Elevated Dog Beds in Review

10 Best Elevated Dog Beds in 2021

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Painful joints are a problem for many senior dogs and taking precaution already at an early age can help prevent such issues. Dog beds raised off floor levels can be a solution since it puts less stress on sensitive bones and joints in the moment of standing up or laying down. Aiming at finding the best dog cot or the best high dog beds for your four-legged bestie is an investment in his or her future health status, and it can also help keep him or her warm on cold days, cool on hot days and comfortable all year round.

Knowing how to provide for your dog in way that sets him or her up for a healthy future and a long life is essential, and as if the health benefits of getting your dogs raised beds weren’t enough – dogs also tend to love a good view, which they will get if sleeping above ground level.

You can also help ease painful joints with supplements such as Glucosamine.

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1. Kuranda Dog Bed All Aluminum

Kuranda Dog Bed All Aluminum elevated dog bed

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Kuranda Dog Bed All Aluminum is a patented elevated dog bed design that is chew proof and made with lightweight aluminum. It is easy to clean, can carry up to 250lbs, has an incredibly durable solid vinyl fabric that is comfortable to lie down on and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This bed helps your dog stay off the ground, cool on warm days and dry on days when it is damp outside, and it is also a helpful design for dogs that might struggle to get up after laying down; do to arthritis or injury. This large elevated dog bed is designed to discourage chewing, which is perfect if your pup has a track record of destroying one dog cot bed after another.


+ Lightweight aluminum frame
+ Holds up to 250lbs
+ Discourages chewing
+ Easy to keep clean

Why We Like It – Some dogs get bored easily and turn to destructive behaviors, such as chewing. This raised pet bed is designed to discourage such behaviors so that you will no longer have to buy a new pet cot every other day.

2. Kuranda Dog Bed Chew Proof

Kuranda Dog Bed Chew Proof elevated dog bed

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Kuranda Dog Bed Chew Proof is one of the best elevated dog bed options for pet families with dogs that like to chew. It supports a weight of up to 100lbs (for heavier dogs, see above-listed product) with several different sizes to choose from, and there are four different color options so that you can pick the one that will best fit into your home.

The PVC frame and the canvas top are durable, easy to clean and comfortable for your pooch to rest upon, and they are raised pet beds that are perfect for older dogs who might have trouble lying down and getting back up, or for dogs that sleep outside and need to get off the cold and wet ground (remember to always provide proper shelter from the elements).


+ Multiple color options
+ Does not rust outdoors
+ No-chew design
+ Ergonomic and comfortable

Why We Like It – The design is similar to the product listed above, but here you have several different colors to choose from, which makes this elevated pet bed an option you can personalize.

3. AmazonBasic Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

AmazonBasic Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

With size options from Extra-Small to Extra-Large – these raised beds for dogs are suitable for pups all sizes and shapes. The mesh fabric is breathable and the perfect choice for warmer climates, since it will help your pup stay comfortable and cool while asleep.

AmazonBasic Elevated Cooling Pet Bed comes in gray and green, it is easy to assemble and to clean and comfortable enough to lounge on for hours at a time. The elevated design and cooling pad gives relief to joints and pressure points, which is especially great for senior dogs and dogs with arthritis.


+ Breathable mesh material
+ Suitable for big and small dogs
+ Ergonomic elevation
+ Durable iron base

Why We Like It – An affordable raised dog bed that will help your dog stay cool on warm days – what is there not to like? Choose between two discrete and classy looking colors that will fit in great anywhere inside or outside the house.

4. K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot is a comfortable large raised dog bed that your fur friend won’t risk falling out of. It has a cushioned plush bolster for comfort and security, and it is made of 600 denier fabric that is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Just use a wet cloth to clean it off with water, and it will be as good as new every time.

These raised dog beds have been tested for strength and durability so that you won’t have to worry about it collapsing while your dog is taking his afternoon nap. The mesh fabric base is breathable, the frame holds up without rusting no matter the weather conditions and this off the ground dog bed has anti-skid rubber feet that keep it in place even when used by large and heavy dogs.


