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11 Best Dog Tags in 2022

A dog tag is similar to your ID card or passport. They are used as identification (aside from the microchips) when your pup has gone missing. For obvious reasons, you want the dog tag to last. The life spans of these little tags depend on many factors; the material is the biggest one. If you haven’t implanted your pet with a microchip, this little piece of metal might be the only way to provide any information to someone who finds your fur baby. Aside from the upsetting function of dog tags, it can be fun to customize and pick them out.

Even when choosing pet tags there are things to consider. Save yourself the trouble of worrying when your dog is off their leash. Other than being a requirement in some countries, it will give you peace of mind. Let’s take a look at our top 11 options.

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  • Sara Redding Ochoa DVM
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    Approved By: Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM

Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Not matter what type of tag you choose make sure to keep your contact information and medical alerts up to date on your pets tag.”

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1. TagsForHope Dog Tag

TagsForHope Dog Tag

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These TagsForHope feel-dog tags are so durable that you are unlikely to ever have to buy a dog tag again. They are lovingly made with a protective coating to keep them from getting wet or damaged during adventures out with your dog.

You can choose between 8 different cute designs, or select your country/state and match your dogs’ license to yours! It is up to you what personal information you wish to include on the tag.

TagsForHope donates parts of their profits to animal rescue organizations and shelters in Canada and the United States, which means you get to help another dog in need every time you buy a tag to keep your own fur friend safe.

+ 8 cute designs to choose from, or select state/country for matching licenses!
+ Available in two sizes
+ With a high-quality steel ring
+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Like It – TagsForHope give dog lovers the chance to personalize great looking dog tags for your four-legged family members, to help make sure they will never get lost.

Each tag comes with a lifetime warranty, and profits are donated to aid with care for an animal that is still searching for a forever home.

2. If It Barks Funny Engraved Dog ID Tag

If It Barks – Funny Engraved Dog ID Tag

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While there is nothing funny about a lost dog, If It Barks puts a unique spin on their product to lighten the mood. With more than 25 customized designs, you can choose from many funny phrases on one tag and engrave your information on the other. They use the latest fiber laser technology to deeply engrave the tags.

The crisp etching makes it easy to read and won’t wear off. Being made of high-quality stainless steel, these tags will last throughout the years. Simply attach it to your dog’s collar, it’s ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

+ Cute and funny customizable designs
+ High-quality stainless steel
+ Fiber laser technology
+ 2 sizes

Why We Like It – There are two sizes available, perfect for those of you with longer-haired pets. Each tag comes with a slip ring to easily fasten to your dog’s collar.

3. Beirui Genuine Leather Custom Nameplate ID Tag

Beirui Genuine Leather Personalized Collars with Nameplate ID Tag

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This is a full collar with a nameplate ID sewn right onto it. This minimizes the chances of the tag snagging and falling off. The genuine leather is imported cowhide that is wear and crinkle resistant. The golden nameplate gives you enough room to engrave up to four lines of customized text under 70 characters.

That’s enough room to carve your name, your pet’s name, address, and phone number! Beirui makes sure this collar will last through the years with heavy-duty alloy buckles on the cowhide. Not satisfied? They promise a free replacement or refund with no questions asked!

+ 100% genuine cowhide leather
+ Golden ID tag on the collar
+ Heavy-duty hardware
+ Quality guarantee

Why We Like It – The price is very acceptable considering the genuine leather and the care that goes into the construction. There is no chance the custom text engraved tag will snag and fall off this collar!

4. Providence Engraving Pet Tag

These cute little tags are anodized, meaning the aluminum is coated with a protective oxide layer that stands up to the elements. You have a large selection of colors to choose from, and the aircraft-grade aluminum offers more durability and safety than the average design. You may customize the shape and color of the design the size, with 4 lines of text you can put on each side.

The little paw pet designs are so cute we are thinking of getting one for our dogs! The affordable price of this Providence Personalized Front and Back Engraving Pet Tag is even more appealing. Use the little split ring to hang this cute and customized design from your dog’s collar.

+ Anodizes aluminum
+ Shape and color customization
+ Aircraft-grade aluminum
+ Affordable

Why We Liked It – Testimonies from many users claim the quality was great for such an affordable product. Dog tag silencers can keep the tags from clanging together and help the engraving last

5. Vcalabashor Custom Leather Name Plated Dog Collar

Another full collar option, this one is also created from 100% real leather. The braided design fortifies the leather and gives extra embellishment on the outside and the padded layer on the inside gives another level of comfort to your pooch. The laser-etched font is clear and easy to read and the chrome steel pet nameplate is fastened securely with heavy-duty rivets.

