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Answers Detailed Dog Food Review (2022)

Is raw dog food really the way to go? The ancestral diet has gained traction over the years with more pawrents going for the raw diet. There is a slew of benefits to the ancestral diet including improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and healthier skin and coats. It’s hard to trust commercial dog food manufacturers when it comes to what your fur baby will ingest. How do you know what is going into the food and what the manufacturing process is like?

Answers Detailed Raw Dog Food is a veterinarian-recommended dog food brand that scientifically formulates each recipe to benefit your pooch. Let’s take a closer look at the brand and what they have to offer.

About the Brand

answers pet foodAnswers Detailed is a small dog food company based in Pennsylvania. Their mission is to create pet food of a higher standard, to ensure maximum nutrition potential in every bowl. They focus on quality nutrition, humane sourcing, and bioavailability.

What prompted them to start their own brand was the realization of the harsh processes used in commercially manufactured pet food. They believed there had to be a better way to create an end-product that benefits our animals, and the environment.

They adopted a from farm to bowl ideology and set out to reinvent how pet parents perceived dog food. They are not just a dog food company, but an environmental one as well. Their ultimate goal is to pave the way for pet parents to ensure their pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Ingredients/Key Features

Answers Detailed dog food only incorporates organic ingredients. We have selected the chicken recipe to represent all the other recipes from Answers Pet Food.

Ingredients seen in the chicken recipe include:

Organic chicken

Chicken meat is a protein that is essential to muscle building, and contains important amino acids key to a dog’s development.

Organic chicken heart

Organs such as the heart are amazing sources of protein minerals and also provide vitamin B.

Organic chicken liver

Another organ, chicken liver is another essential protein source that will benefit dogs during their growth period.

Ground organic chicken bone

Ground bones don’t sound too appetizing, but the addition of ground organic chicken bone is a great natural source of calcium. Calcium is essential to bone density and growth.

Organic chicken eggs

Chicken eggs possess a high level of nutrients and are easy to digest.

Organic carrots

You can’t have meat without veggies, and fiber is just as important for dogs. Carrots have high levels of beta-carotene, which can benefit your pooch’s eyes and lots of other essential minerals.

Organic green beans

Organic green beans are also added for dietary fiber and are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Cod liver

Just an added protein supplement that also benefits your dog’s skin and coat.

Organic yellow squash

Squash is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.


You may not be familiar with this FDA-approved organic compound, but it is responsible for controlling diarrhea, and can help with upset tummies and IBS.

Vitamin E supplement

Vitamin E is the only added vitamin supplement in the list. It is crucial to a healthy immune system and is a powerful antioxidant.

As you can see, each ingredient is clearly labeled in the order of percentage with the first three ingredients as animal-sourced protein. Everything is laid out without unclear labels.

Guaranteed Analysis (calorie weighted)

+ Protein – 41%

+ Carbs – 20%

+ Fat – 31%

The chicken recipe features a fat-rich recipe with average protein content and low carbs. The fat levels may seem high but the brand stands by the ratio claiming that fat is an important part of a pet’s diet. It’s true that healthy fats are essential to coat and skin health and is especially beneficial to dogs with skin allergies.

The brand has a generous amount of meat with options from multiple sources without protein from plant-based sources.

Health Benefits

As you can see from the ingredients list, the dog food uses organic ingredients, which is why we give it a favorable review. In order to receive organic labels, the ingredients must adhere to more strict and stringent guidelines. Organic products are free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and more harmful compounds.

Organic raw food from Answers Pet Food will help pets with kidney issues, digestive problems, and other physical ailments. Other than that, Answers Pet raw dog food can also help correct behavioral issues such as lethargy or hyperactivity, excessive chewing and digging that can all be traced back to a poor diet.

With the incorporation of Answers raw food, your fur baby will become healthier, happier and full of vitality. All of the ingredients were sourced specifically to benefit dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages by identifying the most species-appropriate diet.

All products from Answers Pet Food meets AAFCO standards for balanced nutrition for all life stages.