+ Perfect for warmer weather
+ Plush bolster for ultimate comfort
+ Simple and tool-free assembly
+ Anti-skid feet to keep it in place

Why We Like It – Many dogs enjoy the comfort of feeling support behind- and around them as they sleep, and the plush bolster on these elevated beds for dogs all ages provides both coziness and security.

5. SUPERJARE Large/Xlarge Dog Cot with Canopy

SUPERJARE Large/Xlarge Dog Cot with Canopy

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Here we have a real treat for your furry family member – a luxury indoor and outdoor raised dog bed with a canopy! SUPERJARE is a gorgeous elevated dog bed for large breeds  that has sturdy steel frames, Oxford fabric and it can hold for a weight of up to 120lbs, which is enough to be suitable even for big dogs.

The canopy provides excellent protection from the sun, and the design that takes dog beds off the ground ensures that your pup stays cool during warm days, but also dry when the ground is wet or damp. These elevated pet beds are easy to assemble and take apart, which makes them perfect for taking along on trips (camping, vacation, an overnight stay at a friend’s house, the dog sitter’s etc. etc.), and it comes with a practical carrying bag.


+ Canopy that protects from the sun
+ For dogs up to 120lbs
+ Carrying bag included
+ Great for dogs and cats

Why We Like It – Thanks to the way the canopy shades these off the ground dog beds – they become perfect for bringing on a camping trip, to the dog beach or for a family picknick where there might not be enough shade for your four-legged family members.

6. K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

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Dogs often feel good about being off the floor; not just for comfort but because it allows them to see what goes on around them, and many might even feel more confident. This K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot dog bed raised just enough for maximum comfort is simple in its design, yet incredibly functional.

The mesh materials are breathable so that your dog can sleep comfortably even in warm weather, and it comes at an affordable price since all dogs deserve a comfortable sleeping area. A raised bed for dogs with joint pain, arthritis, and weak limbs will help them in that challenging moment of getting up from a resting position, as well as keep them dry when the ground is wet.


+ Sturdy and comfortable mesh base
+ Wipe clean or hose off outdoors
+ Elevated design for joint relief
+ Available in 4 sizes

Why We Like It – Sometimes a simple product is all you need, and this raised bed for doggies in your family is everything your pup could want, at a price you can afford. The durable materials give you a cheap lifted dog bed that will last for years.

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7. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

The powder coated steel frame on these elevated pet beds for small dogs and big dogs is made not to rust, even if the bed is used outdoors for extended periods of time. The breathable and high-density Polyethylene helps prevent hotspots, which some dogs struggle with especially during the summer months, and it is mold, mildew, flea, and mite resistant.

To have these dog beds raised from the ground also helps prevent joint pain for senior dogs and dogs with bone disease, and the portable design allows you bring it with you for outings and trips. These off the floor dog beds are instant favorites in many puppy owning homes.


+ For indoor and outdoor use
+ Prevents itchy hotspots
+ Flea, mite and mold resistant
+ Made with recyclable materials

Why We Like It – Not only is Coolaroo a great looking dog bed elevated 7 inches off the ground, but it is also made with recyclable materials for a more environmentally conscious purchase.

8. K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot

These heavy-duty elevated dog beds for large dogs can hold for up to 200lbs, which makes it a suitable option even for those big and adorable fur friends that might need dog beds elevated off the ground. K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot stands out due to the cooling pad covering the center, as it gives your dog great relief on hot summer days so that he or she can rest without the risk of overheating.

No tools are required for assembling these raised dog beds for large dogs, and you can quickly stuff it into the trunk of the car to bring it along for that family outing. To up the cooling effect of the center cooling pad, all you need to do is to add regular tap water to the core.


+ Holds for up to 200lbs
+ Center cooling pad for hot days
+ Easy to assemble and disassemble
+ Replacement cot cover available

Why We Like It – While many of us love summer – a hot day can quickly turn into a nightmare for your pet. They can’t ask to be taken to the pool to cool off, or to have the AC turned on, and this elevated outdoor dog bed solves that by adding a cooling pad to the center of the cot.

