Best Dog Foods for Corgis in 2022

Best Harness for Corgi in 2022

Corgis are beloved dog breeds that are known for their cute little butts, loving and affectionate nature, and overall adorable appearance. However, these little elongated canine companion dogs are prone to structural issues such as spinal problems if their weight isn’t regulated, hip dysplasia and more. When walking these dog companions, we as dog owners need to be more careful because there is more body clearance needed and their legs are a little shorter.

Physical differences aside, Corgis are very fast, agile and energetic dogs that need a dog harness that can match their output. The best harnesses for Corgis need to be comfortable, durable and also attractive. We have your back in this department, as we have reviewed the best Corgi harnesses on the market and will also do our best to answer some frequently asked questions about dog harnesses and this particular breed.

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View the Best Harnesses for Corgis Below

1. [Best Value] rabbitgoo Dog Harness

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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The first harness for your Corgi we have on our list today is the no-pull harness from Rabbitgoo. It comes in a variety of colors and this harness comes with two leash clips for versatility. This vest harness is an excellent option for training purposes. You can use the leash clip at the front of the Corgi harness to prevent leash pulling and switch to the one on the back when your dog has learned how to walk with you.

This no-pull dog harness comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your dog’s personality and is easy to use and fully adjustable as your fur baby grows. Made from durable nylon and padded with soft cushioning, the Corgi dog harness is easy to put on and take off.

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  • Has a variety of color and size options
  • Durable oxford nylon
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • No-pull dog harness design

Why We Like It – We love a product that is versatile. The no-pull harness from Rabbitgoo will make sure your dog stops pulling and can be used indefinitely afterwards.

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2. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

A step-in harness is very easy to use and a recommended type of harness for your Corgi. This is because Corgis are rambunctious, and step-in harnesses slip on easily. There are no points of adjustment except for the top and the Voyager harness is suitable for all life stages of Corgis. There are many different sizes to choose from and even more color options.

The material is a very comfortable and breathable mesh material that is lightweight and suited for all weather conditions. There are also small reflective strips on the sides of the harness to make your daily walks safer in low light conditions.


  • Loop and D-ring leash attachment
  • Great for Corgi body type
  • Step-in design
  • Reflective strips
  • Comfortable vest harnesses

Why We Like It – Step-in harnesses are also referred to as vest harnesses. These designs are convenient, comfortable and very easy to use. Not to mention, they look incredibly stylish on your Corgi.

3. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

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Here we have another anti-pulling dog harness option from BARKBAY with a Corgi as the spokesperson. You know this is a good choice dog harness when a Corgi himself approves. There are 4 different sizes available. To get the right size harness, make sure you measure your dog precisely. Nothing is worse than having to return a harness that doesn’t fit. There are also multiple color options for every dog.

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The front leash attachment is excellent to ensure that your Corgi is lead and doesn’t lead. The reason is that you will be the one pulling rather than the other way around. Don’t worry about chafing, the material padded and the adjustable type of harness will improve your walking experience with your Corgi.


  • Easy to take on and off
  • Different sizes and colors available
  • Harness fits well
  • Padded chest
  • No-pull design

Why We Like It – If measured correctly, this type of harness is escape-proof and easy to walk in. The padded chest area makes it very comfortable for your dog while you leash train your Corgi.

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4. Frisco Soft Mesh Back Clip Dog Harness

Frisco Small & Medium Breed Soft Mesh Back Clip Dog Harness

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If you are lucky enough to not require leash training or are done with that stage of your dog’s life, the Frisco soft mesh back clip dog harness is an easy, no-fuss option vest harness. There are a few different sizes and four colors to choose from. The right harness will be one that is comfortable and reflects your dog’s vibrant personality.

The breathable mesh material makes this a good harness for hot weather, as it keeps your dog cool. Just simply slip it over his head and secure the fast-release buckle to keep in tight over your dog’s body and legs. Just be aware that this is a less heavy-duty design, so if your Corgi is a chewer, you may have to find products that are more sturdy.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Simple design that fits snug on the chest and belly
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Adjustable straps

Why We Like It – For everyday walks, some dog owners just want a simple and easy no-hassle design. There are many harness types out there, but we find the vest design the best.

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5. Bolux Dog Harness

Bolux Dog Harness

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The Bolux dog harness is the ultimate heavy duty harness that will make sure your dog is safe and you have full control. The construction of these harnesses for Corgis is high quality and hard-wearing. Aside from many sizes that will fit any Corgi, there are also multiple color options and even ones with patterns. The thick and padded chest strap will give you more control over your dog.

