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Best Harness for Boston Terrier in 2022

For boston terrier owners, or any dog owner for that fact, the safety of our fur babies is our number one concern. A proper leash is one of the first doggy accessories we get when we are expecting a new furry member of our family. A Boston Terrier, like the Dachschund, the Corgi, and other dogs with barrel-chested or elongated statures, requires special leashes. Even if you don’t find a special leash, there are better options out there that can compensate for the wider chest of a Boston Terrier.

Other than accounting for the body type of Boston Terriers, you also need to consider the amount of exercise and energy levels for this type of dog. The best harness will be able to keep him safe and secure, and handle the daily wear and tear that comes with walking your Boston Terriers. We have a special treat today as we have isolated the best dog harnesses for a Boston Terrier the market has to offer.

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1. BarkBay No-Pull Dog Harness

BarkBay No-Pull Dog Harness

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Although it isn’t the most affordable option (we’ll get to that in a minute), the BarkBay No-Pull Dog Harness offers the perfect balance between comfort, security and ergonomic design. You will notice this harness for Boston Terriers comes in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from. What attracts us to this harness is the materials used. It’s a breathable fabric mesh that gives airflow to your dog’s skin. It doesn’t irritate and offers adequate breathability.

Because the dog harness is both a front and back clip design, it’s a useful training tool to have during the early years of your dog’s life. Once you have trained leash pulling out of your Boston Terrier, you can graduate to using the back D clip.


+ Many sizes and colors
+ No irritation thanks to the breathable mesh
+ Front and back clip design
+ Reflective strips on the sides
+ Easy to put on and take off

Why We Like It – Like mentioned, we gravitated towards this harness as our best choice because it offers the best balance of all tral;its pet parents would want in a harness.

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2. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

As one of the most highly reviewed and most affordable options for Boston Terrier harnesses on the market, the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is our top choice for the price. The simple vest design offers more sizes than most harnesses do, although it lacks adjustability. To make up for it, the step-in vest harnesses do come in a variety of colors.

The entire Boston Terrier harness is completely manufactured with breathable mesh. Yes, it does make it less robust than oxford or nylon material harnesses, but the comfort from the mesh fabric is unsurpassed. It’s suitable for all weather conditions and comes with three safety features – a loop, a fastener and double D rings.


+ Many sizes and colors available
+ Breathable mesh fabric
+ Easy step-in design
+ Suitable for all life stages
+ 3 safety features

Why We Like It – The affordable price is definitely one of the most attractive features of the Voyager harness. But aside from that, it can also keep your Boston Terrier safe with 3 safety features.

3. EcoBark Dog Harness Dog Harnesses

EcoBark Dog Harness Dog Harnesses

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The EcoBark Boston Terrier harnesses also feature a simple vest design with a buckle on the back and a cute logo on the front. There is a wide selection of sizes and colors as well so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right fit for your Boston Terriers. The soft and breathable mesh harnesses are no-chock and no-irritation. To ensure further comfort, EcoBark also padds this best harness for Boston Terriers to prevent chafing.

What else is really appealing about the EcoBark dog harness is the eco-friendly materials used. The mesh is environmentally friendly and meets stringent safety standards. It’s easy to put on and take off your Boston Terrier with an over-the-head design.


+ Eco-friendly materials
+ Special stitching to reinforce the structure
+ No chafing
+ Breathable design
+ Multiple sizes and colors

Why We Like It – The amount of attention EcoBark put into the materials they use to construct this harness for Boston Terriers is admirable. The harnesses are eco-friendly yet strong.

4. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

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Nothing is more difficult to deal with on a walk than a dog that is uncooperative. One of the biggest issues is a dog that pulls. Lucky enough for pet owners, there are dog harnesses that can combat this annoying habit. Enter the no-pull dog harness from Poypet. This best harness for your Boston terriers is specially designed to treat this issue.

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There are two leash clips to choose from, one on the back and one on the front. The front leash clip is what’s used to make sure your Boston Terriers curb the pulling habit. Aside from this nifty feature, the PoyPet dog harness was also created to be comfortable and sturdy, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


+ No pull 2 ring design
+ Comfortable and robust construction
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Affordable price for what you get
+ Complete with training handle

Why We Like It – Any product that is backed with a satisfaction guarantee speaks volumes for how much trust the manufacturer deserves.

5. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

For a dog owner who wants a heavy-duty dog harness that can accompany you and your Boston Terrier up mountains, down rivers and through rugged terrains, the OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness is the answer.

As you can see from the product photo, this harness for Boston Terriers is an excellent choice. It molds and fits the body shape of your Boston Terriers well and is incredibly easy to slip on and off. OneTigris is another manufacturer that provides peace of mind for any consumers with their one-year product warranty. Your dog harness should give you a sense of comfort and peace of mind and not be a cause for concern for quality reasons.


+ Best harness for Boston Terrier owners who like the outdoors
+ Easy to put on and take off
+ Sturdy construction
+ 1-year product warranty
+ Safety top handle

Why We Like It – Say goodbye to all your problems with this easy to use harness for Boston Terriers. It fits their chest area snugly and provides maximum security.

