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10 Best Dog Combs (Grooming Rakes, De-Matting & De-Shedding Tools)

When it comes time for shedding season, your house could look like a downright mess! Especially for those of us who have long-haired breeds, there is enough fur around the house to make us a coat! Right after we’re done vacuuming, the other half of the house is hairy once again. Dog combs are meant to de-stress and de-hair if you will, your house.

Not only do combs help distribute natural oils from your dog’s coat, but it also prevents mats and tangles. One very beneficial advantage is the combs manage to gather all the loose hairs in its teeth, without you having to chase the hairballs around the house.

Today we will look at the benefits of brushing your dog in more detail, as well as the best combs out there for different types of fur, so you can make an informed decision when buying your next comb.

Sara Redding Ochoa DVM
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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Brushing is essential to keep your pets fur matt-free.”

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1. FURminator for Dogs Undercoat De-shedding Tool

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat De-shedding Tool

Some pups out there are double-coated. This means they have an undercoat of shorter fur and a longer topcoat. Dogs that look fluffier are usually double-coated. This squeegee looking tool is the perfect undercoat de-shedder. For furrier dogs, getting to the undercoat could be a tough task.

This comb reaches through the topcoat right into the undercoat to prevent any tangles and mats. Best used as a de-shedding brush for larger dogs with long hair, there is also an easy hair release button to get the hair off of the teeth of the comb. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to brush through your pup.


  • Fur release button
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easily reaches the undercoat


  • Not ideal for short hair dogs

Why We Like It – The FURminator makes its way onto a lot of dog comb lists out there. Sometimes you think you’ve gotten all the hair off your dog, but no you haven’t. One comb through with this doggy comb and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

2. GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

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This mini rake looking contraption is great for dogs and cats. The GoPets Dematting Comb especially targets mats and tangles on pets of any size. The blades on this grooming rake are designed so they penetrate through the topcoat without snagging your pup’s fur. No longer do you need to feel your heartbreak with each tug.

All of the teeth have rounded knobs on the end, very similar to our human brushes to prevent scratching your dog’s sensitive skin. Not only is this rake good for de-matting and detangling, but it also gets shedding under control. The non-toxic silicone gel handle is a non-slip material that is safe and easy to hold.


  • 2 rows of different teeth
  • Silicone handle
  • A portion of profits donated to animal charities
  • Rounded ends on teeth


  • Not the best for heavily matted fur

Why We Like It – The 12-toothed side of the rake is for tough mats and tangles, while the smaller 23-tooth side is more suited to de-shedding and thinning your dog’s fur by catching all the stray hairs.

3. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

For active pups that love to frolic outdoors, getting dirt and grime trapped in their coats is inevitable. A lot of long-haired breeds don’t need to bathe that often, so good way to get rid of dander and trapped dirt is with a doggy brush. The bristles on Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush are fine and bent, going into the coat at an angle will prevent snagging and reach straight into the undercoat.

This is also a self-cleaning brush with a fur eject button. Simply press the button after a combing session and the bristles will retract, leaving the ball of unwanted hair. Fun fact -slicker brushes are brushes with fine bristles, as opposed to teeth on regular dog combs or rakes.


  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Thin and angled bristles
  • Massages your pet


  • Not ideal for those with weak hands because of need to push button

Why We Like It – Getting a comb-through for your pet is like getting a massage. Brushing them increases blood circulation and distributes oils to help your pet grow a healthier coat

4. SleekEZ Original De-shedding Grooming Tool

SleekEZ Original De-shedding Grooming Tool

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This tool looks infinitely different than a rake, comb or brush. This grooming tool is solely used for de-shedding. Watch your dog’s coat go from a tangled mess to a sleek shiny coat in minutes. Instead of teeth or bristles, the SleekEZ grooming tool uses a wave-shaped blade that will successfully remove loose pet hairs and dirt with barely any chance of pulling or snagging.

This tool not only works on all pets with different coat types, but you can also use it on your furniture or clothes to remove unwanted pet hairs. The de-shedding tool comes in 3 sizes, it’s great to keep a smaller one handy around the house for whenever your dog pounces on you to welcome you home.


  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Versatility
  • Patented wave pattern design


  • More messy than other tools

Why We Liked It – This de-shedding tool is so simple to use and so effective! When shedding season comes around, this tool will be your new best friend. Coming in second to your pooch of course!

