can dogs eat takis?

Can Dogs Eat Takis?

In the past few years, Takis has taken the world by storm. There is just something about their sweet and spicy flavors with the crunch that makes them irresistible.

Of course, when we’re having a treat, it’s common for us to share with the dog. After all, they are likely watching your every move as you put Taki after Taki into your mouth.

But can dogs eat Takis? While it might be tempting to give your dog Takis, it’s a bad idea.

Dogs don’t like spicy foods and actually spicy snacks can cause an upset stomach among other potential risks to your Dog’s health. It’s simply not working it on this one.

Can I Feed My Dog Takis Regularly?

can i feed my dog takis regularly

Don’t feed your dog Takis ever if you can avoid it. Takis are a spicy food and hot and spicy snacks are In the question of can dogs eat Takis, you should be concerned less about it being human food or junk food and more about it being spicy food. Dogs don’t react well to spicy foods.

On that same note, it is processed junk food. Outside of the spicy factor, there are several other ingredients in Takis that could be harmful or even toxic to feed your dog.

Ultimately, feeding your dog Takis is a bad idea. Not only will it likely make them miserable, but it could also cause extensive health issues. Human foods are simply not designed for dogs and processed foods tend to be very hard on dogs.

Not to mention, eating hot Taki chips has no nutritional value.

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What Will Happen if My Dog Eats a Taki?

what will happen if my dog eats a taki
Image by Pitsch from Pixabay

At a minimum, if your dog gets to eat hot Takis, they will likely experience stomach pain. Honestly, that will probably just be the beginning. Some of these ingredients are considered toxic for dogs.

It’s not just about not feeding your dog too many Takis here. It’s better if you don’t let your dog eat Takis at all.

That being said, if your dog ate Takis by just snagging one out of your hand, they probably won’t do it again. They might experience some stomach discomfort but this isn’t enough to be toxic in most cases. You should keep an eye on them just to be on the safe side.

Don’t intentionally feed your dog Takis!

If your dog ate Takis and you found it later, we recommend reaching out to your vet. Be sure to have the information for the ingredients and be able to explain how much your dog ate of those hot Takis. It’s quite possible that you will have a dog with some belly pain and the side effects of that.

What Ingredients in Takis Can Be Harmful to Your Dog?

taki harmful ingredients that can be harmful to dogs
Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

It’s typically much better to stick to dog food rather than junk food. The truth is that dog food is designed for dogs and human junk food isn’t. Let’s look at some of the ingredients that could be a problem when you let your dog eat Takis.

Here are some of those ingredients.


A dog’s diet should have very little salt. This can also be toxic to dogs if they consume too much. Feeding your dog too much salt could cause nasty side effects for pet owners to contend with.

Onion Powder:

Dog owners should be aware that onion powder can be toxic to dogs. It can affect your dog’s red blood cells but can also cause anemia, liver failure, canine pancreatitis, and more. Onion powder is in every flavor of Takis chips.


Hot Taki chips come in several varieties. However, they are all processed food with spicy flavors. They have things like hot chili pepper, habanero, cayenne pepper, and chili powder. Each of these things is actually likely to cause your dog gastrointestinal pain and negatively affect your dog’s digestive tract as well.


One of the most popular Taki flavors has lime in it. Citrus is another ingredient that could cause diarrhea or vomiting. Your dog’s stomach will suffer.

In terms of the question can dogs eat Takis, this information pretty much speaks for itself.

Can Takis Cause Cancer in Dogs?

can takis cause cancer in dogs
Image by Sara Kurfeß from Unsplash

If your dogs eat Takis frequently, it’s likely that it could potentially cause stomach cancer. Those ingredients are toxic and they are very harmful to your dog’s gut. The spices will wear down their digestive tract. This is one thing to consider when asking can dog eat Takis.

While it may not result in cancer, there are numerous health risks associated with this type of junk food.

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Pet-friendly Alternatives to Takis

Instead of asking can dogs eat Takis, instead ask what you can give them as an alternative. However, what you can do is come up with awesome alternatives that will have no negative effects when your dog eats them.

You can use real foods or you can just keep healthy dog treats on hand.

Can dogs eat Takis? Well, no. But they could eat lean meat strips, carrots, broccoli, apples, blueberries, cooked sweet potatoes, or even xylitol-free peanut butter instead.

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