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7 Best Dog Cones in 2022

Ah, the cone of shame. Let’s try our best to move away from that negative connotation. A dog cone is actually used to prevent your dog from licking his healing wounds or scratching at surgery scars. Needless to say, most dogs do not take kindly to having a plastic cone-shaped device strapped to their necks.

You might have seen funny memes and photos online of dogs wearing this nonsensical device and get a laugh out of it, but in reality, these cone collars are very useful and effective.

There are many different designs now available on the market. The traditional plastic eyesore is no longer your only option. We have selections from soft cones to soft collars that resemble neck pillows. The key to getting your pet to accept this new contraption is to make sure it’s comfortable.

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1. Comfy Cone the Original, Soft Pet Recovery Collar

Comfy Cone the Original, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays

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At number one we have the soft comfy cone for dogs. Designed for canines of all sizes and ages, it comes in 10 different sizes and two colors. The soft foam is made of padded nylon to give your dog maximum comfort and mobility. Use the Velcro closures to find the perfect fit for your dog’s neck and the plastic stays can be removed if necessary.

Serving as an alternative to the old school plastic cones, the Comfy Cone is vet recommended. The nylon is waterproof and easy to clean in case your dog makes a mess. Wipe the surface with a towel dipped in mild soapy water and the product will be as good as new.

The Comfy Cone takes the shape of the traditional plastic cone but is constructed with far more comfortable material. With the same design as the old models, you can be sure it works.

2. LIPET Protective Inflatable Cone Collar

Wangou Protective Inflatable Cone Collar

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A relatively cheap option, this inflatable collar is very similar to our travel pillows. If you own one, you will know how comfortable it is to use on a plane. This option will fit comfortably around your dog’s neck without irritation. It’s a durable design that is scratch and bite-proof and won’t scuff up your furniture either.

It will sit on your dog’s neck with an adjustable buckle you can use to secure it. Inflate the pillow to use and deflate it to store in a small space. The soft material is washable, you just simply need to remove it with the zipper on the side.

A one size fits all design saves you from the headache of measuring your dog and the risk of purchasing the wrong size.

3. Alfie Pet – Noah Lion Recovery Collar

Alfie Pet – Noah Lion Recovery Collar

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Why not turn something with a negative connotation into a positive one? The “cone of shame” can be made into a decorative device! This recovery collar from Alfie Pet comes in a wide variety of sizes, and in the design of a lion’s mane! Although it comes in many sizes, each collar has adjustable Velcro closures to give your pet even more breathing room.

It’s great to prevent your dog from licking and scratching certain areas without restricting his range of motion. The soft material is comfortable and easy to move around in. He can go about daily activities like eating and sleeping without any limitations.

The obvious perk of purchasing this option is the adorable design. There are also other designs available in the form of flowers from Alfie Pet.

4. UsefulThingy Dog Recovery Collar

UsefulThingy Dog Recovery Collar

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Here we have another alternative to the cone of shame. It’s quite a comfortable fit, in a ring shape rather than a cone one. This makes it easier for your pet to feed and go about his day without feeling restricted. The ring is made from hard foam in two different colors, and it’s soft enough against your pup’s skin without the risk of scratching.

Foam is easy to clean simply by wiping away the gunk. Although it’s a different shape, it still does its job and prevents your pet from aggravating his wounds. To further convince you, your purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee that lasts for 60 days.

The unique shape of this “cone” gives your dog a better range of motion and he still gets a full view without obstruction.

5. SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

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Before you think about just using your neck pillow for the job, this one not only has comfortable fabric that may rival yours, but it also has a plastic strap to keep the ring stable. Your pet will have the freedom to engage in daily activities while sporting this inflatable collar.

The simple air valve can be pulled to deflate the cushion for easy storage. The fabric casing is washable after a long day of activities, but the inner eco-friendly PVC is not, so remember to remove it. To make it sit even more securely around your dog, you may insert his collar through the three straps on the inside of the ring for stability.

The simple design has a lot of added features to ensure stability. It has Velcro closures and collar loops as well as an easy air valve to inflate the collar.

6. KONG Cloud E-Collar

KONG Cloud E-Collar

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Another air-filled design, it’s a more comfortable option compared to the traditional plastic cone options. True to its name, this E-collar puts the comfort of your pet at the top of its list – a cloud-like comfort. The shape that doesn’t protrude too much won’t take away from your dog’s mobility and range.

Kong is a trusted dog supply brand that produces quality products you can trust. The inflatable collar is not only washable, but it’s also resistant to biting and scratching. The soft surface won’t ruin your furniture or scrape against your dog’s skin.

