredients in the mix. They still have things like folic acid and healthy bacteria for a healthy gut and nutrition. Where the rice formula balances out nutrition in different ways, they use this to provide its own unique nutrition apart from the rice formula that can cause sensitive issues for some dogs.

They still use things like deboned chicken in this grain free compilation from Authority foods. This formula is also for healthy skin. The healthy skin is where the use of folic comes into play and it works quite well. A traditional chicken rice formula isn’t bad for skin but simply doesn’t offer the same support overall.

Authority Wet Food Reviews

On top of those dry foods we’ve talked about, they also have a wide variety of wet food options. If you prefer a canned food to a dry food, they’ve got you covered. In this line, they have a lot of the same choices as they do in the dry line. They even have Authority puppy food in both lines as well as the chicken rice formula in both lines.

You will find digestive support, gut health, sensitive skin/stomach, hip & joint support, healthy weight, all life stages and more. And that’s not even talking about the different flavors like Authority lamb, adult chicken rice (with fresh chicken), fish meal supported with fish oil, and more.

Authority Alternatives

authority alternatives

If you want a good alternative, you can look at several different choices out there. Here are a few options to consider.

True Acres Food

True Acres is just slightly less expensive than Authority and very comparable overall. Their chicken and vegetables recipe is grain free and uses peas and carrots for nutrition. They focus nutrition on whole body and overall health with simple protein that is sourced directly from the USA as their first ingredient.

Check True Acres on Chewy

Royal Canin

As far as price, Royal Canin is slightly more expensive than Authority but not a lot. It’s a veterinarian brand that has been around since 1968. The formulas were designed with probiotics and complete nutrition. They focus on things like nutrition, vitamins, skin and coat health, and more. It also focuses on gut health that looks to keep unhealthy bacteria out and healthy bacteria in. It’s nice to be able to rely on the whole package for health and nutrition.

Check True Acres on Chewy

Where to Buy Authority Food

where to buy authority food
Photo by Sammy Leigh Scholl on Unsplash

Authority has a variety of choices from wet food to dry food to treats and jerky options as well. All Authority food is mostly available at PetSmart. Sometimes you can find it on sources like Chewy or Amazon but you don’t always find it in any other retail store either.

This is pretty common for most private label brands like this. Since it is a PetSmart brand, that is where you buy it from. You can purchase it at one of their 1500 stores across the US or head on out to their website.

Remember that you have the option to choose their subscription for the food. They often have specials to get a major discount on your first subscription. However, even when they don’t, they have a running option to save 5% on every shipment after. It’s also free shipping so if you are ordering like this, you are likely to save some good money over time!

Not to mention the convenience of having the food delivered to your door without having to think about it! It doesn’t get much more convenient than that, does it?

Authority Dog Food Recall History

authority dog food recall history
Photo by Enzo Muñoz from Pexels

With a company that’s been around for as long as Authority has, it’s pretty common to have a recall or two in their history. Sometimes despite best efforts, it just happens. With some dog foods, you see repetitive recalls and they never seem to adjust their processes. They just deal with it when it happens over and over again.

But with Authority, we don’t see that issue. We see one recall in their entire history. Also, that recall was back in 2007, so it’s been more than 10 years since it happened. This says something to us about the quality of ingredients as well as the quality of their processes.

The 2007 recall was for a melamine contamination issue. It was found in several different foods and more than one line at the time. The company searched and discovered the contamination happened from an imported vegetable protein that was alike in each of the affected foods. They made the recall, corrected the issue, and haven’t had any problems since.

Wrapping Up

In closing, Authority is a great middle of the line dog food. They have some areas for improvement but they don’t have anything that heavily concerns us or completely turns us away from the food. They have a very consistent and reliable history of performance. Sometimes that says just as much about a brand than anything else.

You have a variety of options that can be selected from to meet your dog’s needs. Whether you have health concerns or just want a good balance on nutrition, Authority has it for you. The corn additive is really the only thing that pulls away from the food but like we said, it could be worse.

This brand is an overall reliable brand. You see the efforts to maintain a good quality of nutrition with real meat as the first ingredient and thoughtful additions that avoid the no-no ingredients completely. Give it a try and see if it’s the right fit for your dog!

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