Commuter Bottle-Bag for Dogs

The Commuter Bottle-Bag for Dogs Review

Being active and going on outdoor adventures is part of what is so great about having a dog, as it gives you a reason to get up from the couch and head outside. While you can walk around your neighborhood, the best walks are often those you take in the woods, down by the beach or somewhere a little further away from the stress of the city.

However, this means you can’t just buy water for your dog if you run out, and you’ll have to plan ahead and carry a suitably sized water bottle with you, and especially on hot days.

In the past, the only solution was for you to carry the water bottle for your dog, but now there is finally an alternative! The Commuter Bottle-Bag allows your dog to carry its own water, while still feeling comfortable and unrestricted.

Review Of The Dog-Friendly Commuter Bottle-Bag

A Revolutionary Invention for Dogs

The Commuter Bottle-Bag is a unique concept that makes it possible for dogs to safely carry a water bottle on their backs, without the risk of injury or accompanying discomfort. It saves you the effort of having to carry it yourself in your hand or of being forced to bring a backpack on your outings so that you can instead focus all your energy on having a good time with your dog.


What makes this cylindrical product one-of-a-kind is that its sole focus is for the dog to have constant access to water; where other dog backpacks and harnesses tend to be bulky with many pockets and straps, which could potentially make the walk less enjoyable for your dog, the Commuter Bottle-Bag for dogs allows complete freedom of movement and does not contribute to overheating while it is being worn.

No more carrying around water bottles and bowls, as this product has everything you need to keep your dog hydrated.

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Shape & Function

When you purchase a Commuter Bottle-Bag, you will quickly discover that it is a product made by dog owners who wanted a sustainable alternative to regular water bottles, and it has a variety of functions you won’t have seen anywhere else.

The cylinder-shaped capsule is strapped onto the dog’s back with a comfortable harness, and it can be opened from both ends to easily access the water bottle inside. The lid that secures the water bottle inside the carrier is designed to be used also as a water bowl, to prevent you from having to carry an extra container.


As the aim is to make water transport less of a hassle, both for us humans and for our dogs, it is essential for the harness to be ergonomic and easy to wear. Several harness designs are being drafted and tested, to ensure that only the best is made available for your dog, and exclusive designs are expected to be added to the collection shortly for your convenience.

The Commuter Bottle-Bag is designed with more than just function in mind, and the idea is for your dog to also look great while wearing it. For humans, a good backpack could be that final touch needed for the perfect outfit, and the same should be a factor worth considering when it comes to our dogs.

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Size Guide

Currently, the Commuter Bottle-Bag is only available for dogs that qualify as medium and above (large and extra-large), which is due to the product being designed to carry a regular-sized water bottle.

size chart photo

These would naturally be too heavy for a small dog to have on their backs, but a small-size version is planned, which will come with a customized bottle apt for our tiniest fur friends. The sizes come as shown below, including the small size which is not yet available for sale.

The way to make sure you get the right size is by carefully measuring your dog with a measuring tape before making a purchase, and to take new measurements even if you have recently taken your dogs, as a dog’s body weight may shift almost daily without us noticing.

A Noble Cause

The Commuter Bottle-Bag for dogs is not just there to make your walks easier, or to ensure your dog stays hydrated, but the idea is also for each product purchase to contribute to a future with less homeless and distressed pets.

Parts of the profits will be donated to animal shelters or other noble efforts to help dogs in need, and it gives you that desirable chance to do something both for your own dog and for the dogs you’ve been wishing you could help, but haven’t had the opportunity to do anything for – until now.

Get your dog the perfect present for walks, hikes and camping trips, and take one common concern off your mental list by letting your dog carry its own source of hydration. A hydrated dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog that will enthusiastically accompany you on all your outdoor adventures, and the Commuter Bottle-Bag is here to make this happen.

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