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Best Dog Sunglasses and Goggles in 2021

Dogs are tough creatures that can handle a ton of extreme conditions that we might not be able to. However, their eyes are an exception. Your dog’s peepers need protection from the sun just like ours do.

They are susceptible to UV damage as well as light sensitivity. Dog sunglasses or goggles come in handy when you’re on a road trip traveling with the windows down. Your dog may love to stick his head out the window and greet the world of different scents and sights as the scenery whizzes by. Protect their with dog goggles so they are able to enjoy the ride without risks.

This headwear not only protects your pup’s eyes but also adds a cool factor to your pup. Most dog goggles and sunglasses come at an affordable price and have a load of extra features that protect your dog against harsh conditions. Let’s see what stylish yet functional options there are to choose from.

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1. Doggles – ILS Silver Skull Frame

Doggles – ILS Silver Skull Frame with Light Smoke Lens

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These goggles, or “Doggles” as they are more adorably called, resemble swim goggles that we use. The bone designs on the side give your dog a hint of badassery. You can have an adorable teacup pooch, but once you slap one of these on him the awesome factor immediately increases.

Doggles makes other styles as well, from leopard print to pink flowers, but one thing they all have in common is the 100% UV protection. Not only that, but when it gets hot the lenses might fog up, so the anti-fog and shatterproof lenses will last even on the roughest of pups. As for comfort, the extra-wide nose bridge and deep lens cup won’t squish your dog’s features.

+ 100% UV protection
+ Cute designs
+ Anti-fog and shatterproof lens
+ Comfortable fit

Why We Like It – To fit comfortably on, the padded rubber frame and strap won’t dig into your dog’s face and the soft elastic material won’t snag fur.

2. QUMY Dog Goggles

QUMY Dog Goggles Eyewear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for Dogs

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Vets recommend sunglasses for dogs for UV and physical protection. Since dogs are so active, it’s easy to get sand and debris in their eyes and scratch up their corneas. Exclusively for larger pets, these Doggles are made from lightweight plastic and don’t add an extra burden.

They also have the standard UV protection and use anti-fog and shatterproof lenses. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck precisely to get the perfect fit. Although it’s adjustable, the right sizing will make it a more comfortable accessory. The frames are extremely light and flexible, with perforation on the bottom for breathability.

+ Adjustable fit
+ Many colors
+ UV protection
+ Anti-fog and shatterproof lenses

Why We Like It – The multiple colors are the best, and the rainbow lenses definitely add a touch of retro style. For easy portability, the goggles come with a black storage bag.

3. COCOPET Cool Dog Goggles

COCOPET New Version Cool Dog Goggles Pet Sunglasses

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Other than the basic UV protection, these goggles are the optimal protectors against any debris and harsh winds as well. Use these waterproof dog sunglasses for all outdoor sports. Go swimming, riding, hiking and even skydiving with your dog knowing he is just as well protected as you are.

This option from Cocopet offsets the previous option and is meant for smaller dogs. The adjustable strap and soft material make this choice a comfortable fit. Choose from 6 different colors to reflect your dog’s cute personality and match his clothes!

+ UV protection
+ Protects against other weather conditions
+ Adjustable fit
+ 6 colors

Why We Like It – The shatterproof lenses come in handy for resistant dogs. Your dog might scratch it and bump at things to get the new sunglasses off, but they are durable and will remain in one piece.

4. PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles

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Similar to ski goggles, you can see this option means business. The supreme quality lenses not only filter out UV rays but also infrared light and reduce light sensitivity. They are large and encompass a large part of your dog’s face, which protects your dog from dust and debris more efficiently.

Of course, the fit is adjustable and a sponge pad around the lenses cushions the large frame. It softens the perch of the goggles and is still breathable. For such heavy-duty sunglasses, the frame is quite soft and flexible for comfortable wear.

+ Adjustable fit
+ Sponge padding
+ High-quality polycarbonate
+ UV, infrared and light protection

Why We Liked It – Having goggles on your face for too long can be uncomfortable and they can steam up. The breathable sponge padding eliminates this risk and gives enough airflow to the eyes.

