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Best Dog Head Halter in 2022

A dog head halter may look a little odd and maybe even a little cruel, but you may change your tune after you learn about what these strange looking harnesses are actually used for.

They give you, the pet parent, more control over your maybe “too energetic” pooch when you take your daily walk. How many of you are at the mercy of your fur babies out on one of these outings? More often than not, may pawrents claim to be dragged in whichever direction their pooch wants to go. Things should be the other way around!

A dog head halter will significantly decease the leash pulling, giving you a chance to train your fur baby properly. This is an especially annoying problem if you have a larger breed. Read on to find out the best dog halters and how to purchase one.

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1. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Many dogs can benefit from gentle guidance and you can as well. You will be able to enjoy stress-free walks without having it turn into a game of tug-o-war with one of these dog head halters. It stops unwanted behaviors including lunging and jumping right at the root of the problem.

It’s a gentle dog leader, one that won’t harm your pet. Training needs to start at a young age and the best dog head halters will give you an easier time. The adjustable nylon straps are padded with soft neoprene to ensure comfort.

This dog head collar makes sure it won’t chafe your dog or dig into his skin with the padded neoprene straps.

2. Halti Head Collar


Halti head collars for dogs will stop pulling. You will notice the difference between a dog without training with a head collar and one that goes through it in a matter of a few short walks. The collar is also padded to ensure the comfort of your dog, especially around the nose area.

Take your pick between pink and black to find one that matches your mood and maybe even your outfit! The key to proper training for a dog harness for a dog’s head is the right size. A head halter could be rendered useless if it doesn’t fit the dog’s neck in the proper way. The different sizes offered from the Halti dog head collar manufacturer will guarantee the right fit.

We love how there are different sizes and colors to accommodate dogs of every breed and gender.

3. Halti Training Lead for Dogs


This one is similar to the Halti head collar except it offers two points of connection. This training head halter harness for dogs gives you superior control. It’s made from durable nylon webbing that is waterproof and lightweight.

Due to the special design, this dog head halter lead can be used for hands-free walking, walking two dogs at once, short and long leash training, and be used in tandem with other Halti products such as the head collar above.

We like this dog lead for its versatility. Not only does it stop pulling, it can also be used for hands-free walking among other things.

4. Canny Collar – The Collar for Dog Training and Walking

Canny Collar - The Collar for Dog Training and Walking

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The canny dog head halter is an excellent training tool that fits easily without any complicated instructions. It fits well on your dog’s nose without obstructing his vision or making him feel any sort of discomfort.

Many people might be afraid that the dog head halter is similar to a muzzle. This dog head collar still allows your dog to open his mouth and comfortably during your walks. It’s easy to slip on and doesn’t need to be removed for off-leash play, just clip and unclip the carabiners for easy use.

This is a two-piece dog head halter without having to remove the part that fits around your dog’s head during outdoor playtime.

5. Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter

Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter

Dog head halters are recommended by many professionals for gentle control and training. If used properly, these head collars can officially nip the problems in the bud and eliminate them once and for all.

Not only does this dog head collar prevent pulling, but it also curbs lunging and jumping for overexcited pooches. The padded nose area will make sure the head collar won’t hurt or irritate your dog’s snout. It’s easy to use and comes in two different colors for little girl and little boy fur babies.

We love a dog head halter that comes in different colors and has padding to ensure our dog feels comfortable and accepts the new head accessory.

Best Dog Head Halter

They key to an effective dog head collar is one that is a good fit for your dog’s head. Not only that, but there are also a ton of other things to consider to make sure the training is successful. Getting your dog acquainted with a new talking tool like this could be tough. Some fur babies are more resistant than others, so what is the best way to make sure they accept their new restraint? By picking the best one of course! Read on to find out how to pick the perfect dog head collar for your pooch.


The sizing is the make or break factor of a dog head halter. We would also suggest adjustable options if you are not confident in purchasing a fixed size online. Another perk for adjustable dog head halters is the fact that your pooch can grow into it. Although we do hope that your fur baby won’t be needing these head collars when they are mature.

Some dogs grow exponentially from puppyhood to adulthood. These breeds are generally the Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and other large breeds. For large breed pups, we suggest adjustable sizes.

If the dog head halter is not adjustable, look for ones that come in multiple sizes. Ones with breed recommendations and easy to understand measuring guides will also help minimize the margin of error.


The next important thing is the material. You need to find a dog head halter with the perfect balance between security and comfort. The trick to finding such a product is in the padding. The dog head halter itself can be made of robust and tough material such as nylon, but we know that that can chafe your precious pooch. The best dog head halters will have comfortable padding in the nose area.

