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6 Best Automatic Fetch Machines in 2022

Is your dog begging you to play fetch all day long? Do you come home from work – tired after a long day – and feel guilty for not having the energy to play with your pooch? There is a solution!

What if we told you that there was a way to play Fetch with your dog without actually having to move; where you could sit back in your comfortable deck chair with a glass of wine while watching your fur baby run up and down the yard chasing a ball!

The solution is to buy a tennis ball launcher for dogs, that your dog can then learn to load up on its own! Below are some of the best ball throwing machines to keep your dog happy and entertained for hours!

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1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

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With this automatic ball launcher, your dog can play fetch on its own, without you having to assist! iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is a futuristic-looking automatic ball thrower for dogs that is likely to become an instant favorite; it runs on a rechargeable built-in battery, so that you won’t have to run to the store and buy new batteries at inconvenient times, and it comes in a smaller size for small breed dogs and in a larger size for medium- and large dogs.

You choose how far you want the fetch machine to throw the ball, or you could choose the ‘Random’ setting and have the fetching machine throw the ball in a more unpredictable way to make the game more challenging for your dog.

These fetch machines for dogs have all the functions needed to adapt the game to your dog’s needs and to the space in which you’re playing. Extra plus points for the rechargeable battery.

2. All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

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To get started with this automatic dog ball launcher, you just need to plug it into an electric outlet, choose the throwing distance (10, 25 or 40ft) and let your dog have its fun! If you want to take it to the park or somewhere where you can’t plug it in, it also runs on 6 pcs C batteries (not included).

With All for Paws, you get a stylish looking dog tennis ball launcher with three included tennis balls, and each product comes with a reliable 3-year warranty and a customer service helpline. The dog will need to be taught to reload the auto dog ball thrower, but they tend to get the hang of it fast!

If you mostly use this dog fetch machine at home, you won’t have to worry about charging- or replacing batteries, as it comes with a power adapter! You also have the option to purchase batteries for remote use.

3. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

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The adjustable distance settings allow you to choose how far you want the ball to go, and it has 9 distance options with a range of between 8-30ft. PetSafe is one of the few fetch machines that have motion sensors, and it can detect people, dogs, and other pets standing up to 7 feet away from it in the direction of where the ball launches.

This is an excellent safety feature both for the dog as it reloads the automatic fetch machine with balls, but also for people and small children that might run in front of the automatic dog fetch machine.

Regular sized tennis balls work best, but you can also use a smaller tennis ball for smaller dogs. The auto-fetch machine pauses every 15 minutes for a 15-minute break, to make sure the dog doesn’t forget to rest.

Some dogs can get obsessed with balls and with fetching, but this electric dog ball thrower will make sure your dog pauses every 15 minutes, as it stops automatically for another 15 minutes to prevent overheating and exhaustion.

4. IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher

IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher

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With an automatic dog ball throwing machine like IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher – your overenergetic dog will never get bored again! It is the ideal fetch machine for dogs weighing over 30lbs, and the funnel top is wide enough to make reloading the dog ball machine easy and quick, also when the dog is very wired up.

It comes with remote control for you to control launching distance without having to walk up to the device (it can also be controlled with a button on the dog ball fetch machine), and it can run on batteries or with the included power adaptor. How you want to use it is up to you, but either way, your dog is likely to love it!

You should always keep an eye on your dog when using a self fetch machine, but this product allows you to control launching distance from a distance! It comes with a practical remote control so that you don’t have to get up from where you are sitting if you want to make changes.

5. Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher

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If you are looking for something different – perhaps Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher is the automatic dog launcher for you! It is a hand-held auto ball launcher for dogs that love to run, and you use it by pulling back the handle, put the ball inside and release! No charging or batteries needed, and an ideal toy to take to the dog park, when you go camping or when you are out and about somewhere else.

It is a very simple construction that uses mechanics instead of electric power, and it offers you the chance to play together with your dog and to aim the ball launch in different directions.

