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Best Harness for French Bulldogs [2022 Review]

There is a reason why Frenchies (French Bulldogs) are just so popular. They are cute and loveable creatures that want nothing and offer nothing but love! Give your Frenchie Bulldog the best when you take him out on walks with a proper French Bulldog harness made for their barrel-chested bodies.

Padded dog harnesses are more comfortable for your beloved pooch and will also reduce the chances of irritation and chafing. They are the smaller option of the Bulldog breed but that doesn’t hinder their large amounts of excess energy.

To gain control of your favorite French Bulldog on your daily walks or runs, the right harness is needed. To help you pick the right one for your beloved Frenchies, just follow along with our suggestions below on our top 10 list.

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1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo is a loved and trusted brand for dog equipment and their Tru-Fit smart harness can be used on walks or in the car. This product has been crash- tested to guarantee it will hold your dog in place in the case of an accident. The nesting buckle on this harness for your French Bulldog is the same one found on equipment used by rock climbers.

There are 5 adjustment points to fit this smart harness on any breed regardless of chest proportions (which is important for your French Bulldog. When in the car, the smart harness is a seamless fit with any seatbelt system.

We like a harness that can double as a seatbelt for your beloved dogs. This keeps them safe on the journey to the destination as well.

2. Sporn No-Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Sporn No-Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Coming in three very cool color blends and different sizes, you can definitely find one that fits your French Bulldog’s unique body shape. The mesh chest plate is breathable and the sturdy and durable construction is used to combat those heavy leash pullers.

The chest plate is elasticized and will work and contour with your dog’s movements, thus providing maximum comfort. It’s great for active and stubborn dogs who love to run ahead. The patented system won’t choke or harm your dog as you regain control.

We love the durable construction and the breathable and patented design that won’t restrict your dog’s movements. Don’t worry if your dog pulls, this harness for French Bulldog will make sure he isn’t choked.

3. Puppia Soft Dog Harness


The best thing about this French Bull harness is the wide assortment of colors to choose from. Not only that, but you get different size options to make sure you get the right size. It’s a lightweight and unencumbering design that is easy to slip on and off. They are comfortable even on French Bulldogs due to the soft air mesh padding. There is a point of adjustment and D ring attachment points for leash attachment. Take your French Bulldog out for a stress-free walk with this fashionable harness from Puppia.

It’s very important for a dog harness to have many sizes and adjustment points to make sure you get the right fit. The right fit will eliminate the chances of your dog squirming out of the harness.

4. Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

Just from the photo alone, you can see that the Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness is one that is carefully constructed with multiple adjustment points and padding. Even with the adjustment points, there are still multiple sizes to choose from to guarantee a good fit.

Take your pick of three different colors to match your French Bulldog’s personality or his fur color. This heavy-duty dog harness is meant for any outdoor activity and the padding takes stress off your dog. To keep your pup safe during nighttime adventures, the Frenchie harness includes reflective trimming.

This French Bulldog harness is not only comfortable and suited for many activities, but it’s also safe with reflective trimming.

5. Frisco Small & Medium Breeds Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Frisco Small Medium Breeds Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Instead of just supplying the regular XXS-XXL sizes, this dog harness provides the chest girth measurement for the best fit. The dog harness is completely padded around your French Bulldog’s chest and neck area to ensure comfortable wear. There are also 4 colors to choose from for the more stylish pooches out there.

The design is easy to put on with an over-the-head strap and quick-release buckle. The soft and breathable mesh will keep your small to medium French Bulldog happy and comfortable on walks and runs.

We love a harness that is easy to slip on and off. The Best French Bulldog harness will offer maximum comfort as this one does.

6. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness


The easy walk dog harness is the best harness for pullers. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to stop your dog from pulling and lunging in style. Many harnesses and collars can end up choking your fur baby when your dog pulls on walks – that won’t happen with the easy walk dog harness.

It attaches itself around your dog’s chest, giving you full control and won’t choke or restrict your pooch. It may be a bit tough to figure out at first, but the straps are colored in a way to make it easier for you. The strap that goes around your dog’s belly is a different color.

