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Best Service Dog Vest in 2022

Service dogs can be a wonderful help for someone who needs it and for their owners, but for a service pup to be able to come with you and assist you in everyday situations, it is important that others can see that your furry friend is more than just a pet – that your dog is a working dog. This is where a service dog harness or a vest becomes a necessity, and having a vest your pooch only wears when working can also help him or her know when they are on the clock, and when they are off.

Service dog vests come in different colors, sizes and with different designs, and this article will help you find the best service dog vests to keep your dog comfortable and safe while working.

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1. Activedogs Service Dog Vest Harness

Activedogs Service Dog Vest Harness

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When you have a service dog, you want people to know and understand that your dog is currently working, and these service dog vests are perfect for sending out just the right message, They close with a side release buckle, making the process of taking them on and off very simple and quick, and the metal D-rings for your dog’s leash are reinforced and durable for improved safety. The included ADA cards take yet another concern off your mind, so that you can focus on more important things, knowing your service dog has just the right high quality vest harness to be able to accompany you on all your daily outings and adventures.

The adjustable straps make sure this vest fits dogs all sizes and shapes, and it is a great product for therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, working dogs and service animals.

2. FML PET No Pull Service Dog in Training

FML PET No Pull Service Dog in Training

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Dogs all sizes can be service animals, and these service dog vests come in sizes ranging from XS-XXL, so that you can get one no matter how big your furry friend is. Finding the right vests and harnesses can be a little tricky, but with the FML pet vest, it becomes a lot easier! It has an anti-pulling design, helping to keep your dog walking nicely alongside you, and it is comfortable for dogs to wear with velcro for your favorite removable patches. The breathable mesh makes it lightweight to prevent it from restricting the dog’s movements, and it also does not overheat your furry companion even when worn in warmer climates. It is one of the best service dog vests for anyone who values quality, function, and durability, and it comes off in a second with the quick release buckles.

The removable dog patches make it easy for outsiders to see that your dog is a working dog – a service animal, and there are vests available in several sizes and colors.

3. Activedogs Service Dog Kit

Activedogs Service Dog Kit

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For someone who doesn’t want to have to search the internet for all the accessories they need for their service animal. this is one of the best service dog kits you can find, and it is surprisingly affordable! You get a high-quality service dog harness for working dogs, which is both comfortable and sits securely around both the chest and the ribcage, with adjustable straps to provide an optimized fit also for growing dogs. There is a V-ring for a leash and the removable patches means you can use it also when your pup is not working, or for different purposes depending on your needs and requirements. It is one of the most versatile vest and harnesses, and the kit also comes with ADA cards, a credential holder, metal badges that can also be used as keychains and everything else you need to fully equip your faithful service dog.

Keep your dog safe and ready for work with this breathable mesh service vest, and get everything you need in one kit, instead of having to look for products sold separately.

4. Service Dog Vest Harness

Service Dog Vest Harness

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A vest harness like this comes in black, pink and red, offering you the perfect opportunity to personalize your choice in accordance with what you prefer and what would look best on your dog. The two buckles make it very easy to put on the harness, as you don’t have to lift any legs and put them through, which some dogs can find unpleasant. There is a large handle on the back which is great for grabbing onto when you want extra control, or if you want to help your dog get on a train, a bus or anywhere where he or she might struggle to get up. The military-type design has removable patches that attach with velcro, and comes with a handy ebook.

These service dog vests are suitable both for large dogs and small dogs, it is comfortable to wear for hours at a time and you get a handy ebook with your purchase, where you’ll find printable ADA cards for your convenience.

5. Dihapet Service Dog Vest Harness

Dihapet Service Dog Vest Harness

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These comfortable service dog vests are ideal for everyday use, thanks to the durable nylon and the lightweight construction, and there is a handle on the back for improved control. You can’t have your service dog dragging you around, and while training should always be the way to deal with behavioral issues, an anti-pull harness can be a great help. The adjustable straps have 3M reflective stripes for visibility, so that you can use it safely also after dark, and it comes in different colors like red and black. It comes with removable patches that attach with velcro, and it is more than just a service vest – it’s a dog harness you can use for any occasion.

Dogs need to be able to move when wearing dog vests, and this harness is both comfortable, but also a great safety feature with the reflective stripes.