5. ROPO Pet Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

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For those of us on a tighter budget or just need a simple tool, we have the ROPO Pet Steel Comb. A simple steel comb such as this one can work just as well as all the other fancy combs, rakes and tools. It effectively removes tangles, mats, loose hair, and dirt. It is also a two-sided comb with thick and thin teeth. Both sides serve to stimulate hair follicles and massage your pup as well.

Use the thicker side first to get all the initial clumps of hair, then the thinner side to get in deeper to finish up the job. The ROPO Pet Steel Comb is not limited to dogs, cats and rabbits can benefit from a grooming session too!


  • 2 sets of teeth
  • Lightweight
  • Avoids static electricity
  • Convenient to carry


  • Not for use on wet dogs

Why We Like It – The flat design makes it easy to slip this comb into your pocket or in a side pouch for easy access. It’s always great to keep a comb on-hand, especially if your pooch decides to roll around in the dirt.

6. Pet Neat Professional De-shedding Tool

Pet Neat Professional De-shedding Tool

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In just 10 minutes, your dog will be rid of any stray or tangled hairs with just a few strokes with the Pet Neat Professional De-shedding Tool. Who needs to spend over $50 dollars every week or month on grooming bills? Pet Neat has also thoughtfully included four free dog care eBooks! The 10cm stainless steel blade is made to last with excellent precision.

Piercing the coats of any dog effortlessly, and tackling the stubborn mats and tangles with ease. Customer satisfaction should be a top priority for any brand, that’s why Pet Neat offers a 100% lifetime money back guarantee! Have you clicked the ‘buy now’ button yet?


  • Stainless steel
  • 100% lifetime money back guarantee
  • Free ebooks included
  • Durable with a non-slip grip


  • Not as effective as the Furminator

Why We Like It – Just 10 minutes a day to groom your pet isn’t a lot. Especially not if it means saving on pet grooming bills and time you can better spend bonding with your pet.

7. Pat Your Pet 2-sided Undercoat Rake

Pat Your Pet 2-sided Undercoat Rake

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Combs are better for shorter-haired, single coated dogs. Rakes such as the Pat Your Pet 2-sided Undercoat Rake are better for dogs with two coats and long fluffy fur. This double-sided rake gives you a larger spaced 9-toothed side formats and tangles, and a finer thinning and de-shedding side. Go in with the 9, then finish with the thinner 17-toothed side.

This design is absolutely safe and pleasurable for your canine pal, the no-scratch rounded ends of the outer teeth gently massage him while the inner side cuts through the tough hair without your pup even noticing.


  • Double-sided
  • Rounded ends for safety
  • Non-slip grip for easy use
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Better for dogs with thick fur

Why We Like It – Regular brushing for your pooch means healthier skin and a shinier coat. With the rounded ends that don’t scratch him by accident, it’s like taking him to a puppy spa minus the bill.

8. Safari De-Matting Comb

Safari De-Matting Comb

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Specially designed for de-matting, this is a long haired breed’s best friend. The stainless steel serrated blades make this comb easy to clean with no fear of rusting. The serrated design ensures mats and tangles are no match for the Safari De-matting comb. Matted fur can be especially frustrating since more severe mats need to be cut out with a pair of scissors. This comb gives you an alternative to scissors even without de-matting conditioning spray!


  • Serrated blades
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy non-slip grip
  • Easy to clean


  • Need to be careful with the sharp blades

Why We Like It – With this product, you are able to get rid of bad hair days for your pet easily without a trip to the groomers. Cutting out their fur can be traumatizing, and with this ergonomic design, you and your pup can defeat stubborn mats!

9. Poodle Pet Detangler Grooming Comb

Poodle Pet Detangler Grooming Comb

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It isn’t often that we see such high reviews on a product. This resembles the Andis comb above, but with the teeth integrated into one comb. This cuts the whole process time in half as you can detangle and de-shed at the same time. The stainless steel teeth don’t rust and are easy to clean.

The non-slip handle also adds extra safety, especially when combing tinier pets from smaller breed pups to bunnies! Recommended by pet owners with long and short-haired fur babies, this comb is extremely versatile. Brush through your beloved pet with this grooming comb with minimal effort, and say goodbye to crying from either of you!


