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Best Dog Ball Launcher in 2022

Certain breeds (although it may feel like all breeds) have so much energy it feels impossible for you to tire them out sometimes. As some dog pawrents say, nothing can tire a pup out like another dog. However, not all of us have two dogs or access to playdates all the time. Taking your dog out for a good run may leave you panting more so than your dog. A good way around running around trying to expend your dog’s energy is with a dog ball launcher. The force of gravity, as well as air resistance, can hinder the distance of the ball if you throw it with your arm. With the help of a dog ball launcher, you can catapult the dog ball through the air at record speeds and distances.

It’s near impossible to identify the best product without trying it out. It’s too late when you realize that the ball launcher for dogs you purchased is less than ideal for your aggressive chewer. By that point, it’s near impossible to return a beaten up product. Fear not, we have identified the best ones on the market to save you from a grueling return process.

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1. Chuckit! Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

Chuckit! Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

Chuckit! Is a brand that specializes in dog balls that come in many shapes and sizes as well as bright colors. They have earned their top spot due to their effectiveness and simplicity. It adopts the simple place and throw concept which catapults the ball into the air for great distances. It targets fur babies that need a lot of exercise but lack the motivation (the thrill of the chase).

Yes, it’s still a manual dog ball launcher and it does require more effort on your part. However, because of its manual function, it gives you more control in terms of direction and force. The ball launcher also offers hands-free pickup of the ball which doesn’t get doggy drool all over your hands. Made from durable but lightweight plastic, it’s easy to carry around down to your local park.


+ Comes in many sizes and colors

+ Made for hands-free pickup

+ Durable and lightweight

+ More control

Why We Like It – We love how this dog ball thrower gives you more distance while keeping your hands clean with the hands-free pickup design.

2. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

You may have had an encounter with Nerf guns as a kid. They are responsible for many fun childhood make-believe gunfights with darts and soft tennis balls. Now Nerf has extended their reach into the field of dog ball launchers. Nerf knows guns, so their dog ball launcher guns are built to be tough. It’s semi-automatic in the sense that it doesn’t require much effort on your part to launch the ball.

All it takes is a simple pull of the trigger to send the ball sailing. Load the ball, take aim, and FIRE! The next thing you will see is your pup shooting after it as quickly as a bullet. Your dog will get the exercise he needs with distances up to 50 feet! Don’t worry if you just feel like playing in your own backyard because the speed and force are adjustable.

You can find the right size for any breed and rest assured knowing that all Nerf toys and tennis balls are 100% safe.


+ Tough build

+ Semi-automatic operation

+ Adjustable distances

+ 100% safe

Why We Like It – We like how Nerf turns their attention to dog ball launchers to help out dog parents with extra energetic breeds.

3. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

We went through a manually operated ball launcher for dogs, then we toughed upon a dog ball launcher that is semi-automatic. Now we present one that is interactive and considered one of the choices in terms of an automatic ball launcher. These automatic dog ball launchers take 0 effort on your part. The iFetch is made for smaller dogs with 3 smaller tennis balls included in your purchase.

Don’t worry if you have a larger breed, the iFetch Too is an option for larger dogs that comes with larger tennis balls. Not only will your dog get a physical workout, but they are also given the opportunity to exercise their minds in anticipation of when and which way the dog ball launcher will fire. You can adjust the distance settings from 10, 20 or 30 feet to cater to your environment.


+ Adjustable distance settings

+ Automatic ball launcher

+ Physical and mental workout

+ A game of fetch without any effort from you

Why We Like It – We like the iFetch because it doesn’t require any physical effort from you. You can keep a watchful eye on your pooch while you carry on with your day.

4. Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher

The K9 cannon is similar to the Nerf dog ball launcher and is a great source of exercise. It can hold two tennis balls in the circular holders near the trigger and can supply your dog with endless hours of fetch without tiring you out. It’s easy to operate the distance is also adjustable just like many other ball launchers. It may not look like it, but the K2 dog tennis ball launcher also offers hands-free pickup.

Just when you thought only manual dog ball launchers can afford you this luxury, this dog ball launcher also does when you place the nozzle over the tennis ball. Your purchase will come with one kannon launcher and one tennis ball with a comfort grip. Keep in mind that if you have an extra hyper fur baby, these trigger-fired ball launchers don’t have as much distance as the manual launchers.


+ Adjustable distance

+ Hands-free pickup

+ Comes in two sizes

+ Easy to operate

Why We Like It – While some may not mind the slobber, the hands-free pickup option really does give you the extra bonus of not getting your hands dirty.

5. Franklin Pet Supply Dog Fetch Toy

Franklin Pet Supply Dog Fetch Toy

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Here is another manual dog tennis ball launcher that will not only give your dog a good work out but you as well. It doesn’t matter the age, dogs love to run after things and this is a great way to keep them active. This dog ball launcher is made from durable plastic and has a comfort grip handle for your enjoyment. It won’t be as hard on your wrists and elbows as other products may be.

You won’t need to strain your back either by being able to pick up the tennis balls just by scooping them up. The best part about dog ball launchers is they prevent you from overexerting yourself or throwing out your shoulder or back. The flexible dog ball launcher is easy to maneuver which allows you to bond with your animal throw after throw.


+ Durable yet tough material

+ Comes with a comfort grip handle

+ Easy pickup

+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – The lightweight and flexible plastic is easier to use than other rigid models which also may not provide as much range.

