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8 Best Dog Couch Covers in 2021

A new furry addition to the family equals more messes. A pet couch cover can at least secure your furniture from fur balls, scratches, mud and dirt, and of course, accidents. Training your dog to keep off the couch is one way to keep your furniture looking new, but dogs can be sneaky and take a nap where they aren’t allowed regardless of your requests.

Why not let your dogs be true members of the family and live comfortably with you? Snuggle together on the couch for a night without worrying about your precious sofa.

Having a dog will mean the destruction of your possessions at one time or another. However, clever veteran dog owners know how to properly puppy-proof their home. That’s why dog couch covers are an essential part of your puppy-proofing arsenal because it serves as a sofa protector from any unwanted mess.

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1. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Dog Couch Cover

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Sofa Slipcover

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: Mighty Monkey
  • Material: Fabric
  • Item Weight: 3.02 Pounds
  • Special Features: Thick & Durable Material, Reversible, Premium Quality & Design
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry

Our Review

The MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Dog Couch Cover will cover the surface of your couch. If you want soft and comfortable materials to cover your sofa, this pet couch cover is a must-have! The Mighty Monkey sofa slipcover comes with a 10-year warranty and fits perfectly on different sofas and chairs. Want to live in style and give your coach a new look? This couch cover comes in 7 different colors and is also reversible for double use.


+ Premium quality and design
+ Many colors and perfect fit
+ Soft and comfortable material
+ Reversible furniture protector
+ 10-year warranty
+ Easy maintenance, machine-washable and dryable


– Not waterproof
– Not suitable for leather sofas because they can easily slip off
– Straps may be hard to operate

Why We Like It – The quilted design is extra durable, and the perfect fit will make this a seamless addition to your sofa. Protect your sofa from any kind of a mess, including dog hair, dust, or food crumbs, using one of the best couch covers by MIGHT MONKEY.

2. PETMAKER Furniture Protector Dog Couch Cover with Bolster

PETMAKER Furniture Protector Pet Cover with Bolster

Product Specifications

  • Brand: PETMAKER
  • Material: Polyester, Plush, Fabric
  • Item Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 5 inches
  • Special Features: No Slip, Water-resistant, Extra Long Drape
  • Product Care Instructions: Spot clean with a clean damp cloth

Our Review

Protecting your couch but not sacrificing your or your pet’s comfort is the goal for PETMAKER. The side bolster gives extra cushion and acts as a headrest for your pet as well. The soft quilted cover that comes in four colors will complement any interior décor.

The soft plush fabric is easy to spot clean for dribble spills and easy to vacuum to avoid accumulating dust and pet hair. What’s inside the bolster is shredded memory foam to provide extra backing and protection for your couch. Available in two sizes, the furniture cover has a non-slip backing, perfect even for genuine or faux leather couches.


+ Soft bolster for added comfort
+ Slip-resistant backing
+ Easy care and easy clean
+ Water-resistant bottom layer for spill and stain protection
+ Super-soft plush fabric available in 6 different colors


– Based on some customers review, the large size is not enough to fit large breed dogs
– Not recommended for aggressive chewers

Why We Like It – The larger size drapes over the edge of the couch for extra protection, making it the best sofa shield. The soft quilting and neutral colors will fit flawlessly into your house!

3. OstepDecor Multi-Size Rectangular Corduroy Quilted Pet Furniture Protector

OstepDecor Multi-Size Rectangular Corduroy Quilted Furniture Protector

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: OstepDecor
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Grey
  • Item Weight: 4.99 pounds
  • Special Features: Well Quilted & Durable, Soft to Touch, Fit to Various Styles of Sofa
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Do Not Bleach

Our Review

This is another design that isn’t waterproof but does guard against small spills for a few minutes. Every piece of the quilted protector is sold separately. This allows you to buy what you need and create the perfect and stylish covering for your couch.

The slipcover of OstepDecor has an anti-slip backing, keeping it securely in place even with constant movement on the couch. Whether you have fabric or leather, it will be a stylish dressing for your sofa. Each piece is machine-washable, just use cold water and do not bleach. Coming in mostly neutral tones, make sure you wash the covers with like colors.


