10 Best Dog Knee Braces in 2022

Our dogs are often extremely precious to us, and we would do anything to protect them, but despite this there are many situations that could result in a painful leg or knee. Dogs get hurt when they play, they may come down with something that require surgery or simply start showing signs of arthritis as they get older, and it is only natural for us to want to help our fur babies when they are in pain.

A great way to lessen discomfort and to speed up the recovery one a dog hurts his or her leg is with the use of a knee brace, as these help stabilize their knees and prevent them from injuring them further.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the best dog knee brace for torn ACL, arthritis or surgical recovery – this article will help you find the right one for your dog.

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1. Agon Rear Leg Compression Wrap with Straps

Agon Rear Leg Compression Wrap with Straps

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An unsupported knee on an injured dog can be very painful, and this knee wrap for dogs makes sure this does not become the case. Agon Rear Leg Compression Wrap with Straps properly supports the hock area and the knee by adding stability, which can either lessen the pain and discomfort or even allow a dog with a weakened leg to walk and move around. This is essential for recovery, as putting too much pressure and weight on a weak joint could further damage it, and this is one of those products that your pup won’t mind wearing thanks to its soft nylon material.


+ Protects both hock area and knee
+ Made with soft Nylon material
+ Helps balance the dog’s body
+ Sizes available for all dog breeds

Why We Like It – When choosing the best dog knee brace for your dog, it is important to pick knee braces dogs will feel comfortable wearing, and that stays on. This product has it all, and it is made with washable materials.

2. Agon Rear Leg Joint Wrap

Agon Rear Leg Joint Wrap

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Help a fur friend with their arthritis, joint pain or leg injuries with this hock and knee protector for dogs! Agon Rear Leg Joint Wrap is mainly designed to provide stability for the hock, which can bring down inflammation and prevent unnecessary pain, and the wrapped design makes it a great help when needing to cover up a surgical wound, a cut or something else you want to protect both from the environment and from your dog licking and biting at it. It is possibly the best dog rear knee brace for hock injuries and pain, and the velcro straps provide a highly customizable fit to make sure it doesn’t come off as your pup moves around.


+ Quick-drying Neoprene material
+ Sophisticated hock support
+ Reduces inflammation and pain
+ Recommended by veterinarians

Why We Like It – With these specialty wound knee braces for dogs with painful or injured hocks are padded and comfortable to wear, and can significantly help reduce inflammation and swelling.

3. Labra Dog K9 Knee Brace Wrap Flexible Support

Labra Dog K9 Knee Brace Wrap Flexible Support

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Dealing with knee injuries in dogs can be tricky, but these knee braces for dogs make it significantly easier! This is a knee brace that dogs will wear together with a harness, as it attaches directly to the harness to help it stay in place. The stability it provides can be what saves your pooch from having to have surgery after sustaining a knee injury, or it could aid with recovery after a successful surgical intervention. The design of Labra Dog K9 Knee Brace is currently patent pending – made to cover the knee and other relevant parts of the leg, and you will no longer have to worry about it sliding off when your pup walks around. A harness is not included.


+ Perfect for natural recovery
+ Revolutionary strap design
+ Used together with a harness
+ For medium and large dogs

Why We Like It – One of the biggest problems with braces and knee pads for dogs is that they don’t stay on, but that is not an issue when supporting your dog’s knee with this cruciate knee brace for dogs.

4. Pet Lovers Leg Brace for Rear Legs

Pet Lovers Leg Brace for Rear Legs

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Just like the brand name indicates, Pet Lovers Leg Brace is made for those who love their pets! Many leg injuries in dogs occur when they play or when they are out having fun, so shouldn’t such a war wound award them with a fitting leg brace? This knee brace for small dogs and large dogs is different from your average black ones – it has a cool military camouflage design that will have your pup look like the bad boy or bad girl he/she is while in recovery! It is available in medium, large and extra large, and it helps reduce soreness and pain in your furry friend’s tendons, muscles and joints.


+ Military camouflage print
+ Great for dogs with arthritis
+ Adjustable straps for snug fit
+ Sourness and pain reduction

Why We Like It – If you are not convinced by the average black neoprene knee brace for dogs, then perhaps the best knee brace for dogs could be this unique camouflage brace!

5. Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector For Dogs

Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector For Dogs

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Bring back a smile to your doggie’s face with the best dog knee brace for luxating patella, arthritis and injuries! It sits around the sensitive areas of a dog’s leg, to provide proper support when walking, but also to protect surgical wounds and scratches and aid with a quick recovery. A great fit is crucial, and Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector is available for both the left knee and for the right, so make sure you order the correct product. For dogs knee injuries can be very limiting, but with these knee braces for dogs with luxating patella, injuries caused by accidents and more – your pooch will get some of his independence and freedom back.


+ Successfully protecting sensitive areas
+ Available for right and left knee
+ Recommended by veterinarians
+ Durable and adjustable straps

Why We Like It -This is a great product whether you are looking for the best small dog knee brace or a brace for your large dog, as it comes in every size.

