Dog Boots Review

10 Best Dog Boots in 2022

A responsible dog owner makes sure that their pup gets an active, loving and fulfilling life, and this often includes outings and outdoor adventures of different kinds. What many owners fail to think of is that a dog’s paws are very sensitive and that there are times when a good pair of dog boots might be necessary.

Putting shoes on your dog can protect them from burning their paws on hot asphalt, keep them from getting cold in winter and it can help them get a better grip when out hiking in difficult terrain. Dog shoes will also save you the trouble of having to wipe their paws clean after a day out, so it is a win-win situation for both owner and pup!

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “A good way to get [dogs] used to the boots is to first start out with baby socks on their feet. Once they get used to the socks on their feet; graduate them up to the boots.”

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Finding the right pair of dog socks can be a bit overwhelming, so we have listed some of the best options on the market.

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1. Muttluks All-Weather

Muttluks All-Weather durable dog boots

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These durable and incredibly versatile protective winter dog boots will fit dogs all sizes, since they come in XXS to XXL, and they have thick leather bottoms that are both water- and salt resistant. In many places, salt is used to get ice off the roads during winter, which can take a toll on a dog’s sensitive paw pads, making good doggie booties a high-priority item to keep at home.

The cuffs of these waterproof dog boots come up the leg for ultimate protection from the elements, the bigger sizes have leather toe covers and they have convenient reflective straps for visibility when walking at night.

These dog booties are great looking, visible when walking at night and they protect your pup’s sensitive paw pads from water – which can cause rashes and hot spots – as well as from the salt that is used to remove ice during the winter season. The Muttluks fleece-lined dog boots are very versatile, well-thought-out and easy to put on and take off.

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2. WUXIAN Waterproof

WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

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The anti-slip traction control material used for the sole of these boots for dogs make them perfect for walking in any weather condition. The WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes are water resistant dog boots for wet and rainy days, offer a great grip for walking on snow and ice and they have a soft sole and are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They can also be used for warm summer days to protect sensitive paws from the hot pavement so that you can enjoy a good walk and exercise with your best fur friend regardless of the weather. Older dogs may not be able to walk due to health reasons. If that’s the case, check out our review on the top bike trailers for dogs.

Your four-legged friend will be the coolest pup on the block with these great looking traction dog boots, and the adjustable straps will make sure it sits tightly for comfortable long-term wear.

Great booties for dogs that like to be active, since they’re designed to work well both indoors and outdoors, and in hot as well as in cold weather. It is easy to forget how sensitive dog paws are, and these discrete yet great looking WUXIAN Waterproof Dog pet boots will keep your four-legged family member safe and comfortable when you head out for adventures.

3. QUMY Waterproof Paw Protector Boots

QUMY Waterproof Paw Protector Boots

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Whether you are taking your dog out on a cold winter night, during the summer when the pavement is hot, if you are taking him or her out in the woods or just around the block – doggie boots like these QUMY Waterproof Paw Protector Winter Dog Boots will keep your pup’s paws safe.

The thick natural rubber sole protects the paw pads from cold, heat, from twigs and sticks, and it is also a great idea if your furry family member has gotten a small cut on a paw; as a way to keep it from getting infected. The high-quality fabric of these QUMY Waterproof Shoes is carefully sewn together for maximum durability, and it has reflective Velcro straps that adjust the fit and makes sure your best friend is visible during walks in the dark.

The simple design of these QUMY Waterproof dog booties makes them a good option for anyone who is looking to protect their dog’s paws. These QUMY winter dog boots are made with an opening that expands so that they can easily be put on and taken off, even when you are in a rush.

4. Fantastic Zone Waterproof

Fantastic Zone Waterproof dog boots

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Two adjustable and long reflective straps keep these dog paw boots right where they need to be, and the sole is both sturdy and anti slip, so that your pup can walk safely on all kinds of surfaces. It is easy to forget how easily a dog paw can freeze when walking on snow or burn if walking on pavement, and Fantastic Zone offers a reliable anti-slip dog boot option for the responsible dog owner.

