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Best Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door in 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have a large and spacious property with a yard or balcony, then you might have a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors are amazing for letting the light in and for a clear view of the outside weather. However, we’ve heard more than our fair share of stories of the risks these sliding glass doors can pose. We can name more than one dog, cat or even human that have walked right into a clean glass door. To make sure your dog doesn’t shatter it by bounding full force towards the glass door, you need a dog door. Dog doors were traditionally installed in regular doors or screens but not you can get one to fit your sliding glass door.

This way, your dog won’t only get his own little nook where he can freely enter and exit, you will also have the peace of mind that your pooch won’t hurt himself. But there is probably one other thing that is weighing on your mind, and that is the installation. How easy or how difficult is it to insert one of these dog doors? If you know how to pick the right one, the process is simpler than you think! Let’s take a look at the best dog doofs for a sliding glass door.

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1. [Best Overall] PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

The Petsafe Freedom dog door is the highest reviewed sliding glass dog door we could find, and this isn’t without reason. First of all, it comes in a wide variety of sizes from small to X-large, which can accommodate dog breeds of all kinds. But it doesn’t just cater to dogs, it also thinks about us humans and our interior decor. These doors for dogs also come in a range of finishes from satin to bronze to fit in seamlessly with your home.

The installation of the Petsafe Freedom pet doors is extremely efficient. There are no tools required for the Petsafe Freedom dog door, just simple adjustments of the frame to fit any glass door. They aren’t a permanent fixture and can be removed when needed, making it the perfect pet patio door insert for renters. It can also keep the cold out of your home with energy-efficient magnetic closures to secure the door.


+ Different sizes
+ Different finishes
+ Easy to install
+ Can be removed
+ Energy efficient

Why We Like It – We like the Petsafe Freedom pet door because it gives users plenty of freedom for customization, placement and color options. It can also give most dog breeds out there easy access to the outdoors.

2. [Best Budget] Patio Pacific Inc. Horizontal Sliding Window Pet Door

Patio Pacific Inc. Horizontal Sliding Window Pet Door

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A pet door can be expensive, even if they can offer flexibility and the option for cats and dogs to use, there are some of us out there that don’t want to spend close to 500. For people like this who also still want high quality, we have the Patio Pacific sliding window pet door. If your glass patio door has a small window, you can fit this pet door inside easily.

It comes in two different sizes and features a lightweight flap for smaller dogs to fit through. It’s a tool-free installation glass dog door that is corrosion resistant thanks to its aluminum frame. It even comes with a security cover when you want to restrict your pet’s access all for an affordable price.


+ A good fit for glass doors with windows
+ Corrosion-resistant
+ Lightweight
+ Affordable
+ Easy to install

Why We Like It – We like a glass door and window option because some pets come and go through the window instead of the door. This gives your pet an extra option when entering the house.

3. Ideal Pet Products VIP Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door

Ideal Pet Products VIP Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door

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Before we get into the design of the Ideal Pet Products pet door, we need to stress that it’s meant for sliding glass doors with a vinyl track. Don’t worry if yours isn’t vinyl, the Ideal Pet Products door can still work with a few minor adjustments to the rollers. The door comes in different heights and sizes to fit all doors and the white vinyl sliding dog door frame will fit well with any color scheme. Make sure you measure your pet correctly to ensure a good fit. The door itself has a dual-pane tempered glass that makes it extra durable. The pet door is easy to clean and is resistant to extreme weather.


+ For vinyl-framed glass doors
+ Easy to clean
+ Dual-pane glass
+ Many sizes
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – The best part about this door is the rollers can be adjusted to fit other doors and it features a multi-flex flap that is easy for your pet to enter through.

4. Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door

Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door

Even with a well-insulated dog door, you may still get the occasional draft that makes it through the cracks. Rather than having a flap where cold air can easily creep through, why not try an automatic dog door? The Power Pet door is a 100% automatic door that is automated and activates when it senses your dog’s ultrasonic collar. The best part about these specially designed dog doors is it recognizes the residents of the home via the programmable collar. It keeps unwanted pests out the way regular flap dog doors can’t and lets your pooch come and go freely.