Keep your furry family member safe and stylish with this fashionable leather collar with your choice of eight colors. Made to fit dogs of all sizes from XS to XL, these noiseless collars will eliminate the clashing of metal sounds.

+ 100% real leather
+ Padded inner layer
+ Laser etched font
+ Many sizes and colors

Why We Like It – A simple design concept that is made to last, it’s a simple and smart choice. You get a collar and a name tag in one purchase!

6. GoTags Slide-On Pet Tag

GoTags Personalized Slide-On Pet Tag

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Stainless steel holds up to harsh elements and an active pet. This ID tag doesn’t clip onto collars, instead, it slides gracefully on to any single thickness nylon collar. The four lines of personalized text give you enough room to put all the information for your lost dog.

Coming in two different designs, the open tag fits adjustable snap close collars and the closed design is for buckle closure collars. Check the width of the collar you will be using and find the right size. Slide them easily on with one swift motion without the chance of them getting caught in your pet’s fur.

+ Slide-on design
+ Stainless steel
+ Eliminates jingling
+ Fits flat
+ Four lines of customized text

Why We Like It – The nameplate of the GoTags Personalized Slide-On Pet ID Tag will fit flat against your dog’s neck, he might not even notice a new addition on his collar! You can be sure he won’t be scratching at it with his hind leg trying to get it off.

7. LuckyPet Bone Frame Dog Tag

LuckyPet Bone Frame Dog Tag

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LuckyPet advertises their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee first, with a lifetime guarantee! You either love it or get your money back! These bone-shaped tags come with a plastic frame, known as a tag silencer, to reduce metal jingling of the tags and to add a buffer around the edges to not cause your dog any discomfort.

Each tag is customizable and comes with a split ring for easy attachment. The bones come in three sizes with nine frame color options. Even the metal can be customized with the choice of stainless steel, polished brass or ivory-colored plastic.

+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Plastic frames included
+ Customizable metal, color, and text
+ Fast shipping and affordable price

Why We Like It – These tags really hold up and are sturdy with a hefty weight. The rubber frame will protect the tag from wear from being dragged on the floor and hit on other items.

8. GoTags Custom Engraved Dog ID Tag

GoTags Custom Engraved Dog ID Tag

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GoTags brings you another customizable ID tag option. You are free to choose from seven different designs on one side and customize the text on the other. Each round dog tag measures at about an inch and is made of thick stainless steel.

The engraving will be clear on a polished surface to look even more luxe. On the side of the text engraving, you can fit all your information into four lines of customized engraving! This simple design is thick and sturdy, large enough and really stands out against your pet’s fur with the mirror polished finish.

+ Stainless Steel
+ Customizable design
+ Mirror polished finish
+ Thick and large

Why We Like It – These simple but elegant dog and cat tags are weighty and of high-quality. Known for their stellar customer service, GoTags will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

9. Didog Glitter Paw Print Custom Pet ID Tags

Didog Glitter Paw Pet Print Custom Pet Tags

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Being a girly girl myself, this is my favorite design so far. The dog tag looks bulky and heavy, but it’s actually lightweight. The etching is clear cut and very legible. The best part is the colorful and shiny paw designs on one side! This dog tag comes with a ring and a clasp.

Admittedly, these glitter paw pet id tags are better suited for female dogs or cats, as they also include two pink hair bows! How cute. A very affordable option, Didog stands by this product with their 100% quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, they will replace the item or refund your money with no questions asked!

+ Cute glitter paw pet ID tag design
+ Two colors
+ Stainless steel
+ Free gift

Why We Like It – Didog has also improved the quality of the attachment ring to make sure the tag doesn’t fall off from your active dog, even though the chances of that are slim due to the lightweight material.

10. Custom Engraved Heart Swarovski Zirconia Dog Bling Tag

Custom Text Engraved Personalized Stainless Steel Heart Swarovski Zirconia Dog Bling Tag for Pets

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Another bling option for us mommies that like slightly nicer things. Made from solid stainless steel and comes packaged in a gift box, this tag for pets is also decorated with Swarovski zirconia crystals. Each tag is nicely polished and smoothed with text that is easy to read.

More so for decoration than everyday use, this customizable dog and cat tag allows you to customize the text on the backside with your information on the off chance your dog goes missing with this tag on. With this gorgeous tag that doubles as a decorative jewelry piece, your pooch will get tons of compliments!