Flavors/Product Line

Answers Detailed Dog Food has a variety of interesting and unconventional products that can benefit your dogs. They boast of items never seen in other brands. Before you knock their options, consider the benefits listed beneath. While they may sound unappetizing to you, your dogs may love these innovative choices.

Fermented Raw Milks

Fermented Raw Milks

+ Fermented raw cow milk kefir

+ Fermented raw goat milk

Additions to your dog’s diet for probiotics and enzymes.

Fermented Bone Broths

Fermented Bone Broths

+ Fermented fish stock

+ Fermented turkey stock beet juice

Great sources of enzymes, vitamins and minerals

Limited Ingredient Diet

Limited-Ingredient Diet

+ Straight raw beef

+ Straight raw chicken

+ Straight raw duck

+ Straight raw pork

+ Straight raw turkey

Excellent protein sources and can be mixed with the bone broths and fermented milks from the brand.

Complete and Balanced Diet

Limited-Ingredient Diet

+ Detailed raw chicken

+ Detailed raw beef

+ Detailed raw duck

+ Detailed raw pork

+ Detailed raw turkey

Biologically diverse recipes to ensure balanced meals for dogs of any size, breed, age and life stage.

Organic Raw Duck Eggs

Organic Raw Duck Eggs







This superfood is a supplement for meals that is optimal for growth.

Raw Cheese

Raw Cheese







+ Raw cow cheese fermented cumin

+ Raw cow cheese organic garlic

+ Raw cow cheese organic turmeric with black pepper

+ Raw goat cheese organic blueberries

+ Raw goat cheese organic cherries

+ Raw goat cheese organic cranberries

+ Raw goat cheese organic ginger

+ Raw goat cheese organic turmeric

Your dog can now experience the wonders of cheese with this product line. Answers Detailed raw dog food also created a line of raw cheese that contains beneficial bacteria for gut health. They are awesome snacks that can supplement minerals and vitamins.

Fermented Feet

Fermented Feet







+ Fermented pastured raw pig’s feet

+ Fermented pastured raw organic chicken feet

Don’t let the heading deter you, after all, humans enjoy pork knuckle too. Although we won’t blame you for not putting this at the top of your list. The fermented feet offered by Answers Pet Food doesn’t look inviting to us but is a healthy treat for your dog.


Raw food doesn’t come cheap, and that is to be expected with premium dog food. It also offers more benefits than regular kibble and allows for better nutrient absorption. Unfortunately, the cost of Answers raw dog meals vary from dog to dog.

In order to know the exact cost for your dogs, you need to head over to the Answers Detailed website and answer a few questions about your pup, input what products you want to put into the recipe to reach the recommended calorie intake from your inputted answers.

That’s the great thing about Answers Detailed. It’s that you can pick the type of meat, how much meat and even throw in some extra rewards like the fermented feet to tailor the perfect recipe for your dogs.

Where to Buy

Because of the customization, stringent processes Answers Detailed adhere to, and the need to keep the ingredients fresh, you can only purchase their raw meals on the website or in-store at a location near you.


Although this isn’t a product recall, but in 2019 salmonella was discovered in the Answers Detailed straight beef formula. It wasn’t a product recall but the FDA issued a warning for all pet owners.


In our Answers Detailed Dog Food review, we took a close look at what goes into each recipe. Regardless of the type of meat you choose, Answers Pet only utilizes organic ingredients. Said ingredients meet stricter guidelines from the FDA, and is, therefore, safer for ingestion.

Answers Detailed incorporates the best of both worlds in the creation of their products – customizable recipes and raw ingredients. Depending on your dog’s size, breed, life stage and preference, you can tailor the recipe to his or her liking.

Raw ingredients have time and time again proven to be a good choice for pets. It adopts the concept that an ancestral diet (one that follows that of their ancestors) are the best for dogs. Benefits of raw meals include healthier immune systems, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, better nutrient absorption, better weight control, added energy and increased stamina, healthier skin and coats and much more.

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