The beautiful design of the Power Pet dog door is not only elegant yet understated, it is also extremely durable. the dual-pane “low E” tempered glass can successfully keep rain and wind out and withstand extreme weather conditions.


+ Automatic dog door
+ Recognizes the dog’s collar
+ Keeps pests out
+ Well-insulated
+ Dual-pane tempered “low E” glass

Why We Like It – The automatic design of the Power Pet dog door will relieve you of being the personal doorman or doorwoman for your dog.

5. Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Microchip Pet Door for Sliding Glass Door

Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Microchip Pet Door for Sliding Glass Door

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The Endura Flap Thermo Panel sliding pet door is only meant for small dogs but brings the convenience level up to 100%. It’s also an automatic door but instead of needing an ultrasonic collar, it recognizes the microchip in your dog. Since microchipping is a basic regulation for dog owners, you won’t need to spend extra money on an additional accessory that your dog may not like. There is also extra insulation thanks to the tempered “low E” dual-pane glass.

Other than microchips, the Endura Flap dog door can also register RFID collar keys, which it does come with. The door has also undergone weather stripping for easy installation. There are two colors so take your pick of whichever matches your home the best.


+ Extra insulation
+ Registers microchips
+ 2 colors
+ Meant for sliding glass doors
+ Adjustable height

Why We Like It – We love how you don’t need to buy anything extra in tandem with the door. Not all of our dogs enjoy wearing collars and the only way for your dog to gain access to other automatic doors is with an ultrasonic collar.

6. High Tech Pet Products Automatic Sliding Glass Pet Patio Door

High Tech Pet Products Automatic Sliding Glass Pet Patio Door

The energy-efficient Automatic Sliding Glass Pet Patio Dog Door comes with the MS-4 collar necessary to give animals access to your home. The 100% automatic dog door is mounted easily with a dual-pane frame steel deadbolt lock and bulletproof door panel. While we realize that the chances of your pet being involved in a shootout is low, the durability of the dog door does give us peace of mind. It won’t easily tear from your sliding glass doors and the high-quality materials will promise security for our home while still give your dog the freedom to roam.

The spring-loaded top makes it easy to fit into the sliding door nook and with weather stripping and a draft stopper, High Tech Pet Products has created one of the most secure patio panel pet doors.


+ Secure door insert
+ Automatic sliding glass doors
+ Different sizes
+ Weatherstripping
+ Comes with MS-4 collar

Why We Like It – The High Tech Pet Products pet sliding door takes security and reinforcement to another level with a bulletproof door panel, steel deadbolt lock and a dual-pane steel frame.

7. Whiskers and Windows Pet Door

Whiskers and Windows Pet Door

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While it’s advertised as a cat door, the Whiskers and Windows Pet Door makes a great sliding glass add-on for smaller dog breeds. It comes with different flap sizes that can fit smaller cats and dogs. The spring-loaded frame makes this door for dog owners an easy one to install without the help of any tools. The height of the sliding glass pet door is fully adjustable up to 3 inches to fit any glass or aluminum patio door. You can find this doggie door in 2 color options and a four-way lock for extra security. The red and green locking tabs make the settings easy to understand. Adjust them as necessary to allow your dog exit or entry when it suits you.


+ Easy installation
+ Fully adjustable
+ Four-way lock
+ Different flap sizes+ Spring-loaded frame

Why We Like It – The lock mechanism on the Whiskers and Windows pet door gives pet owners more control over when their pets have access to the outside.

8. Armor Flex Low-E Patio Pet Doors

Armor Flex Low-E Patio Pet Doors

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The airtight seal in Armor Flex patio pet doors makes it the perfect fit for sliding glass patio doors. The double-pane low E glass is extra durable and protects the interior from the invasion of outside air. The strong aluminum construction makes these glass patio dog doors tough enough to handle even the most rough-playing and rambunctious canines that could possibly take it off its track.

The hardware on the sliding glass door is made from stainless steel and is weather and corrosion-proof. The universal lock on these sliding glass dog doors are very tough and fits with any patio door.


+ Air tight seal
+ Durable dual-pane low E glass
+ Stainless steel hardware
+ Universal lock
+ Different sizes

Why We Like It – We like it when the installation process for the glass patio doors is made simple. The universal lock makes this possible even for a screen door.