+ High-quality velvet fabric
+ Soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touch
+ Multi-functional sofa cover
+ 2 choices of corduroy or velvet
+ Anti-slip backing and stays in place
+ Easy to install and easy care, machine-washable


– Sold by piece only, and not by set
– Can get expensive because you need to buy several pieces to cover up the whole couch

Why We Like It – The beautiful and intricate design and separate pieces make this a product that can pass off as a built-in cover for your couch. Add a pinch of personality to your mundane living room with the color options.

4. Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch & Sofa Water-Resistant Dog Couch Cover

Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch & Sofa Water-Resistant Furniture Cover Protector

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Furhaven
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Two Tone Espresso & Clay
  • Special Features: Water-resistant, Safe & Secure
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand or machine washable

Our Review

For heavy-duty messes and more aggressive fur babies, we introduce this water-resistant option from Furhaven. The dual color scheme is a reversible design with three two-tone color options to choose from. Protect your furniture and add more comfort with the padded quilting. Aside from comfort, give yourself less anxiety with the waterproof pinsonic fabric.

Fasten this furniture cover securely and keep it from shifting under your body with the cushion anchors. The back and side bolsters are filled with 100% recycled material! And with its water-repellant coating, your couch will be safe from stains and spills.


+ Easy to clean with hand wash or washing machine
+ With three-sided bolsters to keep the cover in place
+ Features a two-tone reversible design
+ Cozy high-loft cushion support for added comfort
+ Cover comes with water-repellent coating for maximum spill and leak protection
+ Includes 90-day limited warranty for material defects


– Not fit for large breed dogs
– Zipper is flimsy and can break easily
– Elastic straps are not very durable

Why We Liked It – The water-resistant coating of the pinsonic fabric has water-repelling properties and will keep the droplets from soaking in. If you want to keep living in style, the Furhaven cover is reversible to complement your sofa design.

5. H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Furniture Dog Couch Cover

H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Couch Cover for Dogs

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Product Specifications

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric Type: Soft Microfiber With Filled
  • Special Features: Adjustable Elastic Strap, Water-resistant, Machine Wash
  • Product Care Instructions: Do not use bleach, Gentle Machine Cycle

Our Review

Coming in measurements for different kinds of couches and sofas, the H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Furniture Dog Couch Cover has been upgraded with adjustable elastic straps to keep it in place. The waterproof material protects against spills, accidents from pups and babies, and everyday dirt and grime. The surface layer and bottom layer are made from chemical-free and eco-friendly faux suede.

Encased between the two layers is foam padding to give extra comfort. Choose from the wide array of colors that will offset a dull living room. The protective couch cover is machine washable and easy to clean. However, removing it right away after an accident is recommended because it’s not 100% waterproof.


+ Reversible with upgraded fabric
+ Stays in place using 2″ wide adjustable elastic straps
+ With water-repellant features
+ Eco-friendly material
+ Offers maximum protection from spills, stains, dog hair, wear, and tear
+ Easy care and clean using a washing machine


– The sizing listed may not be accurate in real life
– The elastic strap is easily breakable
– Not recommended for aggressive chewers

Why We Like It – The design is engineered to fit into any living room on any sofa or couch seamlessly and flawlessly. Reverse the cover and use it for longer before throwing it in the wash.

6. RHF Reversible Pet Sofa Cover

RHF Reversible Sofa Cover

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rose Home Fashion
  • Material: Fabric
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Special Features: Water Resistant Surface, Eco Friendly Filling
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Our Review

Manufacturers strive for a perfect fit with precise measurements when it comes to furniture covers. RHF is one of those companies and provides precise measurements for most types of chairs. Not only are reversible couch covers more convenient, but they are also great for kids and pets.

Feel safe in being able to invest in artisanal furniture pieces that might cost a bit more. The elastic strap will keep the protective layer in place – no shifting and bunching. Reversible covers do not have a non-slip backing, making it an inadvisable choice for leather or faux leather furniture.


