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6 Best Dog Paw Washers in 2022


Chances are your pup doesn’t wear little booties when he heads outside. This means he can track dirt, grime, mud, and germs into your house. Even the cleanest of dogs like to get messy sometimes. I know I already scrub and wipe my pup’s feet before I let him roam around after a day out. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered dog paw washers.

They sure do save a lot of time and do a better job at cleaning than a normal scrubber does. Our fur babies are curious creatures who love to explore and have a strong sense of adventure. This will lead them to the grimiest of places.

To prevent dogs from dragging unwanted bacteria and germs into your house, you need a good dog paw washer that really gets in between their toes. It’s advised by dog groomers and even veterinarians to clean your dog’s paws well. If you have children in the house, this could be of vital importance because toddlers spend a lot of time on the ground. To keep your family and pooch safe, let’s look at what good dog paw washers there are.

Psst! Don’t forget a grooming table for your dog!

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1. Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner


The Dexas MudBuster paw cleaner looks like a little tube that is about 6 inches in length and 4 inches wide. It’s very easy to use, just add some water, insert your dog’s paw, twist and scrub and voila, you pull out a clean paw! The soft bristles on the inside are made of silicone and will effectively remove dirt and mess from your fur baby’s paws.

Easy to clean, all you need to do is rinse it with water and wash it for the next day out. Patent pending in the US and foreign countries, this dog paw cleaner is surely getting a lot of traction.

+ Easy to use and clean
+ Soft silicone bristles
+ BPA free
+ Patent pending

Why We Like It – It is such a simple and straightforward design. We also love how you just need one of these little tube capsules to clean all four paws!

2. Paw Plunger for Dogs

Paw Plunger for Dogs

What may look like a beer mug with a lid is actually a paw cleaner for dogs! Save your floors and furniture from dirt with this portable dog paw washer. Paw Plunger comes in three different sizes and three different colors of your choice. Just add warm water, put your dog’s paw gently inside, move the plunger up and down.

The handle makes the process easier. The no-spill opening will keep the mess inside the cup. All the mud and grime will be trapped. It’s easy to clean too! Make sure you measure your pup’s paw size correctly before you choose the cup size. The heavy-duty bristles will eliminate the dirt. Simply pour out the dirty water after you’re done!

+ Heavy duty bristles
+ Comes with a handle
+ Three colors and sizes
+ No-spill design

Why We Like It – It’s so easy for your dog to resist paw cleaning and knock the paw plunger out of your hands. We think the added handle and no-spill design is a definite plus.

3. Idepet Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

Idepet Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

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A dog paw washer is a godsend for pups who often tread through mud or love to jump in puddles. The 2 in 1 design of Idepet comes with bristles on the inside when washing your dog’s paws, and simply flip the washer inside out to get a pet scrubber with the bristles on the outside.

It’s easy to use and the high-quality silicone will feel great against your dog’s skin, it’s like giving him a massage! The lightweight paw washer has a hook to hang dry and is to travel with.

+ 2 in 1 paw washer and body scrubber
+ High quality and soft silicone material
+ A good size for most pups
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – The package includes a bonus gift! You get a small drying towel with your purchase to dry off your dog’s paws after scrubbing.

4. Doggie Dipper – Portable Dog Paw Cleaner/Washer

Doggie Dipper – Portable Dog Paw Cleaner/Washer

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This cute design comes in the shape of a paw! It will fit snugly around your pooch’s foot, and with the bristles positioned to scrub in between his toes, you can be sure this doggie paw dipper will get all the germs. Doggie Dipper is easy to use and easy to clean. Remove the inner compartment and rinse it clean.

The cute bone shape makes it a good decoration to keep around in your house or car. The bristles are safe and will be painless to your dog, all he will feel is gentle massages on his foot pads. The lid also doubles as a dog dryer! Just dab your dog’s foot on the pad after you’ve given it a good scrub.

+ Dual function
+ Easy to clean and use
+ Portable and convenient
+ Gentle silicone bristles

Why We Liked It – Having a drying pad on the inside of the lid is such a smart idea. It eliminates the need for dog parents to carry around an extra towel or tissues.

5. Toooppet Dog Paw Cleaner Dog Plunger

The soft silicone bristles of No products found. are thicker and softer than the brush bristles. You can remove it from the casing and see for yourself. Going out on a rainy day has never been so easy with the option of dog paw cleaners. It is again very easy to use and comes in two different sizes.