9. Ideal Pet Products Non-Insulated Vinyl Pet Patio Door

Ideal Pet Products Non Insulated Vinyl Pet Patio Door

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The last spot on our list goes to Ideal Pet Products again for their non-insulated vinyl sliding patio pet door. They are also designed for a vinyl sliding track and also features durable dual-pane low E tempered glass. The vinyl flap also features a sturdy construction that won’t wear down over time as your dog enters and exits. There are larger sizes going up to extra large, so make sure you measure your fur baby correctly to get the right size. The vinyl pet door is easy to clean and fits in tightly with your patio doors.


+ Dual-pane low E tempered glass
+ Sturdily built
+ Perfect fit for vinyl sliding glass doors
+ Large sizes
+ Easy to clean

Why We Like It – More often than not, large dogs are forgotten when it comes to pet products. A sliding glass dog door is created for the everyday breed, but Ideal Pet Products makes sure big dogs are included.

Best Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door Buyer’s Guide

If you’re still confused about what to look for in the best sliding dog door, we’ve organized the important features and created a quick list for you to go through. We’ll break down the different types of doors to the materials and installation. If you didn’t find your dream sliding glass doors for dogs on our top list, you can definitely find the best one with this guide.


A sliding glass pet door can be broken down into different categories. The different types are defined by your dog’s access. They fit into four main categories: Microchip, RFID, ultrasonic and magnetic dog doors.


In our humble opinion, microchip dog door options are the best choice. This is because it does away with the collar which not all dogs wear at all times. But we can almost guarantee that all house dogs have a microchip. A microchip is different than a collar because it doesn’t only have your dog’s identification, but it has your information as well. In some cases, a microchip can even be used to locate your dog. But in this case, it’s used to open doors.

There is no need for batteries and configurations if you use a microchip detecting dog doors. Another best feature of a microchip sliding pet door is it will automatically keep out pests and animal intruders. The pet door won’t open in the absence of a microchip and become a security precaution.


RFID doors incorporate the use of electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from key tags. RFID stands for “radio frequency identification”. Manufacturers will most likely include an RFID tag that has the correct information stored on it and corresponds to the patio panel dog doors. Of course, the doors won’t open without the correct RFID signal and these devices also do not require batteries.


Ultrasonic sliding glass dog doors will require a collar. Ultrasonic sound waves are not detectable by the human ear but can be heard by your dog. But don’t worry, you can adjust the sensitivity levels so even though they are audible for your dog, they won’t be irritating. However, keep in mind that the sensitivity settings may also affect the distance at which your dog will be registered by the door. Ultrasonic collars require batteries to operate and definitely come in the form of collars. However, they are durable, mostly lightweight and weatherproof.


Magnetic dog doors are exactly what they sound like, a pet door that operates with the principles of magnets. The door itself doesn’t require batteries or power to run but the magnetic collar key will. Magnetic dog door flaps have a very obvious drawback, and that is it does not recognize the difference between an intruder and your pet.


It’s tougher to purchase a sliding glass dog door because you need to take into account the size of your dog and your door. With two factors to think about, it greatly limits your options on the market. You might have your eye on the perfect sliding glass dog door but the flap is too small to accommodate your pooch. Much like getting a crate, you need to measure your dog accurately to ensure the compatibility of the pet door. The size of the opening should be your first consideration.

Since your dog will bend as necessary to go through the pet doors, the general rule of thumb is to look for a pet door that is a couple of inches higher than your dog’s shoulders. This will provide sufficient room for him when he ducks through. As for the width, the same rule applies. About 2 inches on either side would give your dog enough leeway without scraping himself. Also, keep in mind that puppies will grow, so it’s necessary to make the calculations based on his projected full-grown size.


The material of the dog door is imperative to its durability. Most dog doors, whether it’s for sliding glass doors, wooden doors or aluminum frames are made from either plastic or aluminum. You might think that aluminum is sturdier than plastic, but in reality, they are both pretty tough. The biggest difference between the two materials is longevity. Due to its properties, aluminum doors tend to outlast plastic ones and become a more permanent fixture in your home.