  • Integrated lengths of teeth
  • Non-slip handle
  • Stainless steel
  • For long and short hair


  • Hair can get stuck in tool

Why We Like It – Pet care can burn a hole in our pockets, our pets are like our children! We want only the best for them. The Poodle Pet Grooming Comb comes at a very affordable price to reduce strain on your wallet

10. FURminator Finishing Dog Comb

FURminator Finishing Dog Comb

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For all fur-types, this FURminator comb puts a finishing touch on your dog after the FURminator de-shedding tool, or simply for small touch ups and comb-throughs. This dog comb is good at removing surface mats and tangles with a design that naturally follows the contours of your pooch.

The rounded teeth prevent against scratching, and they rotate 360 degrees to reduce tugging. Also coming in two sizes, it’s easy to keep the small one handy at dog shows or just on a day out for maintenance grooming.


  • Rounded teeth
  • Rotating 360 degrees
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-microbial plastic


  • Not as strong as original Furminator but still good value for the price

Why We Like It – Frequent visit to the groomers isn’t possible, and also not good for your pet. With this comb and other products from FURminator, you can achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home!

Dog Comb Buyers Guide

Each combing session for your dog is equal to a full spa treatment for us humans. It has the same benefits of relaxation, de-stressing, and increased blood circulation and hair follicle stimulation. The difference being their spa treatment costs a great deal less than ours.  Don’t skimp on grooming because not only does it save you money and time, it also adds to the bond you have with your pooch.

Anything you do together strengthens your relationship. Why not spend quality time with your dog in exchange for less time picking up the fur tumbleweeds around the house? We’ll help you out by giving you tips on how to find the best brush for your pet.

What to look for when buying a dog comb?

Types of Dog Combs

Picking the best brush for your dog depends heavily on its coat and length. For dogs with short smooth coats, much like the Jack Russell Terrier, a closely spaced medium bristle brush is the best. Make sure the bristles aren’t too hard, and ones with rounded ends or little knobs are the best choice. Pups with medium-longer coats, a wire-pin bristle brush would be better to get through the hair and into the undercoat. Having a combo brush or a rake could be great for a pet with fur that falls in the middle.

Let’s break down the different types of brushes for your knowledge.


Living up to their name, a rake pulls out dead hairs and shedding fur with minimal mess. The average rake is designed to remove the loose hairs without damaging the healthy coat. They are also extremely useful to remove dirt, lint, or dust on longer haired breeds.

Undercoat rakes:

As you can see by the name, undercoat rakes target the undercoat. The blades are closely set and easily remove the fuzzy clumps of hair on the undercoat, leaving the topcoat shiny and healthy.

Bristle Brush:

Best suited to pups with short coats, the bristles on a bristle brush are straight and soft, and don’t penetrate as deeply as the slicker brush.

Slicker Brush:

The most versatile grooming tool, the slicker brush works well on almost all coats. These are the ones with wire bristles that are angled and removes mats, tangles, and loose hairs.

Wire/Pin Brush:

These are the ones with thinner bristles and are great for fluffing.

Large Toothed Combs:

Best used on dogs with longer hair, as their hair is usually finer, and the large spacing prevents snagging.

Fine Toothed Combs:

These are best used on dogs with shorter coarser fur.

What are the Benefits of Using a Comb on My Dog?

There is a wide range of benefits, as we have mentioned throughout the article for combing your dog. Dogs require regular brushing, from a few times a week for shorter-haired breeds to daily for longer-haired breeds. Make sure the comb or brush you use is suited to your pet. If not, the chances of snagging increase, making your dog more adverse to the process. Any sort of care you give to your dog is considered bonding time. Through this intimate process, you will strengthen your relationship with your canine pal.

Dogs’ coats produce natural oils that need to be evenly distributed through combing to give them a healthy shiny coat and prevent buildups.

One of the best things about grooming is, of course, preventing painful mats and tangles. These can be tough to get out without regular combing, and on dogs, with longer fur, it tends to happen more. If you don’t want to take a pair of scissors to snip these balls of fur out and leaving your dog looking like he got gum stuck everywhere, groom your pup!

Brushing also stimulates the hair follicles and increases circulation giving your dog an even healthier coat. The more you comb your dog, the less he or she will shed. It keeps them looking good on a daily basis, and reduces your vacuuming time. You might be interested in these cordless vacuums for pet hair. Fancy putting your feet up? Sit back and relax – let the robot pet vacuum cleaner do the work for you!

