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10 Best Dog Food Containers in 2022

There are so many decisions you need to make as a dog owner; what dog food is best for your fur friend, where will he or she sleep, what kinds of toys are safe and much more, and then there is a final call to make – where to store the kibble or dog treats? The smartest thing you can do is to invest in a proper pet food storage container, as this will make sure your four-legged best friend always has fresh food waiting to be consumed! Dog food can go stale, or even go bad as a result of exposure to humidity or bugs, but you can prevent this by putting it in an airtight pet food container.

Finding the best airtight pet food container requires a bit of research, but don’t worry – we have taken care of that for you! Here are some of the best pet food storage containers for dogs living in your household.

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1. IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage

This dog food container is made with BPA plastic, and you can get it in the shade you prefer or that goes best with your home decor. The airtight lid keeps humidity and bugs out, and the pet food container is tapered to make cleaning easier. Keeping bacteria and moist out of your dog food storage is extremely important to avoid contamination and your fur friend getting sick, and these are large enough to hold a whole bag of food if you choose one of the larger sizes, and for you to store all of it in the same place.

When you get this dog food storage container you have the option to choose the size that will best fit your pup’s kibble, which makes it an excellent product both for the owners of small and large dog breeds.

2. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage

Available with a size capacity of 15, 25 or 35 pounds of your pooch’s favorite kibble, and the cute cookie jar type design makes it an item you will want to have in your home! The adorable paw prints added to the sides will fit your fur friend just right (and make sure nobody mistakenly takes your dog’s treat for a delicious human-food cookie), it has an airtight lid to prevent what is inside from going stale, and it comes with a practical measuring cup to help get your dog the right amount of food with every meal.

These are among the best dog food storage containers to be used both indoors and outdoors, and they are made with heavy-duty plastic that withstands weather and frequent use.

3. IRIS Nesting Airtight Pet Food Container

IRIS Nesting Airtight Pet Food Container

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Get these large and convenient dog food containers in either discrete black or a more vibrant red, depending on your preferences, and enjoy the benefits of a BPA-free plastic pet food storage container with a seal-and-snap latch for secure containment. Stop humidity from getting to your fur friend’s food, as well as bugs and rodents that could otherwise propose a health risk for your dog. Using dog food storage containers also looks better, and makes it less likely for your pooch to somehow get into the kibble stash when you are not watching. One thing many dog owners fail to take into consideration is that kibble is heavy, but this dog food bin solves this issue by adding wheels to the bottom.

The best thing about this airtight dog food container is that it has wheels, which makes it so much easier for you to move it around and to pull it out from underneath, for example, a bench.

4. EcoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner

EcoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner

Looking for something a little different? The EcoFlex pet food storage containers have a large storage space below two stainless steel bowls, meaning your pup can eat from the same place where you store his or her food. The material looks like wood but is actually made of durable EcoFlex – a lightweight material apt for use both outdoors and indoors, and it is very easy to keep clean by simply wiping it off with a dry or a wet fabric cloth. The latches on the side keep freshness in, while keeping moisture, bugs and nosy dogs out. Keep your pup’s kibble safe with style with these great looking pet food containers!

Many dogs benefit greatly from eating from an elevated bowl, and with this dog food holder you get both storage and a great option for elevated eating.

5. Simplehuman Large Pet Food Storage Can

Simplehuman Large Pet Food Storage Can

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Pet food stores will often have a few dog food bins to choose from, but have you ever seen pet containers like these? It is a metal dog food container with a magnetic scoop that attaches to the lid, and a removable inner bucket free from BPA and other toxic materials. The metallic coating is fingerprint-proof, so that it always looks nice and polished, and it has durable wheels in the back to simplify transport and moving it around. If you are wondering how to keep ants out of dog food – this is the answer, and the stainless steel construction will keep your pet food fresh for much longer.

The stainless steel material prevents this dog food storage bin from rusting, and from fingerprints and dust sticking to it, which is a guarantee for a long-lasting and durable product.