With less intuitive collars or harnesses such as this one, it’s important to understand how to use it. The complementary colored strap makes it easy.

7. Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Harness


For the more active French Bulldogs, we have the Mighty Paw padded harness. The harness is heavily padded to let your dog get the most out of his daily exercise without any irritation. It offers two attachment points – a front attachment for those leash pullers or you can opt for the back leash attachment.

This is great in a harness for French Bulldogs because although they are small in stature, they are a hefty and strong breed. The padded sports harness for French Bulldogs is also weatherproof and can hold up well.

We love the two leash attachments that can help train your pooch to stop pulling. Once your French Bulldog has learned, you can switch the leash attachment to the back.

8. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Padded Dog Harness

Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Padded Dog Harness.jpg

Blueberry Pet harnesses are known to feature adorable patterns and designs. This specific harness from Blueberry pets is great for French Bulldogs due to the 3M reflective trim and the adjustable straps. You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort or safety with these padded dog harnesses.

The best harness should be able to give your dog sufficient levels of safety and comfort. The dog harness features lightweight mesh on the inside and tough oxford on the exterior for balanced control. The design of the harness also helps with pulling and weight distribution.

The 3M reflective strips really help with visibility and safety during nighttime walks. The design is also superior for weight distribution.

9. Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Do you want your French Bulldog to stand out in a crowd? These French Bulldog Accessories feels good on his or her chest, and features many colors and sizes. The purpose of the design is to disperse and distribute stress and weight throughout your dog’s body.

Also equipped with 3M strips, this reflective harness is safe during any time of the day. Made with adjustable straps, the harness is easily customizable to fit your dog’s chest. It also features two leash attachments – a front O-ring to stop pulling and a back leash ring.

We love this design because it works as an activity harness and sort of as a doggy seatbelt and disperses the weight across the harness.

10. Pet Champion Camouflage Dog Harness


Camo is a print that comes in and out of style throughout the years and it’s definitely in right now. If you like to take your French Bulldog out into the woods or on hunting trips, this is the harness for you. There are two versions, one pink and one traditional camo prints to choose from.

Other than the desirable pattern to blend seamlessly into the outdoors, the camouflage harnesses are also durable and sturdy. There is not one but two leash rings to help evenly distribute your dog’s weight and offer you more control out in rugged terrain.

This design is the optimal choice for a French Bulldog that loves to spend time in the outdoors. Just be careful not to lose sight of your pooch with this print!

Best Harness for French Bulldog Buying Guide

So you’re set on purchasing a harness for your French Bulldog, but as you have noticed, there are a ton of features different brands and designs can offer. How do you know which one will suit your Frenchie the best? In order to help steer you in the right direction, we have broken down all the important points to look for when purchasing your next harness.

Things like comfort, durability and adjustability are factors you cannot go without. Read through our list of features to find out what else you should want and need.


There are two main types of harnesses – the no pull and the standard. Luckily, in our top list, we have also included many options that are a blend of the two and more. By and more we mean they can also act as seatbelts, making them triple threats. Let’s take a look at the difference and help you decide what type you should choose.

Standard – The standard harness is one you mostly see on dogs and work effectively to distribute the weight across your dog’s body. The larger the dog, the more padded and thicker the straps should be.

No pull – A no-pull harness will tighten ever so slightly when your dog pulls. Don’t worry, it won’t tighten with enough force to harm your pooch. The harnesses that we have included that blend the no-pull and the standard feature a front leash ring to discourage pulling

Now let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of the front clip, back clip, and dual clip harnesses.

Front clip – These harnesses offer more control and help with no-pull leash training. Dogs that like to lunge and jump will also benefit from these harnesses.

Back clip – The most commonly seen type of harness clip, these are great for small dogs, but aren’t so great with dogs that are strong, have a powerful prey drive and love to pull and jump.

Dual clip – This is the best of both worlds. As you can imagine, they give you the flexibility and versatility to train your dog.

