Best Indestructible Dog Beds in 2021

5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds in 2021

I don’t know about you, but my dog sure is an accomplished destroyer of all things, especially things he loves. It puzzles me as much as it does you. One way to circumvent the positive destruction of any and all things is to purchase items that are wear and tear-resistant.

Manufacturers seem to know this is an issue some pets have and every year they come out with new and unbreakable options. Hopefully after purchasing one of these new dog beds, even the most avid diggers, biters and chewers will have met their match.

Is your pup extra anxious or teething? Then chewing could be a tough tendency to curb, but again, the solution would be to bolster their bed. What makes a good dog bed? Is this behavior normal? Should you buy an indestructible dog bed? These are all questions we will address in the following article.

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1. Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed

Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed

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For a brand that is famous for their work clothes, you know in your heart this dog bed can withstand anything your dog can throw at it. This premium dog bed is not made of the plushest and softest material, but that is what makes it durable. The duck canvas is firm and resilient to any dog’s chompers.

The outer shell is coated with a water repellent to keep the stuffing safe from accidents. The interior cushion is made from baffle, which keeps the fill in place. Remove the outer canvas from the cushion to clean if the dog bed needs washing.

+ 3 colors
+ Durable duck canvas
+ Water repellent
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – This design is great for teething puppies and accident-prone fur babies. The urine will glide right off and their teeth won’t be able to tear through the fabric.

2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam

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Coming in three different colors, this extra thick four-inch Orthopedic dog bed reduces joint pain and improves your dog’s mobility. The mix of cotton, twill, and polyester creates a sturdy and long-lasting option. The entire dog bed reaches European safety standards and attained a safety certification for the cover fabric.

You are protected by a 24-month warranty for manufacturer defects. The memory foam is supportive and the outer layer is water-resistant and comes with two zipper compartments. It’s so plush and comfortable your dog won’t even want to attack it. The quality construction of such a comfortable bed is really worth every penny.

+ Memory foam
+ 24-month manufacturer warranty
+ Water-resistant outer layer
+ Washable

Why We Like It – Any product with certification to back it up gets my vote. The breathable outer layer is also great for pups with skin sensitivities.

3. Hero Dog Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad Anti-Slip Mattress

Hero Dog Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad Anti-Slip Mattress

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The fleece material used with the wavy stitching makes this dog sleeping mat tougher than the average. Not only is it resistant to scratching, biting and gnawing, it also won’t pill after a long period of use. This dog bed is easy to maintain and machine washable.

The three color choices will look great on hardwood floors or tiles, and with the non-skid bottom, it will stay in place. It looks thin, but the mat is actually very well-padded and compact.

It takes the stress off joints even without a memory foam base. The thin design of this pad also makes it easy to contort and shape, so use it as a crate mat when you’re taking your dog on vacation.

+ Soft fleece material
+ Scratch and bite-resistant
+ Machine washable
+ Non-skid bottom

Why We Like It – Use it as a bed or just a place for your dog to lay and rest, the fleece material will hold together well when your dog tries to adjust the position.

4. JoicyCo Dog Bed Crate Pad

JoicyCo Dog Bed Crate Pad

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Do you like a wide selection of colors? I know I do! Out of the six colors, you get to choose the one you like out of three different sizes. The top layer is a soft and plush fleece. Supported by thickened cotton, the fabric is durable and long-lasting.

Due to the sufficient padding, it also functions as a support mat to take the pressure off joints and pressure points. These fleece beds are 100% machine washable without losing their shape. You can even tumble dry them in the dryer! The anti-slip bottom will keep the bed in place wherever you put it and the in-seam keeps the bed extra sturdy.

+ Many colors
+ Soft plush fleece
+ Thickened cotton layer
+ Machine washable

Why We Liked It – I personally like thin pads because you can place them anywhere. They are more efficient and can be used as furniture protectors as well!

5. Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

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Brindle beds are 100% waterproof. The outer layer protects a 4-inch thick foam that consists of memory foam and support foam. The soft and conforming pad takes all stress off your dog and puts him in a cloud-like and comfortable state.

The cover is made of velour, a highly durable material that is also dirt and hair resistant. If it does get dirty, simply remove the cover from the foam and toss it in the machine. It’s such a sturdy design that Brindle even offers a three-year warranty! The non-slip bottom and breathable material give your pet a stable bed to relax on.

+ 100% waterproof
+ Ample support
+ Machine washable
+ Non-slip bottom

Why We Like It – Brindle is an amazing company that takes the term “animal lover” to a whole new level. They donate one of these amazing beds a day to their local Humane Society.

Indestructible Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

A lot of companies and manufacturers advertise their beds as durable and long-lasting options. But how far do these beds really go? Comfort should still be important when it comes to a dog bed.

There are ones with heavy frames that resemble an elevated cot, such as the K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot, but that suits the outdoors more and isn’t as comfortable as the above options. So what should we look for in chew proof dog beds?

What to Look for When Buying Indestructible Dog Beds


What makes a chew-proof dog bed is definitely the material. If you’re looking for a cot, which might not be as comfortable and good for dogs with joint issues, then look for steel frames and tough canvas.

If you want a dog bed that’s portable, can be used indoors and taken on trips, look for ones made with polyester, micro-suede or micro-fleece. Ones with extra stitching will also keep the bed from being shredded.

Elevated Design

This goes for all types of beds, cots or mats. It needs to be either sufficiently padded or elevated a few inches off the ground to keep your dog warm. A comfortable dog equals less rambunctious and destructive behavior.


Accidents happen, in every aspect of life. Even if your dog is potty trained, he may still soil the bed in defiance at times. To have water-repellent properties or waterproof material can keep the inner cotton/foam layer safe from damage. Most dog beds, not just indestructible ones need to be water-resistant.

Machine Washable

Is it easy to clean? Materials absorb odors, and that is a fact. Dogs suffer from the famed (or infamous) wet dog smell. To keep his bed smelling fresh and clean, look for ones with a removable and washable cover, or one that can be washed entirely in the machine.


Instead of switching dog beds every month or every few months, invest in one that can withstand roughhousing. It can be difficult to acclimatize your dog to new things, so save yourself the trouble by looking into indestructible options.

Whether an outdoor cot is more to your liking or a soft cloud-like pouf, a dog bed needs to be comfortable. We hope the designs we introduced give you an in-depth look at the comfort your dog can enjoy.

Expert Tip

Your dog may channel his energy onto another object once he realizes the bed is chew-proof. To prevent him from going after something invaluable or irreplaceable, you can introduce a Kong toy, or check out our list of options on chew toys and dog puzzles.

These items distract your pup and keep him from feeling bored. In turn, it could save your furniture and belongings from their premature demise.

Did You Know

As a pet parent, you are responsible for your dog in every way. If he’s hungry or there is an underlying health issue, it could cause constant chewing. So always make sure your dog is satiated.

However, problems that can’t be avoided or helped such as separation anxiety or teething can also cause this unwanted behavior. Knowing why your dog leaves a path of destruction in his wake could help you take the first step in trying to prevent it.

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