10 Best Dog Tie Outs, Cables and Stakes in 2022

Not everyone has a large fenced-in yard for the dog to run around in, and few can (nor should they) leave their fur friends unattended in an open area. A great solution here could be a tie out dog chains, because while they are not meant to keep a dog chained up for hours at a time, it is a great way to give a four-legged family member some additional freedom, both outside your own house but also if you go camping, to have a picnic in a park and such, so it is a good idea to have a tie-out cable ready for when you will need it.

These are the best dog tie out products to keep your dog where you want, without restricting his or her freedom, and all are tested to guarantee the safety and well-being of your dog, provided they are used correctly.

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1. AmazonBasics Tie-Out Cable for Dogs

AmazonBasics Tie-Out Cable for Dogs

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Give your canine companion a chance to move around a little outside, also in places where he or she can’t be let completely off-leash, with this durable dog tie out cable! It weighs only about 0.6 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to transport, and it is made of thick and durable steel with PVC. The clips on each end are made with high-quality metal – perfect both for large dogs and small dogs, and it is an overall heavy-duty product that will make it easier to take your dog with you wherever you go.

This galvanized steel PVC cord is a tie-out cable that is strong enough to hold large dogs, and it is easy to attach to your dog’s harness with the metal clips you find on not just one end, but on both.

2. XiaZ Dog Runner Tie Out Cable Dog Leash

XiaZ Dog Runner Tie Out Cable Dog Leash

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When using one of these dog chains you make sure that your pooch stays safe also when you don’t have access to a fenced-in area, and you can use it to keep your pup out of trouble without having to restrict their movements or keep them indoors. The design is incredibly clever, with 360-degree free rotation to prevent tangling and more. While it is a steel cable, it is has a vinyl cover to prevent it from rusting even if left outside in the rain, and the solid iron carabiners make this dog tie-out one you can use both for a small or medium dog, and also for those large pups that might be a little fond of pulling.

A dog tie out like this is perfect for pet owners that want to give their pooch more freedom, and it can easily be tied around a tree or a pole, and brought with you when you go out.

3. SUREswivel 360 degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out

SUREswivel 360 degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out

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You can’t go wrong with this steel cable and anchoring system when you want to let your dog have a bit of extra freedom outdoors, and it has been carefully tested and proven to hold for a total weight of 1000 lbs. You get one of the best dog tie out steel cables for a perfectly reasonable price, and there are various installation options that are both secure and easy to carry out also for someone without experience. Tie outs like these can be used in the backyard or when you go camping or just want to spend some time at a park (and especially if your dog’s recall isn’t 100% reliable), and this galvanized steel cable will keep your furry family member(s) safe and happy.

Anchor this cable to the ground and enjoy the benefits of an incredibly durable dog tie out, where even the biggest dogs will be secured.

4. Upgraded Dog Tie Out Cable and Stake

Upgraded Dog Tie Out Cable and Stake

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You should never have to settle with anything less than the best dog tie out products, and this cable is a dream for pet owners due to the durable carbon steel with weatherproof coating, where you won’t have to worry about rust or anything else compromising the product. The cork-screw stake sits securely in the ground to guarantee the safety of your furry friend, and the product comes with a sturdy Oxford bag that you can use to carry the tie-out cable and stake with you if you move houses, go for vacation, visit a friend or a park, and the galvanized steel cable is resistant to cracks and general tear that may otherwise occur with time.

This red dog tie-out comes in three different lengths, complete with a cork-screw stake and a carry bag, so that you have everything you need to start using it right away.

5. Outside Dog Chain with 360° Rotate Clasp

Outside Dog Chain with 360° Rotate Clasp

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The design of this rust-resistant outdoor lead has been greatly improved with a plastic vinyl layer now covering the pure steel cable, which makes it a lot more resistant to the elements and to wear and tear. The material itself reflects light in dark and dim environments, making it easy to see where your dog is also at night, and it can be fastened to a stake in the ground, a tree trunk or anything you can wind to wrap it around. Your dogs will be given the opportunity to move around and explore, without running the risk of getting in trouble or running away.

