corgi sploot (what is it and why do they do it)

Corgi Sploot (What Is It and Why Do They Do It?)

You might not realize this but when you see your dog lay flat on their tummy and spread their hind legs behind them, this action is actually known as splooting and it can originally be credited to the corgi breed.

The Corgi sploot is an infamous behavior and many other dogs also practice the same things.

You may have never known what it was called or why dogs do it. Maybe you have an interest in the corgi sploot or your dogs splooting activities because you’re seeing the term and the pictures and videos that just make you smile all over social media.

Corgi doing a half-sploot on the beach sand
Image by Michel_van_der_Vegt from Pixabay

The dog sploot is very unique but what exactly is splooting anyway and why do dogs do that? Is it even comfortable for them to have their hind legs stretched out like that behind them? What about a half sploot with just one leg stretched?

There are all sorts of questions to be answered here and we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we will cover everything you should know about splooting, talking specifically about the corgi sploot, the half sploot, and understanding just why dogs sploot to begin with.

It’s a fun word so even if you already understand the art of splooting, you should hang out with us anyway!

Let’s get started!

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What is a Dog Sploot?

dog full splooting on a bed
Image by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

If you’ve spent any time at all looking at Reddit or even your Instagram and other media pages, you’re probably seeing this cute sploot action. It’s particularly common of Corgis and it’s even so much cuter with this dog because of their leg to body proportions. It’s irresistible goodness, if you ask us! It will put a smile on your face every single time.

If you haven’t see a dog splooting yet, you are missing out and you should start looking at these things right away! Now, there is a half splooting set as well as a side sploot and they really are just as cute in the dog sploot world.

But what is a sploot anyway? It’s a position that a dog (or even sometimes a cat) takes when they are lying down. Basically, rather than tucking their legs underneath them, the dog lies on their tummy with their hind legs stretched out behind them. We’ve seen it described as a doggy pancake, among other things.

Sploot is a pretty original word here, brought to life by all of the fans of this infamous dog pose. Of course, your dog might just use one limb rather than both hind legs or they might do the hind legs stretch thing while they are lying on their side. It’s all a mastered version of dog splooting now.

Is Splooting for Corgis Only?

other dog breed full splooting
Image by danielleshea from Pixabay

It was the corgi that really brought the splooting activity to life but any other dog breed can also commence in splooting. We have to give the corgi credit for the pancake sploot spread, particularly the full sploot because corgi splooting is really what popularized this term on the the act of sploot on the internet to begin with.

Other dog breeds sploot all of the time, from full sploot to half and side splooting so no dogs are exempt and it really can be cute with just about any dog breeds out there. It’s an unusual position to use and the body stretch might even seem uncomfortable but corgi splooting is absolutely adorable. Any dogs you see in a pancake sploot will make people smile for more than one reason.

Labrador retrievers, corgis, chihuahuas, labradoodles, German Shepherds, poodles, and more types of animals. Any of these dogs can be a splooter, in fact for some animals, this pose might be more about relieving pain and discomfort or just being comfortable and cool.

We will talk about why different animals and breeds sploot here shortly so you know the explanation behind this thing you see and hear about it. Sploots aren’t just cute for owners and other people to see and experience but rather a behavior that might have a purpose or mean something for your pet.

Why Animals Sploot

Why Animals Sploot
Image by ElfinFox from Pixabay

We have a news flash for you! While we are talking about the sploot position, you should know that it’s not just a splooting dog. Polar bears, corgis, poodles, humans, cats and more may take up a sploot position. It’s not just canine yoga, there are actually some purposes behind this type of posture for corgis and any other pet or animal. Let’s take a look at what could be the reason your pet is splooting.


One reason that corgis sploot with their legs placed out is their body temperature. In this case, the back legs and front legs both might be in stretch mode and they are just resting on their belly or side in a splayed out position. There are variations of splooting and some breeds even do it differently as well.

At home, if your dog loves to go to the tiles or even cool cement and uncovered floors to sploot, it’s probably being used as a means to cool down. They get hot with their body and fur and activities so the coolness feel good against their belly and it’s something of a cooling relief to sprawl out so dogs sploot (corgis and other dog breeds) when they get hot.

Somehow that ability for a corgi to get even closer to the ground balances out their body temps and brings cooling relief from the belly up like no other content possibly can provide for dogs.

Stretch It Out

Sometimes corgis and dogs will sploot to get a good stretch. It’s almost like when humans do that frog legs stretch and it just really stretches kinks from your hips and legs and body and it just hurts so good! Corgis, cats, and more use splooting to get some relief from tightness and simply stretch out.