There is even an outdoor-ready top handle for security, and also makes a good harness choice for service dogs. Your Corgi will be comfortable, stylish, and safe with the Bolux harness. The material is durable and made to be weather-resistant as well.

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  • Perfect fit for Corgis
  • One of the best harnesses for safety
  • High quality and durable construction
  • Reflective straps
  • Top handle

Why We Like It – Whether it’s for extra safety or for more rambunctious Corgi dogs, this harness for your Corgi is one of the best options you can get for both.

6. Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

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If you plan on training your dog professionally, the Auroth Tactical dog training harness is a perfect fit for this purpose. The tactical harness is also a no-pull harness rolled into one. There are different neutral color patterns and designs suited for the outdoors and your Corgi’s camouflage. There are easy adjustable straps on the products and secure chest and belly coverage.

The high quality and durable construction outperforms other different types of harnesses thanks to 900D nylon. It’s the right harness for hardcore outdoor activities, training or service. There is even a satisfaction warranty for the product if you are unsure of the purchase.


  • High quality and secure construction
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable straps
  • Heavy duty types of harnesses
  • Multiple patterns, designs and sizes

Why We Like It – It’s the perfect Corgi harness for adventures. Take part in everyday activities but be better prepared for rough terrain and unpleasant weather with this Corgi harness.

7. Chai’s Choice Front Clip Dog Harness

Chai Choice Front Clip Dog Harness

When you see a dog harness labeled as a front clip type of harness, you know it’s meant for anti-pulling. The Chai’s Choice front clip dog harness also has a back leash attachment so you can switch from training to regular walking with your Corgi at anytime. The ergonomic design of this Corgi harness is easy to put on and take off thanks to the adjustment points.

Chai’s Choice harnesses for Corgis also have a lot of safety features implemented including 3M reflective strips and nylon webbing for added security. Your pet Corgi is in good hands when you put the harness on.


  • Very stylish and durable design
  • 3M reflective bits
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Excellent harness for Corgis

Why We Like It – Chai’s Choice often comes up as one of the best harnesses for Corgis due to its robust construction, comfort and overall appealing aesthetic.

8. PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness

PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness

Coming in vibrant colors, the Petsafe Easy Sport dog harness is another best harness for your Corgis. The reason for this is the multiple color options with a wide variety of sizes to create the perfect fit for your pet. The nylon construction is hardy but the neck circumference has an elastic stretch to ensure comfort for your pet. For a design that isn’t very heavy-duty, Petsafe has included a top handle that allows this harness for Corgis to live up to its name.

It’s easy and safe, the Petsafe brand makes the best harnesses in the industry, and this is recognized by experts in the field. There are comfortable padding and reflective piping trim around the Corgi harness as well.


  • Many sizes and colors
  • Comfortable padding
  • Reflective trimming
  • Trusted brand in the dog industry
  • Sturdy dog harnesses

Why We Like It – The product itself is high quality and very durable, but the brand Petsafe also gives down owners peace of mind. Thanks to their reputation, we know we are getting the best Corgi dog harnesses.

9. PoyPet No Pulling Dog Harness (Upgraded)

PoyPet No Pulling Dog Harness

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The next option is from PoyPet and it’s also another anti-pull harness that is upgraded with more safety features. There are multiple sizes to choose from so you won’t have to switch brands as your Corgi grows. The variety of colors is a winning point of this dog harness and the breathable mesh provides a comfortable fit.

As an upgraded version, these Corgi harnesses are optimized for maximum comfort, fit, adjustability and safety. Enjoy a peaceful and safeguarded walk with the reflective decor and the soft filling will protect your Corgis from chafing. The back has a loop that can act as a mini top handle or a seatbelt loop for road trips.


  • Multiple color and size options
  • Great harness for your Corgi
  • Anti-pull
  • Upgraded version
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It – Not only is this an upgraded version, but the brand also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your Corgi dog harness just in case there is anything that doesn’t meet your expectations.

10. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The Easy Walk harness is exactly what it sounds like. The use of this harness with your pet Corgi will make for a pleasant experience. If your Corgi doesn’t have a pulling habit, the Easy Walk harness without too many bells and whistles is the perfect choice for your pet.

It comes in multiple colors and the construction is straightforward. The adjustment points make this Corgi harness versatile and can accommodate your Corgi’s weight fluctuations and growth over time. There is no more gagging and choking your dog with this harness with the patented Martingale loop design.


  • Can steer your Corgi away from pulling
  • Comfortable fit
  • Quick and easy adjustment points
  • No more gagging and choking
  • Martingale loop

Why We Like It – We pride ourselves on choosing harnesses with different designs and price points. The Martingale loops harness is a great style for dogs that are avid pullers and end up choking themselves.