6. Gooby Comfort X Step-in Small Dog Harness

Gooby Comfort X Step-in Small Dog Harness

The name may sound comical, but there is nothing funny about the high quality construction and usability of the Gooby harness for Boston Terriers. These best harnesses feature a patented criss-cross design that prevents choking and is more comfortable to wear than the classic designs. There are also different colors and sizes offered all for a very affordable price.

The Boston Terrier harness is still straightforward and user-friendly with an easy on and off design. The step-in harness is highly adjustable and has quick release buckles to keep it on. As for leash attachments, there are two rings on the back you can hook your leash through.

When looking for harnesses for Boston Terriers, comfort and security are the two primary considerations. The Gooby harness has both and more in abundance.

7. rabbitgoo Dog Harness

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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The rabbitgoo dog harness is another example of no pull harnesses. The leash attachment is featured both on the back and the front of the harness to make all your pulling problems disappear. The harness is no-pull and no-choke, with a multitude of shades and sizes. It fits easily over your dog’s neck and around his chest area for a great fit.

These best harnesses for Boston Terriers are very easy to use and highly adjustable, leaving room for your dogs to grow into. The adjustable no-pull harnesses are a great fit for wide-chested dogs and ones with more girth.

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We love designs that offer security above all. Not only that, the rabbitgoo Boston Terrier harnesses are very comfortable with the breathable padded mesh.

8. Kurgo Dog Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness

The Kurgo Dog Harness is among the most hard-wearing Boston Terrier harnesses out there. To back up the company’s confidence in their product, Kurgo offers lifetime warranties! How do we know Kurgo harnesses for Boston Terriers are tough and durable? It’s because they were crash tested. Your dog is as important to you as any other family member, so the harness adheres to child car seat safety standards.

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Just because it’s made from sturdy materials doesn’t mean the comfort is at all sacrificed. The Boston Terrier dog harness is adjustable and comfortable, merging safety and coziness. To give this product an extra boost, Kurgo even includes a free seatbelt tether to make road trips with your dog safe and worry-free.

It really seems like Kurgo went to great lengths to ensure the safety of the Boston Terrier dog harness and the peace of mind of pet parents everywhere.

9. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness advertises its main feature in the company name. These Boston Terrier dog harnesses put safety first and easy walking second. There are many size and color options like most other dog harnesses and it was created to help teach your Boston Terrier better walking and leash etiquette.

The design puts the harness front strap across the best rather than your dog’s neck. This will greatly minimize the risks of choking and gagging for your Boston Terrier, which will equal to a happier walk. Of course, the dog harness is easy to put on and take off and provides a very comfortable fit.

Your pooch will much prefer the Easy Walk dog walking harness compared to other brands because there is no risk of choking. Not only that, you can train your dog to be a better walking buddy.

10. Mighty Paw Sport Harness

Mighty Paw Sport Harness

Lastly, we have the Mighty Paw Sport Harness as the last harness for a Boston Terrier on our list. Just because it’s last doesn’t mean it’s any less worth your money. The dual clip options make this another best dog harness for a Boston Terrier that pulls and tugs. You can go for a run, a walk, a hike or even a swim with your dog thanks to the weatherproof materials.

Safety and convenience were the two primary factors that went into the construction of these best harnesses for Boston Terriers. The Mighty Paw Sport Harness features reflective strips along the side and it’s easy to slip on and off.

We really like the reflective strips on the side and the weatherproof material. You no longer have to give any second thoughts to taking your Boston Terrier out on a rainy or snowy day.

Best Harness for Boston Terrier Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t want to take our word for it, these tips below will help you find the best Boston Terrier dog harness on the market. All of the best harnesses will share certain features. Make sure you can check them all off the list to ensure the safety of your Boston Terrier. If you don’t, you might end up with more problems than you started with.


Boston TerrierLet’s talk about the size, Boston Terriers are smallish to medium sized dogs and their harnesses should reflect that. You need to make sure the Harness is a good fit for your dog and you can do this by measuring him the right way. There are two main figures you need to acquire when measuring your dog – the neck circumference, and then the chest girth.

Grab a measuring tape and a pencil or a pen to mark the tap. Stand your dog upright and measure the base of his neck. Make sure you measure the base of your dog’s neck and not the middle because the harness sits at the bottom of the neck. Then measure the widest part of your dog’s torso by wrapping the measuring tape around his chest. Remember to mark the numbers so you can refer to them when buying the best harnesses for your Boston Terrier.

As a rule of thumb to ensure the right fit, make sure you can slip two fingers between the harness and your dog at any point. This will provide security but be forgiving enough to still be comfortable. A harness that is too loose is easy to squirm out of, especially if your Boston Terrier happens to be an escape artist. One that is too tight will irritate and chafe your dog.


The materials have to do with the longevity and durability of the dog harness. Do not purchase something flimsy. Dogs are very strong animals and you definitely do not want your dog to wreck the harness in the first few hours. Tough harnesses are made from Oxford and nylon material, which are great examples of sturdy materials. Weatherproof materials are also a good consideration for dogs that love adventure.

