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5 Best Dog Monitors in 2022

A dog monitor is very similar to a dog camera, and often they overlap. However, a dog camera might need higher functions and more key features, as they are what you would want if you are out of town or the country. A dog monitor, on the other hand, is used more on the daily. They are what allow you to keep an eye on your fur baby when you’re running errands or at work.

Other than keeping them out of trouble, a dog monitoring system also allows you to observe your dog’s daily activities and health stats. After a long day at work, some of us may be dreading the long walk awaiting us at home.

But perhaps you can see that your dog has had more than his fair share of exercise via the dog surveillance security system, and forgo the walk. Useful little gadgets, aren’t they?

View The Best Dog Monitors Below

1. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD WiFi Camera

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD WiFi

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We are sure you have heard of the Furbo brand, they excel in the dog camera department. While you’re keeping an eye on your pooch with the Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing WiFi pet cam, you might find him looking bored, or God forbid anxiously and missing you.

Don’t worry, with the latest Furbo technology; you can interact with your pet and toss a treat to him here and there via the treat dispensers. You can monitor your pet day and night with the wide-angle view 1080p video via full HD camera, audio, night vision.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; you will be able to see your dog. The 2-way audio and barking alert will notify you when your dog is upset and give you the chance to calm him down.

+ Dispenses treats via the treat tossing feature
+ Two-way audio function
+ Wide-angle HD view
+ Audio, night vision + 1080p HD video quality + Pet treat WiFi camera

Why We Like It – Not only can you keep an eye on your pooch, but you can also interact with him with these Furbo video monitors. You can even commend him when he’s on good behavior with the treat tossing function via the WiFi camera dog treat dispenser. With all of these amazing key features, it’s not hard to see why this product is our top pick!

2. FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

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Do you own a Fitbit? Well, now you can get one for your pooch! For those that don’t know, a Fitbit is a small device you can wear on your wrist that monitors activity levels. Levels such as steps taken each day to your sleep quality. The FitBark tracks all those things plus calories burned, and overall health quality.

The FitBark is incredibly resilient to all weather conditions, will fit dogs or cats of any size, and on top of that has a battery life of up to 6 months! If you own a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Google Fit, among many others, you can link it all together! Monitor your pup’s mood, among other things with this device used by vet schools, research institutions, and many pet parents around the world.

+ Monitors all activity levels
+ Monitors mood and calories burned
+ Can be linked with other devices
+ Battery life up to 6 months

Why We Like It – The fact that this dog activity monitor can endure all elements is very important. The chances are your dog will wear this device all day long.

3. Conico Wireless Camera, 1080P HD Camera

If you only need to watch your pet when you’re out of the house, the next option we have for you is a pet cam that comes with image magnification. The 360-degree coverage with 1080p HD imaging and night vision will guarantee a clear view of your pooch when he’s home alone or with the nanny.

If you need to talk your furry friend down when he’s feeling anxious or bored, the two-way calling feature with noise cancellation will give you perfect audio.

This Conico wireless security camera incredibly easy to set up with cloud backup and, of course, privacy protection. The motion detection and alarm functions will keep every aspect of your house safe with real-time notifications sent to your phone!

+ Image magnification in HD
+ Two-way calling and noise cancellation
+ Cloud backup and privacy protection
+ Easy to set up
+ HD 1080p video quality
+ Smart pet camera with motion detection

Why We Like It – Something you want to take a closer look at on the screen will still be in HD even up to 8x! You can see anything and everything happening without obstruction via the 1080P HD Pet Camera.

4. KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera with Two-Way Audio

The next stationary pet cam option we offer on our list has many colors to choose from. You can monitor your pet or your baby with the HD picture. Connect it to any portable device for live video streaming to keep your home safe 24/7.

The KAMTRON surveillance camera offers playback and record functions with the micro SD card and can be saved in your cloud storage. The built-in mic and speaker will give you 2-way audio interaction with your puppy.

If you see him getting up to mischief, give him a firm “no” through the HD camera, or warn intruders. The wide-angle view will allow you to monitor and survey every inch of your home.