This is the best dog ball launcher if you are looking for one that does not require charging or batteries, and it is lightweight enough for you to carry it with you on walks and outings.

6. Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher

Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher

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If you are still unsure of which dog ball throwing machine to get, then maybe this bad boy of a dog fetching machine could convince you! Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher is a large slingshot that launches the ball up to 220 feet away – significantly further than any other automatic fetching machine for dogs listed here.

It is perfect for the dog park, large fields and for dogs that love a good run, and it has a collapsible arm brace to make transporting- and storing it easy. Large and fast dog breeds like the Border Collie will benefit from a toy that pushes them a little further, and this is a ball fetch machine that takes fetch to a whole new level.

Most automatic fetch toys for dogs can only launch the ball about 30-40ft, but this powerful dog automatic ball launcher lets a tennis ball fly up to 220ft away!

Automatic Fetch Machine Buyers Guide

Are you too tired to throw that ball for your dog after work, or are you physically unable to throw it far enough to keep the game fun and interesting?

If so, you might be needing an automatic tennis ball launcher! There are a few different models to choose from, depending on what you need for it to do, and you will quickly notice how much more fun the game will become for your furry friend.


There is more than just one type of automatic fetch machine for dogs, and each fil their own functions. You can get a dog toy that throws balls by itself, once the ball is dropped back into the self fetching dog toy, and you can teach your dog to do this on its own with a little bit of patience.

These types of automatic “fetch” machines run on batteries or by being connected to an electric outlet, and while they are great for when you need the dog to stay entertained when you are too busy to play, they should not be a substitute for you spending time with your dog.

Other auto dogs fetch machine models are operated manually, and they are the best options for dog owners that spend a lot of time playing at the park or somewhere else outdoors, as they do not need recharging or new batteries.

Launching Distance

An auto-fetch machine for dogs is often programmed to launch the ball a certain distance, and many of them have several distance options to choose from. This is great if you plan to play in an enclosed area like a backyard, so before you pick an automatic dog fetching machine – make sure it has the range you are looking for.

If your dog is an avid runner and if you have the open areas where you can play – you might instead want to look for an automatic dog fetch product that can launch the ball as far away as possible.

Ball Size

Small dogs can play fetch with an automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs too, but double-check if it comes in a smaller size with smaller tennis balls, or if you can use smaller balls in the launcher without problems. If your small dogs can carry a regular sized tennis ball – great – but otherwise pick the smallest i Fetch ball launcher or a similar product where you can use smaller balls.

Best tennis ball shooter for dogs with small mouths?

One good option is the ‘PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy’, as it comes in several sizes. Pick the smallest size with smaller balls and let your tiny fur friend enjoy the benefits of an automatic fetch launcher.

Should an automatic fetch toy for dogs be used without supervision?

No, no dog toys should preferably be used without having someone supervise the playtime. Something could go wrong; the auto dog fetch might malfunction, or your dog could get so excited by the game that he or she forgets to take a break. Always keep an eye on your dog while playing, even if you don’t need to actively participate.

Is a fetch machine for dogs right for me?

Only you know if your dog could benefit from an auto ball thrower for dogs, and perhaps you won’t even know until you try! Get the Auto fetch product you think your dog will enjoy the most, and be prepared to be patient when training your dog to use it.


Some dogs can easily get bored, and auto fetch for dogs is a great way to make fetch games a lot more challenging! Not only can some of them throw the ball without you having to move a muscle, but they can generally throw balls further than you ever could yourself.

You will love seeing your furry friend running at full speed across the dog park, and the reward will be a happy and tired dog by the end of the day.

Expert Tip

Keep the play sessions short, as dogs can easily forget to take a break when they need it, and they could become overheated or dehydrated.

Did you Know

Many dogs will have a natural instinct to run after a ball and bring it back to you, but others might need some training before they get the hang of it.

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