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Best Pet Grooming Glove in 2022

Bath time and grooming with our pooches can be a huge ordeal, especially when it involves brushing a dog with long thick fur or with double coats. Dog owners of any type of breed know how tough it can be to clean up after their pets’ waste and fur. To help with this problem that we all face, the best pet grooming glove will come in handy. The design is ingenious because not only is it a comfortable glove which we all know how to use, it also doubles as a grooming device with rubber tips. The benefits are endless, not only in terms of convenience, but also comfort and efficiency with a pet grooming glove.

These five finger designs come in many colors and sizes, so we need to figure out a way to find the best one. Below we have our top 5 options each with their own merits.

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1. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

These gloves look a bit like biker gloves and are just as stylish. They come in different colors and sizes to make sure you’re always ready with gloves on hand after showering your pet. It’s gentle and not only gets rid of loose hair, it also massages and stimulates your pet’s skin for healthier fur growth and circulation. The rubber tips are flexible and gentle and definitely won’t hurt your pet. They even work well with pets with short hair, big or small. The best part is these pet grooming gloves are easy to clean. After the undertaking of bathing your dog, all you need to do is rub your hands together to get rid of the loose fur.


+ Easy to clean

+ Stimulates and massages

+ Collects loose hair

+ Gentle on your pet

+ Many colors

Why We Like It – We like this pet grooming glove because not only is it easy-to-clean, it’s gentle on our pet and removes loose hair.

2. Mr. Peanuts Pet Grooming Glove


While the five finger design is the most efficient, there are also pet grooming gloves that resemble an oven mitt, such as this one from Mr. Peanuts. It still performs the same service of removing loose fur, and it also features soft rubber knubs to gently massage your pet. It’s like paying for a doggy spa you can do right in your own home! Pet hair is an issue any day of the week, so having a pet grooming glove that does the trick is the key to minimizing pet hair buildup. Not to mention, Mr. Peanuts pays it forward by donating 10% of gross profits to animals in need.


+ Collects loose fur

+ Easy to use

+ Comfortable for you and your dog

+ Donates proceeds

+ Satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It – We love it when a brand does their part to help all animals in need, and Mr. Peanuts does just that by donating their proceeds.

3. PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Grooming Glove


For the pets that especially dislike bathtime, these grooming gloves are very heavy duty. They cover your forearms to make sure you’re protected from nips and scratches. The material used is water-resistant, scratch and puncture-resistant as well. This makes these gloves the ultimate choice even during playtime and can work well with other animals you may have at home such as cats, birds and so on. At the end of the day, wash all the drool and loose hair off of the glove by tossing it in the washing machine.


+ Tough material

+ Covers forearms

+ Easy-to-clean

+ Multifunctional

+ Soft and comfortable

Why We Like It – Investing in a product that can serve multiple purposes is one that’s worth our money. The five finger design also makes it easier to maneuver.

4. Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove

Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove

Here we have another shape option that is great for those who have smaller hands. A five-finger or even a mitt design may not accommodate all hand sizes. This best pet grooming glove comes with adjustable straps for a universal fit. Now your kids can also help during bathtime with their smaller hands. The material is mesh, a breathable and comfortable choice that is quick-drying. The soft knubs will also feel very comfortable massaging your pet and stimulating blood flow.


+ A 3-in-1 grooming tool

+ Universal fit

+ Comfortable

+ Quick-drying

+ Soft on your pet

Why We Like It – The fit of a grooming glove is imperative for comfort. The fact that this grooming tool is adjustable for any sized hand is a definite advantage.

5. Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Glove

Let’s face it, five-finger designs are what we are most used to, and this is why we present this one as our final choice from Pat Your Pet. Even when it’s not bathtime, the pet grooming glove from Pat Your Pet can be used for deshedding. Pets love soft knubs compared to the sharp teeth of a fine-toothed comb or slicker brush. It’s also much easier on our wrist and one design fits all regardless of the size, long or short fur and breed. Pat Your Pet also gives full refunds if you are not satisfied.


+ Satisfaction guarantee

+ Easy to use

+ Great for bathtime and deshedding

+ Ultimate hair remover

+ Comfortable grooming glove

Why We Like It For deshedding or for bathtime, you will love your pet grooming gloves and their ability to save you lots of time and effort during cleanup.

Best Pet Grooming Glove Buying Guide

As you can imagine, a pet grooming glove is much easier to use and more ergonomic compared to a pet brush. It allows you to maneuver easily and much more comfortably around your dog’s body. The only issue is to pick the right one! There are different sizes, colors and styles, so to help you make the best decision, we have come up with a list of features that you will definitely want in your next pet grooming glove.


The first up is definitely the style of your pet grooming glove. As we have seen, there are the ones that resemble mittens, ones that are five-fingered and even ones that are adjustable. Most gloves are right-handed, but you can find a left-handed one easily if you look hard enough. There are also gloves that come in pairs. Purchasing a glove hair remover in a pair is your best bet.

Not only will it cut down grooming time by at least a half, it also gives you the flexibility to use both hands or just one hand. Sometimes the pet grooming glove can also come with a bonus tool. We’re looking at extra grooming brushes that can come complimentary with your purchase.