+ Reversible design for double use and fresh style
+ Easy care and machine-washable (cold)
+ Features elastic straps to prevent slipping
+ Protects furniture from pet hair, stains, or dust
+ Water-resistant surface
+ Great for shedding dogs


– Not recommended for leather couch
– Frequent readjusting is needed

Why We Like It – Have fun matching the multiple colors to your interior and keep it locked safely in place with the adjustable straps. Also, everyone loves a no-hassle machine-washable design! This pet couch cover also does a great job in keeping away your furry friend’s hair, and it’s easy to clean off using a vacuum.

7. TEWENE Anti-Slip Sofa Sectional Slipcover for Dogs

TEWENE Anti-Slip Sectional Slipcover for Dogs

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: TEWENE
  • Material: Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Special Features: Anti-slip, Multiple function
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Do Not Bleach

Our Review

Similar to the above option, this anti-slip cover is sectional and sold piece by piece. While this could be annoying, it does give you autonomy to mix and match to your desire. The fabric is of premium quality and feels like soft velvet, and all pieces are complete with non-slip backing.

The multi-functional covers work well with both leather and fabric upholstery. They are dyed with environment-friendly dyes to keep them from fading over time. Feel free to use this slipcover on any surface for protection. Use it as a play mat, floor pad, protective rug, etc. Your satisfaction is TEWENE’s guarantee, and they offer a 100% satisfaction promise for your protection.


+ Anti-slip backing silicon rubber design
+ Super-soft and comfortable for you and your pets
+ Satisfaction guarantee
+ Multi-functional sofa cover
+ Easy to install and easy care, machine-washable


– Sold by piece, not all set
– Not waterproofed
– Can get expensive because you have to buy multiple pieces to fit your whole sofa couch

Why We Like It – The many practical uses for these mats make it a smart purchase. The sectional pieces allow you to cover surfaces of any size.

8. Home Fashion Designs Adalyn Collection Deluxe Quilted Furniture Protector

Home Fashion Designs Adalyn Collection Deluxe Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: Home Fashion Designs
  • Color: Lattice Grey
  • Item Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Our Review

Protect most of your furniture with this design made of 100% microfiber polyester. However, like many other options, the reversible design also makes it difficult for leather upholstery without the non-slip backing. Relax in style with the beautiful print and soft suede-like material that’s easy to clean in the washing machine.

Choose between a pretty pattern and a solid color. Reversible options are like getting two pieces for the price of one! Unhappy with your purchase? Return the item within 30 days to get a full refund. Beware that this guarantee is only available to new purchases made from HFD.


+ With gorgeous pattern and reversible design
+ Soft and comfortable fabric
+ Easy going and easy to install
+ Machine washable with easy drying
+ 30-day full refund
+ Made to fit an oversized sofa


– Not waterproof
– Pattern may come off after months of use
– Elastic straps are short and the couch cover slips off

Why We Like It – Try the Home Fashion Designs Adalyn Collection Deluxe Quilted Furniture Protector, and if it doesn’t successfully protect your beloved upholstery and floors, return it within 30 days at no cost to you!

Alternative Choice: Pawsse Waterproof Dog Blanket

Pawsse Waterproof Dog Blanket

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Perhaps a waterproof dog blanket is more up your alley. It covers any surface and is also reversible, with two different textures on each side. You get thick and soft fleece on one side and a plush Sherpa backing on the other. Only one texture, the fleece one, is water repellent, but no liquids will soak through either side.

Pawsse Waterproof Dog Blanket is an excellent product with the same protective features as a couch cover. This option is easily portable and can be taken on trips too! After a long trip out or after days of use, throw the soft plushy throw into the washing machine, and it will come out as good as new!

Key Features:

+ Durable waterproof fabric
+ Protects your furniture from dog hair, dust, or dog pee
+ Reversible and with waterproof coating for leak protection
+ Super plush to keep your pooch warm and cozy
+ Machine-washable
+ Perfect for indoor use, at home, or inside your car

Why We Like It – A blanket gives you more versatility. Use it as a comfy cover for you and your pet on cold nights or as a protective layer on furniture to prevent spills and accidents. It also works great on the ground, like a warm mat.

Couch Covers for Dogs: A Buyer’s Guide

The trickiest part about buying a cover for anything is whether or not the measurements are accurate. Something used every day needs to stand up to roughhousing and shouldn’t be thin and flimsy. Protecting your furniture but keeping your living room comfortable is made super easy if you pick the correct couch cover for your needs.

