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Best Toys for Huskies in 2022

Huskies, the beautiful and majestic Arctic Spitz dog are known for their temperamental personalities, stubbornness, and capacity for destruction. This regal dog breed has been known jump through windows, over 6 ft high fences, and tearing out of rooms and kennels by destroying the doors with their bare teeth.

While this all sounds monstrous and quite difficult to contain, they are an amazingly loving, hardworking, and friendly breed. Famous for their wide variety of coats and eye colors, huskies are really some of the best dogs around.

For dogs with such high energy levels, it’s obvious that their daily toys need to be able to withstand the bite of their chompers. As a husky mix owner, even with only 50% of the Siberian husky genes my pup already keeps me more than busy every day.

We’ve also run through over 30 toys just to find one that can handle their powerful jaws. Here is a list of toys that have stood the test of the husky chomp and have our seal of approval.

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1. KONG – Classic Dog Toy

KONG - Classic Dog Toy

The KONG (possibly named after King Kong) is one of the toughest toys out there. They come in a variety of shapes from this lumpy shape to rings, and there are also sizes to choose from to make sure it’s the right size for your dog’s mouth. It’s a natural instinct for huskies to chew when teething, and a good husky dog toy will be there, ready to satisfy that itch.

The different colors are actually color grades for chewers. Black being the toughest and going in descending order is red, purple, then blue and pink for the babies. This wobbly toy also bounces high and is hollow for stuffing treats and using pastes such as the Kong stuffers.

Kong caters their toys to powerful chewers. Huskies love to destroy and chew, and with a juicy treat inside, it will keep your pooch occupied for a while.

2. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Huskies are energetic, and the best dog toys for huskies should keep them distracted as well as take on their aggression. When going for daily walks to the park, having a ball for them to chase after will help alleviate your responsibility to tire out your pooch.

These Chuckit balls possess high bounces and have a squeaker inside to keep your huskies focused. The textured surface gives your dog satisfaction and tossing the rubber toy around is a great way to strengthen your bond. The bright colors are a good idea because it keeps the ball visible in tall thrushes, and makes them easy to locate. Just make sure you get the right one as these chew toys come in different sizes.

Chuckit balls are the perfect fetch toy for the huskies who love to run. They are a good substitute for a tennis ball that can easily fall victim to your dog’s fangs.

3. Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Many experts will tell you that the key to keeping your dog in control is through stimulation, both physical and mental. The mental is arguably just as important or even more so than the physical, which is why we will also introduce dog puzzle toys. These clever little games stimulate your Siberian husky’s brain to figure out how to get the tasty little treats inside.

He will either need to flip or slide each of the tabs to find the morsel of food. Keep your dog engaged through each of the different levels of difficulty in the toys offered by Outward Hound. It will reduce boredom and destructive behavior and all the slobber is easy to clean off as well!

We love dog puzzle toys because they offer a different type of mental stimulation compare to chew toys.

4. Nylabone Power Chew Customer Favorites Dog Chew Toy Bundle

Nylabone Power Chew Customer Favorites Dog Chew Toy Bundle

Nylabone also offers great chew toys that are significantly harder than the rubber Kongs. These toys for huskies come in a wide range of flavors and are excellent for adult dogs (with some options for puppies). They also have levels of durability for different chewers.

Nylabone bones, rings, and other chew toys are the perfect solution for destructive chewing, teething puppies, anxious pups, dental care and just plain fun! Make sure you find the right size for your dog and choose his or her favorite flavor.

Huskies love to go at their toys and they really enjoy ones that are near-indestructible.

5. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Speaking of bones, these realistic-looking bones are made from FDA approved nylon material. Your dog can have his choice of steak or bacon, YUM! The bones are durable and long-lasting and come in larger sizes, which is great for huskies.

As your husky chews on it, it will not only help clean his teeth and maintain dental hygiene but also stimulate blood flow to the gums. It will be the sacrifice and deter your dog from chewing on your table legs, shelf corners and destroying your couch.

We like anything infused with a delicious taste or scent for our dogs because it keeps them from chewing on our furniture.

Best Toys for Huskies Buying Guide

The best toys for huskies need to be indestructible, or at least durable enough for teething periods. They one of the most energetic and strong dog breeds that need tons of exercise and mental stimulation. Their destructive power is also known far and wide, which is why husky toys are made from the toughest materials. Construction aside, there are also a few other things to pay attention to when you are buying your dog’s next favorite plaything.


Believe it or not, age matters! Not to discriminate or anything, but puppies really just can’t do the same amount of damage a full-grown Sibe can. You need to find one that is in the proper age range so it won’t damage your pooch’s teeth or be too easy on him.

Difficulty Level/Toughness

The difficulty and the toughness level should also progress with age. Whether you’re looking at a chew toy or a mental stimulator, as your dog ages, so should the toy. Switch out the softer baby option for a tougher and more durable chew toy as your dog goes into his teenage years, adult years, and then his mature years. The transition of the toys should be soft, hard, harder, then back down to soft.

