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5 Best Bath Tubs for Dogs in 2022

Bathing your dog come grooming time could fill your heart with dread. You’re not the only one, as chances are your dog feels the exact same dread on top of fear. To cut costs, self-grooming your pooch is the best option.

However, you can give your dog the same comfort he would get at the groomer’s and make your life easier. It’s tough to reach over a human bathtub with higher edges, give your dog 360-degrees of mobility and most showers don’t provide adequate space for both you and your fur baby.

A clean dog is a happy dog, and you’ll be a happy parent too. Pet bathtubs are ergonomically shaped to handle a slippery and sudsy pooch. Well-made tubs also have a non-slip bottom to keep your pooch from slipping and sliding. I’m sure we have all experienced our pets getting bruised up from the soapy surface of a bathtub. To prevent this, let’s dive into our top 5 list.

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1. BaileyBear Porta Tubby Collapsible Portable Foldable Dog Bath Tub

To start off the list, we have an adorable and collapsible bathtub for dogs that’s easy to store. It allows you to fill up the tub and conserve water during shower time. What’s more, this portable dog bathtub features two storage trays for dog shampoos and conditioners.

The design is incredibly compact and measures a mere 2.4 inches when compressed and not in use. The silicone material is soft and has non-slip qualities. With anti-skid legs as well, your dog will have nowhere to run and have a good firm grip on the ground. The easily portable design can be used indoors and out as bathing outdoors in the summer is a great family activity.

+ Collapsible
+ Portable and compact
+ Soft silicone
+ Non-slip

Why We Like It – Aside from the soft material and thoughtful storage trays and design, you also get your pick of three bright and cheerful colors!

2. Standing Boat Elevated Folding Pet Bath Tub

The elevated tub allows you to stay on your feet and move nimbly while washing your pet. It makes bath time infinitely easier and gives you full access to your pooch at every angle. No longer will you suffer backaches from bending over or a sore bottom from sitting on the floor for too long.

The easy design is also foldable and stays out of your way when not in use. The lightweight model is easy to carry around and shift around the house to save storage. The size fits small to medium dogs and even other smaller mammals. The basin is made from marine grade PVC and the tubing is stainless aluminum.

+ Foldable and elevated
+ Lightweight
+ Marine-grade PVC
+ Stainless steel aluminum

Why We Like It – The perfect height means no more back pain and sore hips from bending over. The side pockets are also great to hold shampoo and soap bottles.

3. Midlee Collapsible Dog Bathtub

Midlee Collapsible Dog Bathtub

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Choose from three different colors, this portable bathtub for dogs can accommodate small to medium-sized dogs. Measure your dog to make sure he fits the 31” by 17” tub. It collapses down to a 3-inch tall size to save space, and is easily portable. Slide it in between or under furniture to keep it out of your way.

The strong food-grade plastic is safe and durable. In case your dog is the nervous type and starts to gnaw on the sides, the material is non-toxic. The anti-slip bottom ensures your dog’s safety and the anti-skid legs keep the tub in place.

+ Three different colors
+ Durable and strong food-grade plastic
+ Collapsible and easy to store
+ Easily portable

Why We Like It – Anti-slip material on the bottom of the tub is crucial to your dog’s safety during bath time. The anti-skid legs also hold the tub in place.

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4. Flying Pig Pet Dog Portable Bath Tub

Flying Pig Pet Dog Portable Bath Tub

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Another elevated and back-friendly design, Flying Pig introduces the perfect bathtub for small to medium-sized pets. It’s a strong design with the frame (legs) made of stainless steel. The basin itself is made of heavy-duty plastic material and the whole thing can hold up to 150 pounds!

You get full access to your dog at every angle and the handy leveler keeps the tub steady on uneven floors. Take the lightweight and portable pet bathtub anywhere with you. Whether it’s outside or in the bathroom, bathing will be significantly easier. Connect the tub to a drain hose for easy drainage after scrubbing your dog clean.

+ Elevated design
+ Built-in leveler
+ Heavy-duty plastic
+ Stainless steel

Why We Liked It – Similar to a dog ramp, a dog bathtub needs to be durable and tough enough to hold the full weight of your dog. This bathtub can virtually hold any dog with a max weight of under 150lbs.

5. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

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Also another multifunctional and versatile design, the Jasonwell foldable dog pool can be used as a tub, pet pool in the summertime and a kiddie pool. It’s easily foldable to take with you to a park or to your backyard. No inflation needed, the setup takes no time at all!

The side and bottom drainage caps make it easy to empty the soapy water afterward. The extra thick and environmentally friendly PVC plastic also has anti-slip material on the bottom to keep your pet’s paws from sliding out from under him. However, we would advise you to trim your dog’s nails before bath time.

+ Easily foldable
+ Easy to set up and clean
+ Easy drainage system
+ Environmentally friendly material

Why We Like It – Large enough to be a dog and kiddie pool, you know you can bathe your dog thoroughly. The elevated designs could have a tough time accommodating larger pups, so the foldable pool is another great option.

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Best Dog Bath Tub Buyer’s Guide

Grooming bills can really add up, so many dog parents are choosing to bathe their own pups. This requires the purchase of a lot of supplies, and dog bathtubs are one of them. The hard question is how to narrow down even the limited choices we provided to find the best one for you. In order to do that, you need to know what key features to look out for.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Bath Tubs

Elevated or Not

If you are no stranger to back pains, perhaps and elevated design would be the better choice. If you have a jumpy fur baby, you might need to suck it up or find dog bathtubs with 3 point restraints to give you an easier time. Another thing to be aware of is elevated bathtubs are more suitable for small to medium pups. So if your fur baby is relatively large, you might need to settle for pool design.


Always make sure the tub can hold enough water for you to fully complete the bath. Maybe opt for ones with higher walls if you have a larger and taller fur baby.


If you have a larger fur baby and a designated bathing spot, hook up the drainage cap to a hose for easy drainage. If your bathtub comes with a drainage cap, outdoor bathing in the summertime is the easiest way to dump the excess water.

Non-Slip Bottom

For the safety of everyone involved, a non-slip bottom layer is of utmost importance. To keep your pooch from getting all banged up on the floor of the tub and taking you down with him, a non-slip bottom is an important safety feature.

Easy to Clean

Something that takes all the filth and grime off your fur baby needs to be easy to clean. Most bathtubs are made from PVC or silicone and are easy to rinse and wipe down.


These bathing tools can be cumbersome and bulky, especially if you have a large one. Finding foldable or collapsible designs will save so much space and make the tubs easier to transport.


Instead of just settling with your own bathtub or shower, an affordable dog bathtub will significantly decrease the number of spills and time used during baths. The non-slip designs keep your dog safe and the elevated designs are easy on your back.

A lot of bathtubs also come with storage shelves or pockets to hold shampoos and soaps if you happen to be in the outdoors. Try out these nifty cleaning tools and give yourself a much-needed break.

Expert Tip

After purchasing a suitable bathtub, we would suggest trying it out with your pooch in your enclosed bathroom first. If he seems to enjoy bath time, you could possibly move this huge undertaking outdoors. If he loathes bath time and you are out in the backyard, there is a high chance your pooch will run off at the first opportunity to escape.

Did You Know

It’s best to clean out the tub after each session. The basin could have residue that is an unsanitary breeding ground for bacteria. Especially if you have more than one pet and they share one tub, it’s best to give the tub a good scrub after every use.

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