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10 Best Car Seat Belts for Dogs in 2021

We all know about doggy car seats, but do you know about dog seat belts? If you often travel with your pup, its safety is your responsibility. Whether it’s taking a road trip down the west coast or just a simple visit to the vet, a car seat belt will protect your dog in case of an accident. The main function of a dog seat belt isn’t much different than a seat belt meant for humans. The purpose is to keep them in place without them running amuck inside your car, and/or guard their bodies against the jolts and swerves of a crash.

Big pup owners know that your dog might not fit into a car seat, or it just doesn’t provide enough protection to keep them in place. We have come through for you once again and prepared an overview of the best car seat belts in 2021 below.

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  • Sara Redding Ochoa DVM
  • Certified content. This article has been fact-checked and verified by our veterinary advisor.

    Approved By: Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM

Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Dogs should always be restrained when riding the car. Dog seat belts are the safest way for them to travel.”

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1. Kurgo Dog Seat Belt Pet Safety Vehicle Seatbelt Harness

Kurgo Dog Seat Belt Pet Safety Vehicle Seatbelt Harness

This seat belt clicks directly into your seat belt slot. Keep your dog restrained in the backseat and out of your way while you are driving. The design is so simple you don’t need to uninstall it every time. The other end of the seat belt attached to your dog’s harness and can extend up to 22 inches!

Not sure if this seat belt will fit with your car? The Kurgo dog seat belt is meant to be universal and fits with most cars. The lifetime warranty that comes with your purchase against manufacturer defects. You and your dog will be traveling safe, plus you will be driving free of distractions.

+ Universal fit
+ Extends up to 22 inches
+ Simple design
+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Like It – The swivel tether gives your pup freedom of movement. The carabiner used is a model commonly used among rock climbers, so your dog won’t be able to wrench himself free.

2. Mighty Paw Safety Belt

Mighty Paw Safety Belt

This model is designed for optimal safety. It attaches directly to the car frame, using the latch bars in your car for child safety. These latch bars are required by the government to be built into vehicles by law.

Mighty Paw Safety Belt minimizes the chances of an accidental release in case your pet steps on the seat belt buckle because it’s latched onto the frame of the vehicle itself. The easily adjustable seat belt extends to 26 inches, allowing for more freedom. Built to last, the Safety Belt is made with waterproof nylon and all metal hardware.

+ Added safety
+ Easily adjustable
+ Durable materials
+ 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Why We Like It – The swivel and adjustable belt length still guarantee safety, while giving your pet the freedom to move. It’s easy to use, and very secure.

3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

This title is convincing enough itself! It has been tested and deemed to be safe. Following child car seat standards, the enhanced strength harness is suitable for all dogs. With sizes ranging from XS to XL, you can definitely find one that fits your pup. There is a no-pull training feature built right in.

The D-ring to use as a dog leash attachment turns your dog right around if it tries to pull. The lifetime warranty on this Kurgo model also protects consumers from manufacturer defects. Now you can feel extra safe taking your dog everywhere with you using this crash-tested harness.

+ No-pull D-ring
+ Adjustable fit
+ Tested and safe
+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Like It – This device is easy to use, put on, and comes in a range of different colors and sizes so you can definitely find one to your liking. Keep your pet safe with Kurgo.

4. Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Safety Leads

Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Safety Leads

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This is a very VERY affordable option that comes in packs of two. This adjustable seat belt is suitable for both canines and felines. Made with high-quality nylon fastened to a solid alloy swivel strap, it is an extra durable and safe option.

The seat belt clip latches to your car with ease and with a universal clip on the other end to secure onto your pet’s harness. Protect your pet by keeping him/her safely on the seat and out of your way. The simple design is easily adjustable and comes in many different colors.

+ Affordable
+ Durable nylon material
+ Suitable for both cats and dogs
+ Solid alloy swivel strap

Why We Liked It – You get two for the price of one! The cost doesn’t impact the quality, as it is sturdy and made with all-metal hardware and no cheap plastic.

5. PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness for Car

PAWABOO Dog Safety Harness for Car

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Some pets can get skin irritation from the material of their harness or seat belt. Pawaboo uses oxford fabric, which is 100% polyester, lightweight and soft on your pooch’s skin. The wide and fully padded chest guard gives your dog extra protection without minimizing comfort.

