dog wants to eat raw chicken

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Raw diets are a very popular trend with science to back up why. Raw food is mostly untreated and unprocessed, which is highly beneficial for your dog’s health. However, not all raw sources of protein are good for your dog, beef is the most common, followed by pork and some more exotic meats, but what we don’t see a lot is a raw chicken diet.

Why don’t we feed raw chicken more? It’s easily accessible at the supermarket, and it’s a common source of protein used for kibble and fresh food. We’ll explore the reasons behind it.

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Can I Feed My Dog Raw Chicken?

Dog Wants to Eat Raw Chicken
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In short, no, you shouldn’t feed your dog raw chicken. Chicken is great, a necessary source of nutrients for us and dogs, but unfortunately, a healthy raw diet doesn’t usually extend to chicken because it can be very dangerous. Raw meat isn’t bad if it’s treated correctly, but raw chicken is more likely to carry bacterial contamination than other raw meats.

It isn’t only chicken, but other raw poultry can also provide the same risks. If you have ever eaten undercooked chicken and gotten violently ill, then you’ll know this is something you want to protect your dog against.

The Dangers of Raw Chicken

The Dangers of Raw Chicken
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So, what exactly can happen if your dog ate raw chicken?

The most common problem is salmonella. Salmonella is also the culprit behind most cases of food poisoning. You can find salmonella on uncooked or undercooked meats (yes, that includes chicken). When dog owners handle raw chicken, there is also the potential risk of salmonella contaminating their hands, the counters, utensils, and cookware, and spreading to other people in the family.

Can a Dog Eat Raw Chicken Bones?

Chicken Bones
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Another dangerous aspect of feeding raw chicken to your dog is the bones. We never recommend feeding dogs bones of any kind, cooked or raw, simply because we want to avoid injury. The bones can splinter and pierce your dog’s gums, tongue, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Bones of any kind can also be a choking hazard or cause obstructions in your dog’s organs. Before you feed your dog meat of any kind, make sure you debone it.

Can My Dog Eat Raw Chicken Liver and Gizzards?

Raw Chicken Liver and Gizzard for Dog Feeding
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Okay, so raw chicken meat may not be great for your dog, but what about the organs and gizzards? Owners with dogs on a raw diet will be happy to know that their fur babies can still get some chicken in their meals. You can feed raw chicken liver and gizzards but you have to make sure they are fresh, clean, and are a part of the diet and not the main protein source.

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What to Do If Your Dog Ate Raw Chicken?

A Veterinarian Checking a Dog
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There is a very good chance your dog will be okay if he has eaten raw chicken. It also depends on how much raw chicken he ate. When in doubt, call your vet for guidance, but the medical professional will most likely tell you to monitor your dog closely for any signs of illness.

If your dog starts to vomit, have diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, lethargy, nausea, or a lack of appetite, then he most likely got food poisoning from the chicken. A lot of food poisoning symptoms in dogs are similar to humans, and you may also notice a slight fever.

If you are unable to take your dog to the vet immediately after these signs, make sure to fast your dog for at least 24 hours but give him access to plenty of water. However, we recommend heading to the vet as soon as possible because ingesting raw chicken can be life-threatening if the symptoms are serious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog get sick from eating raw chicken?

Yes, a dog can get sick from eating uncooked chicken just like we can. It’s important to make sure the source of the raw meat is trustworthy. The raw meat should be fresh and dog owners need to be careful when handling it in their own kitchens.

Is it better to give dogs raw or cooked chicken?

It’s better to give dogs cooked chicken to eliminate the risks of bacterial infections. Cooked or steamed chicken breasts are a great way to get some chicken protein in your dog’s diet, but make sure that whatever meat you give your dog is deboned.


Cooked chicken is always better than raw. Raw chicken directly from the grocery store should be avoided and if you really want to add it to your dog’s regular meals, make sure it’s as fresh as possible. Opt for free-range local chicken as they are usually fresher, and make sure to debone the meat before feeding. If you notice signs of food poisoning, please schedule a vet visit right away.

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