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5 Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers in 2022

Some dog breeds require more frequent grooming than others, and everyone’s favorite breed – the Golden Retriever – is one of those dogs that will definitely require a good brushing every once in a while, or they will lose that shiny and luscious coat they are famous for. Golden Retriever grooming does not have to be difficult, provided you have the right tools, and this article will help you find the best Golden Retriever shedding device, to make grooming both fast and surprisingly fun. Bring back the shine in that Golden coat with the best brush for Golden Retriever puppies and adults!

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1. FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

Nicely groomed Golden Retrievers are an impressive sight, with their silky golden coat that seems to float through the air. This Furminator is a little different from the typical models, and it is ideal for gently removing tangles and matted hair in a fur coat like that of the Golden Retriever. The dual-flex head is uniquely designed to smoothly run across the dog’s body and its natural shape, removing loose hair and tangles without painful tugging or discomfort.

Lightweight and easy to use – this new Furminator model will work through your Golden Retriever’s coat in no time. Do Golden Retrievers shed? Yes, but this brush will make it a lot more manageable.

2. Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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Hygiene is important when you groom your pet, and this large brush has a self-cleaning feature (a button) which releases any dog hair that has gotten stuck in the brush, and this is perfect when you have a long-haired dog like the Golden Retriever. It works well for all Golden Retriever coat stages, as it digs deep into the undercoat to remove any loose hair, and it comes with a practical ebook for anyone who wants to improve their grooming routine. There are also two sizes and two colors to choose from, where the smaller size could be suitable for puppies.

This brush is not just visually attractive, but it is also comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grip, and slicker brush design is perfect for deshedding a Golden Retriever.

3. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

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Any Golden Retriever forum will tell you that a Golden Retriever sheds, but with this brush, you can get the upper hand before all the hair starts taking over your home. It is an undercoat brush that will dig through the upper coat and gently remove loose hair, without cutting or damaging those gorgeous Golden topcoat waves. It reduces shedding with up to 95%, which is a significant amount also when compared to other brushes, and it massages your pup’s skin to improve blood circulation and further reduce shedding.

This undercoat rake for Golden Retrievers is incredibly easy to use, and it gently massages your pup which helps make it a positive experience for everyone.

4. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs

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When you are just starting to groom your Golden Retriever, this simple brush can be the perfect solution! It is gentle also on sensitive skin, and it is a great product to use to work through your dog’s coat before deshedding, or to use after deshedding for a finishing touch. Your dog will love being brushed with these dog brushes for Golden Retrievers, as it glides right through the hair and offers a more gentle approach to detangling. The plastic bristles have little nobs at the ends to make it more comfortable for your dog to be brushed with, and you don’t have to worry about scratches even if your fur friend is a little bit sensitive.

These brushes are perfect for everyday use, and they will keep your Golden Retriever’s coat looking smooth and shiny.

5. UPSKY Dog Brush & Cat Brush

UPSKY Dog Brush & Cat Brush

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Looking for a Golden Retriever coat care tool that won’t burn a hole in your wallet? This is a great option for anyone on a budget, and it comes with features like an ergonomic and extended handle, a self-cleaning button to quickly release any hair that has gotten caught in the brush, a thought-through design and more, and the stainless steel bristles are curved to better work with your dog’s body. A good grooming brush does not have to be expensive, and this product here is the perfect example.

Easy to use, large enough to reduce the time of a full grooming session, and – best of all – the brush is very affordable and a great option for someone who is on a budget.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever Buyers Guide

It is no secret that a Golden Retriever can be a really goofy dog – always up for coming with you on adventures, playing at the dog park or, well, rolling in the mud. This puts extra pressure on the person responsible for their grooming routine, but sometimes a good brush can be all that is needed to restore that Golden Retriever coat to its former glory. In the hunt for the best brush for Golden Retriever dogs out there, we have found some of the ultimate products for grooming golden retriever pups (trimming Golden Retriever dogs is rarely, or never, recommended), and we have also put together a guide to help you establish a functional grooming routine.

Here are a few things you will want to know when you share your home with one of these gorgeous dogs, and for how to deal with a long-haired Golden Retriever and Golden Retriever shedding season without going crazy in the process.

