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7 Best Dog Lift Harnesses in 2021

Seeing your pooch suffer from aches and pains is about the most heartbreaking thing a pet owner can endure. We can only hope and wish with all our hearts; there is something we could do for them.

Now there is! With a dog lift harness, we can help our fur babies who suffer from mobility issues and many other physical ailments. Along with seeing significantly less wincing on your pets’ part, you can restore their quality of life.

A pet lift dogs’ harness can ensure their ability to climb stairs and hop into cars (maybe with the help of a dog car or boat ramp). This ingenious invention gives you the ability to aid your pooch in his time of need without throwing out your back.

Support them as they support you with a canine aid harness. Find all the mobility harness reviews below, as well as our buying guide which follows.

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1. LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling for Hind Legs

LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling for Hind Legs

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A lot of larger dog breeds have a natural disposition; they are more prone to hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. When this issue becomes severe enough, their movement will be affected. We present to you our top pick: the dog mobility hip sling combo harness from Loobani to fix this issue and mend the pieces of your broken heart.

The heavy-duty nylon with sheepskin interior of the harness provides support your dog’s weight without cutting into the dog’s body. The faux sheepskin of this dog lift sling harness is super soft on his belly and thick enough to support your weak fur baby.

Make mobility easy for disabled dogs who suffer from joint injuries, joint pain, and other orthopedic issues. Get all comfort and no pain from this dog mobility harness hip sling.

+ Heavy-duty material to support dogs weighing over the normal
+ Soft faux sheepskin lining
+ Easy to carry
+ Adjustable straps
+ Combo harness + Top pick

Why We Like It – Loobani gives you the convenience of sling lift adjustable straps. Find the right length for your dog and your height. No more bending over and hurting your waist with this dog sling harness combo.

2. Labra Veterinarian Approved Dog Canine K9 Sling Lift

Labra Veterinarian Approved Dog Canine K9 Sling Lift

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For larger handicapped dogs, the Labra vet-approved dog lift sling ranges from L to XXL, so even the smallest pet owner can help the largest pet. Make sure you read the Labra dog canine K9 sling lift description for the right size according to your pooch’s weight.

The interior of this rear lift sling is lined with fleece, another soft material comparable to sheepskin — no irritation, no chafing, and cutting into your dog’s belly with this canine hip sling. Your comfort is just as important as your dog’s when using this Larba dog canine K9 sling lift.

You will no longer need to bend over while assisting your beloved best friend. The durable and robust Labra Veterinarian Approved rear lift sling has adjustable straps to prevent straining of your back.

+ Veterinarian approved
+ Soft lining
+ Adjustable straps
+ Many sizes

Why We Like It – The right sized sling matters and not all the designs consider larger handicapped dogs. So if you have a Great Dane or Saint Bernard, look into this option, as this Labra Veterinarian Approved rear lift harness provides aid for large dog breeds.

3. Peak Pooch Dog Walking Lifting Carry Harness

Peak Pooch Dog Walking Lifting Carry Harness

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This lifting aid is an actual harness and can be used for dog walking. Created in three colors and five sizes, the carry harness from Peak Pooch is incredibly easy to put on. There are adjustable snap belts near the underside for quick security, and the top handle makes it even easier to gain access to your pooch and give him a leg up.

While the handle is a nifty addition to this rear lift harness, we would not recommend prolonged lifting and carrying your pet. The material is ripstop nylon, with padded and breathable mesh on crucial contact points. It’s a comfortable yet durable lifting aid for pets who need assistance.

+ Breathable and durable material
+ Harness design
+ Carrying handle
+ Many sizes and colors

Why We Like It – There is even a sturdy metal o-ring for convenient leash attachment! It’s a rehabilitation harness, lift sling, and leash all in one! The reflective trim on these harnesses for handicapped dogs will keep your dog safe at night.

4. Max and Neo Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness

Max and Neo Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness

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The best part of a support and rehab harness is, of course, the look of ease on your pup’s face when he can move as he once could. Another fantastic part of buying a dog lift harness from Max and Neo is what the company does. With every dog support harness purchased, the manufacturer donates an identical one to a dog rescue.

Your dog will be comfortable with every lift, and so will you. The handles are neoprene (scuba diving suit material) padded and Max and Neo have conveniently forgone all the unnecessary Velcro and rivets found in other designs that might irritate your dog or snag his fur.

+ Help a rescue with every purchase
+ Neoprene padded handles
+ Reinforced stitching
+ Heavy-duty material

Why We Liked It – Give your dog a lift and help him up and down elevated surfaces. Do more than that when you purchase harnesses for handicapped dogs from Max and Neo and help a rescue dog as well!

5. Lepark Dog Sling with Handle

Lepark Dog Sling with Handle

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Protect your dog’s back and yours with this sling that doesn’t require you to bend over. The Lepark Dog Sling with Handle are lined with soft material to keep you and your pooch comfortable. If needed, you can remove the grip padding for a firmer grip and more control.

The large and extra-large sizes are meant to accommodate dog breeds such as Huskies, Labradors and other dog breeds of similar size. The sling itself is lightweight and easy to carry around with you for whenever your dog might need a boost. One of the best parts is the dog support sling is it is machine washable!