You can also think about the type of toy. Nylabones are hard while Kongs are more flexible but just as tough but the ropes and balls are less so, but fun to throw around when you’re outside.


The size corresponds to the breed of dog as well. Kongs and Nylabones, as well as a lot of the other tennis balls, come in different sizing. Just find the correct one for your dog’s size at the time. Never size down, always size up if you must since your pup will grow into it. Sizing down will result in possible choking hazards, especially on the puzzle toys with moving and removable pieces.


Why is it that you are getting these dog toys? The best toys can provide a variety of purposes such as teeth cleaning, curbing destructive behavior, mental stimulation, and more. For teeth cleaning, chew toys with little nubs and indents can help scrape off plaque and stimulate blood flow.

Destructive chewing or boredom chewing means your dog just goes hard at the toy to release aggression and anxiety. Nylabones and Kongs are great for this purpose. Mental stimulation can be had with dog puzzle toys and puzzle feeders.

You also need to look at what type of chewer your dog is. Aggressive chewers will tear and destroy with no end in sight until there is nothing left. The ones that are more passive can do with softer toys and even plush animals. Of course, there are dogs in the middle of the two extremes as well. However, since we are talking about the beloved Siberian husky, chances are you have an aggressive chewer on your hands.


Since the best dog toys for huskies are ones that can take the force of their chew, the material will definitely be tough. Whether it’s constructed of durable rubber, nylon, rope, or anything in between, it needs to be safe. We say this because it’s very easy for your dog to accidentally ingest a part of the toy. We’re hoping this won’t happen since most toys we suggested are very durable, but the rope toys often shred easily and we know what happens when our dogs eat string.

FDA approved and food-grade materials are the best. Toys for huskies require a whole other level of robustness that you can find with the proper and safe materials.

How do I Keep My Husky Entertained?

young husky with womanAs said before, huskies need copious amounts of exercise since they are a hyper and energetic breed. Other than necessary physical exercise, mental stimulation is also encouraged. Other than these toys you can leave your dog to play with, there are also activities in which you can take part in as well.

Sibes are sled dogs that like to work and pull. You can easily simulate this by getting him to pull stuff around on a sled. They may not be retriever dogs but they do like to chase. So, kicking a Chuckit ball and have them chase after it is also a good form of exercise. The only downside is you may need to go and retrieve the ball yourself, but hey, you need some exercise too!

Another good way to keep them stimulated mentally is by training them. Dogs don’t have good focus and can only take so much training at a time, but that really tires them out. Don’t get frustrated because huskies are a stubborn breed, but they are also a working breed so if you keep at it, you will prevail.

One other form of exercise a lot of dogs like is tug of war. Since huskies are good at pulling, they will really get a kick out of yanking a rope toy with you. Just be careful because huskies are a powerful breed and could overpower you! It’s also necessary to let them win once in a while because they will let you too!

Do Huskies Destroy Furniture?

Honestly, YES. However, the key to keeping this behavior under control is by tiring him out. Your husky is much more prone to destroying furniture when he has a lot of pent up energy. As mentioned, they have been known to jump through windows (Google it), tear though doors (you can Google it as well), jump over 6 foot high fences (this is Googleable too) and dig under just about anything to get out of a confined space.

They are not a breed experts recommend to have free reign of the house because if you aren’t careful or leave them alone for too long, you may need to bid farewell your couch, coffee table, pillows, anything you leave out and clean up all the contents of your trash can that has been strewn all over the house. This is why good, tough and stimulating toys for huskies are so important to have.

Sometimes bite deterrents such as a bitter apple spray could also help him learn what he can or can’t chew. The downside is that these deterrents aren’t the best to spray onto furniture and it needs to be topped off every few hours. To really help your husky learn, you need to do this every day.


A husky is an amazing dog. You may not know all the harsh elements they can whether and how hard they can word in subzero temperatures. They are the breed responsible for the success of the Serum Run and for getting supplies to and from towns in blizzard conditions. They are a tough breed to say the least, and one that is also extremely friendly and affectionate. They deserve all your love and the toughest toys to play with. Make sure your Siberian fur baby has the best with these dog toys.

Did You Know?

Huskies can be a lot of work and demand a lot of your attention as well. A good way to offload that pressure is with doggy play dates and doggy daycare. No matter how fast you can run or the amount of time you can devote to him, nothing can tire out a dog like another dog (preferably of the same size and energy level). Find some doggy friends and drop him off at daycare if things get too overwhelming.

Expert Tip

Dog training and agility classes can also help your Siberian pooch expend a lot of energy. Just be aware that your cute little pooch may have a shorter attention span than other dogs (or he just simply lost interest). However, if your Sibe feels as though he is working for something, he will be much more likely to stay focused and be eager to please.

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