If you want a simple, lightweight and strong cable to keep your dogs where you want them, this dual swivel ring tie-out cable is the obvious choice, as it is made only with high-quality materials.

6. Boss Pet Prestige 30ft Large Dog Tie Out

Boss Pet Prestige 30ft Large Dog Tie Out

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These cables feature a direct-connect system which means you will be connecting the twin-swivel buckle directly to the tie-out cable, which eliminated the risk of malfunctioning and makes the connection so much stronger and more reliable. The galvanized steel material is covered with crack-resistant vinyl for ultimate resistance and durability, and having your dog with you outside becomes instantly easier! When you opt for tie-outs and items like these, you don’t just get a product you can use for a short while, but something that is likely to last through the dog’s lifetime.

The patented design of this pet cable definitely has it standing out, and it is very easy to roll up after using it, without having to worry about tanging.

7. Snagle Paw Dog Tie Out Runner for Yard

Snagle Paw Dog Tie Out Runner for Yard

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For the dog owners with big dogs out there, the best cable is possibly this tie-out cable with aluminum aviation carabiner clips, as it is made to hold for dogs weighing up to 120 lbs, and to make sure they are safe and properly restrained while still allowing them appropriate freedom. It has innovative rotation tightening technology and a shock-absorbing spring, to prevent the pooch from injuring himself when the cable comes to a stop, something that could otherwise result in both neck- and back injuries if the dog were to momentarily forget about being tied to one end of a cable.

The shock-absorbing technology is a huge improvement here, as it caters to your furry friend’s health and wellbeing, as well as their safety.

8. PET SHOPPE RED Medium Small Size Tie Out

PET SHOPPE RED Medium Small Size Tie Out

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Covered in red plastic that prevents the cable from rusting – this dog tie-out leash is a great product for someone who is tired of having to replace their tie-out cables every year, and it was designed specifically for small and/or lightweight dogs. The cable itself is also lightweight, to prevent it from weighing your dog down, which isn’t uncommon for similar products. It has a total length of 12 feet, giving your pooch more than enough freedom to roam around, and it clips on easily to leashes or directly to a collar or harness.

It is nice to see a dog tie-out cord made especially for smaller dogs, and it doesn’t weigh as much as many tie-out cable products otherwise may weigh.

9. Beirui Premium 10’/16’/32′ Dog Tie-Out Cable

Beirui Premium 10 Dog Tie-Out Cable

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Choose between blue, red and white, with a length of either 10, 16 or 32 feet, and enjoy the benefits of being able to pick a product that fits both your dog and the space (such as a backyard) where you plan to be using it. It can easily be attached to a stake in the ground or to anything solid, such as a tree trunk, and if you have two dogs – just get two dog tie-out cables and ground stakes! Without a cable like these, your pooch might never get to experience the freedom that comes with it, and we can all probably agree that our four-legged companions deserve the best that there is.

The color options are fun when you want to make a more customized choice, but the best thing about a cable like this is minimized friction that reduces tangling.

10. Lixit Howard Pet Retractable Cable Tie Out

Lixit Howard Pet Retractable Cable Tie Out

Now, you might not have seen a dog tie-out quite like this before? It uses the same principle as a retractable leash, where the cord comes out as the dog moves forward, and retracts when the dog comes back. This means that there will never be any cable lying around on the ground that could get tangled or that the dog could stumble on or get caught up in, and you can instead sit back and relax without having to worry about that aspect of your dog’s safety, and your pooch can run around and have fun almost as if he or she was off-leash. It may sound almost a little too easy, but this is a surprisingly strong and durable dog tie-out product that both you and your canine will love.

A completely new way of using a dog tie-out product, and the retractable feature completely eliminates the risk of tangling. Keep in mind that a tied-up dog should always be supervised, also when using an innovative product such as this one here.

Best Dog Tie Out Buyers Guide

As you may have noticed, many of the best dog tie out products are very similar, and it can easily get a little confusing when you are trying to choose between two products or more. We all want the best dog products for our furry companions, and this guide is meant to give you a better idea of what to look for, what to keep in mind and what you might want to avoid.

