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6 Best Dog Toy Boxes in 2022

A dog needs a place to store his favorite things. We’re sure you spoil your pup whenever you can with dog puzzles, toys and Kongs to keep him occupied. These playthings will find their way under furniture, on stairways, and wedged between walls and tables.

They can pose a hazard if they aren’t properly stored away. Spoiling your dog is a temptation that’s too hard for us dog parents to resist. So to keep your dog’s beloved belongings from making a mess, look for a dog toy box.

A dog toy box can keep all the tools you need to keep your dog distracted. Toys also provide them with mental and sometimes the physical stimulation needed in your absence. Once again, we have compiled a thorough and detailed list of the best dog toy boxes available.

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1. Winifred & Lily Pet Toy and Accessory Storage Bin

Winifred & Lily Pet Toy and Accessory Storage Bin

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We love the deep and upright storage bin idea. It stands upright but is made from jute, relatively soft material for storage purposes. For easy transportation, you can find two handles sewn conveniently on each side for you to lift and move the basket when needed.

One of the best things about the pet toy storage bin from Winifred & Lily is the abundance of style choices! You get ones with cute and clever phrases or patterns imprinted on the side. It won’t be difficult at all to find one that fits perfectly into your home. Get the perfect addition to your dog storage collection to keep all your pooch’s toys together.

+ 100% jute
+ 16 designs
+ Handles
+ Easy to wipe clean

Why We Like It – Jute material is proven to be durable and easy to clean. Your dog may want to drag the entire bin out to play and leave drool marks. Just take a damp cloth to it and it will be as good as new.

2. Bone Dry DII Bone Shape Pet Organizer Storage Basket

Bone Dry DII Bone Shape Pet Organizer Storage Basket

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This durable and well-constructed storage basket is a weave design that is sturdy and holds lots and lots of toys! Both designs come with faux leather handles for easy transport. The plastic and hyacinth designs are woven into a cute bone shape that can complement any interior décor.

Use the unique dog storage baskets for anything your dog might need. Aside from toys they are also excellent leash and grooming supply holders! These wicker-like baskets come in three sizes that range from S to L, for dogs with a little or a lot of stuff!

+ Cute bone shape
+ Faux leather handles
+ Lightweight
+ Woven and durable material

Why We Like It – It’s the dog-specific organizational tool for your home! It’s also incredibly easy to clean with the gentle wipe of a damp cloth!

3. Paw Prints Fabric Pet Toy Bin

Paw Prints Fabric Pet Toy Bin

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As an Amazon’s Choice product, you know you are getting good quality. The printed fabric on the exterior has every dog-associated command word you can think of. For an extra touch of character, the handles are bone-shaped for you to easily grasp box that’s soon to be full of toys. Similar to a lot of the other dog toy boxes, this one is also easy to clean.

Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth to get rid of any smudges or marks. Measuring at 14.5×10.75×10, your dog will have enough space to keep all his toys without the box overtaking the living room.

+ Cute design
+ Bone-shaped handles
+ Easy to keep clean
+ Durable

Why We Like It – Though the material is cloth, the bin holds quite a bit of doggy stuff and is very durable. Dogs might knock it over and tear at the fabric to get to their favorite toy, but the box will hold its shape.

4. Out Pets Big Bone Storage Bin

Out Pets Big Bone Storage Bin

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Next up we have a plastic design in an actual 3D bone shape! Its adorable appearance will complement any décor and let your guests know exactly what is held inside – everything your dog owns!

The lid fits the bin very securely, so securely, in fact, it can store dry dog food! Now not only do you have a place to keep your dog’s belongings and outdoor equipment, but you also get a food storage bin! This multifunctional dog storage container is very easy to clean. Take a wet wipe or damp cloth and give it a good once over to get a sparkling clean bone once again!

+ Secure-fitting lid
+ Cute 3D bone design
+ Easy to clean
+ Spacious

Why We Liked It – A bone-shaped storage box might not always seem very efficient and ergonomic, but this is actually quite a spacious design.