6. Dogline Emotional Support Dog Vest

Dogline Emotional Support Dog Vest

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If you are looking for something a little lighter and simpler, this vest comes in handy both for small and large dogs! It is an industrial puppy and adult dog vest with reflective details and lettering, to keep your pooch visible also at night, and it is a product made especially for emotional support animals with patches to reflect their purpose. Dogs make great companions in difficult situations, but some people need their fur friends to be able to come with them on trips and outings, often to lessen anxiety, and this becomes a lot easier with one of these comfortable dog vests that are machine washable and adjustable.

For anyone who wants a vest harness for an emotional support dog, this would be the obvious choice thanks to the reflective letter patches and additional accessories.



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This heavy-duty military-style service dog vest is waterproof, resistant and made with nylon that sits comfortably on your dog’s body, and it is the kind of product you shouldn’t be surprised if you see on working dogs like police dogs! The quality is unbeatable, along with the function thanks to the practical velcro pockets, and it has reflective striping for improved visibility. It is a service vest for dogs with active dog owners, and for those dogs that need to be able to keep up with everchanging conditions and situations. When you are looking for vests and harnesses, especially for a service dog, you need more than just a comfortable harness – you need the best service dog harness available, and that is what you get with this bad boy of a product.

A service dog harness like this will last for years, thanks to the excellent quality, a convenient handle, and elastic and adjustable straps, and it has two pouches where you can store the service dog credentials.

8. Dogline York Step-in Air Mesh Harness

Dogline York Step-in Air Mesh Harness

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Choose between one of the 10 vibrant color options that come with this harness, and discover the benefits of a soft mesh vest that is ideal for service dogs with sensitive skin, for dogs living in hot and humid areas and more! The material is quick-drying and allows for a good airflow, which is essential for skin health and to prevent overheating, and it has the patches needed to show other people that your pooch is a dog at work. The step-in design is very easy to use, also for dogs that aren’t too fond of having something put on them, and the hook-and-loop fasteners makes the product secure and safe to use. A dog leash can be attached to the durable ring (leash attachment), and it is suitable to be used for all dog breeds.

These dog harnesses have service dog patches, soft padding to provide comfort and more, and it is a great product for a puppy service dog, but also for an adult dog.

9. Dogline Service Dog Vest Harness Bundle

Dogline Service Dog Vest Harness Bundle

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Service dogs need to be able to come with you when you go out, but you also need other people to respect their space by not running up and petting them while they are working, and a great way to achieve this is with a comfortable service dog harness or dog vest. This is one of the best service dog vests you can get if you want a product that is lightweight and easy for the dog to walk around in, and here you don’t have to worry about other essential items being sold separately, as you get a kit that comes with removable patches, keychains and credential holders. This is a huge advantage as you don’t have to worry about potentially missing something for your service dogs, and this kit gives you both the best dog vests and everything else you need in a practical bundle.

Your service dogs will love wearing these reflective service dog vests, as the mesh fabric makes them nice and cool to wear also during summer, and you get some additional accessories that are invaluable when you have service dogs.

10. Complete Service Dog Vest with Exclusive Patch

Complete Service Dog Vest with Exclusive Patch

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It doesn’t get more simple and practical than this, and it is one of the best service dog vests for someone on a budget, and who wants it to be clear to everyone that their service dog is working. Choosing between vests and harnesses can be a little tricky, but this is a top choice for anyone who wants their dog to feel comfortable while also having a vest that fills its function. It has large patch that is visible from a distance, pockets with zippers and reflective details, which is really all you can ask for when shopping for those perfect service dog vests.

Whether you are on the hunt for an industrial puppy vest or the best dog harness for service dogs, you are going to love how simple these are, and how easy one will make it for people to understand that your dog is a working dog.

Best Service Dog Vest Buyers Guide

If you have come this far, it probably means that you have a dog that needs the best service dog vests available, simply because your dog fills a function in your life other than just as a regular pet. Using a vest for a dog with a job is important, as it lets other people see and understand that the dog is working, and that it should not be treated as a regular pet. There are a few things we need to keep in mind when we set out to buy a dog harness or a vest for a working dog; the vest or dog harness needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to have a few other useful features to facilitate your outings. This is a quick guide to finding the best service dog vests for your dog, and also the best options for your individual situation.

