Using a Wet Wipe on a Dog

7 Best Dog Wipes in 2022

As pet parents, we have all experienced unexpected messes with no drying towels on hand to clean up with. The dog wipe can be quite the lifesaver when such unexpected emergencies arise. If you are somehow unable to give your dog a full bath, these wipes can keep him smelling fresh and clean.

They even work for a quick paw wipe before you head indoors if you don’t already own a paw washer. Some poop can even get on your dog by accident when he goes, and yet again the dog wipe will save the day.

Not only are these simple pieces of material exceptionally useful for your pup, but there’s also nothing preventing you from using them too. They can act as wet wipes if you have no tissues on hand. So for these multifunctional godsends, do any brand and any kind does the trick?

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1. PETRIBE Large Pet Wipes

PETRIBE Large Pet Wipes, Grooming & Deodorizing Wipes for Dogs

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Our first choice is Amazon’s Choice product. So rest assured you are getting products that will satisfy your needs. Not only do they clean, but they also moisturize with the added vitamin E. Made with 100% natural ingredients, but these dog wet wipes are also extra-large for you to get the most use out of them.

Since they are 100% natural, there are no artificial fragrances added. They get rid of unpleasant odors in one go without leaving behind a pungent perfume smell. Specifically formulated for pets, it’s hypoallergenic and can be used in all areas, even ones that are more sensitive.

Hypoallergenic wipes will not leave rashes and can be used even on the eyes and ears. The re-sealable package makes it easy to carry these wipes around.

2. ScrubbyPet No-Rinse Pet Wipes

ScrubbyPet No-Rinse Pet Wipes

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Rather than a wipe, this one is a mitten-shaped washing glove. It’s perfect for the aforementioned pet parents that are very busy or your dog cannot take a full shower for any reason. Each of the 5 gloves is infused with shampoo that is water activated.

It’s perfect for on-the-go families, as this is a hypoallergenic no-rinse option. The fragrance-free formula has the perfect pH blend to not irritate your pup’s skin. Frequent use of this product will not harm your pet, only keep them looking and smelling fresh and clean!

This washing glove is the perfect addition to your outdoor supplies. Chances are there are no showers after a day out on the trail, but these wipes will freshen up your pup.

3. Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes – Deodorizing Wipes for Dogs

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If you need handfuls and handfuls of wipes each time just to clean your fur baby, then these deodorizing wipes from Pogi could be your solution. They come in 100, 120, 200 and 400 count packs, guaranteed to be enough to clean up the biggest messes.

Infused with aloe, vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi (a type of ginger), keep away all the smelly odors while nourishing your pup’s skin and coat. Get the most out of the large 8 x 9-inch wipes that are great for any sized dog. Completely safe and alcohol and paraben-free, these hypoallergenic wipes are your armor against the grime.

Some dog parents like a light scent when it comes to cleaning your dog. It’s nice to leave a light floral fragrance and these Pogi wipes come in a green tea scent as well.

4. Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

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Coming in two refreshing scents, these deep cleansing wipes are great to carry with you on daily walks or a day outdoors. The spring water and honey sage scents are subtle and not overpowering. The deodorizing wipes leave your pet’s coat shiny and healthy with all the moisturizing conditioners included in the formula.

Without alcohol and other harmful substances, get rid of dirt, grime and unpleasant odors upon contact. After a wiping session, just close the lid on this resealable pack to keep all the moisture locked in.

Safe ingredients are the most important concern for lots of dog products. These wipes are safe and proven to remove smelly odors.

5. Glandex Pet Wipes

Glandex Pet Wipes, Cleansing & Deodorizing Anal Gland Hygienic Wipes for Dogs

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Mild and soft enough to handle the anal gland, these wipes are great for all pets. The fresh scent and deodorizing component make it not only great for their little puppy butts, but also for their whole body. Smelly anal glands are an unfortunate side effect of dogs, but it doesn’t have to affect you anymore.

Grab one of these extra thick wipes and swipe it lightly across the bum. The smell is instantly eliminated. Just like all the other brands, aloe vera, vitamin E and different moisturizers are included to keep the sensitive area clean and soft.

The wipes are very soft yet durable enough to handle the toughest messes. You might even notice your hands feel softer after handling a sheet!

6. No-Rinse Bathing Wipes

No-Rinse Bathing Wipes, Microwaveable Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free

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Similar to the other no-rinse option, these sheets are pre-moistened and don’t require water to use. As these wipes aren’t strictly meant for pets and more for humans, so we would suggest not using these all over your dog, however, for small cleanups like wiping his paws or bum could be useful.

These hypoallergenic wipes also contain the same ingredients with added aloe but without the same deodorizing component. What makes these wipes unique is the microwaveable characteristic. Feel free to pop it in the microwave for a warm bath experience.

