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5 Best Dog Motorcycle Carriers in 2022

We’ve seen it all, from kennel carriers to canine-friendly backpacks. Now we have motorcycle carriers! All companies and manufacturers seem to know exactly what you need and your yearning to keep your dog with you at all times.

Ride down the highway in style with your pet pooch by your side with the wind blowing through your hair and his fur. What looks cooler than that? A dog motorcycle seat needs to be secure, safe and comfortable; exactly like all the other carriers out there.

Of course, a motorcycle pet carrier doesn’t offer as much protection as a dog motorcycle helmet or safety goggles for pets. They do provide a certain level of security when riding with your dog.

Keep your pooch close to you, or either on your back or front. He can accompany you up mountains and down valleys. So what do these useful items look like? We will explain in this review and buying guide to motorbike riding with your dog, below.

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View The Best Dog Motorcycle Carriers Below

1. Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Bag

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We are aware that the current price tag on this motorcycle dog front-facing carrier is a bit high, but you get what you pay for – this is our top pick for good reason! The internal frame of the Kuryakyn black grand pet palace bag supports the weather-resistant denier material.

Mount the crate style front carrier easily onto the luggage rack of your motorcycle with the sissy bar straps and D-rings mounting systems. The bag even offers carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap system should you wish to carry your pet around when you reach the destination.

To keep the Pet Palace bag clean, just remove the foam cushion to wash. The Kuryakyn black grand pet palace portable front carrier for dogs includes a built-in adjustable leash, 2 dog food and water dishes, and a removable storage pouch!

This front-facing crate style Grand Pet Palace bag is named our top pick as it gives your pet a front seat view of all the scenery whizzing by with the top window and other mesh windows. All of this, while keeping him secure with a sissy bar strap and D-ring mounting systems.

2. Milwaukee Performance Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Milwaukee Performance Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pet Carrier

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The entire heavy-duty pet carrier is made from PVC – a durable and breathable material. The adjustable straps and clips included will help you mount the sturdy crate onto your motorbike with little to no hassle.

With Milwaukee, you can keep everything you need for your trip, such as dog food, dog water and dog training treats in the three large outer storage pockets. There is enough room for doggie dishes, a leash and seat harness, and snacks!

The mesh windows won’t keep your pet confined in a small space, instead, it will give him a good view of the landscape on the back of your motorcycle. For extra comfort, feel free to add a foam resting pad or toss your dog’s favorite toy inside the carrier to keep him company.

The large storage pockets that take over half the cargo bag are large enough to keep everything you may need. There is even enough space for you to store a small dog water bottle for yourself.

Try the Saddlemen Pet Voyager carrier as another heavy duty alternative. Saddlemen’s Pet Voyager is a properly ventilated airline approved with secure locking mechanisms in the form of shoulder straps. However, it is not recommended for larger dog breeds.

3. PAWABOO Front Dog Carrier Backpack

PAWABOO Front Dog Carrier Backpack

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For the teeny tiny doggies that like to stay extra close to you, the Pawaboo backpack carrier keeps him right at the front, amidst all the motorcycle riding action! While dog motorcycle dog crates won’t be able to accommodate larger sized dogs, you have a couple more size options from this pet carrier backpack.

The sizes range from S to XL in 7 different colors! The front dog carrier is made from a breathable blend of mesh and polyester, a comfortable mix of cozy and heavy-duty. Slide your dog’s little legs out front into the four elastic holes and keep him securely inside the carrier with the zipper, hook, and loop.

The strap system can be adjusted to be worn on your front or back, whichever way you prefer to keep your dog close you.

4. Mogoko Comfortable Dog Carrier Backpack

Mogoko Comfortable Dog Carrier Backpack

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Look at the cute design and the adorable colors! The mesh and polyester blend will offer your pet a comfortable space for your outdoor journey. The lightweight material used by Mogoko is durable and keeps your pet snugly inside the carrier with no risk of him escaping on the road.

The drawstring will enclose your pup inside the safe and comfortable space and the adjustable straps with the extra waist strap will keep the pet carrier backpack strapped securely around your body.

To clean this nifty design, all you need to do is to remove the bottom cover for a quick wash. The top peep-hole features allow your dog to come up for a breath of fresh air.

These cute backpack carriers feature lots of large external storage pockets to keep water, dog food and anything else you might need close at hand. The Mogoko carrier allows your pup to get fresh air through the peep-hole.