+ Easy to use
+ Easy to store
+ Machine washable
+ Removable padding

Why We Like It – The best part, in our opinion, is the machine washable factor. Nothing pains a dog owner more than cleaning up. The fact that you can toss this in a machine definitely adds points!

6. Love Pets Love Vet Approved Dog Lift Support Harness

Love Pets Love Vet Approved Dog Lift Support Harness

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Is this your first time using a dog support lift? Fret not, each Pets Love dog lift sling comes with a support card and directions! As you can see from the sizes, this Pets Love dog lift sling is specifically made for larger fur babies.

The large Velcro closure will keep the sling snug around your dog’s hips or chest. The nylon support sling has a soft fleece lining, perfect for helping handicapped dogs who suffer from a wide range of physical disabilities, from arthritis to degenerative issues.

Roll the Love Pets Love Vet Approved Dog Lift Support Harness up and keep it in your car, doggy supply bag or even around your wrist for easy access. You never know when your dog might need a lift.

+ Tough and durable nylon
+ Soft fleece lining
+ Velcro closure
+ Directions included
+ Veterinarian approved dog lift

Why We Like It – It may seem straight forward, but you might not know exactly where to administer the strap when you use the Love Pets Love Vet Approved Dog Lift Support Harness for the first time. The instructions included will come in handy

7. Support Harness SGT KNOTS Pet Sling

Support HarnessSGT KNOTS Pet Sling

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Just looking at this design of SGT KNOTS Pet Sling makes us feel all warm and snuggly. It’s soft and cuddly, but it still does the job well. The heavy-duty nylon straps have the capability of holding any sized dog. The nylon fibers are weather-resistant and can be used in any weather condition.

The faux sheepskin sling is completely non-irritant on your pup’s skin, without leaving any prints, rashes, or chafes. Made in the USA, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to find other harnesses, slings or lifts more comfortable than this. Something sturdy and robust can also have cloud-like comfort.

+ Super comfortable and soft material
+ Heavy-duty nylon
+ Adjustable
+ Made in the USA

Why We Like It – Why do we like it? We love it for the extremely comfortable material. The faux sheepskin is so soft your dog won’t be resistant to it.

Dog Lift Harness Buyers Guide

We have seen plenty of dog owners try to lift their dogs without harnesses or lift slings and claim it works just fine. You might not be supporting all of your dog’s weight and adding pain to his joint injuries.

Other than that, dog owners can damage backs trying to lift a 100lb giant dog breed. This is why the dog support harness is so essential, but there are things you must watch out for before you click the order button.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Lift Harnesses

Size of the Support Strap

The point of a dog support sling is to lift your dog’s weight evenly off the front legs or the dogs’ rear legs. Imagine all of your dog’s weight on a thin and flimsy piece of material. If that strap doesn’t break, we can’t imagine what your dog’s underside would look like.

Make sure the support strap is wide enough to provide maximum comfort. It is the only contact point of the harness, and it needs to cover around half of the abdominal area.

Size of the Harness

The size of the support and rehabilitation harness has to do with the size of your dog and his weight. This matters quite a lot, and most pet product listings will specify the dog breed, weight, and size of the dog suited to each size. The circumference of your dog’s chest and abdomen are measurements you also need to take to refer the size charts.


Velcro and buckle straps are commonly seen closures on canine lift slings, but we recommend Velcro as it’s easier to take on and off. The material used to construct the sling itself is of utmost importance.

Nylon and fleece/sheepskin are the most durable and comfortable lifting aid options, kudos to you if you can find one with both. As luck would have it, many of the choices we provided above are a blend of these two materials.

Safety/Reflective Trim

As recommended for standard dog leashes, harnesses and slings, reflective trim adds to the safety measures of each support sling. This gives your dog more visibility at night and keeps them safe.


By adjustable, we mean the length of the handles. Since we are all of the different heights, finding ones with adjustable handles will allow you to find the right length for you. The key is the find the proper measurement to prevent you from having to bend over to lift your pup. This saves on back pain and the risk of you throwing out your back and needing a support sling of your own.

Padded Handles

The padded handles are for your convenience. If you have a small pooch, the tough nylon might not cut into your hands as much as it would on a large fur baby. To give your hand protection, neoprene padding or soft and breathable padded mesh are good options.


To sum up, look for wide slings with adjustable handles and comfortable and soft lining on the interior. Reflective trim is a bonus, but that applies more to dog lift harnesses rather than slings. When your dog is injured or getting on in his years, and you notice visible signs of immobility, it’s time to look into dog slings.

Trying to lift your pooch yourself can further aggravate the situation and turn something mild into something severe. No pet owner likes to see his or her pet in pain, but with this dog sling harness, you will be able to lesson your pooches load, literally.

Expert Tip

A dog lift harness can be used for long periods. However, we wouldn’t recommend it to be worn all day. No matter how breathable and soft the material is, there could be slight irritation, and your canine might not like it. As a pet owner, you know a dog destroys what it doesn’t like. To prolong the life of the harness for dogs, don’t leave it on for too long.

Did You Know

Most dog lift harnesses and slings can be washed in the machine; however, only some can be machine dried. Air dry your dog sling to be on the safe side. Since most dog slings can be combined with regular dog walking harnesses, there comes the time when your pooch needs to potty. Dogs can go while wearing the sling, but remember to adjust it, so he or she doesn’t go all over the support harness.

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