Energy Efficiency

When you have the heater or air conditioner on with your window or door open, you can just imagine the energy loss and the hit your utility bill will take. Some pet owners have a bit of trepidation when it comes to a doggie door and the installation process fearing it will run up their electrical bill. Fortunately, you can make sure this doesn’t happen and preserve energy efficiency with the perfect seal and construction of the doggie door.

There are options that advertise themselves as insulated pet doors and they tend to fit your sliding glass screen door tightly. The tighter the seal, the less chance the outside air has to get in. There are also some alterations you can do to the seal to make it more secure. However, this might come at the expense of the overall appearance of the sliding glass door.


We are all about installation and setup when it comes to buying a product, and the same goes for dog doors. Don’t go for a pet door that requires tools to assemble and the installation of different components – that’s just way too much work. There are very easy sliding glass pet doors that are fitted onto your aluminum patio door frame for a seamless and tight fit and are very easy to install.

Safety and Lock

The flap size isn’t the only thing to remember when it comes to the safety of the sliding door. A microchip pet door may be easy to use, but is it safe? The best sliding door comes with some sort of locking mechanism to keep your dog inside when the situation calls for it. The lock will work with any patio panel door and should be easy to install. You may also find a magnetic closure for some sliding doors that will seal the flap tightly with the polarity of the magnets.

There are also ones that come with a slide-in closing panel. It serves as a block for your sliding glass dog doors and it also doesn’t affect the door installation.

Benefits of a Sliding Glass Dog Door

A pet door isn’t just an opening inserted into your sliding door frame for your dog to enter or exit out of. There are so many benefits to having this option. Whether you have a traditional vinyl flap or a high-end automatic microchip pet door such as ones from Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door or Endura Flap, they will only improve your dog’s lifestyle.


It’s not just humans who like freedom, dogs appreciate it too! Giving your dog the ability to enter and exit whenever he wishes instills trust between the two of you. This is especially true for dogs that are potty trained to go outside. The best dog doors will have a magnetic closure or something that’s just as sturdy but will give way when your dog needs to do his business. You won’t need to take time out of your day to let him out and he won’t need to hold it any longer when he can simply exit whenever he wants.

If you have a well-trained pup, it also gives him the flexibility to go exploring, wandering and playing in your yard whenever he chooses. What’s good about these sliding glass dog door installations is the locking mechanism. If at any time you want to keep your pooch confined indoors, just implement the security locks.

Better Behavior

As dog owners, we all know boredom, anxiety, extra energy, and basically every feeling under the sun can get your dog to act up. A lack of exercise will cause extra energy buildup in your pooch, which could lead to destructive behavior. You need to make sure you take him out for a walk or two a day depending on the breed, but some of us just don’t have that time. This is when a pet door is extremely convenient. He can take himself out for a walk or run around the yard and expend his excess energy.

If he’s bored and ran out of things to do, the corner of your couch or your patio panel will look inviting and fun to chew. While this may be his new favorite pastime, it can quickly become your worst nightmare. A sliding glass door for your pooch at this time will give him extra entertainment when he explores your yard.

With anxiety, we would actually recommend keeping an eye on him with a doggy cam rather than letting him out if you aren’t home. Dogs with separation anxiety can be quite the escape artists, so if you give them access to the outside, he may just run after you.


As we said, a doggy door isn’t only a great addition for a dog, but for you as well. Imagine the convenience it affords you of not having to keep track of when to let your fur baby out with an automatic pet door. You can keep to your own schedule without having to consider him too much. He can also pretty much walk himself within the confines of your property with the right pet door.

Preserve Your Door

Having a glass door that’s easy to install will save you the headache of having to retouch your door frames. A dog that’s bored, has to go, wants to go outside can be quite rambunctious. Dogs are known to chew but also to scratch up a storm. This is when your poor door might take the full brunt of it. After a few months or years, it definitely won’t last. This is when an extra-large, extra small, or anything in between glass door for dogs can come in handy.

How Do I Install the Best Sliding Glass Door for My Dog?

As we said, the installation is easy as we can see with Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Doors and the ones from Endura Flap. Check to see if any tools are needed and if so, assemble everything you need right away. If not, there are a lot of sliding glass door designs that simply snap onto your sliding door frame and automatically have a tight seal. You need to make sure the sliding door for your pet is secure, and you can do this by giving it a strong wiggle or two.