Don’t forget to ensure you keep your dog safe with the use of motorcycle helmets and glasses.

5. Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier for Dogs

Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier for Dogs

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Your dog gets to sit in this comfortable little pocket that comes in multiple sizes. The water-resistant nylon can withstand a sudden drizzle on your road trip. Your dog will get ample ventilation with the multiple vents mesh panels and not to mention a great view!

To keep your pet securely strapped in for the road, the built-in safety harness gives you peace of mind – just clip it on! Wear your dog on the front of your body to keep a close eye on him, and keep him close to your heart with the Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier for Dogs.

For an extra-long journey, Outward Hounds’ PoochPouch Front Carrier for Dogs is a great option due to the adequate padding on the interior of the cargo bag.

The resting pad gives your dog a relaxing and cushioned ride! If you like the Outward Hound PoochPouch front carrier, you should also consider the Pets Go2 Pet Carrier for Motorcycles before purchasing.

Dog Motorcycle Carrier Buying Guide

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say ALL dog parents know that dogs sometimes simply cannot sit still. Especially with all the temptations, you may come across on the road. Taking them on the road requires the proper precautions to be taken to ensure you keep your dog safe.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Carrier for Motorcycles

Motorcycle carriers for dogs are specially made to consider all the safety factors and comfort as well. However, to find the right fit, there are still many steps needed to be taken and things to be considered.

Key Features of Dog Motorcycle Carriers

Design and Type of Motorcycle Carrier

Wearable-style Carriers

You either get the crate-style carriers or the wearable style carriers. Wearing your pooch can get a bit tiring after a long journey. We would suggest wearable carriers if your dog isn’t of significant weight. However, wearable style carriers (also known as legs out front dog carriers) do give your dog more freedom and some wearable carriers allow your dog and his extremities to dangle, only adding to the sense of freedom.

Crate-style Carriers

Conversely, the crate style choice gives you freedom and mobility without worrying too much about your pet. Dog crates for motorcycles are also optimal for longer journeys. Crate style carriers protect your pet from weather and debris much better than the backpacks.

If you’re looking for something sportier, you may wish to look into the K9 Sport Sack Air Carrier for Dogs.

Dog Motorcycle Carriers for Small, Medium and Large Sized Dogs

Consider the size of your pooch. Unfortunately, only small to certain medium-sized dogs can accompany you on your travels. You might need to get a full-on sidecar for larger sized dogs. Measure your dog and check the weight limit of each product before purchasing a carrier for motorcycles in small or medium sizes.

Keeping Your Dog Safe on Motorbike Rides
For safety, make sure any type of motorcycle carrier you get has a built-in seat harness, leash or proper locking mechanisms to keep your pet securely inside the carrier.


An uncomfortable pet equals an antsy pet. You wouldn’t want to be somewhere uncomfortable for a long period of time, would you? Your pet wouldn’t either. Therefore, make sure the motorcycle crate or carrier is properly ventilated and padded.


For the hard crate dog motorcycle carriers, they need to be strapped onto the luggage rack/back of your bike. Make sure the strap system is relatively easy to install, otherwise you might not want to use it altogether.


For something that needs to be taken outside and weather the elements, it needs to be heavy-duty or durable. To keep your pet inside, the material should last and hold up after many, many trips. Makes sure the final option you choose will last more than just a few motorbike rides. Nylon, polyester, PVC and other tougher materials are good options.

Carrier Style

Your last consideration should be the style of the pet carrier for motorcycles. Many of the choices we provided above have vivid colors to help your pet stand out. Bright colors also improve visibility at night.


There is literally an answer to every pooch-related travel issue. You can take them on the plane with you, go shopping, drive in a car, and now even on your motorcycle! With this technologically advanced world, anything is possible.

Find the right style of your needs, then narrow down the carriers feature list to see if it is suitable for your pup and yourself. Get ready to enjoy a great bonding road trip with your pooch keeping you company and nothing but the open road in front of you.

Expert Tip

Dogs with a nervous disposition or more aggressive pooches might have a tougher time on the road. For dogs such as these, they would benefit from a different type of motorcycle carrier. A nervous pooch will do better close to you and a more aggressive one would be better enclosed in a safe and comfortable space.

Did You Know?

Most dog motorcycle carriers are recommended for dogs up to 20lbs. For larger dogs, a special seat or sidecar is needed. We hope you are able to secure and buy motorcycle carriers like an expert now!

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