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5 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Dogs in 2022

Fun time on the beach doesn’t have to just be playing fetch with your pet. Swimming with your pooch is always fun, but what if you could take him paddleboarding? You must have seen online videos of pups doing amazing stunts on these boards, and you might have wondered if your pooch can do the same.

It could be an awesome and fun-filled adventure for you and your dog. Don’t forget to keep him safe and make sure he dons a doggie life jacket. With just a few short trips on the water coupled with your dog’s love for adventure, you will both be SUP (stand up paddleboard) experts in no time at all!

Before you can even begin training your dog to use a SUP, you must pick the right one. Although there don’t seem to be ones made just for your pooch, you can customize one meant for humans to be dog friendlier. Let’s see which ones would be a great choice for beginners or seasoned paddleboarders.

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1. ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

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We feel this is the perfect package for beginner stand up paddle boarders. It includes everything you might need in one purchase! They come in four different colors all made with premium quality material and are the most durable on the market. The board is extremely lightweight and inflatable, making it easy to carry around.

Take the board with you on trips to the ocean or lake, because the extra-wide design provides enough balance for all kinds of water conditions. Not to mention, the extra-wide width will surely provide your dog with extra legroom for better stabilization.

+ 1-year warranty
+ Inflatable design
+ Extra wide
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – The width of this board makes it easy to train your pup. The package is great for beginner paddle boarders because it has everything you need in one purchase.

2. SereneLife Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

SereneLife Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

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If you’re taking your dog with you on a paddleboard, your balance may be compromised, especially with an over-anxious canine. The extra-wide board is a breeze to maneuver due to its 10.5-foot long surface. What’s great about this option is the anti-slip top deck.

It not only gives you a better foothold as a beginner, but it also allows your dog to maintain his balance. Even if you or your pup do slip off, which will happen more often than not, the soft top will also cushion your landing. With the bottom fitted with bottom panel fins, the maneuverability of the board increases ten-fold.

+ All-in-one kit
+ Extra wide
+ Soft top
+ Anti-slip top

Why We Like It – You get everything in this one purchase. SereneLife has even upgraded some of the components and includes an aluminum paddle and air pump for your convenience.

3. Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board SUP

Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board SUP

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With a weight capacity of 209 pounds, this paddleboard can hold almost anyone and their pooch. You also get everything you need in one go: a manual pump, board, paddle, storage bag, and surf leash. As for the surface, there is also a non-slip pad to keep your feet grounded.

When it’s not sitting in the storage bag, the deck handle is a convenient built-in component to carry the board around with you. The compact design is easy to transport to any place with a fast inflation time of around 10 minutes! As for the lightweight aluminum paddle, it separates into three travel-friendly parts and has an adjustable height that reaches a maximum of 2.12m.

+ Complete package
+ Easy to transport
+ Quick inflation time
+ Traction pad

Why We Like It – Every part of this paddleboard package is compact and travel-friendly. Not only is everything lightweight, but even the paddle detaches into three parts for more convenient transportation.

4. FunWater Inflatable 10’6×33’’x6’’ Ultra-Light SUP

FunWater Inflatable 10’6x33’’x6’’ Ultra-Light SUP

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Another dog-friendly SUP, the Funwater inflatable paddleboard is ultra-lightweight. This makes steering an easy task as it can sometimes be tough to control the board under you and your dog’s weight. To help it withstand tough conditions and unseen sharp objects, the board has an extra PVC layer of board rails.

The three removable fins contribute to its amazing navigation and ease of steering, giving you and your dog even better balance while standing. Not only does the whole kit come with the basics, but it also includes a repair kit!

+ 60-day guarantee
+ 1-year warranty
+ 30-day return
+ Extra durable

Why We Liked It – Your worst nightmare as a paddle border is to have your board deflate in the middle of the water due to sharp objects. This can be even more dangerous with your pup on board. The extra PVC layer will definitely add to durability and safety.

5. Atoll 11’ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll 11’ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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This is a very heavy-duty model for those who want guaranteed safety. It’s extremely lightweight, about 40% lighter than other models. The extra thick and extra-wide board, measuring at 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide provides supreme stability and balance.

The fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade will slice through water like a hot knife through butter, making steering easy. Each purchase comes with a dual-action manual pump, a regular hand pump, bungee tie-downs, and a travel bag. The travel backpack is large enough to fit all the equipment you need for a paddleboarding day adventure.

+ 2-year manufacturer warranty
+ Extra lightweight
+ Extra thick and wide
+ Premium grade material

Why We Like It – Similar to the above option, this board is entirely wrapped with a second PVC layer for extra durability.

Inflatable Paddle Boards Buyer’s Guide

Once you have mastered paddle boarding, the next challenge would be to incorporate your beloved companion. It’s a new trendy activity that’s able to garner thousands upon thousands of likes online.

Aside from the hype, it is quite a relaxing and adventurous activity to further strengthen the bond between man and his best friend. But before you head out for your next purchase, you need to know what to look for, and that’s where we come in.

The Stability

Although dogs have four paws on the ground, they might still lose their balance from time to time. They are eager to venture into the water and it’s hard to keep them still. Find a stable board (hopefully one that’s wider) before you take your dog with you. Stability is the number one factor.

The Traction/Dog Pad

You can find a board that is already equipped with a non-slip traction pad, as this makes balance easier for both of you. Even if there is no deck pad, you can probably find a good one to add to the board yourself. It not only makes standing easier but if you or your dog do topple off, it’s easier to hop back on with a good grip.

The Size

As you may have guessed, the bigger or wider the board the better. A bigger board means more freedom of movement and a wider board means more balance. Look for boards that are at least 10 feet long and 30 inches wide.

The Shape

Look for paddleboards with a more rounded tip. Sharper/pointed tips are great for maneuvering and quick steering, but they are not as preferable for dogs. Since your pup will most likely be posted up in front, you need to give him as much legroom as possible and a rounded nose gives more space.


When it comes to training your dog, patience is key. Any kind of training takes repetition and a great amount of time – paddle boarding is no exception. Take the time to accustom your dog to the movements of the water and within a short time, he will become a SUP pro! Inflatable paddleboards are great for pooches as they are more buoyant, provide more traction and are extremely lightweight.

Nervous pups with sharp claws will not damage these durable boards. So the next time you take a paddleboarding trip with your pup, just remember to strap a life jacket on him and he will be incredibly safe.

Expert Tip

Acclimatize your dog to the board before you try anything. Keep the board at home for a period of time until your dog feels comfortable to be in its vicinity. Let him lie and walk on it, just so he knows it’s not a danger to his well-being. Get him to stay on the board by placing a treat on the deck.

Have him understand that as long as he stays still on the board, the treats keep coming. Once your dog gets used to being on the board, you can introduce the life jacket.

Did You Know

As we have mentioned consistently throughout this article, make sure your dog wears a life jacket while on the water – preferably one with a top handle. This gives you easy access to him if he should go overboard.

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