+ Swarovski zirconia decorated
+ Stainless steel
+ Customizable text
+ Gift box packaging

Why We Like It – Jazz up your dog’s collar with this beautiful personalized pet tag embellished with Swarovski crystals. The great quality and cute packaging add extra appeal to this dog tag.

11. License Plate Custom Dog Tag

License Plate Custom Dog Tag

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These little pet tags resemble a license plate! The adorable miniature design has room for your dog’s name, information, AND a photo! Made to resemble American states, 1 Cute Pooch has also included Canadian provinces as well! Made from aluminum, hook it right onto your dog’s collar with the split ring included with each tag.

You are not able to customize the license plate itself, but you can choose the font that best represents your dog’s personality! The backside of the plate will be upside down, this is done on purpose to read the text right side up when you flip it from the bottom up!

+ Cute design
+ Photo included
+ Versatility
+ Unique and durable
+ Aluminum pet tag

Why We Like It – We love how much care 1 Cute Pooch put into this simple yet useful custom text tag design. Not only will it fasten onto collars, but you can put this aluminum pet tag on your keys and even your luggage!

Dog Tag Buyers Guide

Dog tags are meant to give you peace of mind and add to the chances of your dog being returned. But why not make it a fashionable decorative piece or one with a touch of humor? As we have mentioned before, different dog and cat tags have different lifespans. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality piece that will last for years, we suggest going for something made with more durable materials. Even if your dog has a microchip, the ID tag is the first thing someone would look for to identify your dog. Your next problem, as with the purchase of any product, is to choose the right one.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Tag?


Think about your pet and your situation. Is your pet a rambunctious one? Are you going to move anytime soon?

If your answer is yes to the first question, getting a tag with a silencer or buying a tag silencer separately for your favorite dog tag is a good idea. The noise and constant jingling can be very distracting and irritating. If you have a dog that loves to run about or has multiple dog and cat tags, considering getting on of these. The slip-on pet tags that fit onto your dog’s collar is also another silent option.

If you aren’t going to move anytime soon, the engraved options with lifetime guarantees are a good idea. These are some of the stainless steel options we provided above. Sometimes if the text becomes illegible, the companies might replace them.


A question that must pop into your mind when you buy any product is how long it will last. The better quality material that is used, the longer it will last. Stainless steel is always a safe bet, and any other metal that is anodized is good too.


If the product listing includes clear pictures, make sure the text is clear and legible. Embossed texts generally last longer than engraved ones, so that is another option to consider.

What information should be included on the engraving? If your pet is microchipped, you can put that on the tag. Other necessary information includes the pet name, your name if it fits, your address and phone number. Always make sure your dog tag is up to date!

Size and Style

Most dog tags come in different sizes. Make sure the size you choose is obvious hanging from the collar against your dog’s fur, but not too large it weighs down your pup.

Most pet tags hang from the collar with a simple split ring. If this concerns you because you have an especially active pup, the dog tag ID collars or the slip-on options may fare better.

The Look

This is mainly just for your benefit. Pick one that is nice to look at and to your liking! It’s perfectly okay to care about the appearance of the tag, as long as it still serves its main function.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Tag?

Should your dog have a dog tag? This is a question many of you ask, especially those with microchipped dogs. First off, the tag allows people to get in touch with you right when they find your pooch without having to bring them into the vet.

The tag alerts people that your pup is not a stray dog. You don’t NEED one if your dog is microchipped, but it works in conjunction with the chips and increases the chances of you being alerted. If your dog doesn’t have a chip, you definitely at least need a dog tag. Bottom line is, it doesn’t hurt to get a dog tag, they only benefit you in the end.


Get a dog tag for your pet’s safety. It can be an adorable added piece that won’t get in its way, and style up your pup. God forbid disaster strikes, a dog tag will be your first line of defense to find your lost dog. They are the simplest way to guarantee your fur baby’s safety. If your dog is not used to wearing a collar, attaching a dog tag could be tough to do.

Just like any other device, contraption or clothing you are going to put on your dog, make sure he/she is introduced to it slowly and given ample time to get accustomed to it. Start shopping for a cute tag today!

Expert Tip

As your dog grows, the collar needs to grow with it. A dog’s size increases and their weight fluctuates. Make sure the collar and tag you get are adjustable. This way you can get the most out of it and the tag without having to replace it. Just make sure you leave enough room for two fingers to give your dog the proper fit.

Did You Know

What about ID tattoos? This is another form of identification. Other than the generic tags and microchips, you can get your dog tattooed. They are registered markings that are usually placed on the ear or thigh of a dog. Many people won’t think to look for it or even know there is such a thing. Get a dog collar for safety, there is no such thing as being ‘too safe’.

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