5. Stock Show Dog Retro Fashion Sunglasses

Stock Show Funny Cute Dog Retro Fashion Sunglasses

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We just had to talk about this cute sunnies! We will be honest and say they are more for decorative purposes and fit smaller dogs and other smaller pets such as cats as well.

Although they don’t protect much against UV rays, these sunglasses are still well made with resin lenses and an alloy metal frame. There are also different colored lenses to choose from for any occasion! There are even ones with clear lenses that would look great for a photoshoot!

+ Cute design
+ Different colored lenses
+ Resin frames
+ Alloy metal frame

Why We Like It – Your dog’s outfit or costume won’t seem like it’s missing a special touch with these sunglasses. They are great for costume parties or just the occasional funny photo.

Dog Sunglasses and Googles Buyers Guide

Sunglasses can be decorative, but their main purpose is for vision protection for both dogs and humans. You must identify what matters to you and what is best for your dog before you pick one out. Generally, they aren’t expensive pieces and having more than one would be a good idea.

I know I’m guilty of having over 10 pairs of sunglasses! You might not have to be that extreme, but having two or three to alternate is always good. So, what factors should go into your consideration?

Does My Dog Need Goggles or Sunglasses?

If you tend to enjoy heading outdoors with your pooch, then dog sunglasses or goggles are necessary. Dogs love to stick their heads out windows to see the world go by, and if this is true, then sunglasses and goggles are a good investment.

Any kind of outdoor activity on a sunny day will require these accessories. They protect your dog’s sensitive eyes and are extra useful for vision impaired and elderly dogs. Even the sun on a short walk could be stinging to our dog’s eyes.

Asphalt and concrete reflect UV rays, and so does house paint. Therefore, walking around your neighborhood without sunnies could be more damaging to your pup than the wilderness.

What to Look for When Buying Goggles and Sunglasses


Eye protection is the most obvious purpose of dog goggles and sunglasses. Especially in bright and sunny weather with the sunshine beaming down, it could be unbearable for your dog. Aside from the UV protection, some goggles even have infrared protection and of course extra defense against wind, rain, debris, and dust.

Dogs who are visually impaired or suffer from corneal abrasions will also be protected with the proper goggles.


In order to stand up to a constant external beating, the lenses need to be made of tough material. Most options offer shatterproof lenses, which is extremely important for aggressive pups and hostile weather and outdoor conditions. Preferably, the frames will be padded and the soft elastic material will be used for straps.


The style should be the least of your concerns. Most of us will admit styling up our dogs with trendy or cute designs may be a weakness. Just make sure you aren’t throwing money at a design that has no protective value unless you already have a pair.


A good fit is always a safe bet, however, most goggles are adjustable. Just make sure the length of the frame will fit your dog’s face.


Decide on the function of the goggles first. Having all the protective properties is, of course a must, but a dog that just received extensive eye surgery will need darker lenses than one that’s just going for a walk. Vets and trainers also recommend sunglasses or goggles for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Expert Tip

It goes without saying, but we will remind everyone of this obvious fact. Do not wear sunglasses indoors as it could impair your pup’s vision. Give your pup a break from time to time as their eyesight could also be permanently affected by everyday wear.

Did You Know

A lot of designs have the option to switch out the lenses. We would recommend buying different tints for different weather conditions.

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  • Fits small dogs up to 15lbs (Teacup & Toy breeds)
Bestseller No. 4
QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for...
  • Material: Plastic; For dogs about over 15 lbs, not for mini pets !
  • Head elastic band minimum 240mm/9.45", max 410mm/16.14".
  • Neck around 190-310mm/7.48-12.21" between the pet can be worn.
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Enjoying Small Dog Goggles Anti-Ultraviolet Doggy Sunglasses Windproof...
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BOUSECK Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles with Waterproof Windproof UV...
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Retro Oval Small Dogs Cats Eye Wear Party Favors Pet Sunglasses Set...
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  • Size: Width 3.2"/81mm; Lens 1"/25mm; one silicone strap for each pair
  • Material: AC Lens + UVA Protection
Bestseller No. 8
G002 Dog Pet Flower Round Costume Sunglasses for Medium Breeds...
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6 Pieces Pet Dog Cat Costume, Pet Sunglasses and Summer Pet Straw Hat...
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Enjoying Small Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles for UV Protection Snow-Proof...
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