10 Best Dog Collars for Walking in 2022

When you have a dog, it is inevitable to eventually start walking it, once he or she has all the required shots and vaccinations. To do this safely, you need to invest in a reliable dog harness or a dog collar, so the first step is to find the right walking gear for you and your pooch.

If a collar is what you feel more comfortable with, these are some of the best products on the market, that will help keep your fur friend safe and comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

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1. Blueberry Pet 22 Colors Classic Collar

Blueberry Pet 22 Colors Classic Collar

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One of the best dog collars you can find is this beautiful flat collar thanks to the comfort it provides your pet with. It is soft and cushioned – ideal both for puppies and adult dogs – and it is a great alternative for those who prefer a more gentle approach to choke collars and other correction collars.

These are Nylon dog collars with an eco-friendly plastic buckle, chrome coated D-ring to increase durability, they are available in Small, Medium and Large and you can get it in almost any color you would want (over 25 color options available). A Blueberry Pet product sits gently around the dog’s neck, to make sure they can comfortably wear it throughout the day.

+ Eco-friendly buckle
+ 25+ color options
+ Durable Nylon material
+ Chrome coated D-ring

Why We Like It – There are so many colors available that you are going to want to get more than one, and it is designed to last, which is perfect for an active dog that likes to be walked.

2. Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar

Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar

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Here we have one of the most luxurious looking collars you can buy online, and one that will make your furry companion stand out at the dog park! There is an additional small ring added next to the buckle so that you can add your dog tags without having to attach them to the D-ring where the leash goes.

This helps to reduce the noise coming from the tags as your pup moves, which will be less annoying both for you and for the dog. It is made with two different tones, one on the inside of the collar and one on the outside, and the edges are sealed for a nicer overall look and for better comfort. There are no harsh chemicals used in the making of these leather collars, and it is the type of dog collar your pup can use both during walks and while at home.

+ No harsh chemicals used
+ Additional small ring for dog tags
+ Soft sealed collar edges
+ Two different leather tones

Why We Like It – Collars for pulling prevention can be great, but for most dogs – a comfortable and well-fitted collar such as this is really all they need. These leather dog collars have no sharp edges, and they are made to sit comfortably on dogs of all sizes.

3. Beirui Personalized Dog Collar with Name Plate

Beirui Personalized Dog Collar with Name Plate

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Being out walking with your dog is both fun and exciting, but it is important to take precautions in case your dog would somehow come loose and run away. Dog tags are great, but the issue is that they can come off, and this product here solves this by adding the owner’s details directly to the collar.

These have a comfy Nylon lining that won’t rub off your pup’s fur, and the outside is lint for ultimate durability. They come with a variety of fun patterns, and you get a personalized collar buckle with your personal contact details (dog’s name and phone number recommended) engraved. The laser engraved text won’t fade with time and use, and you get the perfect way for someone to bring your pup back to you if he or she would ever get lost.

+ Fun designs and patterns
+ Laser engraved contact details
+ Soft and gentle nylon material
+ Durable metal buckle

Why We Like It – Eliminate the need of having to get a noisy dog tag and keep your four-legged friend safe with these stylish and engraved collars for dogs.

4. CollarDirect Nylon Dog Collar with Buckle

CollarDirect Nylon Dog Collar with Buckle

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If the strong color is something you are drawn to, then perhaps this type of collar could be exactly what you have been looking for! They are bright, fun and durable, and the color does not fade with time or due to sunlight exposure, and they are great dog training collars thanks to being lightweight and comfortable.

You can get it with a plastic buckle or a metal buckle, depending on your preferences, but bear in mind that a metal buckle will make the collar slightly heavier for your dog to wear. Each collar is handmade with exceptional attention to detail so that you will get the best training collar for your walks, and one that will last as your dog grows older.

+ Colors are vivid and do not fade
+ Each collar is handmade
+ Eco-friendly side-release buckle
+ Different pattern options

Why We Like It – Some people prefer discrete looking slip collars and dog leashes when training your dog to walk, but others will love these vivid leash and collar designs!

5. Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy Duty Collar

Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy Duty Collar

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This pull-prevention martingale dog collar is great when teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash. It helps control pulling behaviors, yet it is gentler than the average pulling collar (such as a prong collar) to avoid scaring or hurting your dog in the process.