The vest harness itself is able to connect to seat belts with the seat belt buckle quickly and easily. No more struggling to keep your dog in place while you try to secure them. A 2-in-1 option, remove the seat belt strap and you get a harness you can use to walk your dog as well!

+ Durable fabric
+ Stainless steel snap hook
+ Doubles as a regular harness
+ Padded chest plate

Why We Like It – Comfort was a major factor when designing this safety harness for dogs. The X-shaped seat belt has a soft mesh padding that covers all contact points for maximum comfort.

6. SlowTon Dog Car Harness

SlowTon Dog Car Harness

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This breathable chest harness is made with fabric that absorbs moisture, keeping the harness fresh and comfortable for your pet. The lightweight design is adjustable and fits with a wide variety of vehicle seats.

The harness wraps around your dog’s chest to allow movement and doesn’t choke your fur baby when he resists. Another 2-in-1 option, this doubles as a walking harness, there is no need to remove and reattach a different harness when you reach your destination. The two buckles on the chest strap make it easy to put on, without your dog having to ‘step in’.

+ Easy to put on and take off
+ Doubles as a harness
+ Breathable absorbent material
+ Comfortable design

Why We Like It – Adjust the straps to gain maximum security and comfort for your pooch. It is designed to provide protection for your dog’s neck and chest and prevent your dog from obtaining any vehicle-related injuries.

7. iBuddy Dog Seat Belts for Cars

iBuddy Dog Seat Belts for Cars

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The specialty of this dog seat belt is the elastic buffer design. The bungee with buffer damping design absorbs the force when there is a sharp turn or sudden break. This keeps your dog safe from choking injuries. From 23-30 inches, your pooch will have enough freedom to move and lay while still being secure in the backseat.

iBuddy offers a 30-day free replacement or refund and a 2-year warranty with customer service. This dog seat belt with a sturdy buckle is recommended for larger dogs above 15 pounds. The dual-safe hook will give you peace of mind knowing it won’t accidentally unhook for any reason. Give your pooch both freedom and security with this iBuddy design.

+ Elastic buffer design
+ Dual-safe bolt hook
+ Dual nylon strap
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – iBuddy uses a high-quality dual-safe bolt hook which locks shut for double security. For added safety please use this seat belt with a safety harness.

8. EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

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Another safety tested harness, the EzyDog harness adheres to the relevant safety requirements in the USA and Europe. Use your car seat belt to secure your dog through the loops on the back. After adjusting the fit to your dog once, you never need to do it again. The harness can be taken on and off quickly using the Mag-Lok Instant Fit Closure system.

The EzyDog car harness is made to last. Only the strongest and highest quality materials have been used to construct this safety device. The Tri-Glides are made from aluminum alloy and all the webbing is made from Crosslink Technology to ensure ultimate strength.

+ Crash tested
+ Mag-Lok instant fit closure
+ Durable materials
+ Easy to slide on and off

Why We Like It – Adhering to safety standards, EzyDog is certified and safe. Easy to size and put on, it doubles as a walking harness.

9. UNIPETTY Dog Seat Belt

UNIPETTY Dog Seat Belt

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Don’t you love it when you get two items for the price of one? The Unipetty dog seat belt is suitable for your dog and cat, if you have one of each it’s even better because you get two straps! The thick nylon and all-metal hardware attaches to the latch bar of your car. Just hook the latch onto the latch bar and clip the aluminum carabiner to your dog’s harness.

The max force tension for this design goes up to 1124 pounds! Your dog will be safely held in place in case of an accident. The belt can be adjusted from 21 to 30 inches to suit any sized dog.

+ Heavy duty and high quality
+ Max force tension of 1124 lbs
+ Lightweight
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – The seat belt hooks directly onto the child seat anchor and minimizes the chances of an accidental release. Keep your dog secure and safe from sudden brakes and sharp turns.

10. EzyDog Click Dog Seat Belt Car Harness Attachment

EzyDog Click Dog Seat Belt Car Harness Attachment

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This simple ‘click and go’ design is meant to be paired with the EzyDog car harness (not the crash tested harness). The tension strength maxes out at 2400 pounds! That gives heavy-duty an all-new meaning.

The adjustable strap goes from 17.5 inches to 26 with reinforced stitching for extra strength! This design with the swivel snap hook is ideal to keep your dog securely fastened and comfortable while staying out of the front seat area of the car. Keep your dog safe from bumping his head when you break and turn.