What sets this product apart from the other options is the 1-year manufacturer warranty and the 30-day refund. Since a lot of paw washers are of similar design, we think this purchase made at no risk to you is a great choice. If you aren’t sure if you will like the product, give this one a try first.

+ Easy to clean
+ Soft silicone bristles
+ 1-year manufacturer warranty
+ 30-day refund

Why We Like It – The material used is BPA free, which makes it an extra safe option. Try out the Toooppet paw cleaner, all you need is one!

6. Dog Paw Cleaner Green Silicone Washer Bundle

Dog Paw Cleaner Green Silicone Washer Bundle with Drying Towel and Dog Waste Bags

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We are already loving the price that includes two extra items! For the low price, you get a drying towel and dog waste bags. On a nice day out, you only need to equip yourself with these three things. The design is even dishwasher friendly for those who like the convenience of throwing it in with your dishes.

The bristles are soft and the microfiber towel is even softer on your dog’s paws. They will not resist this gentle doggy massage! Paw Pal really thinks of your pet and you when they include these extra items. As one consumer said, ‘’little bonuses mean a lot’’.

+ Extra items
+ Affordable price
+ Dishwasher friendly
+ Soft material

Why We Like It – The combination of the three products really helps when you are headed out on a trail or into the wilderness. Just put these three items into a dog bag and you’re good to go!

Dog Paw Bonus Buys

100% Organic and Natural Paw Wax

100% Organic and Natural Paw Wax Heals and Repairs Damaged Dog Paws

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Who knew such a thing existed! This paw wax or paw nectar relieves damaged dog paws. Perhaps your dog’s feet took a beating on a trek, this fast acting and long lasting balm comes to the rescue by penetrating deep into the affected areas. It’s 100% organic and is safe for human use as well.

Paw Nectar has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back! The product not only heals and maintains, but it also relieves pain. Keep some on you at all times for emergencies. The ingredients list on the back is clear and shows the organic content.

+ 100% organic
+ Relieves heals and maintains
+ Safe for humans
+ Satisfaction guaranteed

Why We Like It – It’s also easy to administer. Simply rub your dog’s paw on the surface of the balm. You can rub it on your dog with your hands for your protection as well.

Dog Gone Smart Doggy Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Doggy Doormat

These doggy mats have a high absorption rate and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Your dog can use these mats to stamp their paws upon re-entry. The Dog Gone Smart Doggy Doormat uses a non-skid backing to prevent the mat from shifting.

The microfiber material dries five times faster than the ordinary design, and the double basting and even stitching makes for a durable and long-lasting rug. Not only can it be used as a doormat, but it can also line your dog’s cage or be used as a rug.

+ Wide assortment of sizes and colors
+ Non-skid backing
+ Microfiber material
+ Long lasting and durable

Why We Like It – This rug absorbs and dries at a faster rate, which means it cleans up messes and all you need to do is to give it the occasional wash. It’s a good deal if you ask me.

Dog Paw Washer Buyer’s Guide

Dogs love to play, and the outdoors serve as their personal playground. However, the inside of your house is your sanctuary. It could be tough for dogs to adapt to domestic living, and we all know that takes time. If your dog has his own personal room or space in which he can go without wiping off his paws, then that saves you time.

But many of us enjoy the company of our furry companions everywhere in the house. This is when a good paw cleaner comes in. Not only will these nifty little tools keep your house clean, but they will also keep your pet’s paws healthy.

What are Dog Paw Washers?

So what exactly are dog paw washers? They can come in many designs, but most of them look like little cups with scrubbing bristles or brushes your dogs can insert their paws into. They require you to manually twist and scrub before extracting their paws. They are mostly used before entering the house or car after a day out.

You can dry your dog’s paw after this process, but some deem it unnecessary. Most dog paw cleaners are also easy to wash, some by tossing them in the dishwasher and others by rinsing.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Paw Washers?

It Has to Be Soft

The first thing you must make sure of is if the bristles or brushes in the washer are soft. Their goal is to remove dirt, not the scrub your pup’s paws raw. It should simulate a gentle massage, rather than riding your dog of a layer of skin. Ones made from soft silicone, plastic, and rubber are good options.