It will provide a small amount of pressure to the dog’s neck when dogs pull, which is why it serves as an easy-walk anti-pull head collar, but, in contrast to a choke chain collar – Martingale collars come to a stop and will not actually choke the dog.

Another plus with these colorful dog collars for pulling is that they are incredibly easy to take off and put on (the collar comes off without the need for a buckle), while still being escape-proof, according to the manufacturer.

+ Gently stops pulling
+ Comfortable and escape-proof
+ Made in the United States
+ Impressive color selection

Why We Like It – For a dog that pulls hard or for a slightly aggressive dog, these no-pull dog collars can be the ideal training tools to help teach a dog to walk, as it aids in preventing a dog from pulling.

6. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

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These collars for pulling dogs are extremely durable thanks to the high-quality nylon material, they come in 5 different colors with a total of 15 embroidery thread color options, and they are great to make sure your pup can be identified if he or she would get lost.

This is thanks to the stitched contact details, where it is recommended to add dog names and your own telephone number. A collar like this is much safer than just adding a dog tag, as dog tags can come off unexpectedly, and you won’t have to worry about this happening here, or about your phone number becoming unreadable.

+ Durable nylon for safety and comfort
+ Permanently stitched contact details
+ 5 collar color options available
+ Available in four adjustable sizes

Why We Like It – When you have the type of dog that loves to run and play, there is always that small risk your pooch might come loose during a walk or escape the yard, and if that happens – this type of no-pull customizable collar could be what brings him or her back home.

7. Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Collar

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Collar

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An alternative to the all-nylon Martingale collar is this Martingale with a steel chain. It helps when you want to walk dogs that tend to pull, as it is somewhat reduced in size whenever the dog pulls away from you (without choking the dog), to gently remind your fur friend that it is time to slow down.

This company cares about your dog, but also about dogs that are still waiting for a home! For every purchased dog collar, Max and Neo donate another collar to a dog rescue organization, to help make sure those dogs can also be taken out for walks and socialization. If your pulling dog isn’t to keen on using a dog harness, then perhaps these colorful collars with a cause could be a better option.

+ Available in all sizes
+ Stainless steel chain
+ Helps dogs in need
+ Heavy-duty side buckle

Why We Like It – The generous donation system this company has developed, where for all collars, harnesses, and leashes you buy – they donate one to a rescue in need, is enough to make it a product worth investing in.

8. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar

Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar

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Is your pooch a tough little guy or gal that wants to show off personality also with the collar? If so, you’ve come to the right product. It comes in aqua, blue, pink, red and black, it has quick-drying neoprene padding for increased comfort, reflective stitching and heavy-duty hardware.

It is a gentle leader collar that can stay on throughout the day, without irritating your pup’s neck, and it is constructed to hold also for an enthusiastic puller. The reflective features keep you and your furry friend safe during nighttime walks, and you can get one of these collars regardless of whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, thanks to the many size options.

+ Comfortable Neoprene padding
+ Reflective stitching for visibility
+ With heavy-duty hardware
+ For small and large dogs

Why We Like It – For a dog with a sensitive neck, the Neoprene padding can be a lifesaver, as it sits comfortably in place, dries fast and weighs very little.

9. Alpha Lifestyle Pets Martingale Collar

Alpha Lifestyle Pets Martingale Collar

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This no-pull dog collar is among the best collars and harnesses for strong and enthusiastic dogs; it is water-resistant, has UV protection to keep the color of the collar from fading in the sun and it is available for both small and big dogs. When the dog pulls, the collar tightens, but without harming or choking your best fur friend, to make the walk more pleasant for the two of you.

Some prefer front-clip no-pull harnesses or other dog gear, but if a collar is what you rather use – this product does not disappoint. The gorgeous teal pattern makes it easy on the eye, but it is its durability and function that makes it an instant favorite in many dog-owning families.

+ Martingale design
+ Easy to keep clean
+ Unique teal pattern
+ No-slip anti-escape material

Why We Like It – A collar like this is comfortable and it stays in place to prevent your pooch from trying to escape when you are out walking.

10. PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

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Opt for this PetSafe gentle collar, which – just like most other PetSafe Easy Walk and PetSafe Gentle Leader products – keep your dog safe when out and about. The collar is made with a soft and lightweight material that won’t slip and slide, and that tightens a little if a dog pulls to help better the behavior.

The company offers a variety of products to control a pulling dog, such as the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar and the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness for small and large dogs, but their Martingale collar is one of their most popular products. Dogs love it thanks to the comfort it provides them with, and owners love the reduced pulling it promotes.

+ Safe, comfortable and colorful
+ From a respected dog product company
+ Recommended by professional dog trainers
+ Six exciting and vibrant color options

Why We Like It – Whether you prefer a collar or harness, it is good to have a quality collar at your disposal. This product is simple, but it is made by a company that always delivers! You can either opt for this Martingale collar or the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar, to keep your pooch safe on walks.

Dog Collar for Walking Buyers Guide

One of the biggest mistakes new dog owners make is to get a low-quality collar. A poor quality dog collar can put both you and your fur friend at risk, as it could break or be too easy for a dog to get out of, so when you start shopping for a pet harness or a collar – know that the decision you are about to make is important.

Your dog deserves the best dog collar available, and if you choose wisely it might even help reduce pulling! A dog’s safety is the most important thing, so here are a few tips for how to choose the best collar for you and your dog.

Types of Dog Collar

Regular Collars

What we refer to as a regular collar here are the kinds that most dog owners are familiar with – one you put on the dog’s neck, close and that then stays in place until you decide to take it off. These are usually closed the same way you would close a belt, or with a side buckle, and they tend to be easy to take off and put on.

A collar like this is easy to find, and best suited for dogs that wear them 24/7, and for dogs that are already good walkers. They don’t do much to prevent or reduce pulling but are comfortable to wear for the dog, and ideal for the gentle leader.

Choke Chains

You may have heard of a choke chain – the dog collars that basically choke the dog if they decide to pull. These are not necessarily your best option, even if your dog is a puller, and they are considered potentially harmful by many dog psychology experts.

The reason for this is the damage they could potentially do to a dog’s windpipe and neck, and it is recommended to use a no-pull dog harness or a gentle leader head collar for pups that won’t stop pulling. A choke chain is a punishment method and is unlikely to solve the issue other than temporarily.

Martingale Collars

Now, this is interesting! The Martingale collar is like a mix of a regular collar and a choke chain, only it does not physically harm your dog the way a choke chain might. A Martingale collar is constructed with a small part that tightens if the dog pulls, but it only tightens to a certain point so that it won’t actually be choking your fur friend.

This is the kind of collar you will want to get if your dog is a light puller, and if you want a collar you can easily put on and take off. It is not ideal if you play to let your dog wear it in the yard, as it could get stuck in something, and a regular collar is better for wearing around the clock.

Can I use both a harness and a collar when walking?

Sure, you can leave a collar on even if you prefer to attach the leash to an easy-walk harness or a head halter, but if you don’t plan to attach the leash to the collar – you are probably best off going with a classic style collar, rather than a Martingale.

What is the best collar for a small dog?

One thing to avoid for small dogs is a choke chain, as their windpipe is extremely fragile and could easily get crushed. This is why many people opt for a harness when walking a small dog, but a comfortable collar can still be beneficial to make sure your pup is always wearing his or her dog tag with your contact information.

When to start walking with a dog?

You need a collar to walk your pooch, but you also need to know when your puppy or adopted adult dog is ready to walk. A dog needs to have all their shots before spending too much time outside, so talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure f whether your pup is ready.

Remember, if you plan to walk at night in the dark it is a good idea to use some form of a light-up collar, like an LED collar.


Picking a good dog collar isn’t rocket science, but it is good to know which types of collars work better for specific situations and dogs. There are more options than just that average collar out there, and the sooner you get it right, the more fun you will have on walks with your fur pup.

The price is not the most important thing to look at, and the model, material, and function say a lot more about what a collar can do for you. Consider the fact that your dog will be wearing their collar for hours at a time, so you owe it to him or her to get a collar that is comfortable.

Expert Tip

Make sure the collar is not too tight, as a regular collar should be loose enough for you to fit two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

Did You Know?

You will eventually have to replace your dog collar, either due to wear and tear or to your dog growing, so make sure you inspect your pup’s collar regularly.

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