Best Harness for Corgi Buyer’s Guide

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Instead of just taking our word for it, we want you to equipped with the knowledge to pick your own harness for your Corgi when the time comes. In this part of our helpful review, we will address frequently asked questions, talk about items to look for when picking the best harnesses for your Corgi and more.

Let’s dive into the important features to look for when buying harnesses for your dog. This buyer’s guide can be used to find the perfect harness for any breed, not just Corgis.

Type of Harness

The first thing to consider is the type of harness. Harnesses come in a few main types – front clip, back clip, vest or step-through, and Martingale. You may find a combination of two or even three types of harnesses in one, which is a great deal for the price.

+ Front Clip Harness

A front clip harness is meant for leash-pulling training. In other words, if your dog has a habit of leash pulling and tugging while on a walk, this is the type of harness you want. In most cases, a front clip harness will be used earlier in life. As your dog learns to heel and stops tugging, you can graduate to back clip designs. However, this could equal more money spent on a harness, which is why we suggest purchasing a harness type with both front and back clips.

It’s also important to get the right size. However, most harnesses come fully adjustable, which is an advantage because it can accommodate your Corgi as he grows.

+ Back Clip Harness

A back clip harness is one of the most common types. This type of harness is used for a Corgi who has kicked all the bad walking habits such as lunging, tugging, pulling and stopping. You have less control over your Corgis with a back clip harness and it also gives your dog the opportunity to lead you around. So be sure your dog is a well-mannered walker before using back clip designs.

However, this type of harness will put most of the pressure and stress across your Corgi’s chest, so it needs to be adequately padded, which we will discuss later.

+ Vest/Step-through

This type of harness just looks like a little vest and probably only features one adjustment point on the back. It could be with a clip or velcro secure fix under the leash attachment. They are very comfortable as they are mostly padding and fabric, but just like barrel-chested dogs, your Corgi has a special physical stature that may make the wrong fit problematic. Also, these types of harnesses are best for smaller dogs or young Corgis.

+ Martingale Harness

A Martingale harness, like the last option on our list, is the solution for ultimate control over your Corgi without the choking effect. If you have a dog that is harder to control, you can look into this type of harness.


The size of the Corgi harnesses you choose is also crucial to everyday walks. You want your dog to be comfortable, which means you can’t go for one that’s too tight. However, if the harness is too loose, then there will be little to no security. Your Corgi could manage to slip out at any time, which is a pet parent’s worst nightmare.

There are two main measurements you need to take note of when fitting your dog for a harness. Measure the neck circumference, which can be taken around the base of the neck, and the chest circumference. The girth of your Corgi’s chest is measured with a measuring tape around the widest part of his torso.

The correct size for collars and harnesses will allow two fingers of leeway, meaning you should be able to slip two of your fingers through at any given point with minimal issues. Also, a harness that is adjustable will give your dog more freedom of mobility and compensate for his body and weight changes.

To have adequate adjustability is even more important for Corgis because they don’t have the same body structures as most other breeds. We need to account for the elongated torsos and short legs to ensure safety.


Senior Corgi Staring up

Speaking of safety, there are a few features a harness can have to safeguard your Corgis against dangerous elements, terrain and more. First of all, don’t go for harnesses that are flimsy. Flimsy and weak stitching are the main contributors to broken or chewed-through harnesses. Heavy-duty nylon and oxford materials are our top recommendations.

Other safety features that are important include reflective piping or strips, a top handle, and a seatbelt loop. The reflective elements are for low light conditions. If you take evening walks, you want your Corgi to be visible to passersby. This is especially true if you let him wander off-leash in a park, you still want to maintain visuals.

The top handle, or a safety grip handle, allows for you to swoop in and take immediate action when you sense any danger. This is especially useful in the outdoors when you are exploring unknown territories. Since Corgis are endowed with shorter legs, it’s useful to have more control over your pooch.

The top handle can double as a seatbelt loop depending on where it’s located. Other designs may have one solely for clipping your pooch in for a fun road trip.

Materials and Comfort

As mentioned above, heavy-duty nylon and oxford materials are the best for durable construction. However, along with tough materials, you also need to ensure the comfort of your Corgi. This can be done by selecting ones that are adequately padded or lined. Many dogs, not just Corgis, are susceptible to chafing and cutting due to hard materials. Look for harnesses that are tough on the outside and soft on the inside.

Sherpa lining and soft padding are excellent examples of what can make a harness more comfortable for your dog. If your dog isn’t destructive or if he isn’t a heavy puller or chewer, then a harness made solely from soft and breathable mesh material is also a good choice.