The pancake sploot really gives corgis the ultimate stretch but a corgi might also benefit when one leg is tucked under or they are turned on their side. Remember those frog legs and understand they’re feeling that relief because a corgi (or any other dog breed) just needs a good stretch sometimes too.


In some cases, your corgi might participate in splooting simply because they are young and they can. In this case, all types of dog breeds sploot when they are young because their bodies are pliable and flexible and the corgi can maneuver their hips into that position like it’s nothing.

As owners, you might be wondering how your corgi could possibly even get into that sploot but it isn’t hurting them. A corgi will start splooting when they are young and their bodies adapt so they will be able to corgi sploot their entire lives.

Relaxation & Relief

Splooting is incredibly comfortable for corgis and other dogs. It can provide relief, it can relax their bodies, and it can almost be soothing in some ways for corgis. The reason for this is that corgis and other breeds can be prone to things like hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is almost like arthritis to corgis and more.

When an animal has hip dysplasia, corgis find relief from the sploot as it relieves some of the tension and pressure on their hip. Corgis and any other breed with hips ailments can use this one maneuver for many things and relieving a corgis aches and pains is just one of those items.

Attention Seeker

The online community has called a lot of attention to the corgi breed for splooting but that’s just one animal that does it and it might be because it’s really cute to see, particularly for a corgi. Dogs take this position sometimes to get your attention. your corgi might be splooting because they know that the sploot tends to get a reaction out of you.

Your corgi and other dogs are pretty smart and they know that a sploot gets a smile, a laugh, some cooing, and probably even some camera action. Your corgi knows you will certainly look their way when they are splooting so that could totally be a factor to that behavior if none of these other sploots explanations seem to fit the terms.

Sploot Versions

corgi sploot versions
Image by huoadg5888 from Pixabay

The thing is, not ever sploot will look the same. Some breeds will do something slightly different and all breeds are built differently so people should understand splooting could look different for some breeds than it does for a corgi.

On the same note, there are different versions of sploots as well. We’re here to talk about all of the sploots as thereis really more than one style. Sploots is really a universal term for a general form but you’re not restricted to just the original form of sploots.

Your dogs sploot could be quite unique when compared to another dogs sploot so just keep that in mind. Also, don’t try to force your dog to sploot as it isn’t comfortable or even feasible for every single dog out there.

Pancake or Full Sploot

The most popular dog sploot, and perhaps the most popular is pancake splooting. This is that flat out, like a pancake, sploot that really gave the title its name. In this demeanor, your dog will stretch out, belly to the floor.

As far as splooting goes, this is the original variation that everyone fawns over the most. it is where the name came from. It’s particularly noteworthy on a corgi because of that perfect fluffiness of their booty on display when they are splooting.

Half or Classic Sploot

If your dog doesn’t want to take the full stance, they can always go with the half. In this style, it just means a little less stretch. One of those little legs will be tucked in like a normal sitting position and the other will be fully stretched out in the back. It’s almost like the splits. Sometimes it is so much easier to just go halfsies.

Side Sploot

You might not recognize this one as splooting if it weren’t for our handy guide here. It’s the exact same pose as your pancake position but your dog is positioned almost on their side in that setup. They won’t be fully lying on their side but more angled to one side rather than just directly on the tummy.

Reverse or Upside Down Sploot

White long-haired small-sized dog splooting on white textile
Image by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Finally, you have the upside down sploot and it is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s almost like playing dead, that’s really the best way to describe it. But, they aren’t playing dead, they are just comfortable and relaxed in that particular demeanor so it is an upside down sploot, hence forth officially named as such! (We can’t take the credit for that title)

Is It Safe?

corgi sploot is safe
Image by Virginia Hill via Flickr

You will want to be aware that splooting can sometimes lead to side effects like pain or even causing hip dysplasia. Splooting is not dangerous and it really is ok if your dog uses it. However, it might actually be a signal of other things going on. Arthritis, dysplasia, rashes, injuries, and lethargy might be occurring to make your pet want to sploot.

Sometimes everything is perfectly normal but that is not always the case so just be sure to look for other factors so you can pick up on it if there is something else occurring.

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The corgi sploot is certainly a sight to behold. Whether you’ve seen the cute pictures posted all over the internet or you’ve seen your dog take up this particular pose, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. It’s certainly an unusual way to relax but for most animals that is exactly what it means.

The next time you notice your pup lying around like this, you can totally point and say “hey, it’s a sploot!”. And now that you know the official terminology and all of the things behind the term, you can say that work all you like and enjoy it every single time.

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