review of the best carpet cleaner solutions for pets

10 Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions For Pets in 2022

It is so hard to get upset at our fur babies when they get into mischief or have an accident in the house. But we can’t deny the inevitable pang of frustration when we are left to deal with the cleanup. The carpet is the coziest part of your house to your pup, aside from the bed or the couch. If it’s where they mainly hang out, it will also be the place they will most likely leave little nuggets for you to find.

Sometimes what causes the most stress is not their unintended accident, but the cleanup. It’s tough to get stains and odors out of the carpet, and it’s much harder to maintain than hardwood or tiles.

Instead of letting stress take over you during the potty training period, you can invest in a good carpet cleaner that will help maintain a clean house, and make the aftermath easier to deal with. It’s always better to be prepared than not, and through this guide, we will identify the best carpet cleaning solutions for pets.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Make sure the carpet is completely dry before letting your dogs back on to the carpet. This helps make sure that they cannot ingest any chemicals.”

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1. Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle Odor Remover Solution

Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle Odor Remover Solution

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A clean carpet or clean upholstery has less meaning if the odor still lingers. This carpet cleaning solution not only cleans but also deodorizes and restores your rugs and carpets to their original condition! If you have a carpet cleaning machine, this carpet stain and odor neutralizer will work with all brands.

Turn to this solution for any water-safe surface, including furniture. Cleaning something your entire family comes in close contact with takes extra care on your part. Making sure what you use is non-toxic is extremely important. Sunny & Honey carpet cleaner is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Get a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied!


  • Works with all machines
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • 100% guarantee


  • Not recommended for vax carpet cleaners

Why We Like It – This carpet cleaning solution works with most water-safe surfaces in your home and in your car! Bring a small bottle with you on road trips and save yourself the troublesome cleanup! It also purifies the air and keeps odors at bay.

2. Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

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This carpet shampoo supposedly succeeds where all other cleaners fail. This commercial-grade cleaning solution will work with any cleaning machine and restore your carpet to its former glory. With Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner, you can keep your house odor-free, clean and hygienic.

It not only removes all odors, but it also improves the quality of air inside your house! It works for your pets and your children or any spills or dirt on carpet or fabrics. It is a heavy-duty cleaner, but gentle on the fabrics and fibers and will restore the texture and color of your upholstery, rugs, carpet and even curtains!


  • Cleans and removes odors
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prolongs longevity of carpets
  • Reduces allergens and bacteria buildup


  • Some customers do not like the smell

Why We Like It – We like this option for its money-back guarantee and how it reduces allergens and bacteria buildup. A lot of us can be allergic to our own pets and this will greatly help with the symptoms!

3. Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula

Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula

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The concentrated enzymes used to enhance this concentrated cleaning formula makes it safe to use on all upholstery, rugs, carpets and even inside your car! Don’t leave your pet behind on road trips every again! Hoover doesn’t replace the foul odor of feces with a chemical stench but with a cotton breeze one.

Easy on your nose and on your carpet, it can be used as a part of a regular maintenance routine to prolong the life of your carpet. Made in the USA, this solution is non-toxic and septic-free. Good to use with spot cleaning or full-size carpet cleaning machines. The concentrated formula only requires a small amount for a good deep clean.


  • Eliminates stains and odors
  • Concentrated formula
  • Phosphate-free, non-toxic, septic safe
  • Delightful cotton breeze scent


  • May take a 2nd cleaning to fully get the smell out

Why We Like It – Any cleaner that can be used for more than one purpose or on different types of surfaces gets an A+ in our books. Hoover is a well-trusted brand and made in the USA.

4. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine Formula

BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine Formula

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Not only can you remove waste smells and stains with this carpet shampoo, but also other odors, dirt, and spills! BISSELL‘s concentrated formula not only cleans your carpet thoroughly, but it also protects the fabric and fibers. No phosphate, dyes or heavy metals are used in this formula – only biodegradable ingredients.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has thoroughly tested this product and deemed it safe for families and pets. Use this cleaning solution with full-sized cleaning machines. This carpet shampoo contains Scotchgard, a durable water repellent to prevent future stains. Keep your carpets smelling clean all year-round with Bissell.