Simplify life’s problems and do yourself a favor by identifying the best option available on the market. Let’s take a look at what you should factor in when you’re making your next purchase.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Couch Cover

german shepherd sleeping in the couch
A german shepherd dog sleeping in the couch

Size and Measurements

All else goes out the window if the size isn’t right. You definitely need to accurately measure your couch or sofa before clicking the “order” button. If you end up purchasing the wrong size, the cover won’t adequately protect your furniture.


Are you protecting your furniture from your clumsy self, from your kids, or your pet? Determine this factor so you can decide on the best material to spare your furniture from any accidents. If the furniture cover is just for aesthetic purposes and protects your couch from everyday wear and tear, a simple fabric would do.

Stays in Place

What’s the point if the cover slips off with any slight movement? Straps are included for most reversible covers. The unsightly straps will keep out of sight upon installation; wrap them under your couch cushions. If you chose a waterproof dog protector, there would most likely be non-slip backing. Keeping the protective cover in place is important.


Tons of different designs are available on the market, from separate pieces to a full-on cover. You might even find some with soft bolsters for added comfort. To appeal to your artistic side, manufacturers have come up with cute patterns and colors for you to mix and match your interior for added effects.

Material and Fabric

It goes without saying that the material and fabric you choose will play a big role in the comfort of your home. We would advise you to pick soft, somewhat waterproof, and machine washable materials.

Easy to Clean

Speaking of being machine washable, this is another essential characteristic to look for. A furniture protector’s job is to take the stains and the spills, which means getting dirtied and soiled is part of its job. Washing the covers and cleaning them thoroughly will become a regular chore. Ensuring that stains come off easily so the covers can last is one more thing to look for.

Water Resistance

Personally, we think this is one of the first things we’d look for. We believe this is a given if the purpose of the couch cover is to protect your couch from all mishaps.


This is a less important trait, but it does give you a bang for your buck. Having a reversible cover is like buying two for the price of one! Not to mention it gives you more freedom to style your living room with two different colors.

Is a Dog Couch Cover for Me?

Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive
Image by Svetlana Ruskova from Pexels

It most definitely is! Animals and kids and even you can be a bit messy sometimes. They not only protect your couch but any sort of sofa or chair that you deem necessary to keep in tip-top shape. They serve as a kind of a protective barrier between your furniture and accident-prone members of the family.

Even if your dog is the cleanest and tidiest of the bunch, the cover can still protect your upholstery from dust and hair. Hopefully, when your new puppy is teething, the couch cover can steer them away from gnawing on your furniture and takes the brunt of the attack.

Benefits of a Dog Couch Cover

Keeps Your Furniture Clean

Muddy paws, long nails, thick coats, and clumsy family members are the banes of a tidy person. The couch cover will have you covered in the cleanliness department – pun intended. They not only keep your house and furniture clean but also relieve your anxiety about the damaged property.

Protect the Fabric

The other important role they play is as a protector of surface material. Whether it be leather or fabric, the cover will keep it all safe and unharmed from everyday wear.


Having a dog means puppy-proofing to protect your pup from harm, but it also means protecting your possessions from sharp teeth and claws. Furniture cover will make your life easier. Leaving your puppy at home becomes less of a stressor, and at the same time, you can decorate and pretty up your living room with an extra element. Having a pet doesn’t have to come at the cost of your furniture with protective couch covers.

Expert Tip

Your couch, much like your carpet and rugs, is among the dirtiest of places in your home. The germs and bacteria, along with dirt and grime that have made your couch their home are unspeakable. It’s important to keep them clean, otherwise having them is pointless. Our experts feel that you should wash them as often as you do your dog’s bed and your bed covers. It’s safe to say around once every other week is fair for dirtier pets.

Did You Know

If your purpose is just to keep your couch clean from hair and dust, some people even use old blankets and sheets to lay over the surface, and they work pretty well as dust covers. There are waterproof pads for baby cribs and beds for children to prevent urine or blood from soaking through. If you find one large enough or have a small couch, it could also do the trick.

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