can dogs eat raw egg?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Egg?

Do you have any idea what the highest number of dog food recalls is related to? The most common dog food recalls are specific to things like contamination or salmonella. Occasionally, they might be for nutritional value but that’s not typically the case.

With that in mind, we know that raw eggs are a common issue for salmonella. So what does that mean when we want to let our dogs eat raw eggs? If feeding raw eggs is part of your routine, don’t panic. Raw eggs or cooked eggs are good for a dog’s diet, as long as they don’t have a sensitivity to them.

What you really have to be careful of when giving dogs eggs is making sure the egg isn’t bad. You also don’t want to feed raw eggs constantly.

Benefits & Safety of Raw Eggs

dog looking at an egg tray with eggs
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Most raw eggs that you purchase from the store are pasteurized. As long as the raw eggs haven’t gone bad, it’s likely ok if your dogs eat raw eggs on occasion. In fact, there are even some health benefits to giving a dog raw eggs.

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When it comes to safety, you need to handle raw eggs carefully. The problem that could arise when your dog has eaten raw eggs is the potential for salmonella. If you are careful and pay attention, raw eggs are safe. One of the key factors in raw eggs for dogs is simply making sure the eggs haven’t gone bad. If you’re concerned, try using cooked eggs or egg whites as an alternative.

Here are some of the primary benefits of using raw eggs for dogs.

  • Loaded with essential nutrients and nutritional value
  • Packed with amino acids
  • Supplement a biotin deficiency
  • Good source of healthy essential fatty acids

These things make safe raw eggs good for a healthy dog overall.

How Many Eggs Should I Feed My Dog?

How Many Eggs Should I Feed My Dog
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Dog owners don’t want to be feed eggs, particularly raw eggs to dogs all the time. However, if you’re just adding a raw egg to their food on occasion, it’s perfectly ok. In most cases, one whole egg is plenty of raw food for your dog to eat. Some people even let dogs eat eggshells with the egg center as the shell has some nutritional benefits too.

Feeding eggs are meant to be almost like a supplement. Raw eggs for dogs could be kept to once a week or even once a month so you don’t allow them to eat raw eggs too much and end up with an upset stomach.

Do Cooked Eggs Destroy the Essential Nutrients?

Do Cooked Eggs Destroy the Essential Nutrients
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If you don’t want to allow your dog to eat raw eggs, that’s ok. You hear stories that cooking will negate that eggs good for dogs. While cooking eggs into something like boiled eggs, egg white, scrambled eggs, or any other form might deplete some of the nutrition, it will not take it all.

Turning raw eggs for dogs into cooked options will still support essential fatty acids, a biotin deficiency, and several other nutrient needs. The average egg supports your pet’s diet and dog’s health either way that it is served.

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Does Letting Dogs Eat Raw Eggs Increase the Risk of Contracting Salmonella?

Does Letting Dogs Eat Raw Eggs Increase the Risk of Contracting Salmonella
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Giving them eggs is often chosen for an organic diet for dogs. But here is the truth of the matter. Are you risking that they will get salmonella from the nutritious eggs that are uncooked? Cooking those eggs is one way to make eggs safe all the time.

While salmonella is less likely to interfere with most dogs thanks to pasteurization, there is still a risk. Yes, raw eggs can potentially pose a threat of salmonella above other types of eggs. The risk is more apparent if the dog will eat eggs that have gone bad.

Can I Give Eggshells to My Dog?

Can I Give Eggshells to My Dog
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Give your dog raw eggs and don’t be scared to let them eat raw eggs as well as feed eggshells to them. You may want to crush up the shell from the egg to avoid any choking or chewing issues from the shell being whole.

Most health complications occur from improper feeding to the dog rather than the egg itself. Mind serving size suggestions and the health status of the egg as a whole. Eggs are good for a dog’s skin, immune systems, K vitamin needs, and more.

Feeding raw eggs to your dog is all about making sure you do it right. Giving a dog a raw egg involves making sure the egg isn’t bad and making sure it’s no more than 2 eggs each week. The eggs are good for dogs if you follow the recommendations.

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