Bristles and brushes are most effective when it comes to a paw scrubber, but you still need to be sure the design you choose is effective. It’s tough to know unless you have tried it. Perhaps you ordered the wrong size, or the bristle placement is ineffective for your dog’s paw size, these are all factors to consider. To minimize risk, finding a product with a money-back guarantee or return policy could benefit you.

Seal in the Mess

Some models have a no-spill design or a tight lid that prevents any leaks and spills. This is especially important if you decide to take your paw washer on a stroll. Chances are you will need to fill it with water unless you are near a water source. You definitely do not want it to leak and soak into your bag or other important items.

The Design

Just like introducing any other new item to your pooch, it may take some time and some wrestling matches. In all honesty, you might lose some of these said matches and be left covered in filthy water. To prevent this and to give your wrist a break when you’re operating the paw cleaner, find one with an ergonomic design. A simple and easy to use design with a handle would be our first suggestion.

Is It Easy to Clean?

You definitely need to clean something that cleans your dog. If you don’t, you are recycling the grime. Make sure the device is easy to take apart and maintain. Most of the options we suggested on our top 10 list are easily cleaned. Most handheld and manual options are easy to clean.

Can You Take it With You?

I don’t know about you, but for us, portability of the dog paw washer is important. Many of us have to drive to an off-leash dog park or beach to really let our dogs run wild. Despite wanting our dogs to have fun, we do not want the interior of our cars to suffer. Unless you are willing to buy multiple paw washers and store them in different places, we would suggest purchasing one that’s easy to carry.

The Volume

If your pet has tiny paws, this feature is less of an issue. If your dog has larger paws, the cleaning cup will be filled with dirt very quickly, which means unless you are close to a water source, you’re not really cleaning his subsequent paws. If this is you, check out some of the different types of paw washers.

Types of Paw Washers

Paw Washing Stations – The station is a tray with a protective lid for your dog to step into through the hole. It eliminates the need for you to operate it manually. Just hold your dog’s paw and swish it around.

Paw Brushes – This option is exactly what the name suggests, it is a brush you can use to scrub your dog’s paws.

Paw Washer Cups – This is what you have seen on our top 10 list. These cups have bristles inside and require you to manually twist and scrub the device to clean your dog’s paws.

Paw Washing Gloves – These gloves fit your hand and resemble a deshedding glove. The difference is the palms of the paw washing glove is lined with soft silicone bristles.

Paw Washing Mats – The doormat bonus buy is a perfect example of this product. It comes in the form of a pad, mat or rug that you can place at the entrance of your home. The high absorbency will absorb all dirt and mud off of your dog’s paws. It can be used as your only cleaning method, but we like it as a supplementary tool.

Other Ways to Keep My Pooch’s Paws Clean

Perhaps a paw washer isn’t the right device for you. For this, we have some recommendations.

Dog Booties – Some may find this unnatural, but some might find it adorable. Train your dog to wear dog boots at a young age. Not only do they guarantee clean paws, but they also protect your dog’s feet from sharp objects.

Avoid Certain Terrain/Areas – This is much easier said than done, as experienced pet parents would know. Dogs can be hard to control sometimes, but you can do your best to avoid muddy areas, going out in the rain, and going through swamps and wetlands. Any high traffic areas such parking lots will have potential hazardous material on the ground, such as broken glass.

Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes – Dog wipes are what we used until we were aware of the existence of paw cleaners. Keep a pack on you or near your front door. They are good to keep handy because they can be used to wipe any sort of dirt your dog gets on himself.


Most of these dog products are good for your pet, but they are mostly for our benefit and convenience. Having a dog is tough and a huge responsibility, so these manufacturers have our best interest in mind. Dog paw washers are something that can really save time if used right and keep your home clean.

There are different models and designs out there for you to choose from. Find one that suits your little pooch the best with the least amount of resistance. Most of the options are pretty affordable, but if you are in a pinch, a pack of wet wipes works just as well.

Expert Tip

Instead of buying a dog paw washer, you can make your own! I find facial scrubbers a good option. They are designed to be used on human skin, and the face is a delicate area. You can bet the material they use to make the brushes is very soft. So for the more delicate pooch or puppy, try a soft facial scrub brush or even a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Did You Know

A designated towel works well, too. Keep a spray bottle of diluted pet soap or dishwashing liquid (preferably organic) and spray it onto the towel or your pet’s paws. Then use the towel to wipe off your dog’s paw and in between his toes.

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