Different Types of Service Dogs

It is not uncommon to use the term “service dog” as an umbrella term for several different types of working dogs, but this isn’t necessarily correct or recommendable, as there are some significant differences between, for example, service dogs and emotional support animals. This is the basic terminology to know and understand before you start your search for a comfortable dog harness or vest:

+ Service Dog. The easiest way to explain what a service dog is, is by pointing out that it is a dog that has been trained to perform a certain task (or multiple tasks) with the purpose of aiding their owner or handler. There are certain requirements for a person to be assigned a professionally trained service dog, and these dogs are generally allowed anywhere where their handler goes, including stores, restaurants and on public transport.

+ Emotional Support Dog. Emotional support animals, often referred to with the short-form ESA, do not receive any type of formal training, and their purpose is to be there emotionally for someone who needs it (such as someone with social anxiety or emotional trauma). In the case of an ESA, any dog can be certified as one, which means that it is usually the person’s own dog that ends up becoming their ESA, while service dogs are almost always assigned to the individual in need. An emotional support animal does not have the same legal rights to enter establishments and accompany their handler as service dogs do, and it is usually up to the establishment in question whether they want to permit the access of your ESA.

+ Therapy Dog. It is easy to get all these terms confused, but a therapy dog is different than service dogs and ESAs, and the main difference is that they work with a handler, but not for the handler. The handler will bring the therapy dog to specific locations and situations, such as to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, a place where a crisis has occurred, etc. etc, to provide comfort and reassurance to those in need. These dogs are tested extensively to make sure they have the mentality and basic training required (because nobody will feel calm or reassured by a dog that is running back and forth while barking obsessively), and they require certification. Therapy dogs do not have public access rights, unless the specific establishment has granted permission.

What is the Purpose of the Service Vest?

This has to do with the previous section, but in order to get the right service dog harness or vest for your dog, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to use it for. The first step is to know whether your dog is a therapy dog, an ESA or a therapy dog, so that you can get a vest with the right patches to show others what kind of work your furry companion does for- or with you. You obviously want it to be comfortable, but you also need to decide if you and your dog would benefit the most from a harness or a vest, as a vest is usually just something they will wear in addition to a harness or a collar, while a harness is something you can use and attach the dog leash to. Getting a harness with a leash clip has many benefits, as it means you won’t need to use anything additional when taking your dog out, and a harness will aid towards keeping both you and your dog safe in a busy environment. However, if you already have a harness or a dog collar you prefer to use with your leash, a vest should do the trick.

Dog’s Breed & Size

Golden Retriever Service Dog
It isn’t just about knowing whether you want a harness or a vest, if you want to be able to attach a leash to it as well as knowing what you will be using it for, as you also need to know what size would be the best for your dog. All products, both if you are looking for a vest and a harness to attach the leash to, will usually come with a size guide, where you can get a clear idea of how big the harness or vest is, and how big your dog needs to be for it to fit right. It is recommendable to take a moment and measure your dog using a measuring tape before you make an order, even if you measured him or her the last time you ordered a harness or a vest. It is easy to forget that dogs could gain weight or lose weight without you noticing, so take a moment to double-check this first, so that you can compare it to the different sizes available.

Additional Accessories for a Service Dog

When you have a service animal, it is beneficial for it to wear a vest or a harness that tells the general public that the dog is at work, but you could also benefit from having other accessories! Some of these vest and harness options presented here come with bundles with ADA cards (either included or printable), credential holders, reinforced leash clips, keychains and much more, so if you are just starting out with your search for the right accessories, you could definitely benefit from purchasing an industrial puppy or adult dog kit, instead of just the harness or the vest.

What color vest does a service dog wear?

There is no set color for your dog’s harness or vest to be when you have a service dog, so you have the option to choose what you think will work best for you.

Does Walmart sell service dog vest products?

It is not impossible that you could find one, but the selection is unlikely to be very big, especially if you prefer a harness over a vest, for example, or the other way around. A safer bet would be to look online on websites like Amazon, where you can choose freely with multiple product options.


This will have hopefully helped you in your quest to find the perfect service dog harness – a harness you can both attach your leash to and use for walking, but also a harness that will demonstrate to others that your dog has a task to perform. Both a harness and a vest can be beneficial when you have a service dog, and some prefer to have one of each – both a vest and a harness – while others are fine with one or the other. Take your time when you search for an industrial puppy or adult harness or vest, as you want to get a product that will last you for years while also filling all its required functions.

Expert Tip

Having a quality harness or vest for your service dog is important, but you should also make sure to invest in a durable quality leash for both your own safety and for that of your dog.

Did You Know

A top-mounted handle is a great feature for a product used on a service dog, as it allows you to hold onto it for better control, whenever needed.

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