5. Spectrum Diversified Macklin Paws Medium Basket

Spectrum Diversified Macklin Paws Medium Basket

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Here we feature another Amazon’s Choice product. It comes in two colors, a gray option and a clean white one, which we happen to love. No matter which you end up choosing, it will come with a label plate for you to list the contents or your dog’s name for a personal touch.

Contrary to the cloth and plastic options, this dog toy storage basket is virtually indestructible. Made of steel, it’s a rust-resistant long-term option for storage. The grid wire on both sides gives ample ventilation – perfect if you decide to use the basket for laundry. They fit well on shelves and the handles allow for easy portability.

+ Steel
+ Label plate
+ Easy to clean
+ Offers ventilation

Why We Like It – Keep multiple baskets of different colors around your house to store anything you can think of. From clothes to toys, to miscellaneous items, you can find a place for anything!

6. Woodlore Cedar Products Cedar Pet Toy Box

Woodlore Cedar Products Cedar Pet Toy Box

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So far you have seen fabric, plastic, and even steel options. If none of those were to your liking, we present to you a cedar pet toy box! Do you like the smell of freshly cut cedar wood? You will get the fragrance of the woodsy outdoors with each toy box.

They are not only wooden planks nailed together in the shape of a box, but each one is decorated with cute paw prints along the sides. A dog’s toys can start to smell of drool after a while, but the box will keep most of your fur baby’s toys smelling good!

+ Fragrant wood
+ Extra paw designs
+ Made in the USA
+ Sturdy

Why We Like It – It’s much less likely to get destroyed compared to the fabric options. The smell-good scent is a great added bonus.

Dog Toy Box Buyer’s Guide

Toys are important to a dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. They take care of our pups, so we need to make sure we take good care of them as well. We can do this by adding a toy storage box to our home. Some dogs are more aggressive chewers, so if you are a parent of such a pup, you might need to look into stronger and more durable materials. But besides material, what else is there to look for?

What to Look for When Buying Dog Toy Boxes


This also has a lot to do with the size of your pooch. If he’s a dog of significant stature, chances are his toys are larger as well. Then you might need to search for a larger box, or buy more than one storage bin.


Coincidentally, this also has a lot to do with your pooch as well. As mentioned before, if you have an avid chewer, perhaps a cedar wood box isn’t your best option. You need to fight fire with fire, using a sturdy steel box as your best choice.


Dog toy bins are considered collateral damage when your dog is trying to get to his favorite toy. Rooting around the box with their nails and teeth can do a real number on the storage box. To keep it smelling good and looking clean, try to find ones that are easy to maintain. Most dog storage boxes just need a gentle wipe down.

What are Dog Toy Boxes?

Dog toy boxes are the equivalent of storage bins. They are just made with doggy decorations and patterns to better fit its purpose. However, they can be used for other items as well.

Benefits of Dog Toy Boxes

• They keep toys out of the way and prevent you from tripping over them or injuring other family members.
• Keeps your home neat and tidy.
• Toys kept in bins have a longer lifespan.
• Your dog can have a designated place to gather his belongings.
• Your pup can be trained to pick up after himself.
• Not only can they store your dog’s toys, but they are also more than able to store other dog equipment, tools, and devices.
• Some boxes are suited for outdoor use, giving your dog the option to play outside.


If you are a neat freak like us, then you will surely benefit from a dog toy box. We have noticed they keep the house infinitely neater, and reduce the risk of somebody tripping over the toys and taking an unnecessary tumble.

The cute patterns and designs also make the boxes a nice and decorative addition to the house. Once your dog learns how to clean up after himself, messes will be greatly minimized!

Expert Tip

How to train a dog to use something is always a question that plagues our readers’ minds. While there are multitudes of ways to achieve the same result, we have found one common thread in all of them. The answer is doggy treats! Well, treats and positive reinforcement that is. Keeping their belongings in the same box in the same location can also help speed up the process.

Did You Know

The more astute pet parents might have realized that you might be able to use human storage containers for dog toys. Of course, you can! Anything you find that is durable and long-lasting enough can be a dog storage bin. We just personally prefer cute designs and clever markings. The label plates are also a cute personalized touch. We have also seen nameplates on dog teepee beds.

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