These wipes are great for paws and surface dirt on your pup. The best part? It’s microwaveable for a warming bath on cold winter days!

7. Earthbath All-Natural Specialty Ear Wipes

Earthbath All-Natural Specialty Ear Wipes

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We can’t just use any old wipe for our pup’s ears. They need to be able to eliminate earwax and discharge, which are produced in the ears and can cause infection. Witch hazel is something we know to be an astringent, which makes skin less oily.

These ear wipes are infused witch hazel, and other plant extracts mixed into one gentle and deodorizing wipe. The wipes will not remove any type of topical flea control products. One thing to watch out for is not to push the wipes into the ear canal, simply wipe around and under the ears.

You won’t be adding to your carbon footprint by using these wipes. They are biodegradable and cruelty-free.

Dog Wipes Buyers Guide

As a pet parent, you need to be ready to pick up and clean up after your pup for pretty much his whole life. Dog wipes make it much easier due to their versatility and convenience. They can clean just about anything – even you.

The added benefit of all the added moisturizing ingredients and vitamins is it also moisturizes your skin as you wipe away the dirt on your pup. But are all wipes the same? Is one better than another? Let’s take a look at what to look out for when picking up your next pack.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Wipes

The Purpose

You can find different dog wipes for every area of your pooch’s body. Each product should be labeled with which area it targets, or stating it’s an overall body wipe. Determine what it is you need the wipes for. Is it for muddy paws? For deodorizing? Or for a general wipe-down between baths? Figure this step out first to find the best wipes for your dog.


Safety is paramount, and that includes the ingredients used in making something that comes in close contact with your pooch. Other than reading the ingredient list on the back of the package, make sure that the product is free of harmful chemicals. These include anything artificial, alcohol, parabens, etc. You need to be even more cautious if you have a sensitive pup on your hands.

Added ingredients such as moisturizers, vitamins, aloe, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial ingredients are a bonus, and also good for your pup.


Look at the size of your pup. Smaller dogs can use larger wipes, but bigger dogs will go through smaller sized wipes in no time at all. To save time and a bit of your cash, find ones which are a good size for your dog.

Also, take a look at which area you will be cleaning. If you are purchasing wipes just to clean off dirty paws, then a small wipe for even a larger dog will do the job. Facial or ear wipes tend to come in a smaller size, and bathing gloves are usually a single size.


Try to steer away from flimsy wipes. You definitely do not want the wipes to rip apart or break down before you get the job done. This will also cause you to go through the wipes too quickly. Find a thicker more durable wipe that can soak up all the grime and wipe away dirt effectively.


While most if not all wet wipe packages come in a resealable package, we find that canisters are much more efficient and easier to use than their soft counterparts. However, soft packaging is much easier to transport.

Benefits of Using Dog Wipes

General Cleaning – For everyday maintenance and cleaning purposes or overall wipe-downs between baths, general wipes are great. They are formulated to be gentle on the skin and coat. Some wipes even come medicated with antiseptic or antifungal ingredients to help pooches with skin conditions.

Grooming – To clean more sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, anal glands, and even teeth, you can find specific wipes to handle the maintenance. Such wipes are more delicate and should be 100% natural.

Types of Dog Wipes

Cleaning – All-purpose wipes for surface dirt and grime.

Deodorizing – Wipes meant to eliminate unpleasant smells. These usually come in light fragrances but can be odor-free as well.

Bathing – Used between baths, or in place of baths for some pets who may not be able to come in contact with water. Such pets include ones which have just come out of extensive surgery.

Medicated – Some have antifungal and antiseptic components that can kill germs. Consult your vet before using these wipes.

Eye – Controlling buildup of the tear ducts and prevents staining.

Ear – Preventing and cleaning earwax and discharge which can lead to ear infections.

Dental – Great to get rid of surface plaque and tartar.

Anal- Odor eliminating wipes that aid in expressing the anal gland.

Paw – Almost all wipes can be used on the paws. Try thicker pads that are more durable to the roughness of the paws.


Dog wipes are extremely handy to keep around. They can solve a slew of canine problems and temper abrasions or bites. They are not to be used as a replacement for medication or baths. However, they can get you out of tough spots when unexpected messes happen.

Expert Tip

It is ill-advised to use human wipes on your dog’s skin, coat, and delicate areas. The different pH levels in dog and human wipes could cause an imbalance and irritate your dog’s skin. Mild enough wipes can be used every day, but follow your vet’s instructions when it comes to using medicated ones.

Did You Know

Do not rub your dog’s skin aggressively when using the wipe, be gentle. Make sure you use the right wipe for the right purpose and don’t let your dog get ahold of the wipe and play with it.

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