6. IRIS USA Elevated Dog Feeder

IRIS USA Elevated Dog Feeder

Why complicate things when you can get everything in the same place – food storage and feeding station, which is exactly what you get with this large dog food container. These dog food storage bins consist of a large plastic container for you to store your fur friend’s kibble, and on top the lid has space for two stainless steel bowls (included), to conveniently feed your pooch right on top of where their food is stored. A solution like this is convenient both to save space inside the home and to aid dogs with neck problems and other limitations that prevent them from bending down comfortably and eat from the floor.

Lightweight, durable and airtight dog food canister that also serves as a feeding station – this is a dog food bag holder anyone who wants to save space will want to consider.

7. Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage

Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage

Storing your dog’s food should be easy and effortless, and for someone with reduced living space – these airtight dog food storage containers can be stacked on top of one another and kept in one place for easy storage. The durable plastic is made to hold for large quantities of dog food, and for those who have multiple dogs or large dogs that consume plenty of food, the stacking option is ideal, and you can choose between a 9-gallon pet food bin or one holding up to 24 gallons depending on your needs. The small opening closes tightly with a lid, offering airtight pet food storage at a price most dog owners can afford.

With these pet food bins, storage will no longer be an issue as they can be conveniently stacked with one on top of the other.

8. Amici Pet – Buster Healthy Life Dog

Amici Pet - Buster Healthy Life Dog

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When you want the best dog food container, but also one that looks great and that would fit in perfectly in a rustic environment – these metal dog food storage bins will surely become a new favorite! It looks almost like a little cookie jar one would want to snatch a cookie from when nobody is looking, but it is designed to keep dog food nice and fresh thanks to the metal exterior and the silicone gasket found inside. It is a large dog food container you can easily fit kibble into, or you can use it for your four-legged friend’s favorite treats. With a dog food canister like this, you won’t have to worry about finding bugs in dog food or about how to store dry dog food long term, as this is one of the best dog food storage container items you can find.

If it matters to you what your dog food storage bin looks like, then you will love this unique and charming dog food bag holder.

9. TBMax Pet Food Container for Dogs

TBMax Pet Food Container for Dogs

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These plastic dog food containers have two silicone seals to make sure the kibble stays fresh for as long as you keep it in there, it has a measuring cup that screws on like a lid, a handle for getting a better grip and it is safe to use for all kinds of animals and their food, such as dogs, cats, rodents and birds. This is the kind of pet food storage ideas that are ideal for someone who doesn’t want to complicate thing, and who simply wants a safe and convenient place to store all that kibble, instead of keeping it in its original packaging. It is the best dog food container when you are looking for something basic that still fills every required function.

Simple, durable and with an included measuring cup – these airtight dog food storage containers are perfect for storing smaller quantities of kibble.

10. BUDDEEZ Large (Up to 12lb) Fresh Dry Dog

BUDDEEZ Large (Up to 12lb) Fresh Dry Dog

The Buddeez pet food dispenser is FDA approved and BPA free, and it is large enough to hold up to 12lbs of kibble. There is a handle to facilitate picking it up and pouring out the kibble and into your pup’s dish, and you have the option to insert the whole kibble bag and pour directly from it in case you need to keep the nutritional information provided on the kibble bag! This airtight pet food storage is transparent for your convenience. The design is made to be slim and tall, just like a bag of kibble, which makes it easy and convenient when storing in, for example, the pantry, and the lid is airtight for optimal freshness also for long-term storage.

Being able to see through the sides of these pet food bins means you can keep the original package in there, in case you want to be able to check nutritional value and portion recommendations.

Best Dog Food Container Buyers Guide

Storing your dog’s food is about so much more than knowing where to keep it, as it also matters what you choose to store your dog’s kibble in. It may seem easy to simply close up the bag and keep the kibble in the packaging it came with, but this is rarely ideal when trying to keep dry dog food fresh and free from infestations. The smartest thing you can do is to invest in airtight pet food storage bins, as these will have a lid to close that will aid in keeping moisture, bugs and nosy dogs away. There is dog food storage with bowls included, dog stacking box options, decorative dog food storage and much more, and you can easily find the best dog food storage for your fur friend, and for your household!