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9. HDP Elevated Napper Cot Space Saver

HDP Elevated Napper Cot Space Saver

Protect your fur baby from uncomfortable, uneven, hot and cold surfaces with one of these dogs elevated beds, and see how he or she thanks you by sleeping soundlessly through the night! These dog cot beds fold up in seconds and can be stored in a corner without occupying space, which is extra convenient when traveling or when on the go.

For a dog, elevated bed solutions will help take stress off the joints, something that works as a preventive method but also to give relief to dogs that already suffer from bone and joint pain. The HDP Elevated Napper Cot Space Saver is made with heavy-duty Oxford polyester, which is both water- and UV-resistant, and the frame is made with powder-coated and rust-resistant steel. The Medium size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 30lbs and the Large size can hold up to 50lbs.


+ Four different color options
+ Folds up for easy storage and transport
+ Water- and UV-resistant polyester
+ For dogs up to 50lbs

Why We Like It – If your family travels a lot or enjoys going on hikes and camping trips – then this is the perfect solution to get dog beds off the floor. The fold-up function allows for it to be stored pretty much anywhere, and it is lightweight enough to be carried with you on a hike.

10. K&H Pet Products Comfy Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Comfy Pet Cot

Looking at these not so large elevated dog beds, it is not hard to see why they are so popular among both dogs and their owners. The brown leather imitation gives it a classy look that fits in great in any sophisticated home, and it is high enough to relieve stress on sore muscles and painful joints.

You can always equip an elevated dog bed with dog-friendly stairs if needed, but K&H Pet Products Comfy Pet Cot does not tend to require it due to its clever and well-thought-out construction, and while it is a small bed in size – it can hold for up to 150lbs of weight, making it ideal for heavier small dogs such as English Bulldogs and Bassett Hounds.


+ Gorgeous design with fake leather
+ Small size but has a high weight limit
+ Incredibly soft and ergonomic
+ Wipe or hose down to clean

Why We Like It – Yes, comfort comes first when looking for the perfect pedestal dog bed, but it is a huge plus to have it look as great as this bed does! The leather imitation details make it more than just a dog bed, and it quickly becomes an indispensable part of your room décor.


Elevated Dog Bed Buyers Guide

Our dogs do so much for us, and the least we can do is provide them with a safe and comfortable space to sleep. Getting elevated pet beds for large dogs and their smaller dog friends is a convenient way to prevent bone and joint problems, and to provide relief for dogs suffering from arthritis, painful joints or that are recovering from injury. Some people think that it is better to keep the dog as close to the floor as possible, especially when injured or in pain, but it is not quite like that. Sleeping a little further up can actually help with pain and arthritis symptoms, so if you think (or know) that your dog might be suffering from joint related pains – getting a raised bed could be the solution.

You can choose elevated dog beds with stairs if your pup has a hard time climbing into it, but otherwise just give your pup time to adjust and to get used to a new bed.


Look for breathable materials, since it will help your dog stay cool during the summer months. You can always add a blanket during winter, if you worry about your pup getting cold once the temperature drops, but a base made from breathable materials is the way to go since it can aid in preventing unpleasant hotspots and having your pup’s cot turn into a grow-ground for bacteria. Good breathable materials are Oxford mesh, certain types of polyester and more, which are durable materials able to hold the weight of your dog while he or she sleeps.

If you have a dog that tends to chew up toys, beds and whatever they can find, you might want to look for a product with a reinforced base – made to prevent dogs from ripping it apart within the first five minutes. Vinyl is an incredibly durable fabric type; not as breathable as for example mesh, but that is something you may want to sacrifice if your dog is a chewer.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

Now, before settling on a product, it is important to consider not only what you will be using the bed for – but where. An outdoor pet bed needs to be made of a material that does not rust, wither or fall apart due to cold, heat and general weather changes, and the first thing you want to look for is a steel frame that won’t get rusty. Even if you keep your dog bed safely under a roof; the cold air, sun, and wind are still going to do their best to wear it down. A quality dog bed for outdoor use will last a lot longer in an outside climate than an indoor bed would, so before you decide on what product to get – consider where you plan to place it.