If your dog is a puller or chewer, rethink the mesh material and go for the tougher ones. Do not forgo the quality and build of a harness for the price. That is the most dangerous thing a dog parent can do. In general, a very cheap harness is easily damaged and this will compromise your dog’s safety. Most harnesses are around 20 to 50 dollars with some very affordable mesh options that can still be tough that fall below that.


Other than the materials that contribute to the construction, the way the dog harness is stitched and put together will also affect how tough it is. The connectors need to be strong and the stitching should be reinforced. The buckles and any connection points need to be strengthened. This could possibly make the harness more difficult to take off and put on your Boston Terrier, but the security is worth the sacrifice.

Safety Features

Boston Terrier with a leashSome common safety features you can find on a Boston Terrier harness are reflective strips, a top handle and a seatbelt loop if applicable. The reflective strips will gain more visibility in low light environments or at night. If you like to take nightly walks with your dog or let him offleash at a dog park, you need to still be able to keep an eye on him.

The top handle allows you to take quick control over a situation when your dog is outside. Maybe he is offleash and about to ingest something dangerous, you can quickly prevent that by grabbing the handle. For dogs that like to go swimming in the summer, a top handle can avoid water-related accidents.

Lastly, a seatbelt loop is an additional safety bonus feature that is great to have during road trips. It clips your dog safely to the seat when the vehicle is in motion.

Leash Attachments

How many leash attachments do the new harness offer and where are they placed? Since you are already spending the money on a harness, why not pick one that can curb walking problems too? This way, you can enjoy a walk and train your dog at the same time. Look for a no-pull design for versatility. A no-pull harness has a leash ring on the front and the back of the walking harness.

The front leash ring is used to curb pulling and tugging, allowing you to lead your pup on the walk instead of the other way around. Once your pup learns the ropes of a proper walk, you can graduate to a regular setup by attaching the leash to the back.


We went through all the safety and construction aspects to look for, but now we move on to the comfort of the harness. Your dog needs to like it without running away in fear every time before a walk. Padded or lined harnesses are guaranteed to be more cozy and prevent chafing.

Easy to Clean

You also want your harness of choice to be easy to clean. Dogs are rambunctious and curious creatures, so getting into mischief is part of the package. Look for materials that are easy to clean such as polyester mesh. You can toss the harness into the washing machine at the end of a muddy doggy date and it will come out like new.


The appearance such as the pattern and color of the harness is another factor to think about. While it doesn’t have anything to do with the functionality, but we get that you need something pretty to look at. This is why we placed the appearance so low on the list. Yes, the harness can be a fashion statement, but make sure you consider all the other factors first.


The safety of your fur baby should be priceless. This is why we have placed the cost aspect at the very bottom. However, dog harnesses and collars are not super pricey items and we offer the best budget option just in case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts will take this opportunity to address some frequently asked questions and concerns fur parents have.

What is the best harness for a Boston Terrier?

The best harness for a Boston Terrier is the BarkBay No-Pull Dog Harness. However, there are plenty of great choices on the market such as the Poypet dog harness, ones from the Petsafe, Kurgo and OneTigris brands to name a few. The best choice for you will depend on your needs and the tendencies of your dog on a walk.

Is it better to train a dog with a collar or a harness?

It is better to train a dog with a harness in general. This is because dog harnesses prevent chafing, choking and gagging. However, some trainers will recommend collars for young puppies because it gives you more control. Even if your dog is used to wearing a collar 24/7, we would still suggest adding a harness for training purposes. Plus, a harness is more versatile and can offer both front and back leash attachments for more training options.

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What makes a good Boston Terrier harness?

The level of durability, comfort, security and versatility of a harness makes it a good one. For durability, look at the materials used. For comfort, make sure the material is no-chafe and is lined or padded. For security, the materials also have a hand in it but also the closures, buckles and leash attachments. For versatility, look at the design. A multipurpose dog harness that can be used for outdoor adventures and car rides is best.

What is the best dog harness on the market?

The best dog harness varies from dog to dog. All you need to do is identify the best ones by looking at the features. The top four considerations are durability, comfort, security and versatility. Of course, you need to like the look and design of it as well as the pricing. What’s best for one Boston Terrier may not be right for yours.


Boston Terrier with Dog ToyYour Boston terrier deserves the best harness money can buy. Once you have defined your needs, it’s easier to find the best one. A great thing about harnesses is their adjustability. You won’t have to switch harnesses if you purchase one that is highly adjustable. As your dog grows, you can adjust the length and width of the harness to compensate. Ones that aren’t very adjustable such as vest options will require more attention to the size.

Just remember that your dog’s safety and comfort are priceless. They are part of the family, so price should be of no object when it comes to the best dog harnesses on the market. If you follow our guide, you will have no problem meeting the safety, comfort and security standards of the best harness.

Expert Tip

Always try to train your dog with a harness if you can. Collars are acceptable if your dog isn’t an avid puller. Our experts always advise against going for choke collars and debatably inhumane and cruel options. The use of these accessories could cause further behavioral problems that didn’t exist before such as aggression.

Did You Know?

It’s best not to leave a harness on at all times the way you would a collar. Even a collar should be taken off sometimes just to allow your dog’s neck to breathe and you to clean the collar.

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