+ Heavy duty
+ Abrasion resistant
+ Reinforced stitching
+ Simple design

Why We Like It – The adjustable length can be tight enough to hold your dog back, but also loose enough to give him freedom of mobility to lie down if he wishes.

Dog Car Seat Belt Buyer’s Guide

Not only can seat belts save your dog’s life and keep him from bumping his nose on the seat in front, or the dashboard, it can also keep him from distracting you from keeping your eyes on the road. Any kind of distraction not only puts you and your pooch in danger but your children as well. So what should we be looking for when we browse for dog seat belts? Read on to find out!

What to Look for When Buying a Seat Belt for Dogs?

Get the Best

Choose an option that has passed a crash test. They can advertise their product as much as they want with eloquent words and empty guarantees. Nothing is for sure unless there is proof to back it up. Make sure the seat belt will actually save your pet’s life in the event of an accident.

Easily Adjustable

Dogs will grow and their weight can fluctuate. You need to make sure the harness is easily adjustable, giving you some leeway when your dog changes in size.

If you choose the harness style, make sure it is snug enough. These harnesses will have different points of adjustment.

Function and Versatility

Some seat belt harnesses double as a normal walking harness. This gives you the gift of convenience. Save yourself the headache of having to remove the car harness and put on a walking one. Some harnesses can be directly buckled into your seat belt buckle or latched into your car, just make sure it is compatible with the make and model.

Material and Construction

Wider straps made with durable material like nylon or polyester are reliable. Ones that have been tested and have a high-tension strength give even more guaranteed safety. Material that is breathable and absorbent is a plus. Make sure the chest plate and points of contact are soft and won’t dig into your dog.

High-quality materials don’t always guarantee a safe product. Make sure they reinforce all the stitching and how the whole thing is put together.

Sizing and Movement

Make sure the sizing is right. If you buy one that’s too small, it will hinder their range of motion and dig into their bodies, it will make them very uncomfortable, to say the least. If you happen to size up and receive one that’s too loose, it will render the harness useless.

Does My Dog Need a Seat Belt for Car Journeys?

For its safety and yours, the answer is yes. Even if it’s not mandatory depending on where you live, it’s still the smart and responsible choice.
God forbid if you are in an accident with your pup, the seat belt or seat belt harness will greatly increase your fur baby’s chance of survival. Dogs do not have the proper grip to keep themselves from sliding. A seat belt can also secure your canine in place during everyday car rides.

Keeping them fastened in place also reduces the risk of them running around and wreaking havoc in the car. When you’re trying to settle your dog down and keeping your eyes on the road, it puts everyone in the car in jeopardy.

What Are the Benefits of a Car Seat Belt for Dogs?

It’s going to get a little morbid as we present you with a bunch of hypothetical situations. Please bear with us and know this is for your dog’s benefit.

Seat belt harnesses prevent your dog from being thrown through the windshield in the event of an accident. Perhaps the chances of an accident are very low, but even in low-speed collisions, a dog can be launched out of your car at a speed close to 20 mph! That is definitely something we do not want to happen. The harness serves the same purpose as a human seat belt and decelerates the force of a collision.

Even if your pooch doesn’t get thrown out of the car, there is still a chance he may collide with someone or something in the car. If your dog and child end up bumping their heads together at full force, it will cause injury to both parties.

Have you ever had your dog run out as soon as you open your car door? The seat belt harness can also prevent this from happening. The restraint eliminates the chances of your dog bolting off without you, giving you a chance to hook its leash on the D-ring in a controlled environment.


Hopefully, none of you out there have experienced horrific accidents and injuries that involve our beloved canine friends. The severity of these accidents could have been diminished or eliminated with a dog car seat belt of some sort. Dog harnesses are a relatively cheap way to ensure your dog’s safety.

I know the well-being of my pup is priceless. If I could guarantee my pup’s safety and my own peace of mind with a couple of hundred dollars or less, then why not? If your dog travels with you for even a few times a year, a safety harness is a good investment, especially for those with larger dogs that don’t fit into car seats.

Expert Tip

Do not, I repeat DO NOT fasten the seat belt to your dog’s collar. Always use a harness in this case. With every bump in the road, your dog is at risk of choking. If they struggle too much in the back seat wanting to get a look out the window, it could cause chafing and skin irritation.

Did You Know

You should go with a crash-tested product. These options on the market will always guarantee your pooch’s safety. What are a few measly dollars compared to your dog’s protection and security?

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