If the pavement is too hot for you to walk on it barefoot – it is too hot for your dog too. These snow boots are made with waterproof materials and will withstand moist on a walk during a rainy day so that the weather will never stop you from taking your fur buddy on a fun day out.

Any pup would look adorable in these stylish snow boots for dogs that like to have fun, and the little stitched-on paw print gives it an original look that will light up even the gloomiest of days – great for protecting your dogs’ paws!

5. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex, All-Terrain Paw Wear

RUFFWEAR Grip Trex, All-Terrain Paw Wear

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This pair of Ruffwear All-Terrain Paw Wear dog boots come in blue, black and red so that you can choose the style that will best match your pup’s personality. The mesh on top of these rugged dog boots is highly breathable, which allows for air to come in and for good ventilation, while still keeping dirt and small fragments out.

The Velcro strap closes with a hook-and-loop function, which makes these Ruffwear durable dog boots incredibly simple to put on and take off. Ruffwear boots are durable, thanks to the carefully chosen materials, and they are excellent options for a hike in the woods or a run-around at the dog park. When buying Ruffwear All-Terrain Paw Wear dog booties it is important to measure your pup’s paw properly and to pick the smaller size if it falls between sizes.

Ruff wear dog boots are great choices when looking for a versatile boot for dogs that are about and about a lot since they protect the paws while also being comfortable and looking great. The dog boots Ruffwear make are known for their high-quality and durability, which guarantees you a great product that will last and allows your dog to fully enjoy long walks.

6. EXPAWLORER Waterproof Reflective

EXPAWLORER Waterproof Reflective outdoor dog boots

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Looking for outdoor dog boots that will give your dog a better grip when climbing rocks during a hike or when walking on ice and snow? Then – these dog paw booties might be something for you! The extra thick sole gives the dog more stability when walking since they won’t slip on slick surfaces, and these anti-slip dog boots are comfortable enough to be kept on during a while daily adventure.

These protective dog booties are both waterproof, ergonomic and incredibly stylish with their black and yellow design, and they have reflective lines which can aid in keeping your pup visible when out walking at night. Suitable for rain and snow, as well as hot weather.

These are similar in design to the Ruff wear boots and will keep your pup’s paws dry when out and about in rainy or snowy weather conditions. The color combinations are discrete and classy and go well with dogs all colors, sizes, and shapes. These are ideal for protecting your dogs’ precious paws.

7. My Busy Dog Water Resistant

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Boots

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When shopping for doggy boots, you need to look for something that will provide for your needs and those of your dog. These Busy Dog Water Resistant rough wear dog shoes are made to protect paws and nails for dogs that tend to drag their rear paws due to arthritis, nerve damage or similar, and are also great for wet weather walks, playtime in the snow and as a preventive method when walking on hot pavement.

Go with red, orange, green or black, or whichever color you feel the most passionate about. The best thing is that these Busy Dog Water Resistant anti-slip dog botties will keep all the dirt out so that you never have to worry about wiping off muddy paws after a walk again.

These Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Boots are very sturdy and slip-proof, which dog footwear needs to be, and many fun colors to choose from! As an extra plus, the small U.S-based company that makes these durable dog boots also donate parts of their profits to dogs in need.

8. Xanday Breathable

Xanday Breathable

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These dog boots come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because that is how sure the manufacturer is of their product! They have an ergonomic fit with straps that keep them comfortably in place, and the reflective material helps cars and vehicles see your pup when you are out walking at night.

The sole is made with the wear-resisting material, which makes them last long even with frequent use, and they are comfortable enough for your dog to both run, walk and play in. The mesh top enables an airflow and allows for these dog shoes to breathe, which prevents bacteria from building up, and makes it more than fine to keep them on for long walks or for daily adventures.

It is usually a good sign when a product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, since it means the company that makes it is confident enough to think that the customer will be pleased. These cute and functional dog shoes for hot pavement and cold winter days are so light that your pup will barely notice them being on.

9. WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

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Dog booties and shoes are among the cutest thing a pup can don. These little shoes resemble human Uggs, so it’s easy to find a matching pair with your fur baby. They are anti-skid, making them safe to wear on a rainy day and lined with Sherpa lining for supreme comfort and warmth.

The rubber sole is tough enough to handle any terrain and protect your pup’s little paw from rocks, pebbles and sharp objects. The Velcro straps keep them on securely without risk of your dog’s paw sliding out. Your dog will look so stylish in these little fur-lined winter boots.

The cutest part is they are just tiny fur-lined winter boots. It’s a great way to keep their paws protected while matching with mom and dad!

10. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene dog boots

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Here we have fake leather dog shoes that are incredibly waterproof, that adapts to the shape of your dog’s paw, and making them comfortable so your dog can wear all day long if necessary. When it comes to dog boots waterproof key features are important because you want to make sure that those adorable little paws stay dry, clean and unharmed, and this product uses high-quality Neoprene to accomplish this.

The pack of waterproof dog boots includes all 4 booties so that you don’t have to buy several packs in case you want a full set, and the sole prevents your pup from slipping and sliding around when walking on slick or slippery surfaces.

The simplicity of these natural rubber dog boots are its greatest feature, and they fit incredibly well thanks to the soft and stretchy material, while also providing protection from outer elements.

Dog Boots Buyers Guide

It is always important to know what you are looking for when you throw yourself into an ocean of dog socks, and shopping for quality dog boots is no exception. You will quickly discover that there is a jungle of options available, especially when shopping online, and you are likely to hear brand names such as Ruffwear and their Ruff dog boots, competitors like Barkin boots and Vibram dog shoes. The truth is, however, that it doesn’t have to be that hard to find a good option for your fur buddy, and all you need to do is learn what to look for, and how to match that with the individual needs of your dog.

Nobody knows your pup better than you do, and you know best why you are considering a set of puppy shoes for your four-legged friend. Sit down for a minute, think about what you want the dog shoes to achieve and help with, and then take a moment to learn about what you should look for an what you better avoid.

What to look for when buying dog boots?

Once you have figured out why you want shoes for your dog, it is time to have a look at what is important when choosing a product. First of all, you want to make sure that the sole is made with the durable and non-toxic material and a material that won’t wear down after a few walks. This usually isn’t an issue as long as you go with recommended quality pup shoes since experienced manufacturers know to focus on this specific aspect. It should be made with non-slip material for traction control, so that your dog can get a good grip when walking, running or playing, even on wet or slippery surfaces.

The material of the boot is also important, and you should always aim for a water-resistant fabric that breathes, as you don’t want to create an air-tight space around your dog’s paw or space where bacteria can thrive and/or grow. Choose breathable mesh, neoprene or similar, as this will also be soft enough to feel snug and comfortable so your dog can wear them all day long.

Last but not least – the fit. A good dog boot should fit the paw perfectly, so you will want to purchase a product with adjustable straps that can be properly fitted onto your dog’s leg. Always measure your pup’s paw before ordering a dog shoe, to make sure you don’t end up with a product that does not fit properly. Most dog shoe makers recommend going with the smaller size if your fur buddy falls right in between of two sizes, just because a shoe that is too big won’t ever fit well. Small dogs would also benefit from these great harnesses for small breeds. The easiest way to measure a dog paw is to paint the paw pads with non-toxic paint and stamp it onto a paper or to put their paw down on the paper and draw around it. Just like when you buy shoes for yourself – the fit is extremely important for maximal comfort.

What are dog boots?

Dog boots are just what they sound like – boots or dog socks. They usually somewhat resemble dog socks with a hard rubber sole and straps to keep it in place. There are a few different types and models, but they all fill the function of a shoe that can be used either indoors or outdoors, and that can often withstand water, dirt, cold and heat.

Why does my dog need dog boots?