6. WalkAbout Canine Knee Brace

WalkAbout Canine Knee Brace

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Have a look at these knee braces for dogs with torn ALC, arthritis, age-related pains, injuries and more, and discover a product that has been designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The strap that holds it in place is thicker than that of many other products, which is beneficial for long-term wear and for dogs with sensitive skin, and it keeps the knee joints stabilized and in place to speed up recovery or to simply reduce chronic pain. The harness type design of WalkAbout Canine Knee Brace makes sure it won’t come off even if you have an active dog, and the material is soft enough not to cause uncomfortable rubbing and skin irritation.


+ Harness design to keep it in place
+ Ideal for senior dogs with joint pain
+ Orthopedic design with soft materials
+ Easy to wash and keep clean

Why We Like It – This ACL knee brace for dogs stays in place with a strap harness, to grant your pooch the gift of movement without the brace coming off.

7. Lepark Rear Dog Leg Brace

Lepark Rear Dog Leg Brace

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Properly protecting an injured hock joint is crucial for quick recovery, and these orthopedic braces for dogs’ knees do just that. Lepark is a cruciate ligament knee brace for dogs that have suffered some type of knee injury or deals with chronic pain; the material is stretchy and comfortable, to follow the natural movements of the leg while still providing sufficient stability to speed up the recovery process. Both smaller and larger dogs can benefit from this cruciate ligament knee brace for dogs, but make sure you measure your dog ahead of your purchase, to make sure you get the right size.


+ Available for front and rear legs
+ Multiple size options
+ Stretchy and comfortable material
+ Recommended for chronic pain

Why We Like It – The high-quality Nylon and neoprene material makes this a brace you can trust, and one your four-legged friend will be happy wearing.

8. Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap

Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap

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Looking for stifle knee braces for dogs? Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap may be the best soft dog knee brace for those fur-friends that are experiencing problems in the stifle area, as it is made with a soft and comfortable material that is also antibacterial – it prevents the build-up of unpleasant yeast, fungus, and other potentially harmful bacteria – to keep an injured leg safe, supported, comfortable and dry throughout your four-legged friend’s recovery. A great feature is that this ergonomic stifle knee brace for dogs can be washed in the washing machine whenever needed, and two gel packs are included (reusable) that can be either chilled or heated.


+ Therapy gel pads included
+ Patent-pending design
+ Antibacterial material
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – The unique design of these knee braces for small dogs and big dogs are perfect for ensuring that it will stay in place, and the included gel packs can add additional comfort to a sore leg.

9. Joonem Dog Rear Leg Brace

Joonem Dog Rear Leg Brace

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This is a great knee brace for dogs with torn ACL and other knee injuries in dogs, and it successfully protects the hocks for a dog that has gotten injured or as post-operative support and care. Durable velcro closure ensures an excellent fit and just the right amount of pressure, which in turn aids the leg to heal at a natural pace. The material is breathable, soft and quick-drying so that your pooch can walk around with it all day long when needed, and it stays put to prevent rubbing and other undesirable sources of discomfort. The Joonem rear knee brace for dogs is available for dogs of all sizes.


+ Medical grade nylon material
+ Relieves pain from injury and arthritis
+ Cooling, breathable and comfortable
+ Velcro straps for a perfect fit

Why We Like It – These ACL knee braces for dogs are soft and comfortable for your dog to wear, and the velcro straps guarantee a customized fit.

10. NeoAlly Dog Rear Leg Brace

NeoAlly Dog Rear Leg Brace

A neoprene wrap can do a lot for an injured dog leg, but there are times when it is not enough. The NeoAlly knee brace for dogs provides excellent support also for your fur friend’s hocks, and it has a metal spring strip inserted on both sides to prevent the dog from adding too much weight to a leg in recovery. The strips can be removed for those pups that don’t need it, and the elasticity makes sure the brace fits perfectly and stays in place. Providing proper knee support for dogs is crucial to prevent an injury from getting worse, and your fur baby can wear this one also when outdoors, thanks to the durable material and the reflective visibility stripes.


+ Reflective stripes for visibility
+ Removable metal spring strips
+ Protects the knees and hocks
+ Sizes extra small to extra large

Why We Like It – Perfect fit provides excellent knee support for dogs of all sizes, and additional features like reflective stripes and removable metal strips.

Best Dog Knee Brace Buyers Guide

If your dog has a problem with his knee or leg, there is no point in sulking or regretting the events that lead to it, and it is better to start looking around for a solution. How can you help your dog throughout the recovery process, and what can you do to reduce the pain and provide the support the injury requires? The answer is to get your pooch the best dog ACL knee brace there is, as this will provide them with the stability their leg and knee needs. Your dog’s knee brace needs to be comfortable and fit right, and there are a few other things as well that could help you find the product that will work best for your dog.