Best Dog Ball Launcher Buyer’s Guide

If playing fetch is your dog’s favorite game, an interactive and/or automatic dog ball launcher is the best. They give you ample distance and have adjustable settings. Manual dog ball launchers give you the advantage of control. There are pros and cons to each, but to give you the know-how to pick the best one, we have compiled a list of all the features you should look for to narrow down your choices.


There are two main types, automatic and manual dog ball launchers. An automatic launcher greatly conserves your energy and is much easier on your body. However, a manual dog ball launcher will give you more control. Manual dog ball launchers give you more distance, so this makes automatic launchers more suited to smaller dogs or smaller spaces.

There is also the type which we refer to as the semi-automatics. These types are the gun-like versions that shoot the ball with still minimal to no effort on your part. Decide on which type you want based on your needs. Do you have a hyper fur baby that can clear distances fairly quickly or a large breed dog that needs plenty of exercise? If this sounds like you, then we suggest the manual options.

If you have a small backyard, intend to use the ball launcher indoors or have a smaller dog, the interactive ball launchers are great.


The size of the dog ball launcher not only depends on the space and location but also the type of breed you own. Smaller launchers come with smaller tennis balls. You want to make sure the size of the ball is appropriate. We generally suggest ones that your dog can easily wrap his mouth around and carry with him with minimal trouble. Most dog ball launchers come with standard tennis balls, which are a good fit for medium to large dogs.

If you have a smaller pooch there are mini versions available so they can join playing fetch and further strengthen the bond between you.

Distance and Angle

Adjustable distance and angle settings are more commonly seen in automatic dog ball launchers. We would actually go as far as to say that the best ones worth buying usually come with some sort of adjustable setting. This is useful not only for different locations but also if you have different-sized dogs in your family. Not only that, but it can also be a source of mental stimulation for your dog to anticipate just how far the ball will go next and in which direction.


Dog ball launchers vary in price from as low as $10 and can go up to the hundreds. A simple game of fetch shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg so before you invest in a pricey option, make sure you pick the right one and that your dog really does love to fetch.

Hands-Free Pickup

This is an extra added bonus for us. Picking up a slobbery ball or one covered in mud isn’t much fun, so having a hands-free pickup design will give you more incentive to play with your dog. It’s nearly unheard of for an automatic option to come with this capability, so if this is important to you, you may need to opt for a manual dog ball thrower.


Since the dog tennis ball launcher will go through a lot of wear, it’s important to find the best one made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity. Find ones made with durable plastic and the tennis balls need to be made of BPA-free plastic or non-toxic rubber. A ball launcher that comes with a comfort grip (manual options) will also be easier to use and take the stress off your joints.

Are Ball Launchers Bad for Dogs?

In general, dog ball launchers possess a myriad of benefits such as both physical and mental stimulation. However, like with many other things, if taken to an extreme, ball launchers can post a health risk. If your dog is often required to overwork to retrieve the ball (running much more than they are capable of or on rough ground), he may be prone to arthritis in old age.

If you are concerned about your pup, try limiting the amount of time your dog is running and make an effort to play fetch on softer ground like grass fields will reduce joint stress as well.

What is a Ball Launcher?

A ball launcher is a dog owner’s saving grace. It lets pawrents throw balls at higher speeds and for further distances without suffering through the aches and pains the next day.

There are two main types of dog ball launchers – the automatic ball launcher and the manual ball launcher. However, we have also categorized a third, which is the semi-automatic (ones shaped like guns).

How do You Use a Dog Ball Launcher?

Depending on which type you have, there are different ways to use a dog ball thrower. They are all relatively easy to use just by loading or placing the ball in the device. Once that’s done, you may either need to use physical force to propel the ball forward or sometimes it’s as simple as the pull of a trigger or the press of a button for the automatic ball launchers and semi-automatic ball launchers.

Benefits of a Dog Ball Launcher

The automatic launchers take all the pressure off you to play with your dog. They are either battery-powered with a rechargeable battery or can plug right into your home power grid. The manual dog ball throwers give you much more control to adjust the speed, angle and distance at which the ball travels. Aside from very obvious physical benefits, there are also mental ones as well.

Puppy Beagle catching a ball

A dog ball thrower can improve your dog’s coordination, especially if he is required to jump over or crawl under obstacles in search of the tennis ball. They are also a ton of fun! We all know as pawrents that a bored dog equals a destructive dog. When you’re dog has nothing to do, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to get into mischief. To curb destructive behavior and incessant crying, try playing with a dog ball launcher.

These nifty tools benefit you as well! Get out there and exercise with your dog and improve your throwing arm. Participating in activities together will strengthen the pet and owner bond that fosters an amazing relationship.


A dog ball launcher sounds pretty simple and easy, but they have impressive benefits and capabilities. Sure they work well to keep your pet from chewing on your furniture, but they also help improve coordination and mental health as well. Get a workout with your dog because a game of fetch doesn’t require you to bend down and stand back up anymore with the help of the best dog ball launcher. All of the options we have presented you have consistently been reliable and satisfy most pet parents. From a small Chihuahua to a dog as large as a Saint Bernard, all dogs need a dog ball launcher in their lives.

Expert Tip

It actually takes some training to use a dog ball launcher, and this is even truer for automatic dog ball launchers. You can spread out the training sessions throughout the day but make sure they are not more than 10 min at a time and are supported by positive reinforcement!

Did You Know?

It’s very easy to lose the tennis balls in the outdoors, and that’s why most dog tennis balls are brightly colored to make them easy to spot in long brass or in bushes. Even if you do lose tennis balls (because you will), the manufacturers always sell replaceable ones that you can order. Just be sure that you get the right size so it fits into your best launcher device.

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