Not having anything to obstruct your dog’s peripherals will allow him to still participate in daily activities without feeling like anything has changed.

7. Alfie Pet – Noah Flower Recovery Collar

Alfie Pet – Noah Flower Recovery Collar

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After some foreshadowing above, we bring you the flower option from Aflie pet. This cute design is modeled after a rose and is the perfect option for dainty female fur babies. Who says their style has to suffer for medical reasons? The soft and lightweight material is similar to the lion mane option and is very comfortable to wear.

The material is soft and very inviting to an avid chewer, so we recommend not leaving your pet alone with the collar, or you might find it again in pieces. Like many others, this soft design will not hinder your pet’s movement and is very flexible.

The cute cone collar is machine washable and easy to clean. It’s easy to get saliva, dirt and even blood on the surface, so this is a great characteristic.

Dog Cone Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing anything for the first time can prove to be a difficult task, and we always want to make the best choice possible. Seeing your already suffering dog having to sport a heavy cone around his neck could be heartbreaking.

However, we have the choice to find one that adds comfort and doesn’t detract from their quality of life. Post-surgery fur babies are encouraged to wear such cones to protect their wounds and give them time to heal. So what should we be looking for?


Make sure the size fits. It needs to fit around your dog’s neck with a comfortable breathing room, while still being large enough to stand in the way between him and his wounds. All sellers and manufacturers should include a sizing chart or some sort of indicator for the size.


Your dog will most likely view this device as some sort of constraint. To make the transition process easier, a comfortable material should be selected. The durability should also be considered because dogs will tend to want to destroy anything they dislike.


As you have seen, there are more elaborate shapes than just the basic cone. We can choose from inflatable donut-shaped options and some other ring-like shapes. Comfort is of course of utmost importance since your dog will be wearing the cone for a while. However, you must make sure to find the most suitable shape to keep your dog from reaching his wounds.

Type of Pooch

This refers to your dog’s personality. You will surely notice he or she prefers one type of material or one type of design over another. Trying the one they prefer most in the initial stage will take a lot of stress off the both of you. Listen to what your dog is telling you through every kiss or every unhappy glance.

Where the Injury Is

All in all, the cone of your choice should function in relation to the position of the injury. The shape, material and your dog’s preference will impact your choice greatly.

Types of Dog Cones

Plastic Cones

Perhaps the most generic design, this is the most basic and common one we see. It is the cheapest option that most pets detest. However, it does its job and is easy to clean.

Inflatable Pillows

These are the ones that resemble neck pillows. They are also inflatable and relatively comfortable to wear. Most of them are made with soft materials that are not irritable and are also easy on your furniture. They do not obstruct your dog’s peripherals and offer more range of motion. However, they are not suited to a wide range of injuries.

Soft Cones

An example of this would be the costume cones we have from above. The shape is the same as the plastic cones, but they are made with soft fabric and held together with Velcro. It’s much more comfortable than the traditional choice, but it could be considerably heavier. Soft cones are also more prone to being chewed through and are less durable.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Cone?

For the most part, dog cones are utilized when your pooch suffers an injury, or for post-surgery healing. They are designed to prevent him or her from causing any more trauma to the area.

We would suggest you pick one up if your dog fits these descriptions. A dog cone can also be useful if your dog has a skin irritation or rash. You don’t want him licking off the medication, and a dog cone will prevent that.


You can now see there are other more comfortable and pet-friendly options compared to the old plastic dog cones. They are a tough barrier to break through and will give your dog sufficient time to properly heal. The “cone of shame” can be worn proudly and even add a bit of style with one of the more elaborate designs.

You may even find that DIY dog cones are more up your alley. You will be able to tailor it to your dog’s needs and save some money. We will leave you with one last tip: Make sure the collar is a good fit.

Expert Tip

Do not remove your dog’s cone if his wounds or problem areas are not fully healed. Once it’s taken off, your dog might unleash all his suppressed desires to scratch and open up the wound once more. This will defeat the purpose of the cone and all the time he has put into healing would have been a waste.

Did You Know

For the most part, your dog should be able to go about his day-to-day activities with little to no hindrance. One thing that determines whether or not you have the right cone size is your dog should be able to eat and drink at leisure.

It could be a tough task due to the shape of the cone, so try repositioning your dog’s dish so it’s easier to reach. When in doubt, ask your vet. Plastic or DIY cones can be altered manually to give your dog better access to his food and water.

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