can dogs eat rice cakes?

Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

Do you ever get to eat a meal or a snack in peace? Our guess is probably not if you’ve got a furry friend in your home.

They are always so curious and most dogs eat anything that you let them. Many times, dogs eat things they aren’t supposed to, and then we’re left scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Can dogs eat rice cakes?

The good news is that dogs can eat rice cakes but you do need to be mindful of what kind and how much. It’s best if they eat plain rice cakes as opposed to your favorite apple cinnamon rice cakes or chocolate flavors.

Let’s dive into this just a bit more, shall we?

Benefits of Rice Cakes for Dogs

benefits of rice cakes for dogs
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if you use plain rice cakes, there might actually be some benefits for your dog. If you look at most commercial dog foods, you find that rice is pretty common. Well, most rice cake brands really do use rice, paired with some other ingredients as well.

That being said, these use refined white rice in most cases. The benefits of rice or a rice cake would be much better with brown rice so you feel free to make homemade rice cakes with brown rice and see if that turns out better for your pup.

You can also purchase dog rice cakes or find recipes for them as well. What you should know is that dogs prefer rice crackers to rice cake so you might consider that alternative. Just do so carefully.

If you use plain rice cakes, your dog can appreciate the fiber and the carbohydrates that they provide.

You will also find that rice cakes and rice crackers have some good vitamins in them, like Vitamin B and Vitamin D. The best part is that the rice grains make this a low calorie snack.

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Are Rice Cakes Bad for Dogs?

Dachshund dog eating rice cakes

If you choose to share rice cakes with your dog, you need to be very careful to either make your own rice cakes or to only use plain rice cakes. Y

ou should avoid rice cakes that have added flavors or spices to them as these could potentially be bad for your dog’s health.

There are some ingredients in rice cakes that have no nutritional value to them and while they aren’t harmful or toxic ingredients, too many rice cakes might cause an upset stomach, weight gain, or other adverse reactions for your dog.

There are some ingredients that you do need to be mindful of.

  • Refined white rice
  • Salt
  • Carbs

Store bought rice cakes tend to have all of these things. Now, if you don’t feed these to your dog in excess, it likely won’t be a problem. Just remember that human foods are not always designed for dogs and that’s where it’s hard to find the balance. The best approach would be to just use these as the occasional treat to avoid stomach upset or adverse side effects.

Can Dogs Eat Flavored Rice Cakes

Can Dogs Eat Flavored Rice Cakes
Photo by Kacper Chrzanowski on Unsplash

Most flavored rice cakes contain other ingredients that could potentially be extremely toxic to your dog. Never let dogs eat rice cakes that are flavored. Caramel rice cakes have sugar and caramel coloring that can be really bad for your dogs specifically.

However, we don’t recommend that you feed rice cakes with any sort of flavor, seasoning, or additive to your dog as they could cause problems and simply are not good for your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Puffed Rice Cake?

Can Dogs Eat Puffed Rice Cake
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Puffed rice cakes that are made with plain white rice or brown rice can be fine for your dog in small quantities. They don’t necessarily offer any health benefits but these rice cakes are typically harmless for most dogs.

The trick to letting dogs eat rice cakes is to stick to unflavored rice cakes and to be sure not to overdo it. It would be better to simply use dog treats but those rice cakes without artificial flavors and other types of additives are not likely to harm your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Rice Bones?

Can Dogs Eat Rice Bones
Image by james lacy on Unsplash

Rice bones are a better alternative to rice cakes.

Can dogs eat rice cakes?

Sure! But if you really want to take care of your dog’s health, you might want to simply consider using rice bones instead.

It’s a good alternative and these bones are actually created for dogs so you don’t have to worry.

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