+ HD picture
+ Live videos and streaming
+ Playback and record functions
+ Two-way video and audio

Why We Liked It – Devices that offer so many benefits and perks can be tough to configure. However, that’s not the case with the KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera.

5. PETKIT “FIT” Smart Pet Activity and Mood Monitor

PETKIT Lightweight Water-Resistant Smart Pet Activity and Mood Monitor

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Here we have another small portable fur baby monitor. You can fit this Smart Pet Activity and Mood Monitor securely on your dog’s collar and get all the information on his wellbeing. From tracking sleep and activity levels, this pet monitor also follows your dog’s mood and calories!

The small and lightweight design is water-resistant and has six months of battery life. This smart pet tracker also links with other PETKIT devices such as the Fresh Bowl to observe calories burned and consumed. You can monitor your pooch with an app on all androids ad iOS devices!

+ Extremely lightweight
+ Compatible with all Android or iOS devices
+ Water-resistant
+ 6-month battery life

Why We Like It – Other than being the world’s most lightweight activity tracker, it also surveys a wide range of activity and health data. This means you can keep your finger on the pulse of your dog’s health.

Best Dog Monitor Buyer’s Guide

A dog monitor covers a wide range of devices. From pet monitor cameras with treat dispensers, for you to observe their everyday activities at home, to activity monitors to keep track of your pooch’s health, or trackers to monitor their whereabouts.

It can be very tough to find exactly what you want with so many options out there. No matter which type of dog monitors or camera systems you’re looking for, we have a list of essential things to make a note of.

What to Look for When Dog Monitor Systems

Dog Monitoring Cameras

WiFi – Monitoring cameras that are connected to WiFi can be accessed from your mobile devices at any time, giving ultimate convenience and freedom.

2-Way Audio – If you happen to spy your furry friend getting into mischief, you want the option to tell him “no!” or “stop!” or any other verbal command he responds to. Even to say hi to your furry best friend can lift both your moods.

Night Vision – For the apparent reason of being able to view your pooch at any time of the day.

Viewing Angles and Zoom – You do not want any blind spots, so a wide viewing angle and a pet cam that rotates is your best bet. Some surveillance cameras, like one we suggested above, have zoom features that still keep the picture in HD.

Motion and Sound Detector – These security cameras save you from anxiously watching the screen. They move when motion or sound is detected.

Real-time Status Updates – Some pet security cameras have the feature of sending you motion alerts when the camera detects any movement, sound, or when something odd occurs.

Video Recording and Playback – Some dog monitoring cameras can record up to a certain number of hours and store it in either an SD card, the camera itself or upload it into your cloud storage.

This is useful if you aren’t always monitoring your furry friend and you want to see what they get up to at a particular time during the day. It’s also useful when training and camera monitoring your dog’s behavioral patterns.

Storage Space – If the camera you choose can record and store information. You need to have enough storage space or at least compatible devices/storage security systems.

Dog Activity Monitors

Health Parameter Tracking – Make sure the one you purchase tracks all the health and activity levels you wish to keep your eye on.

Durability – These fur baby monitor systems are meant to be worn every day, so they need to withstand rigorous activity.

Weather Resistant – Following on the note of the point above, your device needs to be weather resistant to function wherever your fur baby goes.

Lightweight – Something, your dog, wears every day needs to be lightweight and easy to wear and not awkward and cumbersome.


There you have it, all the best choices to help you monitor your dog and be the helicopter pet owner we all are at heart. If you spend long hours away from your fur baby or are concerned about his health, you should look into a dog-monitoring device.

You can look into GPS trackers, a topic we have covered before if you want to know the whereabouts of your pooch at all times. Whichever you choose, you will be able to ensure the safety and health of your furry companion better.

Expert Tip

Depending on which option of dog-monitoring devices you choose, we suggest making sure you are able to access the live video stream from most, if not all, of your devices.

Did You Know?

Don’t only look at the dog-monitoring device as something to correct unwanted behavior or prevent the unthinkable from happening. It can also contribute to happy memories by video recording all the mischief and cute things your curious pup gets up to.

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