  • Concentrated formula
  • Effective odor control
  • EPA certified
  • Protects against future stains


  • Some customers are sensitive to the smell

Why We Liked It – Any product with a certification from a national organization is safer than one without. This cleaning solution is EPA certified and reduces the chances of future odor and stains.

5. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

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Designed to be used together with any other water-based carpet cleaning machine, this low-foaming formula keeps the mess in check. The deep cleaning carpet shampoo solution penetrates deep into surfaces to extract new and old stains as well as odors and allergens! The superior bio-enzymatic odor-locking tech ensures permanent odor removal.

The formula doesn’t wash out the colors of your upholstery and/or carpets, but instead, it brightens the colors with conditioners and brighteners. Do you need to spot clean? Oftentimes a pet’s doo-doo only takes over a small area. If so, this carpet shampoo can be used on its own as well.


  • Safe for pets and family
  • Penetrates for a deep clean
  • Odor-locking technology
  • Low-foaming


  • Not suitable for those sensitive to perfumes

Why We Like It – This solution not only removes new messes but old ones as well. Don’t fade the color of fabrics with a generic cleaner, opt for Nature’s Miracle instead.

6. Stuart Pet Supply Professional Strength Deep Clean 3X Carpet Cleaner Solution

Stuart Pet Supply Professional Strength Deep Clean 3X Carpet Cleaner Solution

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Specially formulated to remove urine stains and odors, this cleaner enhanced with enzymes will successfully remove all animal waste, vomit and drool. The bio-enzymatic bacteria in each bottle digest ammonia crystals and organic matter until the source is completely removed.

Natural enzymes with no toxic chemicals are the safest way to remove stains and odors and at the same time are safe for pets and children. Feel free to spray this odor and stain eliminator on carpet and upholstery as well as pet beds and hardwood, in other words anywhere prone to dirt and stains.


  • Formulated with enzymes
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Not as strong as the chemical based cleaners

Why We Like It – Are you looking for an all-around cleaner that removes stains and odors on any surface? Look no further than Stuart Pet Supply Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner Solution.

7. Bissell Pet Urine Eliminator Carpet Stain Precleaners

Bissell Pet Urine Eliminator Carpet Stain Precleaners

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We know that aside from the occasional oopsie, pets urinate indoors to mark their territory. The odor of their own urine attracts them to mark the same area repeatedly. This professional urine eliminator discourages this behavior by permanently removing stains and odors and replacing them with a clean and refreshing scent.

Protect your carpet and upholstery from any future marks with the Scotchgard protector. It also works to restore surfaces to their previous conditions. Easy to use and made with biodegradable detergents, Bissell comes out with another safe and useful option.


  • Tackles all odors
  • Permanently removes stains
  • Guards against future messes
  • Discourages territorial marking


  • Not as strong as our top recommended products

Why We Like It – When a product can fix the mess already made, guard against future accidents and discourages territorial marking as well as protects and restores fabrics, what more can you ask for?

8. BISSELL DeepClean + Refresh with Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal Formula

. BISSELL DeepClean + Refresh with Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal Formula

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We have identified our leading brand that takes over this list. Bissell continuously comes out with trusted products that work. For those that do not know what Febreze is, it’s a miracle solution that rids your clothes of unpleasant smells. This deep clean carpet cleaner not only removes dirt and odors but it freshens your entire house with a fresh spring scent.

Dual-action and environmentally friendly, this formula makes your carpet soft and clean. Restore your furniture to its previous glory with this excellent cleaning product. The fresh scent isn’t overwhelming but lingers for a long time leaving you with a great smelling home.