Size and Fit

Next up is the size and fit of the harness. This is perhaps one of the most important features you should look out for when purchasing harnesses. You want them to be made well and fit perfectly. The best harness shouldn’t be too tight to restrict your dog, or too loose they can wiggle out of it easily. The chest area is the most important part when it comes to fitting your Frenchie. They are barrel-chested dogs and need enough leeway around the midsection.

You should measure the neck and chest girth of your dog to get the right size for the harness. Since most harnesses are adjustable, it does give you some room for error. When in doubt, always size up a bit. However, with the adjustable straps, sizing your pup will be much easier.

The right size and most comfortable fit should still have enough room between the straps for you to fit two fingers. That’s the standard rule of thumb when it comes to sizing.


If your dog has shorter fur or more sensitive skin, padding is generally advised. However, it also depends on where the harness sits – the contact points on the skin. Harnesses tend to scrape against more sensitive areas such as the armpits and it can irritate any dog – long fur or not. Padded harnesses are more comfortable period, but they can become quite hot without proper ventilation.

We often see polyester, nylon, neoprene and even leather harnesses. These are the ones that are most durable, are comfortable, breathable for the most part and are weatherproof.


If a harness has reflective trimming or LED lights, those are the best choices for night owls who like walking their pooch in the wee hours of the night. Brightly colored harnesses and cute patterns will also stand out more than a solid and darker color. One other safety feature you can look for other than visibility and padding would be a top handle. Some harnesses can even feature a top handle (more often seen on dog jackets) that help you steer and grab your dog in emergencies.


Last but definitely not least is the appearance of the harness. You would definitely want one that reflects your and your dog’s unique sense of style. There are tons and almost unlimited options in terms of harness designs and some can even feature rhinestones embellishments and lace for little girls. Other than picking the perfect harness in terms of utility, you can’t forget about the style either.

Is a Collar or Harness better for a French Bulldog?

black french bulldog biting on a dead branch

It’s hard to decide if you want a collar or a harness. If you opt for a collar, it has dual functions of being an identifier and something you can use on walks. A harness is guaranteed to be more comfortable for leash pullers, so which should you choose for your Frenchie?

Collars – Collars are the top choice for walking puppies as it gives you more control over your pup. Do not opt for choke or prong collars for training as there are a ton of other safer and more humane options out there. If your dog isn’t a puller, a collar can be a long-term accessory that you leave on for longer.

There are also slip collars that are designed to loop around the neck and won’t cause choking. These collars are great for Frenchies and other bulldogs because of their thick necks.

Harness – Harnesses can offer a wide variety of advantages and among the top ones is your dog’s comfort. They are great training tools (front clip, back clip, dual clip), and offer many options. You can train your dog with peace of mind knowing that you won’t hurt or choke them. They also offer less restriction and chances of injury to the neck area.

You may use them both together, the harness is used for training while the collar dangles the tags that identify your dog. There are also other options such as the head halter in case your dog doesn’t take to either.

How to Measure Your French Bulldog for a Harness

It’s quite an easy process if your dog doesn’t squirm or run away. To get him to stay still, putting a treat in a stuffable toy works quite well. Next, you need a soft tape measure. To measure the chest girth, you wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your fur baby’s chest. Note down the number on a note pad then move onto the neck. Measure the base of your pooch’s neck then record his weight.

Sometimes the weight of the canine can correspond to the size if it’s given in XXS-XXL. Don’t pull the tape measure too tightly, just a snug fit will do.


Giving your Frenchie the best on your walks is what a good pet pawrent will do. That means making sure the one you buy is the right size, comfortable and stylish. If you don’t purchase a harness your pooch likes, he may be hesitant to let you put it on. That will result in a game of tag around the house every time you take him out for a walk. If you follow our careful list of important features to look for, you will definitely find a harness your Frenchie loves.

Did You Know?

Your Frenchie is a short-snouted dog, similar to other Bulldogs and Pugs. In order to give your beloved fur baby the maximum level of comfort, we suggest looking for harnesses with a low neckline.

Expert Tip

Since Bulldogs, in general, aren’t a very active breed compared to the likes of a Siberian Husky or a Labrador Retriever, they can do well with both a harness or a collar (front or back clipped).

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