Look for ones that are made of breathable materials and perhaps padded with neoprene or sherpa lining. If you are unable to try it on, make sure the product you order has some sort of return policy just in case it doesn’t work out.


Dog head halters are pretty much built the same way, with a part that laces over your dog’s head and snout with a leash part for you to grab onto. Other than that, sometimes the color and patterns are just as important. They can reflect your dog’s personality as well as his mood all the while making him look adorable too.


What are you using the dog head halter for? Is it for lunging, pulling, jumping or all of the above? Certain dog head halters can be used for multiple purposes such as hands-free walking, taking two pooches out for a walk and more.

Do Head Halters Hurt Dogs?

In general, no, the dog head halter doesn’t hurt your dog. We say in general because this depends on the right sizing, proper padding, and the right method. If your dog head halter is not properly padded, it could chafe and dig into your dog’s snout.

If the size is too small, the same thing could happen. If your dog feels any sort of discomfort, he will avoid using the head halter like his life depended on it (which to him it does). So you need to make sure you get it right in one go.

If you pull and yank on the head halter it could also put your dog at risk of pain. The proper dog head halter gives you gentle control (keyword being gentle). You won’t need to use excessive force to gain control over your pooch.

What is the Best Dog Head Halter?

dog head halter
The best one will fit into the description of being comfortable durable and effective. To ensure this, you need to vet the materials to make sure that they are sturdy yet comfortable and the size needs to be correct. Other than that, the design, color and everything else is a personal preference.

Is a Dog Head Halter Good for Dogs?

When used properly, it can be an indispensable tool for training. Like the regular dog collar, if it’s used with excessive force, it could hurt your pooch. You should always gradually introduce your dog to the new head halter. Let him sniff it, and once he has accepted it, you can slip it on your dog’s head for short periods of time.

Extend the time he wears the head halter by a minute or two each time. Hopefully, you will get him to place his muzzle through the loop himself. Remember to always encourage him with yummy incentives such as his favorite snack to hasten the process.

Are Head Halters Cruel?

Many professionals and other pawparents with experience using the head halter will tell you that it’s an effective training tool. Most dog training tools can inflict discomfort or pain without proper use. Whether head halters are cruel or not depends on how they are administered.

If you are gentle, encouraging and use it only to curb jumping and lunging, it could be a very effective tool. If you are using it to restrain, punish and overly control your dog, then it could be considered as cruel.

How Do I Get My Dog Used to a Head Halter?

Some dogs don’t take kindly to anything new, some might not even want to go near that new shirt you got him for Xmas. Getting your dog accustomed to a new device, training tool or piece of clothing can be an arduous process that requires a lot of patience.

Introducing your dog to something new revolves around the same concepts – a slow introduction is key, here are our recommended steps:

1. Hold it in your hands and slowly approach your pup letting him sniff and circle it as he tries to deem whether it’s scary or not. Have him approach you at his own pace. If he refuses to approach, use the secret weapon – TREATS!

2. Lift is slowly and start to hold it closer to your dog. Touch parts of his face, head body and paws with it just to show him that it doesn’t pose a threat. Try to get him to put his head or at least his muzzle through the loop on his own.

A good way to do that is to hold a treat on the other size of the loop and get him to push his head through. Once it’s through, don’t automatically strap him in. You need to do this a few times until he’s confident that it’s okay.

3. The next step is to let go of the head halter next time he puts his head through. If he resists, take it off immediately and try the above steps again slowly. If he is ok with it, then count it as a win! Leave it on him for a few seconds and prolong the time it stays around his neck each time.

4. Once he is pretty comfortable with the head halter on, you can try strapping him in. This is also a slow process that requires a ton of positive reinforcement. When you have successfully strapped it on, leave him for a few short minutes and prolong the session each time.

5. Now that your pooch has taken to the head halter, you can try leading him with it slowly. Again, go into it gradually and only for a few short seconds to a few short minutes each time, adding some time with every session. Through this slow process, you will eventually be able to take your dog out for a walk with the head halter.


Lunging and jumping is a hard habit to curb (trust me I know) and a stubborn dog will only add to your headache. Trying something like a dog head halter could be the answer to your prayers. Remember to use it correctly don’t try to control your dog with excessive force. It’s a give-and-take process that could take some time.

The best dog head halters will be comfortable for both your dog to wear and for you to hold and allow you to be the gentle leader your dog needs to eliminate unwanted behavior. With a little patience and the right equipment, your dog can be a perfectly well behaved fur baby.

Expert Tip

Just like any learning process you go through with your dog, it will definitely take time and a whole lot of patience.

Did You Know?

Some dog head halters are made from leather, which is much softer and more comfortable than nylon.

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