  • Formulated with Febreze
  • Dual-action
  • Restores fabrics
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Only suitable for upright cleaners

Why We Like It – Sometimes the manufacturer overdoes the fresh scent in an effort to cover the unpleasant smell of chemicals. Bissell finds the perfect balance with a scent that is light, pleasant, and does the job

Pet Carpet Cleaner Solution Buyer’s Guide

household using the best carpet cleaner solution for pets
Image by heathergunn from Pixabay

Why choose a pet carpet cleaner if you can use your regular one? This might be a question that popped into your head at some point. Pet carpet cleaners are made to combat the stains and odors left by your pooches specifically. They kill the germs and bacteria left by pets and leave a fresh scent in their wake.

Of course, you need to do your due diligence before a confident purchase can be made. A good carpet cleaner shouldn’t ruin the fabric, but instead has restorative functions and protects the fabric against future messes. What should you be looking for? Let’s take a look!

What to Look for When Pet Carpet Cleaner Solution?

Stain Removal

This might strike you as a no-brainer. Many cleaners have dual-function, meaning they have stain and odor removal properties.

Odor Removal

The next on the list is the removal of unpleasant odors. Messes from you are more likely to have eye-watering odors and unsightly stains. Find cleaning solutions with enzymes and/or fresh scents to permanently remove this problem.


If it’s impossible for you to avoid a certain area while the cleaner does its job, then a fast-acting cleaner is what you want. Fast-acting cleaners take about 30 seconds to a few minutes to take effect, while longer ones need to be left for 30 minutes or longer to do their job.

Added Enzymes

Enzymes aid in the process of stain and odor removal. The enzymes reach deep into the fabrics and break down stains and odor for easy removal. We would highly suggest cleaners with this property for toilet-training pups.

Pet cleaners often incorporate a pleasant and fresh scent in the mix that can come in the form of spring or cotton smells. Look for either lightly-scented options or unscented ones for the more allergic people. Strong scents are usually used to disguise heavy chemical smells or mask the existing odor from the stain. Look for ones that remove odors, not mask them. Look for ones with Febreze on the packaging for a safer bet.


The carpet cleaning solution needs to be gentle on your hands (if come into contact with), and fabrics. They should not damage the structure of the upholstery and/or remove or wash out the colors.

Restorative Properties

Many of the options above also boast restorative properties. Not only do they clean and deodorize, but they also bring the life back to your carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Give fabrics in your house a new look and a new smell with the proper cleaning solutions.

Preventative Measures

We find this feature particularly useful and important. Many cleaners have the help of Scotchgard, which creates a water repellent barrier that can protect fabrics, carpet and other furniture from future stains. The thorough odor removal should also aid in discouraging repeated territorial marking by your pets and dissuade them to make the same mistakes in the same places.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only should the cleaner be environmentally friendly, but it should also be safe to use around your family members, furry or not. Make sure the label explicitly states that the solution is non-toxic. It should ideally be chemical-free and biodegradable.


Cleaning your house is tough enough. Measures should be taken to make cleaning up after your pet even easier. Picking up after them is unpleasant enough, imagine if their excrement gets into the fabric and bristles of furniture, carpet, and rugs! If you choose the right carpet cleaning solution, your life will be infinitely easier. Use them with machines or for easy spot cleaning.

Leave your house smelling fresh and looking new with the vibrant colors restored by gentle carpet cleaners. For those of you without carpet and only tile and hardwood, you’re in luck. The cleaning needed for such surfaces is much less and requires less effort. Some cleaners are multi-purpose and work on any surface!

Expert Tip

You might not always be able to locate the stain until your nose detects it first. Poop stains are easier to locate, but urine stains can be tricky. It’s a good idea to invest in a UV black light flashlight to seek out and rid your house of unwanted urine stains. Unless you have a dark carpet, this is a great trick to try.

If you can’t find a Febreze enhanced solution with a scent you like, you can invest in your own bottle of Febreze. Spray the soiled spot with your chosen scent after giving it a deep and thorough clean.

Did You Know?

Different enzymes tackle different stains. Imagine that! Read the bottle for information on the enzymes in the solution. If you have a carb or starch-based stain, amylase is the one you should look for. Protease combats protein-based ones and Lipolase takes on fat-based ones. Any type of enzyme will help with the basic removal of stains.

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