How Do I Train My Dog to Use a Doggy Door?

Dog doorbellsJust like with other things, training your dog takes a lot of patience, positive reinforcement and time. One of the most important things to be sure of when teaching your dog how to use the best pet door is to convey what you want clearly. Your pooch can be sitting there confused, not knowing what to do and disobey your commands not because he is stubborn.

The flap can be confusing for your dog, so let’s secure it in an open positive for now. If you have an automatic door, check to see if there is an “always open” option. This is when having a family member help out is a good idea. Since he is your dog and logically will be more attached to you, you should be the one on the other side of the door and the family member is on the inside with your fur baby. Make sure you have lots of treats to entice him.

When in position, call out to your dog and see what he does. Most pooches are quite smart and in his attempt to get to you he will figure out he can pass through the sliding door flap. If he doesn’t get it yet don’t worry, it just takes a few more tries. When he eventually makes it to the other side, praise him with plenty of his favorite treats and belly rubs. When he’s ready, reverse the process with you on the inside and your pooch and family member outside. Once he’s got the hang of it, have your family member leave and see how well he does on his own.

Don’t try to go from introducing the door to non-stop entering and exiting in one day. Give your dog a break, as we are sure you need one too, and try again the next day. If he performed flawlessly after a few tries, you can lower the flap. The best doggy door options out there may be automatic, so you can lower the flap now. Then keep practicing with the flap down. If he doesn’t necessarily get it right away it’s okay! Just lift the flap up again and try again.

Eventually, your pooch will get the hang of it and the dog door will be pretty much the best investment you’ve made all year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog door be installed in a sliding glass door?

The dog door won’t be installed in the door but actually next to the door in an open position. Installation shouldn’t be too difficult and there are plenty of options on the market that is a snap and fit design. The door comes with all the necessary parts for installation and maybe even a magnetic closure for safety.

Do buglars use dog doors?

This depends on many factors. For one thing, the burglar needs to be desperate enough to crawl through the little opening. The flap size will also affect how successful the burglar is at getting in. If he sees a tiny flap for toy to small breed dogs, there is less of a chance he will attempt to fit through. The safety features on the sliding door for dogs will also make a great difference. Remember to lock it securely when not in use, especially in your absence or when you go to bed to make sure it’s not a liability.

Are dog doors a bad idea?

No, dog doors are not a bad idea. In fact, they are an awesome idea for the reasons we mentioned above including the convenience, freedom and flexibility it affords you and your pooch. The only thing to be aware of is the compatibility the dog door has with your sliding glass door and the installation process.

What is the most secure dog door?

There are a lot of answers including all the ones on our list, but another one of the most secure dog doors would be the Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door. Just from the name alone, you can guess the sturdy construction and security the dog door provides. It has a 4-digit combination lock and is made from 12-gauge steel. In other words, this door is probably more secure than your front door!


Dog doors vary from one to the next, but there are a few things you can be sure will be present in the best dog door for sliding glass doors and that is security, durability, insulation and ease of use. Make sure you get the right size and the best option that suits your house and your needs. There are also varying types of dog doors. Ones with basic flap designs and others that are premium options with automatic sensors. You may need to shell out a bit more for the latter, but the convenience it provides and the ease of use are worth it.

Once you know what to look for, the search for the best doggy doors becomes much simpler. The ones on our best list is a good place to start, but if you want to compare some other models, just take our buying guide into account. For the more daring pet parents, you can even attempt to create your own door. Whichever one you decide on, we’re sure will be the best choice for your dog.

Did You Know?

While nothing is really as convenient as a doggie door, there are some next best options you can consider including dog doorbells, potty training indoors with pee pads and grass pads, and dog fences. What will work best also depends on your lifestyle. If your dog is trained to go indoors and out, then a doggy door may not be necessary since he can go on his walks and on the pee pad when he’s home.

Expert Tip

It was touched upon briefly, but it’s very important to make sure you get the right size by accounting for your dog’s full-grown body. A puppy can manage with a tiny flap, but what happens if your large to giant breed grows up? A small dog can fit into a larger flap but not the other way around.

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