The reason as to why your dog might need dog boots can vary quite a lot! They work great as a way to protect the sensitive paw pads from burning on hot asphalt in the summer, for example, because it is true what they say that if you can’t walk barefoot without burning your feet – neither can nor should your dog. Dog socks will also protect the paws from cold and snow during the winter months! Have you ever noticed your dog lifting or holding up a paw when walking on snow? It means that he or she is cold, and a pair of pup boots might solve that issue so that you can stay out playing no matter the weather.

Other reasons for using dog boots are to spare yourself the hassle of having to clean off the dog’s paws after a walk or to protect a paw that has gotten a small cut or an injury that shouldn’t get wet or dirty. A dog boot can be used on only one paw, or on all four paws at once, depending on the needs. For injury, for example, only one boot might be enough, but if the purpose is to protect the paws from heat, cold, dirt, twigs or sharp objects – you will need all four of them for it to fully work.

Do dogs like dog boots?

It might take some getting used to before a dog will feel comfortable walking in booties, and this is completely normal. Compare it to a puppy getting used to wearing a collar or walking on a leash; it is something new and unknown, and it is important to allow them to get comfortable and not to force them to walk right away. Some dogs adapt more quickly than others and might not seem to mind their new dog socks at all, while others could need some encouragement and positive reinforcement dog training before accepting their new footwear.

How to train a dog to wear dog boots?

As with anything new – it is best to take it slow and allow your dog to feel and become comfortable at his or her own pace. Try with one boot first and see how it goes, let them walk around a little and use treats to make the dog training session fun. You will want your pup to forget that there is a boot on their paw, and you can achieve that by rewarding your dog every time he or she takes a step. Another great method is by playing and having fun, just as you would do normally, and to help them feel like they can do everything they normally do. Once they seem okay with one boot, you can try adding another and so on.

It is important not to rush this, even if it might seem tempting since you don’t want to have your dog hate those new and flashy dog socks you’ve invested in, so take it one step at a time and see what your dog is okay- and comfortable with.

What dog boots for small dogs?

The ‘Muttluks All-Weather’ boot comes in sizes ranging from XXS and all the way to XXL, and they are designed for a Chihuahua, are ideal for Yorkshire Terriers as well as being great for Shih Tzu’s – just as well as a massive Great Dane (see the best Great Dane dog foods here). These booties are also lightweight and easy to put on even the smallest and most reluctant dogs’ feet, and they make a great option for all those tiny fur friends out there.

Which dog boots are best for big paws?

For those big-pawed pups the ‘RUFFWEAR Grip Trex, All-Terrain Paw Wear could be worth considering, since it offers their product in sizes that will fit the biggest of paws. They are great for protecting your pups feel and each boot is also incredibly durable and strong enough to accommodate large paws with their big and sharp nails so that you won’t have to worry about the sole being worn down or the seams ripping. Great product for large dogs.

The Best Waterproof Dog Boots?

Muttluks All-Weather durable waterproof dog boots

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The Best Anti-Slip Dog Boots?


A set of dog boots is something every dog owner should consider buying since it is a great thing to have during every season of the year. Keep those paws dry when it’s wet outside, cool when the sun is beaming down and heating up the pavement, warm when it is winter and clean when walking on muddy and messy surfaces.

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Having dog booties at home will also come in handy if your pup would accidentally step on glass or a sharp object and get a small cut since you want to keep any sores from getting dirty, wet and/or infected. The earlier you start training your dog to be comfortable wearing dog boots, the better since you never know when you might end up needing them.

Expert Tip

If you measure your dog’s foot and you still feel unsure whether to go with a bigger or a smaller size – go with the smaller.

Did You Know?

Dog boots may look a little funny, but the truth is that a dog wearing boots keeps paws protected – a lot more than a dog that doesn’t. They will no longer suffer from cold dogs’ feet, burns from hot asphalt, injury from stepping on glass and so on, and can run around, play and have fun no matter the road- or weather conditions.

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