All About the Golden Retriever Coat

While there is only one Golden Retriever breed, there are more than one type of Golden Retriever, and they can have one of three recognized coat colors. The Golden Retriever coat types are known as America, English, and Canadian Golden Retriever, and the coat colors are a dark golden shade, lightly golden and regular gold color, which is why you will see some Golden Retriever coats being significantly lighter than others. This is mostly an aesthetic difference, meaning the majority of Goldens still have the same or similar grooming needs.

happy golden retriever

An interesting thing about the breed is that they don’t lose their puppy coat, the way we see in most other breeds, and this is something many people are unaware of. What happens instead is that the new adult coat grows through the puppy coat, eventually converting the puppy coat to a wooly undercoat which also grows thicker with time.

In general, the Golden Retriever coat has a very thick undercoat, and the topcoat is water-repellent to condition the breed for swimming and being in the water. This offers great protection against the elements, but it does mean you will have a really hard time grooming your dog unless you invest in a proper Golden Retriever brush.

How Often to Groom a Golden Retriever

The real question here is how often you have time to groom your Golden Retriever? If you want to keep their coat in top condition, it could be a good idea to run a brush through it once a day, as this doesn’t usually take up much of your time once you get the hang of it. A good brush won’t damage the coat in any way, and by brushing daily you make sure to never have to deal with difficult tangles and knots.

Realistically, though, not everyone has the time or energy to brush and groom their furry friends every day, and if this is the case, you are probably fine doing a thorough brushing every three days or so, or at least once a week. You might have to do it more often during shedding season (in the fall and in spring).

Different Types of Golden Retriever Grooming Tools

There are a few different types of Golden Retriever double coat brushes, and while all serve a purpose, one might be more suitable for your particular dog’s coat. The first one we will have a look at is the undercoat rake or brush, which is made to dig all its way down to the bottom coat layer, effectively removing loose hair to prevent excessive shedding. These can look a little different, and while some more standard models resemble actual rakes, newer models may instead have a row of what almost looks like little shark teeth. An example of the latter is the Furminator Golden Retriever brush.

A porcupine brush is that typical brush you are likely to draw if someone asked you to draw a brush, and it has many stiff metal or plastic bristles, often with nubs at the ends to prevent your pup from getting scratched. Last but not least, we have the slicker brush – a brush with bristles very close together that are great for dealing with matted hair and tangles.

Worth Considering Before Buying

Every dog is different, and this also applies to dogs of the same breed. Some Golden Retrievers have straighter fur while others have a curlier coat, and it is important to consider your individual dog when you purchase a brush. Golden Retriever fur varies, so choose your brush with your specific dog in mind. Be ready to try a few different brushes before you find the one because while most (when purchasing a quality brush) hit the jackpot right away, it is not unusual to have to try a few until you find the one.

How to trim a Golden Retriever?

The coat of a Golden Retriever is not meant to be trimmed, except for the occasional hygiene trim around the dog’s private parts and paws, to prevent their fur from getting dirty when they pee, or – which is the case with the paws – keep snow and more from getting stuck. You can also cut out matted hair that can’t be brushed through, or any hair that does not seem to lay down when you brush it. A full Golden Retriever haircut or shave is never a good idea.

How to groom a Golden Retriever?

Use a quality brush to systematically work through the coat, and take your time in the beginning until both you and your dog get used to it.

How much do Golden Retrievers shed?

It depends on a variety of things, such as what they eat and how often you groom them, but one thing is for sure – Golden Retrievers shed. Quite a lot.


Golden Retrievers are stunning dogs, and you owe it to your fur friend to take good care of their coat, as this is something your dog can’t do for him- or herself. Grooming a Golden Retriever is not particularly hard, especially if you start from an early age to make sure they get comfortable with the routine, as the breed is known for its kind temper (not said they can’t be incredibly goody at times, and could end up running off with your brush if you let them). The best dog brush for Golden Retriever dogs will help make the process even easier, and hopefully, this guide will have aided you in making the right decision for your dog in terms of grooming gear.

Expert Tip

Start grooming your Golden Retriever as early as possible, preferably when they are still a puppy, as this will help make it a pleasant experience for both of you.

Did You Know

The Golden Retriever has its origins in a now extinct dog breed – the Tweed Water Spaniel.

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