Does My Dog Need a Comb?

Every dog, regardless of breed and type of coat, needs a comb or a brush. They only add to everyday maintenance and care aside from all the benefits listed above.

What Comb Does My Dog Need?

Wiry-haired Breeds: Wiry breeds such as Terriers and Schnauzers could use a slicker brush to get all the loose hairs about 2-3 times a week.

Curly Coats:

These breeds such as Poodles and Bichon Frises and some Terriers fall into this category. Their fur can be tangled quite easily, so a slicker brush, comb and conditioning spray are useful. You’re looking at more frequent grooming sessions from a few times a week to daily.

Short-haired Breeds:

Pugs, Labrador Retrievers, Dobermans etc need a bristle brush for the loose hairs and to spread the natural oils. About 2-3 times a week will do them good.

Long-haired Breeds:

Long-haired breeds need slicker brushes with a side of the comb. Maltese and Yorkshire terriers have long and silky fur. These breeds benefit from a slicker brush with a fine-toothed comb. Breeds like the Shih-Tzu have long coarse fur, which needs a bristle brush as well as a fine-toothed comb. Now on to the longer coat breeds with an undercoat. Most cold weather breeds like the Samoyed and Chow Chow need a slicker brush with a wide-toothed comb. All long haired breeds require combing from 2 to 4 times a week.

Thick-Haired Breeds:

German Shepherds and Malamutes are considered dogs with thick fur. Rakes are best used for these breeds to get to the undercoat easily and remove any dirt.

Best Dog Comb for Long Fur

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the one we recommend for long-haired dogs. This is because long-haired breeds do well with slicker brushes. The more you comb and groom your dog, the less he or she will shed. This is an excellent way to remove unwanted dirt and hair while minimizing cleaning loose hair during shedding season.

Best Dog De-Matting Comb

Safari De-Matting Comb

Safari De-Matting Comb

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As it’s strictly a de-matting comb, Safari Comb is no doubt the one we recommend from our list. The serrated blade design helps it target matted and tangled fur with precision and ease. These blades cut right through the tough fur and rid your dog of mats leaving its coat shiny and glossy.

Best De-shedding Comb

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat De-shedding Tool

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat De-shedding Tool

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This option comes highly recommended all around the web. The FURminator can reduce your cleaning time by trapping the hairs in its teeth with regular brushing. Users claim the design is soothing and relaxing for their pups, making the whole grooming process more pleasurable. It’s able to remove unwanted dirt from the topcoat while ridding the undercoat of excess hair.

Best Slicker Comb

Pets Neat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Pet Neat Professional De-shedding Tool

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Anything that’s self-cleaning sounds like a great idea. The Pets Neat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is gentle and eliminates any unwanted substance on your dog. Easily reaching the undercoat to remove excess fur, it gathers all the loose hairs to prevent them from taking over the house. With a simple push of a button, retract the bristles back into the brush and throw away the hair.

Best Rake Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

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GoPets Dematting Comb is great for grooming your dog or cat or both! The two sets of blades are differently spaced for different functions. One side takes care of loose hairs and dirt, while the other de-mats and untangles. With an easy to grip handle and ergonomic design, this is our recommendation for the best rake comb.


Whenever we buy products, extensive research is always required to make sure we make the best purchase. The monotonous process of reading reviews online can get tiring and boring. When searching through the products, spend more time reading up on the ones that are a better fit for your dog. When it comes to dog combs, brushes and rakes, your dog’s coat should be your number 1 determining factor.

Always brush your dog gently, no one likes their hair yanked! Once your dog associates pain with the doggy comb, he will no longer be open to home grooming sessions. Make sure you introduce the comb gradually and leave a good impression. Remember, this is considered bonding time for you and your pooch. Let’s make sure it is as enjoyable as possible!

Expert Tip

Brush your dog in the same direction as their hair growth. If your dog has a long coat, try brushing it in layers and sections for better results. Take each section and brush it outwards for a fluffier effect. The best place to start brushing is from the bottom of the right hind leg and work your way up.

If your dog has matted fur, do not bathe him. Water will worsen the situation. A regular routine of grooming will reduce the chances of matted fur.

Did You Know?

You can use conditioning spray on stubborn mats and tangles. Simply spray onto the fur and work it in using your fingers. Dogs with longer and thicker coats need special attention to avoid unruly fur. Prevention is better than cure, though!

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