These dog food storage ideas are to help you in your search for storage that can hold your big bag of dog food, and to help you figure out how to store dog food in the most convenient way. By using a pet food storage bin, you will save money thanks to the kibble lasting longer, and you will also be keeping your pup safe from accidentally eating spoiled food. Here is a quick guide to finding storage containers for dog food that meet your expectations.


How big do you need your container for dog food to be? The owner of a small dog might opt for buying smaller dog food bags to keep it from going stale, and in these cases perhaps a smaller dry dog food container will be enough to hold the full amounts, while a larger dog’s food will probably require a bigger dog storage bin. Here comes a little tip, though! If you are used to buying smaller bags of food for your dog, are you doing it because you want to keep it fresh? This is the whole point of using pet food canisters, so why not consider getting one so that you can buy larger bags of dog food? Buying larger bags is usually cheaper in the long-run, which means having a large pet food container could actually save you money in the long run.


The most commonly used materials in airtight pet food storage containers are stainless steel, plastic and ceramic, and this is because they are the most likely to keep out air, bugs, rodents and more, and to keep the dog food fresh. You can opt for storing dog food in plastic containers, a metal pet food container or any other sealed dog container, and the material that works best is usually more a question of personal preferences. The best way to store dog food is in a container made of a material that does not let air or moisture inside, but just make sure that any plastic or silicone used is BPA and toxin-free, and made for dog food storage purposes.


There are a couple of things to consider before picking out your new dog treat storage or airtight dog food containers, as it isn’t just about which one you like best! Sure, as humans we tend to judge with our eyes and of course we want a product that is easy on the eye and that fits into our homes, but you also need to consider how easy the product will be to store, and this often comes down to design. A slimmer shape could fit better into a cabinet and a smaller space, while stackable pet storage containers (stackable pet food containers take up less space when you need more than one) are possibly ideal for those having more than one pet, where storage for different types of food is needed. Consider how you plan to use your pet storage container, where you plan to use it and how it will be stored before settling on a design.

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If you are one of those dog owners with very big dogs and that buy large kibble quantities at a time, perhaps a large dog food storage box with wheels could help move it around (pet food containers on wheel come in all sizes, but wheels are more common on larger products), and if you are just planning to store treats, then why not get small, decorative and unique dog food storage containers that will look great on top of the fridge or on a shelf? Most dog containers are designed with function in mind, so choose a product that will make storing dog food easier.


It is beneficial for a dry dog food storage container to be airtight, and this is to prevent humidity and moisture from spoiling your dog’s food. Many are unaware of the fact that dog food can actually go bad, but it can, and there is an even greater risk in areas with hot and humid weather. An airtight container will also protect the food from ants and other bugs, which are otherwise known for being experts when it comes to making their way into the most unlikely places.

What is the best container to store dog food?

It depends on what you need in terms of size and design, but the best dry dog food storage containers are those that will prolonge dog food shelf life by keeping the kibble dry, safe from the environment and from bug and rodent infestations.

Is it bad to put dog food in plastic containers?

A dog food bucket made of plastic isn’t necessarily bad, but it depends on what kind of plastic was used to make the product. You should always look for plastic pet food containers made for food storage, and they should be BPA- and toxin-free.

What is the best way to store dry dog food?

The best way to store your dog’s kibble is in a large container with an airtight lid, where no moisture or bugs can make their way in, and where it is kept safe from both dogs, other animals and children.

What are the best dry food storage containers?

Storage for dog food needs to meet high standards in terms of material and durability, and the best way to find a product that meets your individual needs is to purchase a container made especially for storing dog food.


You are now several steps closer to finding the best pet food container, and hopefully this guide will have provided you with everything you need to know in order to find the best airtight dog food container for your dog, your household and for your individual needs. Investing in a quality airtight pet food storage container will keep your kibble fresh for much longer than when storing it in the bag, and this will benefit your dog’s health, as well as your wallet.

Expert Tip

Purchasing a larger kibble bag can save you money, and you won’t have to worry about it going stale if you store it in a reliable dog food container.

Did You Know

Dry dog food usually has a long shelf life, but storing it incorrectly could reduce shelf life by several months.

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