The next consideration on the list is the size of the glove. If you have smaller hands, you will know the pain of trying to carry out a certain task with a lot of extra material at your fingertips. Most of the five-fingered designs are a standard hand size. There are ones that can be adjusted and the mittens are more accommodating for all hand sizes.

If they are one-size-fits-all, then be sure to measure and make sure it fits your hand. If you have larger or smaller hands than the average person, we would suggest opting for grooming gloves that are adjustable.


Your pet means the world to you, but they can really get under your skin sometimes and we mean this literally. Regular grooming may be a breeze but come bathtime, we know lots of canine pals that become real nippers. To protect yourself and your dog from accidentally ingesting the material, you need to find something tough. Tough enough to withstand the sharp teeth of man’s best friend.

If you plan to use the pet gloves for playtime, ones that are virtually impenetrable are best. Definitely make sure the material is waterproof and strong enough to go head to head with the bite of any breed.


Grooming takes all the loose fur on the surface and surface dirt hiding within the strands off of your pet. So it only makes sense that after a regular brush or bath, the glove will be filthy. Whether you can see all the embedded dirt and grime or not, you want to make sure you have a fresh new glove for your next session. In order to do this, the glove needs to be cleaned.

Look for gloves that are easy-to-clean. If the material you chose is waterproof, then you can definitely give it a good scrub. There are a few options out there and on our list that allows you to toss it into the washing machine. These gloves are the toughest and can go through the rinse and spin cycles coming out the other end just as good as new.

To get the fur off of these grooming gloves, all you need to do is to rub your hands together and the loose fur will clump up, making it easy to remove.

Ease of Use

How many of you have found that your dog is incredibly talented at disappearing into thin air when you bust out the grooming tools? Whether it be nail clippers or brushes, some dogs are good at making themselves invisible. One way around that is to have them actually enjoy being groomed. This can be achieved with the right grooming glove.

Have the glove be the equivalent of a luxurious doggy spa day. If used right and comfortably, your dog will associate the grooming glove with having a relaxing and chill time. Having a glove that can carry out grooming while being comfortable for you and relaxing for your dog is your ultimate priority.

For Long or Short Fur

A lot of these grooming gloves for pets offer a universal solution for any breed with any type of hair at any length. However, if you want a more in-depth job with a glove that is solely designed for your dog breed or fur kind, then you need to look at the size of the tips and bristles. Dogs with thick fur and longer coats will do well with rubber tips that are longer in length.

If you want a good massage to stimulate blood circulation while grooming, find rounded tips and larger knubs. Breeds with shorter hair can settle with shorter nubs.


Grooming gloves aren’t a high-end investment and are a luxury that can be afforded by most pet parents can afford. However, the price is still a consideration because you need to know you are paying more money for a better product.


One more important factor is the guarantee. If you are certain that you will love your new grooming glove, or if the manufacturer offers returns, then even better. However, if you can find a manufacturer who provides a lifetime guarantee, then that’s the best deal out there because if at any time the grooming glove falls short, you can return it for a full refund.

How to Use Pet-Grooming Gloves

It might seem straightforward and intuitive, but there is actually a trick to using grooming gloves. Just like you would when you introduce your pooch to anything new, you need to have lots of his favorite treats on hand. Introduce the glove slowly. Place it on the ground and give him some time to examine it. Let him get used to it in his own time. Then try putting it on your own hand and have him examine it some more.

The next part is pretty easy. Once you have the glove on and adjusted the fit (if you purchased the adjustable kind), then you can start with the grooming. Just stroke your dog along his body as you would with your hand. You can use positive reinforcement such as the phrase “good dog!”, if you often say this when he does something favorable. The other method of positive reinforcement is with treats. This way your dog will know that this activity is a “good thing”.

The strokes should go along with the direction his fur grows, and make sure you are gentle around the more sensitive areas such as his face and belly. Keep doing this for a few minutes and you will start noticing that the knubs on the glove start to accumulate fur. This means you are successfully removing the excess hair that your dog has and this will allow for better fur growth.

For those with pooches who often get knots or mats, the best way to use a grooming glove is together with some sort of brush suitable to their fur. Use the brush to comb out the tangles before you use your glove. Grooming is actually a bonding activity that can strengthen your relationship.


Grooming gloves for pets are great tools to keep in your arsenal. Whether you want to give your dog a treat via a comfortable and relaxing massage (in or out of the bath), or get rid of stray fur that could potentially accumulate around the house, a grooming glove for pets is the ultimate grooming tool. Pet hair will no longer be an issue, and when used in tandem with a brush, you will see optimal hair growth, healthier fur and a much happier fur baby.

Did You Know?

Grooming gloves for pets are multipurpose tools that can help brush out your dog’s luxurious fur and also keep all the hair together in one place. It reduces the chances of finding balls of fur just floating around the house.

Expert Tip

Grooming doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a bonding activity for you and your pooch. It’s how you show care and your dog will register this. This is especially true if the activity includes words of affirmation from you and lots of doggy treats!

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