There are also harness options available that market themselves as waterproof, water-resistant, weatherproof or weather-resistant. These types are definitely more securely constructed to offer even more safety for your dog. A lifetime guarantee or some sort of warranty will also give pet parents peace of mind for the quality of the product.


Harnesses aren’t known to be expensive items, but they can be quite high in price. Your new harness should be within the realm of affordability without sacrificing any of the features we mentioned above. It’s always better to go slightly higher in price to guarantee the quality of the product. Also, if you opt for pricier options to begin with, chances are it will have a longer lifespan compared to cheaper products.

Style and Color

Lastly, you can consider how the harness will look on your Corgi. The appearance should always be one of the last considerations on the list because it does absolutely nothing for the utility and effectiveness of the harness. Your new harness should reflect your style and your dog’s personality. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from as manufacturers often try to outdo each other in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brown and white Corgi standing on the grass

In this section, we are going to focus on some commonly asked questions by dog owners all around the world in hopes that we can help pet parents everywhere make better and more informed decisions regarding any type of dog.

Can harnesses hurt dogs?

Yes, and no. If you don’t purchase a well-made and comfortable harness, it can still cut into your dog or cause chafing. However, the design and make of a harness is meant to be a cozier fit compared to a collar, and there is less risk of choking and gagging with a harness. This is especially true if your dog is a puller and tugger. The harness will successfully distribute the pressure and stress across the chest.

Is there a reason why you shouldn’t use a dog harness?

The only reason you shouldn’t use a harness is it could encourage pulling behavior. However, manufacturers have now addressed the issue and come up with a solution in the form of no-pulling harnesses. Also known as front clip harnesses, these helpful tools for leash training have the leash clip on the front instead of the back. This will discourage all unwanted walk behaviors and allow you to lead your furry best friend.

Should you keep the harness on at all times?

No, you should take off the harness when your walk is done. No matter how comfortable your harnesses are, it’s still advised to allow your dog’s skin to breathe by removing the harness when you aren’t on a walk. If you have a training harness, then take it off after each session. In short, the harness should only be on when it’s in use.

Should my dog wear a collar and a harness?

You can opt for one or the other. The main reason for your fur baby to wear a collar with a harness should be identification purposes. However, for walks, a harness is the most recommended tool. The collar does give you more control over your puppy at a young age, but a collar can become a noose for active dogs.

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How tight should a dog harness be?

The fit of a dog harness should be relatively tight. The fit is similar to a dog collar, where you want a snug fit but have enough room around your pet to comfortably fit two fingers through at any point. Of course, with adjustable harnesses, there is more leeway and even if you end up measuring incorrectly, you can still adjust the straps to compensate.

How does a no-pulling harness work?

Also known as front clip harnesses, these designs give your canine less opportunity to pull forward since the leash is in the front. It allows you to lead your dog, which also shows him who the alpha is by always placing you before him. Yes, there is still a chance he will pull backwards, but dogs instinctively want to go forward.

Why does my dog slip out of his harness?

Unfortunately, no matter how secure a harness is, there is still a chance your pooch may slip out. We know many pet parents who are victims of this, so we want to address it quickly. If you and your dog are pulling in different directions (you towards the front and him towards the back), he may slip right out. Unless the harness is super tight, which we don’t advise, simple physics will cause this result.

To avoid this, once you notice your dog pulling backwards in a sort of downward dog yoga position, do not keep pulling. Loosen your grip on the leash, which will most likely cause him to stop and maybe even sit down. Then simply walk back to your dog, walk a half circle around him and try to lead him forward again.


Welsh Corgi Puppy

A Corgi is debatably one of the cutest canine breeds on the planet. Their cute fluffy butts and adorable stumpy stature demands adoring oohs and aahs. However, with their unique build comes with the stress of looking for the right harness. A Corgi has shorter legs like a Dachshund, which also makes it easier for them to slip out of a harness.

All the options we have listed are great fits for the unique shape of a Corgi and will ensure more security on your outdoor adventures.

Keep in mind all the extra points we elaborated on to help you make the best choice. Your Corgi is a lifelong best friend and fur child, and he deserves the best. Start protecting your Corgis by choosing the best and safest harness.

Did You Know?

Dogs are amazing escape artists, especially Huskies. They can squirm out of a harness even when supervised by inexperienced pet owners. The best way to prevent escape is to always monitor your dog. Who knows what our fur babies can get up to when they are unsupervised.

Expert Tip

Other than simply slipping out, we have also witnessed dogs chew the harness right off their chests! So be careful of the materials used. You want it to be tough enough to withstand their powerful jaws, but also made from safe materials just in case your dog accidentally ingests some of it during his escape attempt.

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