Quality is, of course, the most important thing here, but there are more to consider as well if you want to make sure you get a tie cable that will meet both your expectations and that of your dog.


The first thing to consider is always how long the cable is, because even if you get the absolute best product out there – it won’t do you much good if it isn’t the right length. So, why is the length important? It isn’t just because of how far away you will want your dog to be able to go, but it also matters where you will be using the dog cable, and where your dogs will end up using it.

Imagine purchasing a dog cable for your backyard, only to realize the cable is long enough for the dog to run straight out of the yard and into traffic! This could be a potential safety risk for your dogs if the issue is not discovered on time, so take two minutes out of your day to measure the area first (if possible), without forgetting that you might want to use the cable elsewhere too, and compare the results with the length of the product you are considering.

After purchasing what you find to be the best dog tie cable, remember to always double-check that it isn’t too long when you set it up, as dogs have a habit of taking advantage of such things to get themselves into trouble. Also, many products are available with different lengths, which gives you a great opportunity to choose the one that is right for you and the ground area where it will be used.

Strength & Size of Dog

A cable like these tends to be designed for dogs a certain size, as a very tiny dog might not benefit from a thick and heavy pet tie out, especially since the clip on these may be a little too large and heavy. If your dogs are on the smaller side, look for a dog tie-out made for small-breed dogs and for a dog that fits certain weight standards.

The same applies if your dog is large or unusually strong, as this could require a little bit more of the product than if it had been made for a tiny Chihuahua. Always consider your dog’s weight, size and strength when shopping for a dog ground tie, because without doing this – you may not find the product you need, nor the one that is best for you and your dog.

All this information can usually be found in the product description of the dog tie cord you are considering, and some products may even come in different pet cord presentations where you get to choose the length. Look at the length and at any weight recommendations, and try to weigh your dog before making your purchase, just in case he or she has packed on some weight without you noticing. Don’t rely on the weight your pet was at the last time you brought out the scale, as this can change quickly.


When looking at all the best dog tie-outs, it is not hard to spot that most of these pet products are very similar in design, but there are still quite a few differences. A good pet cable will usually have some type of vinyl or plastic coating to protect it from rain and from the elements in general, and these can come in various colors so that you can pick the one you rather see laying there on the ground. Your pet is unlikely to care much when it comes to what the dog cord looks like, but having multiple color options is always refreshing.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to go with a regular pet ground cord, the one you attach to a stake or to something else that won’t give after if your pet would start to pull, or if you want to try something new and groundbreaking, such as the retractable pet tie-out. Each has its own separate pros and cons, where a great thing about the retractable version is that it won’t tangle or trip your pet.

Are tie-outs safe for dogs?

Tie outs are safe if used correctly, and it is important to never leave a dog or a pet without supervision when attached to a cable, as they could hurt themselves if they get tangled up.

How do you tie out two dogs?

Due to the risk of tangling, it is generally better to tie two dogs up separately, in locations where they are unable to reach each other even when extending the pet cord, and for this, you need enough ground. The reason is that when there is more than one cord on the ground – they could easily tangle and cause injuries to one or both of the dogs.


Now that we have had a look at some of the best products out there, along with some of the main aspects to consider before you purchase a product, you are ready to spread your wings and start looking around for the best dog tie-out for your household. These types of cables are not meant to tie dogs up all day long, but they can be a wonderful tool when wanting to have your pooch with you outside somewhere where there isn’t a proper fence.

Consider your dog’s size, strength, the size of the area where you will be using the cable, and always use it responsibly, as they are made to be a reward for your dog and not a form of punishment.

Expert Tip

When you have your dog on a lead, chain or tied up in any other way, it is crucial to never leave the dog unattended, as accidents could happen. Always supervise your fur friend when having him (or her) on a dog tie-out cable.

Did You Know

Most dogs love spending time with their human family members, and getting to be a part of family picnics, camping trips and more will do wonders for their mental and physical health, and this becomes a possibility with a quality tie-out.

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