Weight Restrictions

Checking weight restrictions on a product is crucial, and not paying attention to this can quickly become a safety concern, especially if you own a big and heavy dog. You will often see weight restrictions of 100-150lbs, so if your dog weighs more than that, you will want to find a product that can support more weight, like for example 200-250lbs. Not paying attention to this can cause an accident, and you wouldn’t want your pup to fall straight through their new and fancy looking bed.

What is an elevated dog bed?

An elevated dog bed is basically a bed with legs, which raises it up from floor level so that your dog can get in and out without having to bend their legs and stress their joints as much. These types of beds will usually have a sturdy steel frame that can be taken apart for easy storage, and a comfortable resting area made from durable vinyl, mesh, polyester or other materials. It is a simple construction that is highly effective when giving your dog a resting area where he or she can wind down after a long and intense walk.

Benefits of an elevated dog bed?

The major benefit is that it helps senior dogs or dogs with pain to get up and down from their resting spot since it requires less physical effort than getting up from the floor. An elevated bed will also help your dog stay dry when the ground is damp, warm when it is cold outside and cool in hot weather, something that is convenient for dogs all ages, regardless of health status and overall physical shape. There are so many things to think about when shopping for a new bed for your dog, but this is a design that will work well from that the dog is a puppy and until it reaches those lovely senior years. Preventing bone disease and joint pain is always advisable, and a good first step is by investing in a raised bed for your pooch to sleep in.

Do dogs like elevated dog beds?

It can take some time for a dog to get used to a new bed, especially if they have never slept in an elevated bed before. Dogs that have access to furniture are probably more likely to accept a raised bed right away, while those that normally sleep on the floor could end up needing some more time. If your dog is struggling to adjust, you could try to convince him by placing his favorite blanket on top of the bed or try to lure him up with treats and encouragement. The biggest mistake you can make as a dog owner is to give up too soon because not all dogs do well with change. Give your pup some time, and once he gives his new bed a chance – you’ll see that he won’t want to sleep anywhere else ever again.

Where to buy an elevated dog bed?

You might have noticed that most pet stores tend to sell soft cots to be placed on the floor somewhere, and even if they do have the eventually elevated dog bed available – there aren’t usually that many options to choose from. If you have trouble finding one that suits your needs and that of your dog, you might want to consider looking online. When checking websites like Amazon.com and other online-based pet stores, you suddenly get access to hundreds of different options, where you can compare prices, weight limits and overall function, which makes it a lot easier to find the perfect dog bed for your four-legged family members.

Best value elevated dog bed?

The ‘AmazonBasic Elevated Cooling Pet Bed’ is an affordable option that costs just around $20, while still giving you all the features a more expensive pet bed would come with. It is made with a soft and breathable mesh material to keep your dog cool during hot summer days, and you get a lot for the money you pay when purchasing a bed like this little gem.

Top quality elevated dog bed?

The ‘Kuranda Dog Bed All Aluminum’ is a real beast among elevated dog beds, and its durable and heavy-duty structure is built to hold for a weight of up to 250lbs. It is perfect for outdoor use while it also works excellent as an indoor bed, and it has features to discourage a destructive dog from chewing on his or her new sleeping-spot. If you are looking for a top-quality elevated dog bed – this is where you want to start (and possibly end) your search.


The benefits that come with providing your dog with an elevated bed are many, and there are no good arguments for why you shouldn’t. Once you start learning about all the things that a raised bed can do for your pup, and once you’ve given your fur baby a chance to try one – it suddenly becomes difficult to even imagine any other type of bed variety. You know your dog best, yes, but joint problems and pain is a very common issue in dogs, especially as they begin to reach an older age, and wouldn’t it be great to be able to do something to possibly prevent- or at least relieve that? Have a look at the products listed in this article, think about what it is that you need and see if you can find a good match. Your dog and his aging body will thank you.

Expert Tip

If you are unsure, use the internet to check customer reviews of the product you are considering, as it can give you an insight of what real users thought of the product. Also, always remember to check the weight limits before purchasing, especially if you have a bigger dog.

Did You Know?

Early signs of arthritis in dogs might be difficult to spot, but if you start noticing your dog taking longer than usual to get up from a resting position – it might be time to introduce an elevated dog bed.

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