Reason for Getting a Knee Brace

There are numerous different types of knee braces, and they have all been designed to serve a specific purpose. This means that some products will work better for one type of injury or leg condition, whole another will work better for others. A knee injury is not the same as a hock injury, for example, and the two could require variating forms of support.

Talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure of what kind of knee brace your fur friend needs, and remember to only use one after having been given the green light by a veterinarian, as some conditions might require more extensive medical care.

Knee Brace Material

When you choose a cruciate care knee brace for dogs, comfort is everything, and comfort comes with the right material. Most of these are made of nylon or neoprene materials, which are both known for providing that snug pressure and fit that will be there to support your best fur friend’s knee. A good material should also be breathable, especially if Fido will be wearing his knee brace for hours at a time, as one that is too airtight could damage both the skin and coat, and become a grow-ground for bacteria.

Also, make sure the brace can be washed when needed – preferably in the washing machine to make it easy for yourself to keep your dog’s new knee support clean and bacteria-free.

Choosing the Right Size

Let’s be honest here – measuring your dog can be a bit of a hassle, especially if your dog is a little bit on the wild side, but this is something you have to do when getting a knee brace. The proper fit is essential, as you will otherwise not get the fit you are looking for, and not the support which is the whole point your dog will even be wearing a brace.

We know; it is easy to think that “hey, my dog is small, let’s get the smallest size,” or “a Great Dane probably needs XL,” but this isn’t usually a good way to find the perfect brace. All dogs are so different size-wise, even dogs of the same breed, so take yourself the time to take your fur baby’s measurements before you place an order.

Front Brace or Back Brace

Don’t forget that a front knee brace looks different from a back knee brace, so don’t make the mistake of getting one that you won’t be able to use. Many models come in both varieties, so pay close attention during checkout. Front- and rear legs are shaped differently, so you usually can’t use the same for both. There may also be a difference between braces for the right side and the left side, so this is another thing to be wary off. It is surprisingly easy to get confused, too, so have a last look at your dog before confirming the order, to make sure you are getting the one your dog needs.

Design & Attachment

The design often has to do with what the brace is for, but there are also various models that are all attached in the same way. A common way to attach a dog knee brace is with velcro straps that let you adjust it properly, but some are also fully elastic, kind of like thick socks. There are braces that are independent and stay on with only the velcro, while others are designed to be attached to a harness, or to the leg on the opposite side. It is near impossible to say which model is best, and it simply depends on what you think your dog will be the most comfortable in, and what is the most likely to stay on.

Additional Features

Some braces have incorporated metal strips for additional stability, which is ideal for dogs with more severe injuries, or that need their brace to keep their knee in a fixed position. These kinds of metal strips are usually removable so that you can choose yourself if you want them there or if you rather have them removed. They can also be removed as your pup’s leg is starting to heal and grow stronger. Other products come with small gel pads that can be either heated up or cooled, to provide additional relief for sore knee joints.

Can you make your own dog knee brace?

Perhaps, but few veterinarians would recommend it. When it comes to a knee brace for dogs homemade versions might not fit properly, even if it seems like it does, and an ill-fitting brace can potentially worsen your dog’s pain and/or injury. Instead, get an orthopedic dog brace that has been carefully designed to help your fur friend, rather than to experiment with their health.

Best small dog knee brace for torn ACL?

Many models are made for medium to large dogs, so if your dog is small in size – look for a product that offers sizes down to XS.

Do knee braces help dogs?

The simple answer is yes – a knee brace can be very beneficial for certain types of injuries and health conditions. This depends entirely on the type of injury your dog is suffering from, and a veterinarian can help determine if a knee brace is right for your furry friend.

How do you measure a dog for a knee brace?

Each product generally comes with guidelines for how to measure your dog, as this depends on the design and model of the product. Invest in a measuring tape and follow the instructions provided in the product description.

How much does a dog knee brace cost?

As you can see in this dog knee brace review, these products come in all price ranges! This makes it easy to find a product that works both for your dog and for your budget.


There are so many good things you can get out of putting a knee brace on your injured dog; it could help reduce inflammation, lower the risk of further injuries that could otherwise occur as your pooch goes about his or her day, joints and muscles get properly supported – great for senior dogs with arthritis – and much more. Once your veterinarian tells you that it would be a good idea for your dog to wear a knee brace, you are ready to start your search for the best brace to help your dog continue enjoying his or her life to the fullest.

Wanting the best for our dogs will sometimes mean having to get a little help from an accessory such as a quality knee brace, and this review and guide will hopefully make it easier for you to find a good product.

Expert Tip

Quality braces can usually be worn 24/7 if needed, but if your veterinarian says it is okay – taking it off during the night is a great way to allow the skin underneath to breathe.

Did You Know

Any dog can get hurt or develop painful medical conditions, but some dog breeds – such as Labrador Retrievers and Newfoundlands – are more prone to knee issues than others.

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